promotion Promotion Dinner 3 (F/M, illust)


Office competition leads to bedroom strife.

WARNING: This story contains graphic nudity, violence and n/c sexual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults over twenty-one years of age.

Part 3

Laurie had no thought of showing her downed husband any mercy.  She was far beyond mercy.  Instead, she viciously kicked him in the belly.

Steve had never run from a fight in his life, but that was all behind him.  Now, all he wanted to do, all he could focus on, was his desperate need to escape this dreadful, humiliating, painful beating, at the hands of his own slim, sweetly rounded wife.  He prepared to flee from her wrath, anyway he could.  Laurie somehow divined his innermost thought.  Before Steve had any chance to escape, Laurie was at him again.  As he tried to stand up, Laurie slid underneath his body, and buried her shoulder in his belly.  Formidable as his powerful abdominal muscles, still looked, Laurie found she had turned them mushy soft.  How delightful!  She shivered with pleasure, as she raised Steve's huge body up on her shoulders.

Laurie whirled Steve around in the air.  Wow, what fun! Then with a cry of joy, she flung him down on the floor.

Laurie knew Steve wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.  She could toy with him at her leisure.
She stood over him, and looked down at his fearful face, in near ecstasy. This was living!  "I can't believe I've never done this before!"  She thought, with a feline pleasure.

Laurie swooped down, and knelt between Steve's trembling legs.  She grabbed his balls in a steely grip, and squeezed, authoritatively. Steve looked at her, pleadingly.

"Now, we're going to have  that 'quickie' you wanted; only this time, it's going to be MY WAY, for a change!"  Laurie crowed.

Laurie slid up and perched on Steve's chest, thrusting the damp crotch of her panties in his face, so he couldn't mistake, what she meant.

"No! I won't do that!  Not like this!" Steve whimpered, trying to save some tiny shred of his manhood.

"You think so, Wimp?"  Laurie laughed, looking down into her husband's frightened eyes, with a nasty grin.  Then, she scratched at his eyes and chest, like a cat toying with a captive mouse.

Finally, to make her point unequivocal, Laurie grabbed Steve's huge penis, and yanked on it until he squealed for mercy.

"A-all right!  I'll do it!  I'll do what you want!"   Steve stammered, resentfully, but he was nearly sobbing, as he said it.

Laurie pulled her wet panties aside, exposing her sweet-lipped, sexual treasure. Steve blinked back the hot, shamed wetness in his eyes, and began to kiss and suck Laurie.  He hated being forced to do it.  It was as though she was raping him, which, of course, she was.

Steve knew what to do. Sometimes, always a little reluctantly, he orally satisfied Laurie, but it always made him uncomfortable.  This afternoon Laurie recognized the difference.  This was no grudging favor.  This was her right, that she had won.  She found it, so much sweeter this way. She fondled her stiff, thrusting nipples, in ecstasy, as Steve licked and sucked,  As he serviced Laurie,  Steve clenched his fists, resentfully, but he was too terrified to cross this unknown demoness, who had reduced him to her sexual toy.

It took many minutes, and multiple orgasms, before Laurie had enough.  When she finally rose from her husband's trembling body, there was a dreamy look on her face, but then her beautiful features hardened, and lit up, with a new idea. "Let's make sure Stevie-boy never forgets this lesson!"  She thought, with a devilish gleam in her eye. She walked over to her dresser, and picked up her hair brush, then strode back to her whimpering husband.

Steve saw the brush in Laurie's hand.  He tried to get up and run, but before he could escape, she caught his arm, and twisted it easily behind his back, again.  Then the merciless blond pulled his briefs down around his muscular thighs. For the first time in their married life, Steve felt embarrassed by being naked in front of Laurie.

Laurie forced Steve over on his knees, and hooked her leg around his muscular thigh.  He struggled with hysterical fear, but he couldn't escape her.  Laurie gleefully raised her arm, and began to spank her beaten husband.  Her arm rose and fell, tirelessly, until Steve's manly behind was glowing painfully, and tears ran down his face.

When she had reduced her strong husband to a quivering, sobbing wreck, Laurie finally let him go.

Laurie looked down at her defeated, humiliated husband, specuatively.  He looked a wreck, but there was no sympathy in his wife's eyes, today.  "Hmm I wonder how much respect, Henry Thurston would think this pathetic boob commands, like that?"  Laurie though maliciously.  "He should see him like this!"  Laurie's eyes gleamed with a diabolical new idea.  "Yes, maybe he should!"

As Steve sobbed in frustrated, humiliated rage on the floor, Laurie chirped cheerfully.  "Time to get dressed, 'Hon'!  The Thurston's will be here, any time, now!"   As she spoke, Laurie rummaged through her dresser drawers for garments for Steve to wear. As she'd find one, she'd toss it to her groveling husband.

"Are you crazy?"  Steve wept. "I can't wear these!  These are girl's things!"

"Well you're not much of a man, so they're perfect for you!"  Laurie snickered.

When Steve still hesitated to comply with Laurie's command, she reached toward the hair brush she'd just set down, and glared at her husband.  Steve's eyes dropped submissively.  He had no stomach left to defy Laurie, again.  Under Laurie's baleful glare, Steve donned the ridiculous clothing, she threw to him, a pink garter belt, a little apron, nylons and high heel shoes.  None of it came anywhere near fitting him, but somehow he got into it.  Laurie fastened a bra around his broad muscular chest, and tied a pink bow in his hair.

"Oh, you look so adorable like that; I think from now on, we'll call you Suzie!"  Laurie cooed.

As Laurie quickly donned her own stylish dress, and changed into her white boots, Steve stood there dumbly, in a state of shock.  It was like a horrible nightmare, with evil, incomprehensible things happening to him, that he couldn't control or stop.  Just as Laurie put the finishing touches on her makeup, the doorbell rang.

"That must be the Thurston's."  Laurie smirked. "You get it!"  Steve looked at her in horrified disbelief.

"I can't, like this!  Y-you can see right through th-this little apron!"   Steve whimpered, new tears forming in his eyes.

"GET IT!"   Laurie commanded, harshly.

Steve wanted to run and hide, but Laurie was right behind him.  He was a broken man, no longer possessing the courage to defy the cruel-eyed blond.  He stumbled on shaky legs toward the door, almost falling, as he tried keep his balance in the awkward high heel shoes, that were much too small.

Once he opened that door, Steve knew, his career, just like his vanished manhood, was gone, forever.


The End