After School Lesson Part 1


Illustrated Domination/Catfight Story

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

High School Principal, Rosemary Harrison clenched her hands in fury, as she looked across her large, old mahogany desk at the most irritating woman she knew.  Laurel Phillips was the wife of the richest man in Phillipsberg.  She was also spoiled, lazy and arrogant.  Though, she could be charming when it suited her, her charm concealed the vicious coldness of a cobra.

Rosemary had come to  Phillipsberg two years ago, to accept the position of Principal at the local High School.  She had been a professor at the State Teacher's College, but wanted to get back to her educational roots.  She loved this job, except for one problem, Laurel.  Though she had flunked out of college, and wasn't particularly artistic, Laurel, out of caprice, had gotten herself appointed the High School Art teacher.  Rosemary's predecessor had no choice, but to give the unqualified woman the position, because Laurel's husband was President of the School Board.

Demand for art courses was light, in this rural, farming community, and the spoiled heiress only had to come in three mornings a week, which suited her busy social schedule.  Even so, in that brief time, she usually created havoc.  She flouted the school regulations, gossiped about, and lorded it over, the other teachers, and was suspected of encouraging the attentions of a male student, Tommy Hendricks, the handsome captain of the football team.

That morning, Laurel had slapped a female student, not once, but twice.  The girl, Sue Ann Sanders was President of the Student Senate and the most popular girl in School.  Sue Ann had gone home in tears, and her parents were threatening to sue the School District.  What made it worse was,  that Sue Ann was Tommy's girlfriend, and everyone was saying, Laurel had struck the teenager out of jealousy.

Rosemary sent Laurel a note to come to her office at Three P. M.  It was now a quarter after four, and Laurel had just flounced in, after Rosemary had been waiting for over an hour.  Lauel was flawlessly groomed, the jacket of her designer suit flung with careless ease around her shoulders.  Rosemary felt grubby in comparison.

Laurel blandly announced to Rosemary.  "Sorry, I'm late, Dear, but I had a hair appointment!  I know you wouldn't want me to be late for that!  Now what's this nonsense about no corporal punishment at Phillipsberg?"  Then, she sat down, as if she owned the office, and  insolently lit a cigarette in a jade holder  Of course, it was against school policy, as well as State Law, to smoke in the school area, but Laurel secretly delighted in antagonizing her boss.  Rosemary, an outsider, with a successful career behind her, was one of the few people in town, Laurel couldn't intimidate, and it galled her. She was not used to  taking orders from a boss, especially one who seemed to serioully expect her to obey the orders.  If she couldn't intimidate, she would irritate her, anyway.

"Put that out!"  Rosemary said, with curt disapproval, but Laurel looked at her boss in amusement, and continued languorously smoking.

"Don't be an ass, Rosy!  Do you think I'm one of these broken, down teacher hacks, that you order around, here.  Surely, you don't think, YOU can tell ME, what to do, do you, Rosey?" Laurel laughed.

Rosemary clenched the brass-bound, oak yardstick on her desk in fury, so hard that her knuckles whitened.  Ironically, the old yardstick had been used by past Principals, for disciplining recalcitrant students when Phillipsberg High was first built.  Rosemary kept it as a memento of how far education had come.  However, this time, clenching the well worn brass and wood didn't help Rosemary control her temper, as it usually did; she just got madder.

"I said put that, OUT!!" Rosemary said authoritatively, with fire in her eyes.

"Make me, if you think you can!  The only way, is for you to come out from behind that desk, and put it out yourself!"  Laurel smirked, provocatively.  Maybe now was the time to bring this rivalry to a head.

"I'd like to do just that!"  Rosemary snapped, back  "If anyone at Phillipsberg needs corporal punishment, it's you!"

"Too bad, you're not woman enough, to do it, huh?"  Laurel sneered.  It never entered her spoiled head, that the staid School Principal could dare to get physical with the Town's society leader, especially since she regarded Rosemary as a timid, old maid schoolteacher.

