WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

The Adventures of

Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.


Fraulein Power's Trophies. Part 3. Conclusion.

When the beautiful black haired woman, nearly gibbering in mortal fear for her life, had kissed and licked every inch of Gerda's boots, the cruel Nazi pulled her to her feet.

"Enuff of zat. for now, zlut! I vill nodt kill you today! Budt you haff been a badt liddle Brincess, und I musdt teach you to obey mein commandz!" If she didn't kill the disobedient slave, Fraulein Power would certainly teach her never to repeat her disobedience, with an alternative punishment hardly less appalling to she who once was so proud.

The mournful Amazon Princess gulped back her tears. Oh why had she ever defied the cruel Nazi Mistress's command? Better a thousand friends be interred unmourned, than to endure this horrifying terror and humiliation.

Gerda finally stopped smacking her victim's behind, but only when her own hand was beginning to sting from the relentless impacts to those muscularly rounded buttocks. When the sobbing victim climbed off Gerda's lap and began to pull up her uniform briefs, Gerda snapped a command to leave them where they were.

Fraulein Power then gave the order that the abused Amazon dreaded, perhaps more than anything else. "Take mein dress off, Zlut!"

Gerda ordered the victimized Princess to remove her panties next, but when the frightened Amazon reached for them, Gerda rebuked her harshly. Then she pulled down the red and gold  bodice and pinched her breast to emphasize the mistake.

The sniveling slave, who once feared no one, servilely knelt before Gerda, and carefully using her pearly white teeth, daintily removed the Nazi's pink panties, then on all fours, carried them to the laundry room in her mouth, as Gerda had taught her.

Gerda seated herself on the ottoman again. Without being told, by more than a gesture and the stern glance of her Mistress's eye, the broken spirited superheroine crept obediently between Gerda's legs.

With a little sob of defeat, the Amazon Princess bent her neck to the odious task, that stiff neck that had never bowed to a foe before that fateful day she rashly challenged Fraulein Power.

Even when her degrading service brought Gerda to several satisfying climaxes, the Amazon Maiden's ordeal was not over. As she tried to stand, Gerda caught her arm in a vise like grip.

When the evil Nazi forced her degraded Amazon slave to reluctant climax, she abruptly stood up, spilling the unfortunate Warrior Princess on the floor. The debauched crimefighter knelt before her Mistress, her head resting against Gerda's thigh, almost worshipfully it seemed.

Standing on trembling legs, the sobbing Amazon Maiden did her best to readjust her uniform as Gerda taunted her.

"Now gedt back to zat Island of yourz, you vorthless Zlut! Iff you ever disobey Fraulein Power again, I vill come to zat Island and pull your Mutter ze Qveen off zat throne uff hers, und stick Big Otto up her backsidt, in vront of her whole courdt! Do you understandt?"

"Y-yess Mistress! I'll never disobey you again! N-never...I-I promise!" The once haughty Amazon Princess sniffled in dread.

When her tearful victim had summoned her marvelous, invisible plane to Gerda's roof top, and departed in disgrace for home, it was getting late, and Gerda complacently settled down to watch the evening television news as was her custom.

As Gerda turned on the news, she heard: "John Cameron Swayze here. On the international front, the United Nations has asked Drusilla, known as the Goddess of the Jungle, to address the General Assembly, next week, regarding the problems of the emerging Jungle Nations. Drusilla is uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of the peoples of the Jungle. Many regard her as the living embodiment of the Jungle Goddess, and worship her accordingly.  It is a said that Drusilla's marvelous, super powers stem from the priceless Ruby pendent she wears about her neck. It is said the wearer of the pendent personifies the Goddess of the Jungle. Each generation, the most outstanding woman alive is chosen to wear that Pendent, by the Council of Wise Shamans of the Jungle..."

"Ach! Ja Drusilla! Zat Bitch!" Gerda von Hipper muttered.

The End.

The Adventures of Power Miss, (...er correction) of Fraulein Power will continue shortly in "Fraulein Power On Safari" soon to be posted.