WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

The Adventures of

Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.



Fraulein Power On Safari. Part 5. Conclusion.


Having viciously, and repeatedly, raped the defeated Drusilla with her obscene dildo, Fraulein Power finally rose from the weeping, shamed Jungle Goddess.

"Ach! Zat vill pay ze bitch back un liddle, vor all ze cocks I hadt to zuck becauze uf HER!"

As Gerda stowed "Big Otto' away in her black satchel, Drusilla, in a state of shock, crawled to her knees. She no longer had the strength, or the courage, to even think of fleeing from her vile captoress.

"Ach! NOW, vat shouldt I do viz you? I couldt kill you, I zuppoze und be done vis idt, but I haff a bedder idea!  Mein oldt Comrade Ilsa dealz in zlutz like you! Maybe she vill pay me un goot prize vor your vorslezz carcass?  Ach, but virsdt I zhouldt take zat zing aroundt your neck!  Zey zay zat ist ze zourze of your Zuper Powerz, nodt zat your pidtivul Zuper Powerz didt you much goot today!"

Drusilla, sunk in despair, hardly heard Gerda's ramblings, until the evil Nazi tore the Ruby Pendent from around her neck.

Drusilla screamed in shock at loss of the Priceless Jungle heirloom she had sworn to protect with her life. Her predecessors had long guarded the Gift of the Goddess with their lives, each proudly passing it on to the Chosen Successor. Drusilla was the first of the Divine Guardians to fail her sacred trust. Her disgrace and shame would darken her soul for all her life. Not only had she betrayed her beloved Goddess, but she had failed the people of the Jungle who depended on her strength and wisdom.

Gerda casually tossed the Irreplaceable Pendent in her satchel, and removed a large sack. "Ja ziz ist lined wiz Power Mezh! She von't gedt oudt of zis bag! Budt, now zat I haff taken her powerz, zere ist nodt much chanze of zat anyvay!"

The despoiled, debauched Jungle Goddess crouched on the Jungle floor, overcome by remorse and shame, tragically fingering the spot where the Sacred Pendent of the Goddess had rested for so long. Why had she not given her life to protect it?

"Ja Zlut! Gedt in ze bag!" Fraulein Power commanded.  It was clear the evil Nazi intended carry Drusilla off from her beloved Jungle to face new horrors in some alien land.  Yet, overwhelmed by her terrible ordeal and the shame of failing her Sacred Trust, Drusilla had no will to resist. Though terror clutched at her heart, Fraulein Power easily forced her latest weeping victim into the body sized bag.  Shorn of strength and courage, Drusilla could only whimper helplessly, pleadingly, in fear of her unknown fate.

Once she secured her whimpering captive in the sack, Gerda redonned her evil-tokened Fraulein Power Costume, and carrying satchel and sack easily in one hand, flew off to find her old comrade, Ilsa, known, not without reason, as the "She-wolf Of the SS."

With the incredible speed imparted by her Power Mesh costume, Fraulein Power swiftly reached the obscure Mideast sheikdom where Ilsa had been hiding from justice since the end of the war.
Fraulein Power soon located Ilsa's headquarters, which was then the site of a "tender" reunion between old comrades in beastliness.

When the two old comrades had greeted each other, and hugged with insincere affection, Ilsa couldn't restrain her curiosity at the large sack Gerda had carried in with her. >>From the moans and sobs coming from the bag, there was obviously some living thing inside.

"Vat haff you godt zere, in ze zack, Gerda, you Deffil?"

With a flourish like a magician, Fraulein Power picked up the heavy bag, flung it overhead, and emptied out the contents. A sobbing Jungle Goddess tumbled out onto the floor, much to Ilsa's dumbfounded amazement.

"Zo vat vill mein old friendt pay me for ziz zlut? Zhe ist zomesink special, nein?"  Gerda smirked, pointing triumphantly to Drusilla crouching fearfully at her feet, still weeping in shame.

"Gott in Himmel! Zat ist Druzilla! Ze Junkle Goddezz! How ze devil did YOU capture HER?" Ilsa gasped in astonishment. "Ve alvayz sought she vas invinzible! Ze High Command vould haff giffen you ze 'Blue Max' for zis vun during ze Var!"

Ilsa gaped, so in awe of her old comrade that for a moment she forgot the avarice that was second nature to her. "Gott in Himmel! Effen now, I pay you top dollar for HER!"

