WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Note: My thanks to David, a fan of Supergran who contributed several ideas and scenes contained herein.

Holiday Reunion. Part 1.

There was festive air about Morganna's Clinic today.  Morganna's sister, the normally glum faced Leticia Luthor was whistling, off key, an ancient Yule carol, originally titled according to family lore, "Good King Morgullus looked out."

Just then, Leticia's daughter Wendy burst boisterously into the room. Wendy was attending a local junior college this year, and today had been the last day of classes before Winter vacation.

With Wendy, was another girl, a rather odd looking teenager, with close cropped black hair set off by multicolored spikes.  It was unusual for Wendy to have any chums, but she seemed proud of her new friend.

"This is Golgotha, Mom! She just transferred! She's like us; from one of the old Troll families. She's the only other Troll I know! Her family celebrates Troll Yule too, just like us, and not that Xmas thing they copied from us!"

"Oh I'm very pleased to meet you, Golgotha!" Leticia chortled.

"I'm teaching Golgotha to fight, Mom, and I thought maybe she could get some practice in on our favorite punching bag, Supergran, this afternoon!"

"Oh Gee, Honey!  This is a bad day for that! I've had the old slattern scrubbing floors since 5:00 A.M. Everything has to be spotless! It isn't every day Great Aunt Elfrieda comes for a visit! In fact, she's never been here to the Clinic before, and she's very particular! I suppose it's her Prussian upbringing! Gramma was the same way!"

"Your Grand Mother was Aunt Elfireda's sister, right?" Wendy asked.

"Yes Dear! Although Gramma came to this country when she was quite young! She and Aunt Elfrieda were estranged for some years, because Gramma was loyal to the United States during the World War II years, whereas Aunt Elfrieda was a Gruppenführer in Hitler's SS! Of course, in later years Gramma would always chuckle, telling us how her sister Elfrieda, the Nazi Black Valkyrie destroyed the Great American Superheroine, Amerizon!" (See Balance of Power by GW Balance of Power )

Ever the indulgent mother, Leticia paused, and thinking aloud said. "Well let's see how that worthless old baggage is doing, anyway! Maybe we could work something in! Half the day, I had to listen to the old cow whining and whimpering about how hard it was to get so much work done with her breast harness! Couldn't she use a regular mop, yadada yadada?"

Leticia paused while Wendy explained the breast harness to her friend.

'Yeah the thing goes on her tits an..."

Wendy went on. "Yeah, the first  time she put the harness on her, Mom didn't think the old sow was doing it right! She told the hag's daughter, Supermom, t'spank her old lady, for goofin' off! All them bitches get real upset when we make one o'them punish another one! Always bleatin' about 'all women are sisters' and stuff like that! Course it made it better that SuperBlondy had t'spank her own Mom, who's only here because she tried to stop Mom from picking on poor, little Superheroine, Supermom, when we lived next door t'her!"  (See Super Mother's Day by GW  Super Mother's Day )

"Anyway, Supermom pulled the old bag over her lap, and started swattin' her fat bottom! The dumb blond was bawling like she was the one gettin' her ass blistered, 'stead o'her ma!"

"Course Mom's such a perfectionist, she decided Supermom wasn't doin' a good 'nuff job spanking the old sow, so she decided t'do it herself, to BOTH o'them!  She strung 'em up, so she could do it right!"

"Supermom was supposed t'give her old lady TEN swats with her hand! Well, Mom gave the old bag TWENTY, with her old sorority paddle!"

"At first, the old slut screamed like a stuck pig, but she passed out before Mom finished! Then, she just moaned! Hee, hee! Mom was counting and she'd only got t'eithteen! Course Mom gave her the final two whacks anyway! Once she finished with Supergran, Mom gave Supermom twenty lashes with the Kryptonite bull whip! Supermom still has her super powers, that's why we keep a Kryptonite Collar around her neck all the time, an' the only thing that will hurt her tough hide is more Kryptonite!"

'Anyway, since then, both o'them bitches know better'n to try t'put anything over on Mom!"

Wide eyed, Golgotha asked. "Oh Wendy! It's so hard to believe you can really do all those things to real superheroines!"

"Wait'll ya see Supergran in her tit harness, Gol!"

"I'm sorry, Dear, but today we'll have to disappoint Golgotha! That old bag drove me crazy all day with her whining and caterwauling!  She swore to me that with so much to do, she could get it done better with a regular mop!  Well, finally I took pity on the lazy sow, and let her use the mop!"

Wendy looked at her mother in shocked disbelief. "You took pity on her, Mom?"

"Well it is Yuletide, Dear!" Leticia answered with a sweet smile.

Wendy shook her head, still unable to believe her mother would take pity on a Superheroine, and shrugged to her friend.

As they walked toward the room where Supergran was working, Leticia asked Golgotha: "Tell me Dear, do you have any older brothers, maybe?"

"No Ma'am!" Golgotha answered, shyly.

Wendy whispered with a giggle  to Golgotha. "My Mom is a typical trollish mother!  Wants me to get married, preferably to a 'nice troll boy' and have lots of troll grandchildren for her! Like that's gonna happen before I'm forty!"

When they entered the room where Supergran was working, Wendy and Golgotha burst into gales of laughter. There was the hapless superheroine, once the world's mightiest crimefighter, still a majestic figure of a woman, valiantly trying to swab the floor, with the mop handle wedged deep into her anus.

"Oh Ma, you had me believing you'd gone soft! Ha, ha!" Wendy crowed.

Even more wide eyed than before, Golgotha gaped. "Oh Wendy I'll never doubt anything you tell me again! THAT is ASS!"

Still gaping, Golgotha gasped. "Ommigod! Look at the way she's swinging her big fat ass, and look at them jugs jiggle!"

Indeed, the only way the hapless Supergran could move the mop was to violently swing her pelvis from side to side, causing her massive breasts to flail madly about her broad chest.

Yuletide 'mercy' swiftly evaporated as Leticia inspected the floor. Leticia was less then pleased with Supergran's efforts, or perhaps she just wanted to show off in front of Wendy's new friend. She picked up a cane from the corner and swung it experimentally though the air.

Seeing the cane, Supergran began to plead pathetically. "Oh please Mistress Leticia...please...(sob)...don't cane me...not again...I promise to do better if you give me another try! I will...(sob)...I-I will!"

Supergran's heart-rending pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Too late, you, ungrateful, lazy Bitch! I gave you a chance!"

Leticia, keeping a firm grip on the mop handle wedged in the helpless captive superheroine's behind, raised the cane high before bringing it forcefully down across the large hindquarters of the sobbing Supergran. Supergran's enormous bottom, though still firmly muscled, wobbled under the impact, as Wendy and Golgotha cheered Leticia on.

When Leticia finished caning the pitifully howling Supergran, she abruptly tore the mop handle loose. Her hands bound behind her back, Supergran pitched helplessly face down on the newly mopped floor, her mammoth bosom painfully absorbing the impact.

"Well if I can get the old cow on her feet, I guess Golgotha can practice a little bit!" Leticia said magnanimously.

"Thanks, Mom! You're the best!"

End of Part 1.

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