Strict Teacher. Part 3


A teacher rules her class with an iron hand, but what happens after class?

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Part 3

When Patty removed her foot from Cindy's back, the teacher sat up, groggily.  Patty squatted down behind her, and slid her hand around, to cup a large, luxuriant breast.  The devilish teen whispered something in Cindy's ear, both an invitation and a threat.  The insinuating invitation terrified the wholesome, high-minded teacher, more than the threat. Cindy was so alarmed, she tore loose from the young bully, and jumped to her feet, again.

Like a frightened deer, Cindy looked around for some place to run and hide.  There was no safe place, and her brief hesitation was fatal.  Before she could escape again, Patty socked her in the tummy.  The teenager's hard, little fist sank into the beautiful brown-haired teacher's firm flesh like a bullet.

That one deadly punch was enough.  Cindy collapsed in agony, retching for breath.

Patty stood over over the groaning teacher, for a moment, then grabbed cindy by the ear, and forced her to crawl around the kitchen.  Patty yanked her helpless  victim  back toward the turned over, kitchen chair.  As she tugged Cindy's ear, Patty's sharp eye spied an oversized spatula hanging decoratively on the kitchen wall.  Without pausing, Patty pulled the spatula off the wall, her eyes gleaming.  As Patty dragged her around the kitchen, Cindy's frayed panties finally gave way, and dangled from one leg.

Patty righted the chair, and sat down. She had a tight grip on Cindy's hair, eliminating any possibility of the teacher escaping. The girl squirmed around, until she was comfortable, then she tugged on Cindy's hair, forcing the beautiful, grownup woman, face down, across her lap.

Cindy had seen the spatula in the g nasty teenager's hand. "Oh God! Please no!"  The frightened teacher wept.

"I have to! Patty smirked. "You've been a bad girl, and you need discipline!  Discipline is necessary for you to learn, remember?"

When Patty called her a "Bad Girl," Cindy stammered, pathetically, in a little girl voice, "I'm not a 'bad girl', I've always been a 'good girl'!" as though, that mattered to Patty, or she could convince the vicious teen.

The spanking was just as bad, no, much worse, than poor Cindy feared it would be. The pain built gradually, until it seemed unendurable, like hot, boiling oil poured on her broad, white bottom cheeks. Patty soon scalded the velvety, carnation hued flesh to a painful, angry scarlet.

After the first few swats, Cindy  begged,  pleaded, screamed for Patty to stop. Patty greatly enjoyed the teacher's loud howls for mercy.  At first, Cindy kicked and struggled, but as the pain grew unbearable, she slumped limply across the teenager's lap, completely vanquished.

Even after poor Cindy stopped struggling, and her loud cries died to sobbing, hopeless pleas and promises, the terrible hiding went on.   Patty found herself breathing heavily, again. That delightful wetness between her thighs had returned.  Finally, shivering in delightful anticipation, she let the spatula drop to the floor.  With a satisfied sigh, Patty rolled her firmly disciplined teacher off her skinny lap.

While the mortified schoolteacher crouched on the floor, doing her best not to move her scalded bottom, Patty slid out of her shirt and jeans.  She didn't need a bra for her erect little breasts, and underneath, she wore only a pair of white, cotton, little girl's underpants.  Even so, her slim body looked remarkably mature.

Patty lifted Cindy's head up, and looked triumphantly into the teacher's tear-stained, bruised face.  She eased behind the terrified, sobbing, older woman, and clasped her hands around her slim columnar neck, tormenting her with more threats.

As Cindy begged the nasty teenager to stop, Patty smirked.  "I'm not going to hurt you anymore, if you're a good, little girl.  In fact, if you're really good, I'm going to do something nice for you!"

Then, Patty leaned over, and kissed her teacher, full on the lips. She shoved her tongue past Cindy's sweet, pink lips, and explored the older woman's mouth, possessively. The bold kiss was strangely troubling to Cindy.

