School Yard Tussle. Part 3. Conclusion

Who could ever have predicted that debacle? Mary Marvel whimpering in surrender to the evil  teen aged Georgia Sivana!

Georgia jumped off the unhappy loser, and triumphantly planted her foot on Mary's amply curved chest. Her boot pressing down on the superheroine's prone body drained the last vestiges of Mary's super powers from her voluptuous form.

Scarcely able to believe the disaster that just befell her, Mary Marvel,  World's Mightiest Girl NO MORE, lay sniffling on the ground, until the gleeful Georgia dragged the unhappy superheroine to her feet.  Befuddled by the pain and shame of defeat, the dethroned champion of justice trembled in apprehension.

Mary's nervous apprehension was well justified, for Georgia laughing in glee grabbed the bottom of Mary's scarlet uniform and...

When Georgia ordered her to march behind the bleachers, the humiliated superheroine had no choice but to obey.

Once she painfully forced the woeful Mary Marvel behind the deserted bleachers, Georgia, with an evil chuckle, released her despicable, immodest, and most excruciating grip on the lower portion of Mary's uniform

"Siddown there!" Georgia ordered, pointing to an abandoned bench someone left behind. Nervously reluctant, the distraught young crimefighter anxiously queried her diabolical young captoress, as she sought, with only partial success, to readjust her attire.

Georgia reacted angrily to Mary's querulous question.

Stunned by the vicious punch, Mary dropped down on the bench. She'd learned the hard way, she couldn't match the villainous teen's new found strength. As she submissively sat at Georgia's mercy, the red clad crusader shivered in tremulous misery.  What torment did her young archenemy have  in store for her, now that Georgia had gained the upper hand in their relationship? Georgia was evilly pondering the same question.

Sunk in near despair at her defeat and helplessness, at first Mary failed to notice what Georgia was up to. Then, with a start, she felt those small, strong hands tugging at the bodice of her uniform.  As Mary wailed in protest, Georgia pulled the entire upper portion of her costume, cape and all, from her shapely torso, denuding her to the waist.  Aghast at the teen's temerity, but still woozy from the hard punch, Mary could do nothing to stop the aggressive teen, but only whimper in protest.

Once she removed Mary's bodice and cape, the depraved teen began to touch the woebegone older girl, in most inappropriate ways. Mary desperately tried to shield her huge breasts, but their heroic size made them extremely vulnerable to Georgia's intemperate, teen lust.

Now, roles were reversed.  The older girl, World Renowned Superheroine though she might be, felt terribly young and inadequate, before the stern, remorseless Georgia.  The teenager had assumed the bearing of a strict unforgiving teacher, and her harsh inflexible manner, intimidated Mary Marvel.

Unable to resist a horrifying, unnatural urge to placate and appease the evil teen, the cowed crimefighter humbly submitted to Georgia's groping fingers, as they stroked and caressed her large sensitive breasts.  Her nipples involuntarily responded to the victorious girl's possessive touch.

Georgia sat down, next to the whimpering crimefighter, and attacked Mary's bounteous bosom like a ravenous lioness, raining kisses on Mary's breasts, and burying her head between Mary's pillowy breasts.  With a nervous lump in her throat, Mary grew unaccountably excited by Georgia's dominating arrogance.

Gulping down the boiling turmoil of emotions in her bosom, Mary quavered. 'Oh please Georgia!"  Was Mary Marvel imploring the perverse girl to stop, or beseeching her to go on? At that moment, Mary wasn't sure herself!

Set aflame by her forbidden passions, Georgia impetuously jumped to her feet.

"Get up!  And get those red pants off!"  Georgia ordered.

"Wh-what?" Mary quavered.

"You heard me, Twit!  STRIP!"

Mary gasped in dismay. The thought of being totally naked, IN FRONT OF GEORGIA SIVANA, filled her with sick horror.

As she stumbled to her feet, a ray of hope gleamed in Mary's eyes.  She looked skyward.

"I can grab my tunic and cape and fly away! Yes, yes, yes !"  Mary told herself eagerly.

Then Mary felt the nasty teenager's glittering eyes on her. Sudden hope was dashed by the heavy lump of sick fear in the pit of her stomach.  The stalwart crimefighter's courage failed her.

"Holy Moly!  What if I don't make it?"  Mary asked herself fearfully.  "If she  catches me before I get away, I don't know what she'll do to me!"

Craven fear of a mere teenager dashing her last hope, Mary Marvel's broad shoulders sagged in despair; she hung her head in shame, wondering miserably. "What kind of awful coward am I, anyway?"

"I don't deserve to be a superheroine!"  Mary Marvel sniffled in silent misery. "I've disgraced the Wizard's memory!"

