Strict Teacher. Part 2


A teacher rules her class with an iron hand, but what happens after class?

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Part 2

There was no doubt that Cindy was strong and athletic.  She had been a near olympic-class swimmer and a demon tennis player, but she had never wrestled, and she found it required skills she'd never developed.  Sheer strength just wasn't enough.  Patty had already hurt her repeatedly, and by now, though she hated to admit it to herself,  the teacher was scared of  the vicious young bully.  In this game, she was no match for the young tomboy, who'd long delighted in fighting other kids her age.  That had been fun, but dominating a grownup woman, a teacher to boot, was heavenly.  Now that she realized that Cindy couldn't defend herself, Patty proceeded to torment the older woman with a variety of painful holds.

First, Patty rolled Cindy to one side, and locked her strong legs around the teacher's throat and squeezed until Cindy's eyes glazed, and her tongue lolled from her mouth.

As Patty felt Cindy's body go limp, she unscissored her legs and stood up.  Cindy lay unmoving for a few moments, trying to get her bearings.  Not seeing Patty waiting behind her, she struggled to her feet.  Patty pounced, grabbing Cindy around the neck and bending her over backward, as she pounded her fist against the teacher's body.

When Cindy went over backward, Patty was behind her with a waist cinching scissors.  The devilish teen took the opportunity to squeeze and pinch Cindy's ripe, fully formed breasts.

Patty let Cindy's heavy body fall backward and then grabbed her legs and pulled on them, until she bent the big, beautiful teacher nearly double, brazenly sitting on her face as she did it.

Patty was enjoying herself so much, she decided to try out some other holds.  It seemed so easy to twist the helpless teacher into any hold she could think of.

Finally, when Cindy was sobbing uncontrollably, obviously completely intimidated, Patty turned the beaten teacher over on her back.  Before she let Cindy go, she had one final humiliation for the older woman.  She knelt between Cindy's helplessly splayed legs, and tore off the teacher's navy blue skirt.

With nothing left, but her shoes and her pretty, pink panties, Cindy climbed, shamefacedly, to her feet, sniffling miserably.  As she stood on the grass uncertainly, afraid to make any move to antagonize the vicious teenager, Patty kicked her in the behind, and told her to get her things and go home, carefully emphasizing her first name, that Cindy had forbidden her to use.

With a loud sob, Cindy  gathered up her clothes and purse, and then without a backward look, ran as fast as she could, toward the hoped for, safety of her house.

As the sobbing school teacher fled into her house, Patty was panting, but not from exertion. Terrorizing the big, brown-haired woman had been "sooo easy"!  Patty was excited beyond anything she could a ever remember.  She gulped, and slid down against the foundation of her mother's house.  She looked around, warily.  No one was looking.  Patty surreptitiously slid her hand inside her jeans.  Her panties were sopping wet, already.  A few brief moments after she touched herself, the sadistic teen exploded in a shattering orgasm.  She sat there in a daze for several minutes, while images of beautiful, full-figured, grownup Cindy, scared and hurt, floated through her mind.  That orgasm had been incredible The girl never experienced anything like it before in her young life.  No matter how intense it was, though, it wasn't enough.  It just wetted her appetite.  Patty wanted more.

"The bitch is right inside there, all alone!"  Patty thought, looking at the  Adams house, as though it was a free candy store.

As soon as Cindy was inside the door, her clothes dropped  from her trembling hands.  In her wild flight, she'd lost one of her shoes.  She kicked the other one off, without even thinking what she was doing.   Barefoot, and nearly naked, the distraught woman stumbled into the kitchen and sat down on a kitchen chair.  She was sobbing uncontrollably, and sick to her stomach.  She wanted to die of shame. She just sat there in  shock, trying to get herself under control.

As she sobbed forlornly, Cindy heard the back door reopen. "Oh God!  I didn't lock it!"  The terrified teacher thought, in panic.  A moment later, her worst terror was realized; Patty burst into her home.  Her horrifying ordeal was about to start, all over again.  Cindy jumped to her feet, desperate to escape... somewhere...anywhere!

In her terror, Cindy knocked over the chair, as she tried to escape.  She wasn't fast enough!  Patty caught the waistband of her fragile, silk panties and stuck her foot out in front of the fleeing teacher, before Cindy went two steps.

Cindy fell flat on her face.  The fall painfully flattened her large, opulent bosom.  Patty triumphantly set her foot on Cindy's back, and held the squirming teacher helpless for several moments.

When Patty removed her foot Cindy sat up, groggily. Patty squatted down behind her, and slid her hand around, to cup a large, luxuriant breast.  The devilish teen whispered something in Cindy's ear, both an invitation and a threat.  The insinuating invitation terrified the wholesome, high-minded teacher, more than the threat. Cindy was so alarmed, she tore loose from the young bully, and jumped to her feet, again.


End of Part 2

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