Seething in fury, Rosemary lost it. "I'm woman enough!  Don't you worry about that!"  The irate Principal retorted angrily.

"Take off that frumpy sweater and skirt, and prove it!"  Laurel drawled, with a snide laugh, and flicked her ashes on the Principal's desk.  Rosemary was so shocked by the woman's insubordination that she was fuming. Her face turned pale in agitation. She sat bolt upright in her chair.

Seeing Rosemary's reaction, Laurel concluded she had succeeded in cowing her boss, with the physical challenge.  She languidly stood up.  "Well, if we're through here, my chauffeur is waiting!"   It would be an amusing anecdote to tell her society friends.

"No, we're not through, here!"  Rosemary barked, in the voice of a drill sergeant. "Since you asked, I accept your challenge!"  As she spoke, Rosemary stood up, and started to unbutton her baggy sweater.  What Laurel didn't know was that, Rosemary was a fitness fanatic, and that under her baggy clothes, were the muscles of a tigress.  Moreover, at the University, Rosemary had joined a woman's wrestling club, and become the club's unbeaten champion.  Here, in Phillipsberg, she missed the challenge of physical combat.  She couldn't think of anyone she'd rather practice on than this spoiled, irritating witch.

Laurel's eyes widened in surprise for a moment.  She honestly hadn't anticipated this spirited reaction, but then she stood up and removed her suit jacket.  She smiled smugly, licking her lips, eagerly.  Despite her social position, she had engaged in a few catfights, in her life and won them.  She thoroughly enjoyed humiliating her beaten opponents. She'd certainly like to do that to Rosemary, who she'd come to resent so bitterly.  She didn't anticipate much of a fight from the frumpily dressed, desk-bound, school administrator, though.   Laurel was quite taken aback,  when Rosemary removed her blouse and baggy skirt, revealing the torso of a champion athlete, in attractive blue silk undies.  In her lingerie, Rosemary suddenly looked a lot bigger.

"Good God!  The big cow is built like that woman wrestler, on television, that Chyna!"  Laurel thought in dismay.  Still the spoiled society leader couldn't back down, now, not to someone she thought of, as her social inferior.  If she did, and people heard about it, she'd be a laughingstock. She didn't have very many real friends in town, and everyone would enjoy a story about her getting her comeuppance.

Concealing her trepidation, Laurel silently took off her own blouse.  As Rosemary had suspected she was braless, underneath.

"Brazen Slut!"  Rosemary thought disapprovingly. "Flaunting herself like that, in front of adolescent boys!  She deserves a good beating!"

"You're not going to leave that industrial strength, support bra on, to protect your flabby tits, when mine are bare, are you?"  Laurel sneered.

Rosemary's sense of fair play wouldn't let her claim any unfair advantage.  She was too sportsmanlike for that.  Gritting her teeth, she removed her own bra. Laurel received another unpleasant surprise, when she saw the firm, springy  breasts of her opponent.  She knew her own boobs were starting to sag a little, and couldn't compare to the Principal's splendid bosom.

Once they removed, their outer clothes, the two women, warily circled each other in the huge old school office.  Rosemary was eager to get her hands on the spoiled rich bitch.  Laurel was considerably less eager to come to grips with the formidable looking educator, now that it had come down to the actual test.

Rosemary moved with the skilled grace of a tigress, ready and confident, while Laurel seemed uncertain and tentative, as though she'd never wrestled before.  Rosemary grabbed the insolent art teacher in her brawny arms, and squeezed her in a bear hug, using all her considerable strength.  Laurel was no lightweight, but Rosemary easily hefted her right off the floor.  Dangling helplessly in Rosemary's arms, Laurel nearly passed out, before the fight was barely underway.

