WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and nudity, F\F N\C and anal  rape. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

NOTE: No horses were injured, in the making of this production.

Silver Valkyrie, Norse Champion of Justice


Duel of Dominion
Part 4

At the head of the ominous stairs to Morganna's cabin, the defeated Silver Valkyrie shivered in unfamiliar dread.  The aura of evil she sensed emanating from inside, daunted her faltering heart.  Unbeknownst to the gallant crimefighter,  Morganna's Jotunheim Charm of Evil had drained her proud bosom, of fierce Aesir valor, as it had stolen her Asgard born strength and warrior skill.  This newly born terror was a terrible burden, to one who had never known fear.

Yet, the stalwart crimefighter's fears, great as they were, were as nothing, weighed against her need to heed Morganna's commands.   She felt a dreadful, if subtle, compulsion to obey Morganna, as though the woman possessed some ordained claim, to be her rightful mistress.  Not knowing how, Silver Valkyrie read in her own heavy heart, that the vile witch had gained some terrible, unnatural ascendancy over her.  Only Morganna knew this, too, was the work of the cursed Talisman.

Singularly unwilling to defy Morganna, Silver Valkyrie, eyes blurred by her tears, fumbled with the latch, and reluctantly stumbled through the door, in obedience to the witch's command.

As she trembled on the threshold of Morganna's "Interrogation Room," that some might more accurately call a torture chamber, the witch suddenly seized Silver Valkyrie's Asgard garments.  Using both hands, she roughly tore them from the cringing heroine's lush body.  In maidenly confusion, Silver Valkyrie clung to a chain of her thong, in a desperate, but forlorn bid to protect her chaste modesty. Morganna easily tore the garment from Silver Valkyrie's enfeebled grasp.

Once she denuded her beautiful captive, Morganna forced Silver Valkyrie to her knees, and bound her with leaden chains.  Even as Morganna bound her, Silver Valkyrie, shamed by her nakedness, tried to conceal her beautiful maidenly charms.

Silver Valkyrie halfheartedly tested the strength of the chains. She discovered them possessed of a toughness, surely of occult origin, that even a Valkyrie in full vigor might not break.  In her own unnaturally enfeebled state, they were certainly proof against her best efforts. She found herself strangely reluctant to even try to break the chains, for such an effort would be contrary to Morganna's will. "Oh, by the Ruler of the Heavens!  Why do I feel such terrible need to obey this evil witch?"

As Morganna worked, she began to speak, chortling in joy in her victory.
"Did you know, Slut, that I am of royal blood?  I am descended from the great Troll King, Morgullus!  It is said, that it was YOU, who foully slew him, with your own hand and sword!  My Ancestress, the Lady Erishka Halftrollen, his daughter, swore a mighty oath on behalf of her descendants, to avenge that murder.  Today Erishka's vow is fulfilled!"

Silver Valkyrie understood much, then.  Though they had never met before, Morganna's vindictive malice seemed personal in nature. Her Troll connections too, would be the source of Morganna's evil strength, and her dominion over dark powers.  Sadly, it was now far too late, for the hapless Valkyrie crusader to benefit from the knowledge. She could do no more than resolve. "Well, I mustn't let her frighten me!  I must be strong!"

As Morganna finished binding her, Silver Valkyrie glanced, apprehensively, about her.  She saw Morganna had placed her, so she was kneeling directly beneath a stout rod attached to a pulley device.  As soon as her prisoner was secured, Morganna turned a crank on the pulley, lowering the rod to within a few inches of Silver Valkyrie's head.  She roughly seized a blonde braid, and swiftly bound it to the the rod, and did the same to the other.

Despite her resolve, Silver Valkyrie sniffled a little in apprehension.  Her apprehension was well founded, for when Morganna began to crank the rod upward, the tall Valkyrie heroine was slowly raised to her feet, then to her tiptoes, until finally her dangling feet, left the floor entirely. As her booted  toes scrabbled frantically for purchase, the pain in her head became atrocious. Silver Valkyrie cried out in her terrible distress, forgetting, under the Giant's spell, her warrior's honor to the extent of begging Morganna to let her down.  Of course, the evil witch only laughed at those pitiful pleas.

Once Silver Valkyrie was dangling, in helpless torment, Morganna retrieved her vicious whip.  "Now we can finish breaking you in, properly!"  She chortled, as she proceeded to lustily slash the whip across Silver Valkyrie's already well punished backside.  The unfortunate crimefighter continued to beg the witch for mercy; her piteous cries falling on deaf ears, or perhaps more accurately, on ears that delighted in them.

Morganna gleefully whipped the unfortunate Silver Valkyrie's sweetly rounded backside, till it glowed red, in fiery pain.  When finally she let the whip fall, she allowed her still screaming victim to dangle by her braids for some while longer.  As Silver Valkyrie screamed in hellish torment, Morganna went off on a brief errand.

When Morganna returned, she was naked but for her mask, and she carried a parcel under her arm. The evil witch lowered the sobbing superheroine from the cruel apparatus, and untied her golden braids.  Silver Valkyrie fell to the floor, to crouch fearfully at Morganna's feet.  She looked up, with a terrible foreboding, as Morganna unwrapped the parcel.

