Rulayna and the Treasure of  the Pink Grotto 4.


Part 4 of an illustrated, jungle girl, catfight/domination story.

Warning: This story contains extremely graphic nudity, violence, and rape.  It is not suitable for
immature readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read, by those over twenty-one years
of age.


 Guardian of the Forbidden Jungle

The Treasure of the Pink Grotto. Part 4

Rulayna has surprised the vicious thief, Sadique, looting the Sacred Altar of the Pink Grotto,
holiest shrine of the Forbidden Jungle.  When Rulayna turned her back, Sadique viciously
attacked her from behind. Once she seized the initiative, the vile villainess pressed her
advantage with ruthless skill.  Once again, Rulayna crouches helplessly at Sadique's feet.

As Rulayna crouched on the ground, gasping for breath, Sadique strutted around to her head, and chuckled smugly.  "How'd you like that, Jungle Hag?"  Then giving the fallen heroine no more respite, she stooped, and hauled her half up on her feet, again, by the hair, and began kneeing her in the face.

Rulayna finally twisted loose, only to have Sadique launch a deadly kick to her chin.  The kick knocked her off her feet  and a moment later, Sadique kicked her over on her back.


Sadique stooped down between Rulayna's legs, and wrapped her arms around the jungle woman's muscular thighs.  Rulayna could do nothing more than slap at the vile assailant, as Sadique stood up. On her feet, Sadique lifted the lower part of Rulayna's body off the floor, and began to spin around.  Centrifugal force swiftly lifted her great, golden body all the way off the ground, until Rulayna swung through the air, in a dizzying circles.  She screamed involuntarily, in fright.

Sadique built up tremendous momentum, until, with a grunt of satisfaction, she released Rulayna's splendid legs.  Rulayna flew halfway across the Grotto, before she crashed against the wall, and fell heavily to the ground.

Sadique gave the fallen heroine not an instant's respite, but ran to where she lay.  Getting a running start, she leaped high in the air, and came down knee's first, right in the center of Rulayna's belly.  Rulayna's magnificent body jack-knifed in terrible agony.


As Sadique stood up, Rulayna desperately rolled to her feet.  Only her valiant gallantry gave her the will, to draw on the last reserves of her incredible physique, and continue the battle.  With a snicker at Rulayna's foolhardy bravery, and fists swinging, the savage mercenary was on her in an instant. Sadique attacked the groggy jungle queen with ruthless abandon.

Great-hearted courage, just wasn't enough.  Rulayna was too badly hurt, already.  It only took Sadique two punches to knock the gallant heroine to her knees.

Once she knocked Rulayna to her knees, Sadique was merciless.  She pounded the beautiful, jungle maiden's face, until Rulayna's exquisite features were raw and bloody.


Blood trickled from he the corner of Rulayna's mouth.  As she ruthlessly punished the near helpless heroine, the vile villainess taunted her.


At last, Sadique grabbed Rulayna, by the hair, and  hit her in the right jaw.  The end was near.
In desperation, Rulayna threw up her arms, to protect her face.  She no longer possessed the strength to fight back. The gesture was useless.  Sadique hammered her over on her back.



Rulayna was still conscious, but, when she tried to move, her splendid body refused to respond. She looked up helplessly, at Sadique.

To be continued...