WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and perverse situations.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Amazon Captive of the SS. Part 1.
(The Television Episode they couldn't show.)

ANNOUNCER: "In last week's episode, an old adversary, Fausta Grabels, posing as a would-be turncoat to the Nazi cause, lured our heroine into a  meeting deep in enemy territory. At the rendezvous site, as she negotiated with Fausta, SS thugs treacherously bludgeoned the American superheroine  from behind. Fausta watched, unpityingly, as her henchmen chloroformed the stunned Amazon, freeing her to rob the helpless prisoner of her Power Girdle, her Tiara and her Lasso. Then, to the delight of her underlings, the grinning Nazi maliciously removed the Amazon's famed red and gold bustier.

Announcer: "Before her victim regained consciousness, Fausta administered an experimental drug, that SS scientists assured her, would rob the American heroine of her phenomenal Amazon strength and agility."

Announcer: "Fausta  transported her unconscious prisoner deep into the Black Forest, to an SS Rest and Recreation Center, before reviving  her,"

Announcer: "Cackling at the success of her underhanded plan, Fausta informed her prisoner that she would fight in the SS Arena, or a face a Firing Squad. The gallant Amazon was horrified to discover Fausta intended her to fight a teenager, Fausta's aide, young Helga Smeck, the former girl's combat champion of the Hitler Youth."

Announcer: "Over the gallant Amazon's protests, Fausta thrust her into the  SS Combat Arena, packed with a jeering throng of SS men, and two of Dr. Goebbel's most expert film crews, while the grinning Helga entered the Arena to the wild cheers of the evil Nazis."

Announcer: "Now, as our story continues, the reluctant Amazon Princess tries to reason with the young woman, but Helga, heart hardened to loving reason by Nazi Propaganda, arrogantly ridicules the words of peace and love, and stalks her intended foe with feral cunning, looking for an opening. Robbed of her astounding powers, and unaware of the diabolical drug Fausta injected, the high-minded Amazon finds the young Nazi an unexpectedly formidable foe, and has no choice but to fight."

Announcer: " We pause now for commercial break."

End of Part 1.

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