Rulayna and the Treasure of the Pink Grotto 1.


Part 1 of an illustrated jungle girl, catfight/domination story.

Warning: This story contains extremely graphic nudity, violence, and rape. It is not suitable for immature readers. It is intended for, and should only be read, by those over twenty-one years of age.


Guardian of the Forbidden Jungle

The Treasure of the Pink Grotto Part 1

In the early morning sun, a solitary figure walked through the dense underbrush of the Forbidden Jungle. In a small clearing, she paused to swat a mosquito. "Damn mosquitos!" The woman muttered. "Well, I guess I'm lucky, I haven't seen anything worse than mosquitos. The old man talked about a lot of other things, a lot more dangerous. Some "Guardian of the Jungle' and dinosaurs. I just hope he was right about the treasure! I saw the jewels, though! The old fool thought I'd stay with him because of them! He stood up to a lot, before he finally broke, and told me where he got them, from. Old fool!"

The woman continued on. She was Sadique Moreau, fashion model, call-girl, mob hit-woman, smuggler, blackmailer and adventuress. She would do anything that was lucrative, never mind legalities or morality. Despite her fragile appearance, Sadique was strong as steel, and she was an expert at all forms of unarmed combat. Her youthfully innocent face contrasted strangely with the pure white hair of a much older woman. Yet behind the guileless countenance was a ruthless amoral murderess.

Meanwhile in the Grove of Justice, at the jungle's center, Rulayna, Guardian of the Forbidden Jungle conferred with the maidens of the jungle. The duties conferred on her, as Guardian, by the Masters of Life, were heavy. Today, her heart was heavy, for she must perform a task repugnant to her kindly nature. An lamed lion had gone bad. The great cat, unable to capture more cunning prey, had turned man-eater. He must be dispatched, and the task fell to Rulayna.

The girls all begged to accompany Rulayna, but she told them. "This is my duty! Tanyika, you and Matilda scout to the west, and you Mae Lin scout the Gateway. I have a premonition of some evil coming into our Jungle."

"Very well, Mistress!" Mae Lin replied. The other girls acquiesced as well, all sorry not to share an adventure with Rulayna. They were all obedient to Rulayna's wishes, not from fear, but from love, and respect for her great wisdom.

It was late that morning that Rulayna tracked the rogue cat to its hunting ground. It was hopefully stalking a young zebra. The lion made its rush, but it was slowed down by its stiff leg, and the zebra scampered off to safety. While the lion concentrated all its attention on its potential breakfast, Rulayna crept up behind. A moment after the lion gave up its fruitless pursuit, the hunter became the hunted. With reckless courage, Rulayna leapt precariously astride the animal's back. As she clung to the plunging animal's mane, she drew her large hunting knife and struck repeatedly.

Rulayna gave thanks to her gods, for success.

Later that day, sheltering from the midday sun, Rulayna relaxed with the Jungle Maidens in the Grove of Judgement. Tanyika and Matilda had returned with nothing to report. Just then, Mae Lin also returned. "Mistress! You were right! There is an intruder in our jungle. Her tracks seem to be headed toward the Pink Grotto!"

Rulayna gasped in dismay. The Pink Grotto was their most sacred sanctuary, the very heart of the Forbidden Jungle. Rulayna hurriedly stepped to the edge of the grove and gave a loud cry of summoning. A short while later, a great, green shape glided majestically from the jungle. The grace of the beast belied his huge bulk. It was Claw, greatest of all the Magnaraptors of the Forbidden Jungle.

When his mother was killed by poachers, Rulayna had guarded her clutch of eggs, and her image was imprinted on Claw's mind as parent and leader. He loved Rulayna, in his own saurian mind, and eagerly served her, in need. Now, Rulayna had great need of Claw's speed to reach the Pink Grotto, in time to protect it from the interloper. It was contrary to Rulayna's noble nature to ever demean the splendid beast, by riding him just for pleasure, yet astride the great saurian, moving swifter than the wind, Rulayna couldn't help grinning with delight, despite the gravity of her mission.

Shortly before they reached the concealed entrance to the Pink Grotto, Rulayna halted and dismounted from Claw's back. She dismissed the great beast with a loving pat on the snout, and proceeded silently on foot. She was appalled to find the entrance door gaping wide. Was she too late?

Moving silently, but swiftly, Rulayna entered the violated entrance to the shrine. She shuddered, and turned her head away, as she passed the gruesome, skeletal remains of victims of grislier times. Though fearless in the face of any danger, Rulayna was repulsed by useless death or suffering.

Rulayna continued on, coming to the inner sanctuary. There kneeling at the opened altar, she found Sadique. Intent upon her new-found riches, the greedy thief was completely unaware of Rulayna's approach, until the Guardian of the Forbidden Jungle cried out in a loud voice. "Ho, thief! What do you think you're doing?"

Rulayna angrily grabbed the interloper from behind, and dragged her away from the Sacred Altar.

The wily Sadique, with a squeal of pain, tore loose, and snatched the whip from her waist. Before she had a chance to use it, though, Rulayna knocked it from her grip. As Sadique gaped in surprise, Rulayna drove her fingers into the other woman's belly, and then with consummate ease lifted Sadique over her head. Sadique cried out in terror.

Naively believing, that she had taught the brash intruder, a lasting lesson, Rulayna set the woman down. Then with a smile, the generous-hearted, jungle maiden offered her hand in friendship. Once on her feet, Sadique recovered her nerve. She had seen the fabulous wealth hidden in the Sacred Altar, and she hungered for it. She pretended to take Rulayna's hand, but at the last second, aimed a deadly kick at the big jungle queen. With the skill of a gymnast, Rulayna avoided Sadique's lethal foot.

The forthright, jungle maiden detested dishonesty and subterfuge, and reacted with righteous anger. She smashed her hand across Sadique's face, in an open handed slap, that knocked the thief completely off her feet. Sadique collapsed in an awkward heap.

Rulayna glanced down at Sadique, and satisfied that the thief was unconscious, turned to restore the sanctity of the Sacred Altar.

As Rulayna turned away, the wily Sadique rose to her feet. The cunning adventuress had only been shamming. Silent as a cat, she raised a huge, pink crystal over her head, while Rulayna's back was still turned.

To be continued.....