WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, F/F and M/F rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Shower Room Fight. Part  4. Conclusion.

The proud, glamorous crimefighter's stomach churned in disgust, at what Valerie just made her do. Could she sink any lower?  Could anything be worse? Valerie's thought so! In her shame Marvel Lass was oblivious, as Valerie prepared for the next phase of her revenge.

Valerie opened the small cosmetic case she had confidently brought with her in anticipation of this moment. In it was her most prized object of prison contraband, a larger than life size, ugly black dildo. She swiftly strapped the obscene monstrosity on.

The weeping Marvel Lass glanced up to see the awful phallus bobbing inches from her face, already strapped about Valerie's loins and ready for action. She jumped to her feet in panic.

Valerie laughingly told the cringing Marvel Lass just HOW she was going to use the dildo to brutalize her, in the most painful disgusting way possible.

Once the innocent Marvel Lass grasped Valerie's intent, her terror was ungovernable. The threat of anal rape was a thousand times more terrifying than anything that had gone before. Forgetting that until just minutes before she was a heroic, invincible Superheroine, Valerie's pathetic, new 'bitch' frantically bolted from the terrifying teen and her monstrous dildo. Marvel Lass's terrified flight was in vain. Valerie swiftly caught her by the hair and ended her sobbing prey's desperate headlong bid to escape.

Her piteous hope of escape dashed, Marvel Lass forlornly yielded to the inevitable. Sobbing terrified pleas, but not daring to resist, she meekly submitted as the masterful teen maneuvered her pliant body into the demeaning posture automatically assumed by Valerie's other prison 'bitches'.

Once she carefully positioned the sobbing Marvel Lass to her exacting satisfaction, Valerie lunged foreword driving the horrifying phallus deep into the trembling girl's tight anus. Ripping into her body like a ram, the dildo inflicted horrendous tearing pain. Marvel Lass shrieked in horrified agony.

As Marvel Lass howled in frightful anguish, Valerie gleefully rammed the horrifying dildo in and out of her ravaged rectum.
"I should do this for every day I've spent in this dump, thanks to you!" She snarled vengefully.

Marvel Lass's monstrous suffering was made all the worse, by the mortifying shame of being contemptuously and basely abused, like a dog. Valerie had reduced the proud, self-reliant superheroine to a pathetic, mewling victim, with no recourse but her heartrending, useless  pleas to the fiendish teen.

Once she taught the humbled superheroine this ultimate lesson in mortifyingly degradation, Valerie tore the dildo from her abused body. The ravaged, miserably sobbing Maiden of Justice groveled on the floor unable to move, while Valerie swiftly dressed.

Once dressed, the fiendish teen picked up Marvel Lass's garments and carried them away with her.

"Heh, heh! Let the dumb bitch run around naked!" She snickered as she hurried back to the shared cell. "This'll give me time to check out that suitcase she was so concerned about!"

Back in the cell, it was child's play for the young terrorist, trained in espionage techniques, to pick the lock of Marvel Lass's little valise, and a moment later open the concealed compartment under the false bottom.

Heh, heh! I knew she wouldn't leave these far away! " Valerie crowed triumphantly

As the awful pain abated somewhat, Marvel Lass clumsily stumbled to her feet. It was then that the horrible thought hit her.

"OH My Dear Athena! My valise!" She thought with a new pang of dread.

Naked and still in dreadful pain, Marvel Lass stumbled back to the cell as fast as her wobbly legs could take her.


As she entered the cell, Marvel Lass's heart almost stopped, her worst nightmare was realized. On the cot lay her opened suitcase, the parts of her red costume strewn on the floor. Around Valerie's waist rested Athena's Girdle of Power!

"Well Bitch now that I've got your little toy, there's no reason for me t'stay in this dump, is there? Guess I could even thank you for being dumb enough to bring it here to me?"

Marvel Lass hung her head in shame, realizing how disastrous her undercover folly would prove.

"Well Dimwit, ya got two choices! Either help me walk out'o here or, I'll leave you behind, dead, and maybe a couple of dead guards too! What's it gonna be?"

Already broken to boot-licking subservience to Valerie, and fearful her failure would bring harm to others, Marvel Lass sobbingly mumbled "All right I-I'll help you; Athena forgive me! But pl-pleease...(sob)...give me back Athena's Girdle when you are free..."

"Sure, sure I will, Marvie! What use would I have for it anyway? Now get your costume on!"

