WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

The Adventures of

Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.



Fraulein Power On Safari. Part 4.

Defeated by the vile Fraulein Power, and stripped naked by her, Drusilla, until today the invincible Goddess and Protector of the Jungle lay helpless, trembling in dread, as the evil Nazi prepared to carry out her long delayed vengeance against the heroine who thwarted her long ago. Terror filled Drusilla's eyes as she saw Fraulein Power take from her bag the fearsome, grotesquely oversized dildo she called 'Big Otto'.

No! Surely no woman, not even this evil demented devil would use that horrendous thing on a helpless, defeated enemy! Would she?

With sinking heart, Drusilla knew no infamy was beyond the demonic Fraulein Power. She gulped fearfully. "Pplease...n-not..." She whimpered in terror.

With a cruel sneer, Fraulein Power removed all doubts from the terrified heroine's mind.  "Ach! Ja, you are imprezzedt by mein Big Otto? He vill tame you, vor zure, und teach you rezpecdt! He ist zo impatiendt! He has vaited eight years vor YOU!"

As Drusilla shivered in fright, Fraulein Power finished removing her costume, and strapped on the fearsome 'Big Otto'.

Her preparations complete, the vicious Nazi teased the trembling, horrified Jungle Goddess for a few moments, rubbing against her maidenly pussy lips, the horrifying dildo, that had broken so many superheroines, beginning with the hapless Power Miss.  Drusilla tried to summon the courage to accept her fate with dignity, but even the courage of a Goddess has limits, and she could not silence her hopeless, whimpering pleas.

Then, just as Drusilla relaxed the tiniest bit, hoping against hope, that the demonic Nazi would not go though with this abomination, Gerda suddenly rammed her body forward.

Once she drove the fearsome phallus into the tiny pussy, and then deep into Drusilla's suffering innards, the depraved Fraulein Power, grunting with the effort, rammed the dildo in and out, with all her brutal might. The ravished Jungle Goddess screamed continuously, knowing horrifying pain and dehumanizing shame.

After what seemed an eternity of shame and agony, Fraulein Power finally removed the dreadful phallus from Drusilla's ravished body, but she was far from finished, yet.

When she heard the next horror in store for her, the terrorized Goddess of the Jungle tried to escape with the last bit of her faltering strength. Fraulein Power caught her by the hair, and dragged her back to endure further brutish molestation.

Once again the diabolical Gerda teased her terrified victim, rubbing 'Big Otto's" bulbous knob against Drusilla's tiny anus. This time, a hopeless Drusilla knew there would be no mercy.

Even though she did her best to nerve herself against the frightful coming ordeal, when Gerda actually rammed the terrible phallus into her tight anal cavity, Drusilla was totally unprepared for the shock of terrible, gut-splitting pain, and her horrible screams echoed through her jungle.

The pain became so unbearable that the Jungle Goddess prayed for merciful death.

When Gerda at last decided "otto" had had enough, she yanked the vile phallus from Drusilla's body. It took all of her tremendous strength to tear it loose from the small, tight passage. The pain was nearly as great as the initial penetration, and the defiled Jungle Goddess collapsed with a scream of shock.

Even now, Drusilla's terrible ordeal was not to end. Fraulein Power was without sympathy for her sobbing victim. The frightful abomination she'd just inflicted on Drusilla only wetted her voracious, evil appetite for more. She kicked the brutalized Jungle Goddess over over on her back and squatted down, straddling her chest.

Planted solidly on the sobbing woman's belly, Gerda snapped out an order so disgustingly perverse that Drusilla could scarcely believe her ears.

Overcome by horror and disgust, the defeated, defiled Jungle Goddess sobbingly refused this final degradation, praying to salvage some shred of Divine Dignity.

Fraulein Power stiffened in fury at Drusilla's quavering refusal. She grabbed her victim's breasts and viciously clawed her nipples, a tactic she always found particularly persuasive to large breasted superheroines.

For a moment, with the vestiges of a Goddess's Divine Pride, Drusilla struggled weakly against performing the abomination, but inevitably Gerda's vicious cruelty broke down the last remnants of her resistance.

Fraulein Power was hardly to be satisfied by Drusilla merely licking the obscene phallus, and Drusilla had no will to resist the final degrading abomination that Gerda commanded of her.


End of Part 4.

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