Alas, Mary had no way of knowing the truth.  Her uncontrollable terror did not flow from some grievous, unsuspected flaw of character; it was one more manifestation of the evil mischief of Georgia's boots.  The dreadful boots robbed her of all her Divinely granted super powers, silently stealing the courage and fortitude of Achilles, even as they drained  the strength of Hippolyta from her body.  The terrible unguessed loss reduced heroic Mary Marvel to no more than a frightened, confused schoolgirl, a schoolgirl who'd just been victim to a vicious one-sided beating.

Courage and hope gone, Mary, sniffling in dread, obeyed the fiercely insistent teen's perverse command.  As the cowering superheroine slowly stooped to remove the last vestige of her modesty, Georgia swiftly slipped out of her own shorts and tee-shirt, her eyes agleam with adolescent lust.

Though plundering so much, the boots hadn't robbed Mary Marvel of Aurora's beauty or Selena's grace.  Mary retained those breathtaking gifts, in all their captivating glory.  Alas! That greedy hunger in Georgia's eyes, as she boldly inspected Mary's nude body, hinted that beauty and grace, by themselves, could prove a terrible curse, to the weeping crimefighter.

Mary started to turn back toward her tormentor, and then with a gasp of horror, saw that Georgia was now naked, herself. The virtuous crimefighter hung her head, ashamed to look at the other girl's nakedness.

Chortling at Mary's becoming modesty, the relentless teen dragged the cringing superheroine back to the bench.

Georgia sat down on the bench, and pushed the trembling Mary Marvel down on her knees, facing her. Mary tried desperately ot look away. She fervently believed a superheroine must be pure in very way, as an example to her admirers, but Georgia pulled her head closer by the hair.

"Go on! Do it!" Georgia demanded.

'D-do...wh-what?"  Mary quavered, in innocent confusion.

"Lick me between the legs, Stupid!  Don't you even know what girls do to each other?  Boy, you really are a dim wit!"

"Oh!  Dear Heavens!  That's sickening!"  Mary gagged in disgust. "I could never...."  Her voice trailed off as Georgia's harsh gaze drilled into her saddened brown eyes.

Georgia's glittering, black eyes behind the thick lenses of her glasses, exerted a compelling, hypnotic power over the terrorized superheroine. Gulping down the lump of fear in her throat, Mary found no courage to disobey the stern imperious teen.  Shivering in awful dread, Mary Marvel arched her lushly curved, nude body forward, in shameful obedience.

As she bowed her captive head to the hideous unnatural task, Mary Marvel  desperately wanted to close her eyes to this shame, but some sick curious force held her mesmerized, her eyes glued to the downy, sexual center of the younger girl.

What would it be like to kiss and lick another girl, THERE? Had Mary never wondered, and hidden the truth from herself?  Did it matter?  In horrible realization, Mary knew her terror of the girl gave her no choice. Georgia's small, puckered pussy drew her lips like a magnet.

Even on her knees, Mary could only reach the shorter girl's upper thighs by crouching down on all fours, like a dog. Oh, what kind of superheroine would surrender to this degradation? Mary Marvel agonized, even as her hot pursed lips closed on the teen's plump labia.

Georgia gasped at the electric shock of ecstasy that galvanized her body.

When Georgia was at last satisfied, and done with her victim, she let Mary collapse on the ground, in mortification.

Just then, the school bell ending lunch period rang. Georgia rose from the bench, her eyes still reflecting her lustful triumph over the hapless Mary Marvel.

"Uh-oh! Don't want to be late for Physics Class! It's my fave! We Sivana's excel at Science ya' know!'

The forlorn, debauched superheroine at Georgia's feet looked up questioningly. Did she dare hope?

With a smirk, Georgia leaned over and possessively kissed Mary on the lips.

'That'll be all for NOW! ! I guess you can go back to whatever superheroines do in their free time, until NEXT time!" Georgia giggled maliciously.

Georgia was still grinning evilly as she pulled her shorts and tee shirt back on.

"I suppose you want your clothes back too, hey?"

Mary Marvel looked up, her pleading, hopeful eyes betraying just how much she did want them.

"Well, maybe you can have some of them back!" Georgia gathered up Mary's castoff garments, so proudly worn just minutes before.

"Tell ya' what! Ya can have the cape and blouse and sash, but I'm keeping yer pants for a souvenir!" Georgia chortled.

Mary's heart sank even lower in her bosom.

Pocketing the shorts, Georgia flung the rest of Mary's uniform on the ground.

As Mary quickly pulled on the remnants of her dishonored uniform, Georgia turned on her heel toward the school building.

Strutting back to class, Georgia gloated. "Well I never did get lunch, but it sure was worth it!  I never enjoyed lunch period THAT much before!"

Desperately eager to escape the scene of her undoing and shame, a tearful Mary Marvel, with a speed that only the fleetest superheroine could match, flew home to the Batson residence, the disgrace of her defeat starkly visible to all.


The End.