Note: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, n/c, f/f rape,
and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty one years of age.

Super Powers. Part 4.

Was the unthinkable true? Had the dastardly villainess, Gray Shadow, defeated Suprema, the gallant, superheroine idol of millions? Gray Shadow, herself, couldn't quite believe it! To convince herself, she picked up the unconscious Suprema and shook her, as easily as if the large full figured woman was a rag doll. The rough treatment elicited no more than a painful moan from the vanquished superheroine. The evil villainess, sneered in satisfaction; YES, she had indeed defeated the World's Greatest Champion of Justice!

Yet, Gray Shadow was also disappointed by the relative ease of her victory. Beating the stuffing out ot the haughty woman she despised, had been an exhilarating pleasure. She was sorry it was over so soon! In disgust, Gray Shadow contemptuously flung the shattered, moaning superheroine to the floor, like a devilish tot, done with a broken toy.

Well, Gray Shadow mused, if the fun had gone out of beating Suprema, what could be more humiliating for a superheroine than to be stripped of her costume?

Once she denuded her helpless, moaning foe, Gray Shadow swiftly bound Suprema's arms with Duraniom chains. Thanks to her own improvements to the Supreme formula, they had no effect on her own powers, but would further weaken the defeated superheroine, prolonging her recovery from the savage beating.

"Hah, hah! These things have no effect on me, but they'll make her weak as a baby!" Gray Shadow chortled as she roughly manipulated Suprema's large, gorgeous body.

"Hah! But I didn't need Duraniom to beat the crap out of this bitch! I did that on my own!"  The villainess boasted, preening with gloating arrogance, that she had beaten the supposedly invincible superheroine, woman to woman, on equal terms.  "The whole world thought the great Suprema couldn't be beaten, but, now, they'll see Gray Shadow is the real super woman! I'll make damn sure the whole world knows it, too!"

When she securely bound Suprema's arms with the weakening Duraniom bonds, Gray Shadow roughly hauled the semiconscious heroine to her feet. The harsh treatment accelerated Suprema's painful return to consciousness.

Once Gray Shadow pulled Suprema to her feet, she stood expectantly behind her, waiting for the inevitable shocked  reaction.

Still barely conscious, Suprema's first sensation was fierce pain.  She hurt all over, with an intensity of pain she'd never experienced. She glanced down, and to her horror ,she discovered she was naked.  She tried to move her arms and found them hampered by unbreakable restraints. It took a moment before the dazed superheroine recalled the disastrous encounter with Gray Shadow; a superheroine's worst nightmare had become harsh reality. A vicious criminal defeated her, stripped her of her proud costume and bound her. She was at Gray Shadow' mercy! Suprema gulped and blinked back a tear, before she could reassert her imperious self control.

Gray Shadow wheeled her bound captive around, and waved a demeaning leash and collar under Suprema's nose. The vile villainess meant to leash the mighty superheroine like a dog! Despite crushing defeat and bound arms, Suprema bridled angrily at the thought of such a humiliation.

Gray Shadow dealt swiftly with her prisoner's rebellious indignation. She dropped the collar, and smacked Suprema across the face with two stinging slaps, delivered with all her super power.  Her arms hindered by the weakening chains, Suprema could not block or avoid the attack, and the contemptuous, openhanded slaps nearly knocked her unconscious again.

Stunned by the staggering blows, Suprema dazedly submitted to the humiliation of being degradingly leashed like a disobedient poodle.

Once she leashed the unfortunate Suprema, Gray Shadow revealed her dastardly scheme for escape.

"Now, Slut, I'm gonna' parade you out there in front of me, right past all those cops and reporters, and teevee cameras, and all your adoring fans! They'll never dare use that Atomic Canon and risk killing their beloved Suprema along with me! 'Course, it's gonna' be a little embarrassing for you, isn't it? The whole world's gonna' see you defeated and naked, with a leash around your neck, just like I'm walking my pet bitch! This'll be the biggest news story of the Century! Hah, hah! You're gonna' be the laughing-stock of the world!"

With a gulp of anguish, Suprema knew that everything the awful creature said was frighteningly true. How could she never hope to live down such a horrible disgrace?

