Rulayna and the Treasure of  the Pink Grotto 3.


Part 3 of an illustrated, jungle girl, catfight/domination story.

Warning: This story contains extremely graphic nudity, violence, and rape.  It is not suitable for
immature readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read, by those over twenty-one years of age.


Guardian of the Forbidden Jungle

  The Treasure of the Pink Grotto. Part 3

Rulayna has surprised the vicious thief, Sadique, looting the Sacred Altar of the Pink Grotto, holiest shrine of the Forbidden Jungle.  When Rulayna turned her back, Sadique viciously attacked her from behind.  Once she seized the initiative, the vile villainess pressed her advantage with ruthless skill. Now Rulayna lies half concious on the grotto floor.

As Rulayna rolled on the floor, holding her head in agony, Sadique paused for a breath.  Rulayna's respite lasted but a moment, though, for Sadique was enjoying herself too much to stop, for long.  She seized the groggy heroine by the hair, and hauled her to her feet.

As soon as she had Rulayna erect, Sadique rammed her knee into the jungle girl's crotch.   Rulayna squawked in dismay.  Her distress was multiplied, when Sadique grabbed her in the same delicate spot.  "Gottcha Bitch!"  She gloated, as Rulayna moaned.


Using the foul grip, as an illicit lever, Sadique hoisted the struggling Guardian of the Forbidden Jungle overhead.  Rulayna cried out in consternation.  Sadique answered the jungle girl's protest, by flinging Rulayna to the grotto floor in a power slam.


Before Rulayna could move, Sadique knee dropped onto her throat.  Yet, despite immense pain, the resourceful jungle heroine arched her mighty body, and kicked Sadique on the chin.  Sadique stumbled backward.

The evil adventuress was, unfortunately, not badly hurt, though, and was swiftly on Rulayna, again.  Rulayna had only enough time to get to her knees.  When she sought to stand, Sadique grabbed her hands in a test of strength, seeking to press Rulayna to the floor again.

Rulayna flexed her mighty back muscles, but the only result was a fierce stab of pain, in the small of her back, the spot where the huge, pink crystal had struck.  Her sculpted body trembled, and inexorably, Sadique forced the mighty jungle princess back down.

Hard as the brave jungle maiden fought, she could make no headway against Sadique's implacable pressure.  She panted at the effort.  The fierce pain in her back was dizzying. Sadique taunted Rulayna as she pressed her further and further backward.  "Not as strong as you thought, huh, Muscles?"

At last the unequal struggle took its inevitable toll.  Rulayna's body trembling uncontrollably, lost all power to resist.  With a nasty laugh, Sadique let her drop.

After she let Rulayna's inert body fall, Sadique kicked the groggy beauty over, face down.  Then she stooped over the fallen heroine, like a swooping vulture, and hauled her to her feet.

Rulayna drooped in Sadique's arms, as Sadique dragged her from the floor.


Rulayna suddenly came fully to her senses as she felt Sadique's implacable grip around her waist.  She fought to free herself, but it was no use.  Sadique's grip just got tighter, and tighter.  It became ever more difficult to breath, and Rulayna sagged weakly, her brief spurt of resistance exhausted.




Almost swooning from lack of air, Rulayna slumped limply in Sadique's grip, until, finally, the ruthless mercenary dropped her back on the ground.  There was no quick recovery this time.

To be continued...