Despairingly praying that Valerie would keep her promise, Marvel Lass sadly donned her famous costume, feeling that she was degrading everything it stood for. The costume looked incomplete without the Girdle of Power, but Valerie tossed her a yellow rag to put in its place.

"OKAY! Let's GO!" Valerie cried in excitement, grasping Marvel Lass's arm in a grip of iron, her natural strength amplified incredibly by the Girdle she now wore.

Intent on the soap opera she was watching on her portable teevee, the Gate Guard paid no intention to the tear in Marvel Lass's eye, the faltering misery in her voice, or even her missing mask, and certainly not the strange bulge around Valerie's middle, but absently waved them through the gate. After all, Marvel Lass must know what she was doing!

Once through the gate, Valerie kept her iron grip on Marvel Lass's arm walking the trembling superheroine out of sight of the guard. Once unobserved, she swiftly refastened Athena's Girdle about her waist in plain sight as Marvel Lass looked on in dread.

"Now we're gonna use this thing for a little trip down South America way!" Valerie crowed in glee.

"B-but you promised...(snuffle)..."

"I lied!" Valerie snickered. "D'ya think I'm stupid enough to let you have this back or let you go? You're coming with me so you stay out of trouble, and you'll make a great hostage

Valerie grabbed the substitute sash around Marvel Lass's trim waist, and the waistband of her tights of strong Amazon woven cloth.

The quick witted Valerie soon mastered the intricacies of using The Power Girdle to fly in the air, although her first erratic trials, terrified the helpless, former superheroine dangling from her hand, like a sack of laundry.

After a few wrong turns, Valerie eventually found her way to the new WTO headquarters in South America, still carrying her miserable captive, trembling in nearly hysterical apprehension at Valerie's' wildly exuberant  flight.

Valerie proudly presented the hostage to the organization head, known only as "The Commandant'.

"Whyn't ya try her out Chief, she's a sexy little slut, ain't ya Marvie?" Valerie cried proudly.

The Commandant needed no second invitation to enjoy the charms of the voluptuous, young superheroine, world renowned for her beauty. He swiftly removed his clothes, save for his jack boots; it was said by his subordinates that he usually slept in those boots.

Valerie forced the sobbing Marvel Lass down on her knees facing the Commandant's giant penis.

Valerie rammed Marvel Lass's arm up higher, and as the reared up in pain, her mouth opened in a scream, and the Commandant shoved his engorged penis into her innocent pink mouth.

With the huge penis thrust half way down her throat, and the Commandant's hand forcing her head to bob, Marvel Lass had no choice but to suck vigorously just to breathe.

The Commandant quickly ejaculated, filling the innocent girl's mouth with his sperm.

Momentarily sated, the Commandant rucked up Marvel Lass's tunic, to get a better look at her fabulous bosom.

The Commandant was definitely a breast man and he was entranced by Marvel Lass's huge globes, the wet dream of half of the world's lechers.

Slavering like an animal, the Commandant kissed and slobbered at Marvel Lass's gorgeous breasts. In a lustful frenzy, he began tugging at her tights, tearing off her makeshift sash.

Marvel Lass jumped to her feet in terror, but the Commandant had a secure grip on her flanks, and escape was impossible. The evil man's giant penis nibbled at the firm pink lips her virginal pussy.

There was no escape for the hapless heroine as the Commandant forced his engorged penis deep into her tight reluctant vagina.

The Commandant's huge phallus overfilled Marvel Lass's body, like a rough log, but despite the painful shock to her virginal pussy, the passionate superheroine once again felt that terrible tingling of desire that Valerie's eager fingers had first aroused.

Again overwhelmed by her long repressed passion, the unfortunate Marvel Lass convulsively wrapped her voluptuous body about the repulsive Commandant, greedily grinding against him until she came with explosive force. As the lust besotted superheroine screamed in ecstasy, the Commandant came as well, sardonically laughing at poor Marvel Lass's unwelcome, uncontrollable ardor.

The shock of her second massive orgasm, was too much for the unfortunate Amazon Warrior and she swooned in the Commandant's arms.

Done with her for the moment, the Commandant callously flung Marvel Lass's unconscious body to the floor.

Held miserable captive in the jungle, subjected to Valerie's every sadistic whim, Marvel Lass's life was one of hellish misery. Worse, frequent rape by the male terrorists had the inevitable result.


The End.