(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is a direct sequel to Morganna's Clinic. Previous stories in this series are: Supermom's Rose Garden, SuperGwendoline's Distress, Super Halloween, Silver Valkyrie, Justice Scorned and Super Mother's Day, all posted at the GW Page of  Diana's Library. GW Page  )

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape,  and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Super Retribution.
Part 2.

Finding that even a huge tree trunk had no effect on the other, both Supermom and Wendy the Teen Witch, resolved to settle things with bare fists.  The impudent teen had scarcely spoken her challenge, when the super quick crimefighter leaped the discarded tree trunk and smashed her hard right fist into the girl's chin.

Supermom's punches staggered the teenager, but Wendy shook them off with apparent ease and retaliated with equally punishing blows, to the older super woman.

For some moments, the super foes grimly traded punches. Full bodied and athletic, Supermom was considerably stronger than her tiny foe, yet super powers or not, the big blond crimefighter was a middle aged matron, and Teen Witch possessed all the hardy endurance of a youngster, plus equal superpowers.  On equal terms, against the much younger opponent, Supermom's stamina  inevitably waned. The tiring, superheroine found herself missing easy punches, and panting at the effort.

Her doting Aunt Morganna had sent Wendy to martial arts classes since she was five, and the girl was quite expert. Wendy didn't hit as hard as her bigger opponent, but found the target, more and more often. Supermom began to pant and groan as each blow found its mark.

Too, Wendy like her mother was a vicious, dirty fighter, who'd stoop to any foul, to gain an advantage.

Supermom found herself staggered by Wendy's punches, and grew light headed from the relentless punishment.  Scenting weakness, Teen Witch mercilessly battered the mature crimefighter backward.

Finally, Wendy knocked Supermom off her feet again. This time, Supermom knew it was no fluke; the teenager was the deadliest foe she'd ever faced.  She must do something drastic, and quickly.

Supermom thought desperately; if she could just get her young foe in the air, her long experience in aerial acrobatics and combat, should give her the edge over the inexperienced teenager.

As Supermom got up, she suddenly sprang into the air. She hovered a few feet off the ground, taunting her foe to follow.

Infuriated, Teen Witch followed Supermom into the air. Circling each other, the two mightiest of  foes flew higher and higher, miles above the ground, flying in increasingly larger circles, building up speed to incredible velocity.

Supermom once destroyed a giant meteor heading directly for earth by flying head-on at it at tremendous supersonic velocity and pulverizing the mile wide object in midair, saving Earth from certain destruction  Certainly this chit of a girl couldn't withstand the power of Supermom!

Once, she achieved maximum velocity, Supermom flew straight at Teen Witch.  The young neophyte accepted the challenge, heading straight at Supermom on a collision course. Though her body weight and thus her mass was scarcely half that of the mature, full figured crimefighter, Wendy's smaller size allowed her to achieve an even higher speed.  Her increased velocity might well neutralize her foe's weight advantage. Teen Witch wasn't about to take the chance of finding out, though.  At the last split second, the agile teenager somersaulted in mid-flight, and struck Supermom feet first, directly in the belly.

The terrible shock to her solar plexus paralyzed Supermom. Vision blurred, darkened, went black.  Her head sagging , Supermom hung in midair a moment.  Then her inert body plummeted earthward.

Supermom plummeted down, down...mile after mile. Then, as her unconscious form neared the ground, the rush of air revived the stunned superheroine. Supermom awoke with a scream of fright, to find herself falling through the air.  For a moment she didn't know where she was! Was this some terrible nightmare?  Still dizzy and paralyzed by pain, it was too late to stop her headlong flight toward earth.

Falling several miles, Supermom landed with a jarring crash, that rattled windows for blocks around, and registered on the Richter Scale of the local observatory. Though the harsh landing inflicted no permanent damage to her nearly invulnerable body, it certainly added to Supermom's grogginess and pain.

This incredible combat had developed into the deadliest fight of her life! Supermom stumbled to her feet, hardly knowing what she was doing, only knowing she must continue this deadly duel with her relentless teenaged nemesis. Everything depended on it!

The reeling superheroine heard a whoosh overhead, and with a fearful moan, dazedly looked up in dread. Teen Witch, utilizing her superpowers to the ultimate, had built up tremendous speed as she descended and zeroed in on the the groggy crimefighter.  Desperately, Supermom tried to ward off the incoming, human missile!  Too late!  Teen Witch's fist smashed into Supermom's jaw, with the impact of a hundred freight trains, snapping her neck backward with enough force to nearly break it.

The megapunch lifted Supermom off her feet, and she crumpled to the ground, on her back.

Once more, Supermom was OUT COLD!

As Teen Witch circled one more time and then came in for a landing, Supermom lay spread-eagled on the ground, unmoving. As Teen Witch touched down, Supermom groaned and sat up, hardly knowing where she was.

Knowing how desperate her situation was, Supermom did her best to get up.  She MUST defeat this evil teen!  Sheer guts and determination got her as far as her knees, but Supermom was just too badly hurt.  Another wave of dizziness washed over her at the effort. Supermom paused, crouched on her knees, gathering strength for another gallant effort.

Just as Supermom knelt erect, about to stand, Teen Witch struck again.

The dastardly kick drove directly into Supermom's soar plexus, still half paralyzed from the earlier midair kick. Her belly convulsed in awful cramps; Supermom still wouldn't say 'die', but her gallant spirit wasn't enough!  Her battered exhausted body couldn''t respond.  Near tears, Supermom gulped down a lump in her throat, knowing she couldn't fight the devilish girl anymore.

Get up, Supermom! The valiant heroine struggled to stand, but her trembling legs couldn't support her! Could it be? Without magic or Kryptonite, no villain ever got the best of Supermom, but now in equal combat, had a scrawny teenager soundly whipped her butt? Was Supermom beaten?  Oh the ignominy!

End of Part 3.

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