Seeing the other woman's eyes glaze, Rosemary relented.  She didn't want to really hurt Laurel,  annoying as the woman was,  just teach her a lesson.  She let her down, and then eased her around and wrapped her up in a full nelson.  Once again, Rosemary lifted the plump art teacher off the ground, displaying her superior strength.  "That ought to teach the nasty witch a lesson!" She thought complacently.

Laurel found the experience terrifying.  She cried out for Rosemary to let her go.  Rosemary was not a vindictive person, and as soon as Laurel yelled, she let her go.  However, her  magnificent breasts expanded in satisfaction, as she let Laurel drop face down on the floor.

On the floor, Laurel squirmed over on her back, just in time for Rosemary to settle majestically down on her middle.  Laurel wriggled and struggled, but she couldn't get out from under the bigger, more powerful woman.

Laurel was mortified!  No matter what she did, she couldn't get loose.  She furiously shouted insults at Rosemary.  She glared up at the strong redhead, but finally when Rosemary asked, she nodded in surrender, vowing in her heart to get even, somehow.

Rosemary sprang easily to her feet, and then smilingly helped the resentful Laurel up.  Now that she had won, all her rancor evaporated.  Thinking the conflict was over, Rosemary good-naturedly extended her hand in friendship.  It was then, when the big, muscular redhead was off guard, that Laurel struck with  unexpected speed, and viciousness.  The spoiled rich witch may not have been able to match Rosemary's wrestling skills, but she was an artful catfighter, and remembered a lesson from an earlier brawl.  She pretended to emotionally embrace the Principal, as though to seek her forgiveness, but instead, rammed her knee up into Rosemary's crotch, with all her strength.

Rosemary stood transfixed, by pain and shock, long enough for Laurel to strike again.  The vicious art teacher grabbed Rosemary's privates in a vicious pinch.  The delicate silk of her panties was no protection whatsoever.  Rosemary cried out in dire distress.

The pain was so great that Rosemary could hardly think.  Then, Laurel dropped to her knees, to get an even better grip.   As Rosemary desperately leaned forward, to ease the frightful discomfort, Laurel sank her sharp teeth into the Principal's right breast, biting the nipple until the other woman screamed in fury.  Rosemary danced from foot to foot, to ease the fiery misery.

Laurel finally let go of Rosemary's nipple, and jumped up. The Principal was still  in shock, wide open, when Laurel hammered her right fist into her jaw.  Another thing, Laurel learned in past catfights, was that most girls and women were reluctant to punch another person in the face. Laurel had discovered, that, in fact, she rather enjoyed the sensation. The look of shock and pain on the victim's face was always so gratifying.  Seeing that look on the Rosemary Harrison's beautiful face was especially pleasing.


The stunned Principal's eyes rolled, and she almost went down, but before she did, Laurel blasted a straight left into the other side of her face.  Laurel felt pain, all the way up to both her elbows from the impacts of the punches. She didn't care; it was worth it to see that horrified look on the other woman's face.

As Rosemary staggered drunkenly, Laurel nailed her with a straight right to her lower belly.  The low blow paralyzed the big, redheaded woman.

Hardly able to defend herself, Rosemary took another even harder left to almost the same spot.  This was even better, for Laurel.  Blows to the belly didn't hurt her delicately manicured hands, but they hurt her foe just as badly.

This time the plucky Principal fell forward almost landing on her face. Laurel swatted her big upthrust behind. Rosemary squealed in shock.

When the Principal tried to get up, Laurel grabbed her in a headlock. As she held the big redhead, she smashed her fist into her face, over and over again, until Rosemary's head was swimming.

Finally, satisfied that she'd used the head lock, long enough to pound Rosemary nearly senseless, Laurel twisted the bigger woman around, and kneed her kidneys.

The room was already whirling around Rosemary's shocked senses, but she gamely stumbled around to face Laurel, only to be met with another leg to her painfully throbbing crotch.  In agony, she slumped to her knees.

Rosemary desperately wanted to get up, to pay the nasty witch back, but before she could move, Laurel slammed another left fist into her jaw.


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