"Ach It vas nosing! Nodt vor Fraulein Power!  I muzt tell you, zo, she ist a liddle ze vorst vor vear!  'Big Otto' plays rough, und zo do I, vor zat madder!"

"Ist zhe dangerouz?"

"Nein! No more! I haff tamed her! You can cound on zat! Zat famous medallion aroundt her neck! I haff taken zat vrom her! Vizout zat, zhe ist not a zuper voman any more, are you Zlut? She ist just anozer bimbo, ast ze Yankees zay!"

To emphasize her point, Gerda kicked Drusilla with the toe of her boot. The despoiled Jungle Goddess cringed, hung her head and gulped down a sob.

"Ach! You right! Ha, ha! Ze zlut is crying like a liddle baby!  You are un vonder Gerda! Nein, nein! FRAULEIN POWER, I zhoudt zay!"  Ilsa said admiringly.

Ilsa leaned over to examine Drusilla more closely, shrewdly estimating her value in her noxious trade.

For a moment, Drusilla forgot everything! No evil Nazi could paw the Goddess of the Jungle with impunity! She angrily struck out at her new tormentor.

Ilsa dealt with the last pitiful vestiges of Drusilla's haughty pride with professional dispatch. It was the cruel Nazi's boast that she didn't "take no zhit" from her 'bitches', even one who until so recently was a Goddess.  The unfortunate Jungle Goddess discovered that what Gerda said was indeed true. She was no longer  'un Zuper Voman.' The experienced Ilsa quelled her brief Divine rebellion with experienced ease. Ilsa flung Drusilla over on her hands and knees, and pulled from her boot, the riding crop that was never far from her hand.

Brutally venting her fury, the vicious Ilsa soon taught the unfortunate Drusilla that she was a Jungle Goddess no longer. The brutalized woman, made all too aware of her mortality, screamed her submission.

Ilsa snapped to Gerda. "Ach! Gedt zat bitch up on zat crate, zo I can ekzamine her! I don'dt vant to buy no 'pig in a poke' effen vrom a un old vriendt like you, Mein Dear!"

"Ja! Of courze, mein Dear Ilsa!" Gerda laughed, eager to make the sale. She forced the sobbing Drusilla to climb awkwardly onto the crate, where Ilsa examined her with offensive expertise.

As Ilsa examined her prospective purchase, she and Gerda made crude jokes at the expense of the unfortunate Jungle Goddess.

"When Ilsa finished her examination, Fraulein Power asked. "Vell, Ilsa Darlink! Zo vat vill you pay vor ze bitch?"

Ilsa named a price that was far in excess of Gerda's wildest hopes, but the wily Nazi was not one to forgo a little haggling even with an old 'friend. "Ja, vell I couldndt gedt zose brazeletd sings off her arms, vizout a hackzaw! You vill haff to pay extra vor zem! Zey are real goldt!"

"Ja! Zure, vy nodt" Ilsa agreed, knowing the fees her jaded oil rich customers would pay for a session with a genuine Jungle Goddess superheroine would be astronomical. The unfortunate Drusilla's entire two hundred pound body was worth considerably more than its weight in gold.

"Zo vat vill  you do viz all zis money, Gerda?" Ilsa asked as she counted out the agreed upon price in gold coin.

 "Ach! I sink I vill spendt a vew days in Paris! You remember how much vun ve had zere, durink ze Occupation?"

"Ja! Ja! Zose vere ze good days!" Ilsa answered wistfully.

When Fraulein Power, Ilsa's gold tucked securely into her ample bosom, turned to leave, Ilsa was already instructing her newly acquired protégée in the rudiments of her new trade. Ilsa prided herself on the accomplishments of her 'bitches'.

Several days later, found Fraulein Power, bleary eyed, somewhat disheveled, and badly hung over from very expensive French champagne, winging her away erratically across the Atlantic toward her new home in the American Capital.  As she flew, she planned a tryst with her first superheroine slave, the unfortunate Power Miss. It would be a tryst that would have unforeseen, and fateful, consequences for Fraulein Power.

"Ach! Ja! Iff zis gott damnedt hedt ache efer goes avay, I vill haff zum vun vis mein liddle Cynthia, tomorrow. I vill ledt her sink I killedt anozer vun uf her zuperheroine vriends! Ha, ha! I luff idt ven ze liddle zimpledton gedtz all teary eyed und blamez herzelf!  Zen tomorrow night, I vill haff her drezz up in zese liddle sings I godt her in Paris, und play doggy vor me! Ja, zat vill be vun!"

The End.

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