WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity and non-consensual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty one years of age.

Second Encounter. Part 2.

Laser Cat

Atlantea, Crown Princess of the Lost Continent, chosen to wear the Miraculous Laser Amulet of Felina, the Atlantean Cat Goddess, and sent by her Emperor Father to bring peace and harmony to the upper world!  The Amulet renders the Princess super powerful and nearly invincible! Calling herself Laser Cat, Atlantea crusades for Decency and Justice!

 Enough was enough! No one treated a Princess of Atlantis this way! With a cry of rage, Laser Cat suddenly turned and retaliated with a devastating punch to Dark Shadow's jaw.

Laser Cat followed up with a lightening attack that knocked Dark Shadow on her behind.

Laser Cat's first thought, now, was to retrieve Felina's Amulet from Dark Shadow's boot. In her eagerness to get back the precious relic though, she was careless, and Dark Shadow was not as badly hurt as she appeared. The dark suit she wore possessed amazing recuperative powers that quickly restored her. As Laser Cat leaned down, Dark shadow kicked her on the chin, putting the full force of her body behind the kick.

Before Laser Cat recovered from the first kick, Dark Shadow struck twice more, a painful kick to her large, well formed breast, and another to her belly.

Too furious to even think, Laser Cat flung herself at Dark Shadow, only to be catapulted head over heels, by the wily, dark clad woman.

"Hey! This aint' so hard! Kind of fun too!" Dark Shadow thought, rapidly losing her initial apprehension about facing the mighty superheroine.

Dyssi Daim, the woman in the dark suit, hadn't been a High School cheerleader for nothing! She somersaulted through the air and landed with a thump on Laser Cat's body, and drove a flurry of punches into the crimefighter's belly.

Laser Cat clasped her injured belly hardly able to breathe. Dark Shadow didn't waste time, but hauled the gasping heroine to her feet by a painful grip on her long golden hair.

Once she had her foe on her feet, Dark Shadow drove her knee into Laser Cat kidneys, then began striking the back of her neck with the edge of her flattened hand.

Stunned by the vicious rabbit punches, Laser Cat stumbled unsteadily for a step before Dark Shadow caught her arm. Dark Shadow spun the dazed heroine around to her, right into a 'sucker punch' to the jaw.

By now, Laser Cat was so hurt and dazed, she could hardly defend herself, and Dark Shadow ruthlessly capitalized on the heroine's helplessness to batter her senseless.

Dark Shadow looked down with satisfaction at the still form of the mighty superheroine. It was obvious Laser Cat wouldn't be getting up again anytime soon. If it wasn't for a small moaning sound, she might have appeared dead. The evil, erstwhile news woman trembled with excitement. She'd just beaten the great Laser Cat to a pulp, and Wow! What a high!

The night was still young; Dark Shadow wasn't due to report to The Alien for several more hours.

"Ohh Goody! I've got time to have some more fun with the sexy bitch!" Dark Shadow murmured excitedly. Like a cat dragging an unconscious victim back to her lair for more sadistic amusement, Dark Shadow picked up the moaning superheroine and carried her off into the night.


End of Part 2.

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