Unschooled in the mechanics of unnatural vice, at first Silver Valkyrie didn't recognize the object that Morganna waved above her frightened face.  She only knew it must be some terrible instrument of terror.  Of course, as a criminal attorney, she knew such things existed, and she remembered giggling at some illustrations with some other female students in Law School.  Yet, it was only when Morganna strapped the horrible thing about her loins, that Silver Valkyrie realized, with a start of ghastly astonishment, that it was an obscene caricature of the male sex organ, only much larger than any natural one could be.

"Yes!  It is quite large!"  Morganna laughed, as though answering Silver Valkyrie's unasked question.  "It's a family heirloom, made by the very hand of my ancestress, Erishka.  It is said to be made to the specifications of her Father, the Mighty Troll King, Morgullus, whom you slew!  It will be poetic justice, when you taste its might, don't you think?"

Silver Valkyrie felt a terrible thrill of terror in her loins, as though  that evil monstrosity was already penetrating her sweet, girlish pussy.  Little did the chaste, maiden heroine know, that Morganna had already venomously chosen an even more fiendish target.

As those sky blue eyes, glazed by horror, gazed up at the terrible thing bobbing between her thighs, Morganna saw the wide eyed, virginal innocence still reflected in their azure depths, and was reminded of the power attributed to her family's weapon of terror.  It was said, that one subjected to the power of its brutal might, would irreversibly surrender to the sexual domination of its wielder.

"Well!  I wonder!  We shall see!  It will be an interesting experiment, anyway!"  The vengeful witch thought, as her greedy eyes traveled the length of Silver Valkyrie's enticing form.  Helplessly bound, in vulnerable nudity, the defeated heroine's heavenly contours appeared a succulent morsel, indeed, to the lascivious witch.  Yes, those strong, athletic limbs, so nicely balanced by the ripe, womanly curves of hip and bust.  Ah, that bust! Those pink tipped goblets, rounded to such delightful perfection, and jauntily tilted at just the right delicious angle! That flat rippling belly, trembling in maidenly fear!  Those winsome, golden braids, matched in bright hue, by the charming fleece adorning the juncture of fulsome thighs. "Yes! This WILL be fun!"

Silver Valkyrie trembled in terror, as Morganna hauled her to her feet, and shoved her against a large metal cabinet.  It was then, the brutalized Aesir Maiden realized, with a thrill of monstrous horror, that Morganna's grotesque obscenity wasn't aimed at her delicate pussy at all, BUT...at...Frigga protect her!...at her even tinier, and more sensitive anus. "Oh no...she can't mean to..."

The captive Valkyrie struggled frantically, with the pitifully little Aesir strength left her, but it was no use.  Morganna's steely grip was unbreakable! Morganna wriggled about, probing with that monstrous tool, between those magnificently swelling, Valkyrie buttocks.  All pride forgotten, Silver Valkyrie begged and pleaded with the witch, sobbing in frightful terror.

Then, with a mighty thrust of her loins, Morganna drove the horrible, log sized shaft, deep into Silver Valkyrie's body, brutally ramming past the tightly clenched sphincter, deep, deep into her bowels.

For one horrifying moment, Silver Valkyrie felt nothing but the horror lodged deep within herself, filling her entire being, with its evil, intimidating, alien presence. Then, after the slightest pause, to brace herself, Morganna began ramming the terrible phallus in and out of Silver Valkyrie's body, mashing her intestines to jelly.  By now, Morganna had recovered her full trollish strength after the ravages of the epic struggle to subjugate her foe, and she delivered her thrusts with a brutal force that overwhelmed her terrorized victim.  Never, had the pure hearted Maid of the North Wind imagined such atrocious pain possible.

Even to the immortal Valkyrie, the terrible, brutalizing violation of her body, of her very soul, seemed to last for an unending eternity, but at last Morganna was done.  With a triumphant laugh, the vile witch braced herself again, and with some little difficulty, for the awful phallus seemed lodged in Silver Valkyrie's tight anal opening, pulled it free.

Even after Morganna violently wrenched the gigantic dildo from Silver Valkyrie's rectum, the frightful agony of its passage, in all its hellish ferocity, remained with her, undiminished, as did her hideous, mortifying awareness of her ignoble violation and defilement.  Silver Valkyrie feared she would feel the ghastly, spectral presence of that trollish phallus, grossly jammed into the precious intimacy her body, always, in hideous, shameful remembrance of her disgrace and dishonor.

As Silver Valkyrie crouched against the cabinet for support, sobbing brokenly in shock and shame, Morganna unbuckled the cursed dildo from her waist, and, as it dangled obscenely from her arm, removed the heroine's chains, confident that the abused, bewitched crimefighter had lost all will and strength to resist.

Morganna was right; physical chains no longer mattered.  Now, a darker, stronger chain, of evil shadow, inescapably bound Silver Valkyrie's very soul to Morganna's will.  For, in shame and despair, Silver Valkyrie hid an appalling, guilty secret.  Despite its demeaning, invasive torment, the trollish dildo kindled an irresistible fire in her bosom, and awakened feverish passions, long buried beneath her stern code of honor and chastity. Unaware of the artful spell Erishka cast upon the hellish tool in its making, Silver Valkyrie's dark longings shamed and mortified the chaste Maid of the North Wind.