The thought of being paraded naked in public was too much for Suprema to bear. Forgetting her haughty pride, she whimpered a plea to have her costume back, at least.

"Pl-please Zelda...I-I'm naked...don't...not like least...(snuffle)...a-at l-least let me have my costume back...pleeaaassss Zelda..." In her humiliated distress, Suprema demeaningly stooped to  begging and pleading with the cruel villainess.

Not unexpectedly, the evil Gray Shadow did not extend even minor mercies to her defeated foe!

Outside of the warehouse, an expectant crowd of police, media reporters, curious onlookers, and adoring admirers awaited Suprema's latest triumph, under the watchful eye of Police Chief Clansey. All eyes eagerly peered at the entrance door, awaiting the emergence of Suprema with her prisoner. A hush fell over the crowd as two figures emerged. So used were the citizens of the City to seeing Suprema victorious and triumphant, that it took a moment for the awful truth to register.  Then a collective moan went up from the crowd, broken here and there by a nervous titter, or a lustful whistle at sight of Suprema's incredible body in the nude.

Chief Clansey groaned in anguish.

Gray Shadow arrogantly demanded the police clear the way for herself and her hapless prisoner.

"Shall we fire, Chief ?" The army officer in charge of the Atomic Canon asked.

"No, no! We can't risk harming Suprema!" The Chief sighed. "She's done too much for the cause of Justice over the years, even if she failed today! Ah look! That devil wasn't satisfied just capturing the brave lass, she stripped her naked for spite! Ahh, it's a black day for law enforcement! Let them by Boys!" He ordered his men, shaking his head in frustration.

Having defeated the world's mightiest superheroine, stripped her humiliatingly naked and helplessly bound her, Gray Shadow triumphantly paraded the anguished Suprema before the Police the shocked media, and her disillusioned fans. Some of the more cynical laughed cruelly to see the beautiful, haughty superheroine brought so low.

Contemptuously used as a powerless hostage to effect the escape of the woman she had confidently vowed she would capture, Suprema, nearly in tears, face burning in humiliation, hung her beautiful head in despair. The jubilant Gray Shadow prodded the despairing heroine, with a wink to a handsome reporter.

Gray Shadow made sure that Suprema's formidable figure always shielded her slighter form. As the diabolical villainess predicted, the police and army, cursing in frustration, held their fire, while the smirking villainess speedily stalked out of range.

Gray Shadow's other prediction proved all too true, as well. An enterprising young paparazzi slipped away from the throng, and getting behind Gray Shadow snapped the picture that would come to define Suprema's disgrace. The photograph showed the diabolical villainess contemptuously shoving the defeated, shamefaced superheroine ahead of her. Suprema, long thought invincible, was now the very picture of dejected defeat, as she pathetically tried to shield her nakedness with bound arms. It was the picture, slightly censored, that shortly appeared on the cover of every major news magazine.

Once out of range, Gray Shadow suddenly grasped the collar about Suprema's bowed neck, and launched them both into the air, carrying Suprema off into captivity, in the same demeaning fashion Suprema, herself, so often carried criminals off to face justice. The Duraniom chains made it impossible for Suprema to fly, and she dangled helplessly at Gray Shadow's mercy.

As Gray Shadow flew swiftly though the dawn sky, the chain around Suprema's neck cut deeper and deeper into her throat, cutting off all air to her lungs, slowly strangling her. She kicked and struggled frantically, and tried to claw at the terrifying garrote. With her upper arms hampered by Duraniom chains, there was no way to reach the deadly noose. The exultant Gray Shadow, intoxicated by triumph, gave scant heed to her captive's plight.

Swiftly as Gray Shadow flew, by the time she reached her lair, her bound captive was dangling lifelessly, tongue protruding, face ghastly discolored; her huge, buoyant breasts sagged, without movement! Was this the end for Suprema?

Gray Shadow flew into her hidden lair, ironically located in a deep secret cavern, directly beneath Vandergilt Manor, the home of Suprema's alter ego, Bedelia Vandergilt. It was from a bedroom in the very mansion above, that Suprema flew such a short before, to her fateful, dawn encounter with Gray Shadow.