Patty slid down beside Cindy.  The teacher's head was whirling.  What awful ordeal was coming next?  She suddenly felt something, horrible.  Uninvited, alien fingers wormed there way into her most intimate, most private treasure.  Cindy shuddered in dread, but she daren't protest; Patty's cruel domination had entirely sapped her will to resist.  It was terrible to be violated this way, against her will, against everything shed been taught, and believed in, but perversely exciting.  Her captive pussy opened like a plundered blossom, and she shivered in unwanted, perverse erotic pleasure.  Patty's eyes gleamed in triumph, as she read the teacher's secret in her humbled, tear blurred eyes.

Patty pushed the voluptuous, brown-haired woman down on her back.  As she continued to finger Cindy's sexual treasure, she sucked an erect, sharp-pointed nipple.

Cindy tried to resist, but it was no use.  The terrible, blond girl seemed to own her, body and soul.  The dominated teacher soon succumbed, and stiffened in intense orgasm.  Oh, how could she sink, so low?   Beaten and forced into sexual gratification, by one of her own teenage students.

As Cindy lay shuddering, in the terrible aftermath of the teenager's rape, Patty rose, and slipped out of her white panties.  She nonchalantly squatted down on Cindy's face. There was nothing the mortified teacher could do, to stop her.  She looked up at the tiny girl who had beaten and raped her, with hurt, shamed eyes.  Unable to resist those fierce, young eyes, with a little sob,  Cindy pressed her mouth to Patty's wet pussy, and began to lick and suck in submissive obedience, to the unvoiced command.

As Cindy serviced her cruel, young mistress, her hands, almost against her will, stole down to her own pussy, repeating what Patty had done to her. "Oh God! I hope she doesn't notice!"  Was the humiliated teacher's shamefaced thought.

Patty came several times. It was so delicious, she just couldn't bear to release the unhappy school teacher from her  sexual servitude.  Finally, though, Patty glanced up a the kitchen clock on the wall.  It was almost time for her mother to get home from work.  She rose languidly in dreamy eyed satiety, from her unwilling sapphic partner.

As Patty leisurely donned her clothes, Cindy curled up on her side, in a fetal position and wept  softly.  Before Patty left her, the girl searched through Cindy's purse, where she'd dropped it when she came in.   She took Cindy's door key, and slipped it in her pocket.

Before leaving, Patty toed Cindy's back, to get her attention, and sneered. "Hey, Teach!  Don't forget I'm a minor. If you ever tell anybody about our little petting party, it'll be YOU who gets in trouble!  You'll lose your job, and probably go to jail, to boot!  Better let it be our little secret!"

Cindy knew, all too well, that, what the nasty, little brat said, was true.  She must suffer though this terrible ordeal silently.  That made it all the harder to bear.

Next morning, Patty's alarm clock went off early. She  dressed and went downstairs . There was a note from her mother that she had to leave early for work.  Patty looked around the kitchen.  Nothing to eat!

"Damn!"  Then Patty's eyes lit up.  "Hmm, I wonder if my little pet, Teacher Cindy's got any food in her house?"

Poor Cindy had just stumbled out of bed.  She'd sobbed sleeplessly most of the night, after her frightful ordeal, at the hands of the evil teenager.  The back doorbell rang. Cindy's  heart nearly stopped in fear.  She peeked out, fearfully.

"Oh God!  She's back!"  Cindy's heart raced in terror.  She'd been extra careful to lock the door when Patty left, having learned a terrible lesson by failing to lock it last evening.

"Maybe, if I hide, she'll go away!" Cindy thought hopelessly.  The schoolteacher was just about to creep into the pantry, to hide, when  a key slid in the lock and the door opened.

"Dear God, No! She's got my key!"  Cindy's last vain hope evaporated.

"Why Cindy, Dear, weren't you going to let me in?"  Patty smirked.  "And after all we've been to each other, too!" She patted the frightened teacher on her sore rump.  Cindy winced in pain.  Her tender bottom was still wildly inflamed from the hideous spanking Patty had given her.

"How'd you like to be a good teacher, and fix me breakfast?  A real nice, home cooked breakfast!"  Patty asked innocently.  Cindy's head drooped in resignation.  What choice did she have?

It would be a long, ghastly school year for Cindy Adams, the longest and worst of her life!

The End