"Hah! Who'd think of looking for Gray Shadow here, on the grounds of 'majestic' Vandergilt Manor?" The gloating villainess smirked. She had discovered the existence of the cave from a seismic survey buried in the Vandergilt Corporation archives, prepared at the time Ian Vandergilt built the mansion.

Gray Shadow let her captive superheroine's inert body drop to the floor. She looked closely at  Suprema's still form in some alarm.

"Geez', is she dead?" Gray Shadow didn't like to think of herself as an actual murderess. After all, murder was so final; revenge was so much better, prolonged for a long, long time, to be a enjoyed and savored at leisure.


"Shit! She looks like hell warmed over! Wonder if she is dead? I suppose I gotta' give her mouth to mouth, and see if I can revive her! She's a lot more valuable alive than dead, AND more fun too!'
Gray Shadow muttered shaking her head in consternation.

With a reluctant grimace, Gray Shadow knelt beside her ghastly, unmoving victim, and began her unenthusiastic efforts to save the life of her hated foe. She found the task so distasteful, that she was tempted to abandon her efforts, but reluctantly continued until Suprema's chest jerked spasmodically, and she began coughing.

Though she started  breathing again, Suprema did not regain consciousness immediately, though she moaned softly in pain. While the superheroine remained incapacitated, Gray Shadow bound her wrists and ankles to a punishment rack purchased from an internet mail order establishment, specializing in fetish paraphernalia. She had replaced the original chains with Duraniom, in hopes of just such a moment.

Her preparations, complete, Gray Shadow looked down at her captive in anticipatory satisfaction.  With the incredible vitality of her super powers, Suprema was recovering quickly from her ordeal. Her face, while still pale, had lost the ghastly hue of death, and she began to stir.

A short time later, Suprema awoke, once more to that horrible, living nightmare of defeat and helpless bondage. She indignantly demanded to be released.

The evil villainess laughed at Suprema's impotent indignation. She would teach the haughty superheroine some lessons in humility. To Suprema's shocked outrage, Gray Shadow began to stroke her naked body, as if by right.

"Yiiiiii! Oh! G-get your dirty paws off me!" Suprema squawked furiously, but her voice trembled nervously, in realization of her helpless vulnerability. It was horrible for the proud superheroine to know she was absolutely powerless to prevent Gray Shadow from doing anything she chose to her.

Already humiliated and shamed by public defeat and captivity, it was still an intolerable shock for the World's Mightiest superheroine to find herself contemptuously molested, used as a powerless sexual plaything.

How could this be happening to SUPREMA? How could any criminal, no matter how depraved, dare play with HER bosom?

Yet, Gray Shadow dared, and that was only the beginning of the fiend's audacious depravity! For next, she boldly stuck her fingers directly into Suprema's small, tight pussy. Suprema stiffened convulsively, squealing in outraged shock and disgust. It was an intolerable affront, yet she, Mighty Suprema, was absolutely powerless to protect her own body.

After the first jolting dismay, Suprema knew sickening dread, so rarely known to a superheroine; she trembled uncontrollably as Gray Shadow crudely fingered her pussy. She might be a superheroine, but she was also a sensitive woman, and she almost wept at the shaming violation of her most private feminine intimacy, barely holding back the tears.

Then, even more devastating than her shamed sense of violation, and helpless fear, the bound superheroine felt a tingle of sexual arousal.

NO! She was Suprema, Defender of Virtue! She would show this vicious creature, that even defeated and in chains, she was no helpless plaything!  Resolutely, the Champion of Virtue steeled herself to resist the vile assault. Yet, no matter how Suprema writhed and wriggled in her hateful restraints, there was no escaping those insidious fingers thrust deeply into her vital womanhood, rudely manipulating her clit.

In growing horror, Suprema felt her body betraying her, obediently responding to this vile molestation by another woman. The horrible, stronger woman who had totally subjugated her, now totally dominated her!

Suprema wished she was dead, for there was no controlling the passionate response of her captive body, no matter how hard she tried! The evil Gray Shadow controlled her, now, able to degrade her at will!

An adoring public would never believe that any criminal could force the virtuous Suprema to this disgraceful sexual submission, but there was no escaping the insidious molestation. Suprema's own long repressed passions betrayed her. She trembled violently and moaned lustily in the hateful climax of rape, while Gray Shadow savored her shame.


End of Part 4.

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