Did the diabolical Morganna see into Silver Valkyrie's heavy heart and divine her secret?  Had grossly violating her helpless, bound foe, enflamed her own darkly evil passions beyond control?  Whatever the reason, Morganna hastily threw aside the dildo and chains.  Before Silver Valkyrie had any chance to come to terms with her dreadful self-discovery, Morganna seized her waist in strong arms.  The witch forcefully bent her sobbing captive's tall form, now brokenly pliant, backward, till she reached those ripe, trembling lips.  Reaching them, she kissed Silver Valkyrie full on the mouth, with animalistic ardor.  The brutalized heroine scarcely resisted.  Rather, as one bewitched, she endured the hateful kiss, as if it was Morganna's due.

In truth, that masterful mouth on Silver Valkyrie's own, excited her, even more than it revolted her.  She submissively parted her lips to Morganna's insistent pressure, accepting the thrusting witch's tongue into her still virginal mouth.  She soon grew lightheaded, at its bold exploration.  Forgetting all else, Silver Valkyrie shyly met Morganna's thrusting, artful tongue with her own, not in opposition, but in capitulation to its mastery.  Morganna felt her captive's hot, sweet mouth return her kiss, felt her heart beating like a caged bird against her own bosomy chest, heard the captive's breathless panting.

Silver Valkyrie wept in shame, at her forbidden, hateful response to Morganna's kiss. Yet, she came near to swooning at the intoxicating fervor   it ignited in her body.  Feeling her captive melting against her, the impetuous Morganna suddenly pulled away.  Then, with a strength, that was indeed troll like, effortlessly hoisted the weeping Valkyrie into the air over her shoulder, as though the large, heroically built blond woman weighed no more than a child.  Morganna's rashness alarmed Silver Valkyrie, who cried out in dismay.  Morganna gleefully bore her squirming, wailing, superheroine captive to a pallet in the corner, and flung her down upon it.

Like an evil bird of prey, settling down to feed upon her kill, Morganna crouched beside her delectable vicim, and possessively fondled and caressed the helpless heroine's lush, feminine charms.  Silver Valkyrie still trembled in mortal terror of the bestial villainess; she whimpered in protest, but dared not resist Morganna's insinuating hands.  As she passively lay beside Morganna, shivering in excited dread, she guiltily admitted, she was hardly sure she wanted to resist.

"Pl-please don't hurt me, anymore!"  Silver Valkyrie whispered, plaintively.

When Morganna groped at her golden thatched pussy, that none other had ever known, Silver Valkyrie quavered.  "Oh, please don't touch me there!"

Morganna laughed knowingly, and hissed.  "Soon you will beg me, for my attentions, Slut!"

Though bizarrely submissive to Morganna's bold hands toying with her voluptuous charms, the witch's cruel, arrogant boast, alarmed the virtue of the Valkyrie maiden.

Such a thing could never be!  Could it?  How could a proud Valkyrie, the very ideal of warrior valor and maidenly chastity, ever beg for the attentions of a cruel and evil enemy?  "I must! I shall  resist her!" Silver Valkyrie told herself, with stern resolution.

Silver Valkyrie whispered hoarsely, in defiance of Morganna's boast.  "No chaste Daughter of Asgard will ever willingly submit to your vile depravities, Witch!"  Yet her pathetic retort was unconvincing, even in Silver Valkyrie's own ears.  Morganna laughed derisively, and Silver Valkyrie sobbed in shame.

Still laughing, Morganna thrust her more than ample breast against Silver Valkyrie's lips, and ordered.  "Kiss it!"

The Valkyrie Superheroine hardly demurred.  In truth, the fleshy globe tantalized her.  It was so ripe and full, an irresistible, forbidden fruit, delicious but poisonous.  Forgetting her resolve, Silver Valkyrie gulped back her tears, and sucked the large teat into her bruised mouth.

As Silver Valkyrie obediently suckled on Morganna's fleshy mammary, hardly realizing what she was doing, she shyly touched her own deliciously formed, right breast.  Her timid fingers found her nipple stiff .  It seemed to thrust against her hand, longing for she knew not.  She delicately caressed it's sharpness, in guilty need.

The beautiful, blonde Valkyrie's sweetly submissive tongue lapping at her teat, feverishly aroused Morganna.  She was soon ready for stronger meat. She glanced the length of that superb, excitingly curved form to her next target, finding it nestled between those ripe, juicy thighs, so deliciously curved by strong, warrior muscles.

When Morganna slid between her luxuriant, maidenly thighs, Silver Valkyrie's long legs quivered in apprehension...and in perverse, shamed excitement.

Morganna roughly pushed Silver Valkyrie's delectably formed thighs apart, Without further ceremony, her head darting with a snake's quickness, she attacked the virtuous Valkyrie's sweet, maidenly pussy with the hunger of a ravenous beast.

Silver Valkyrie stiffened, and gasped in shock, as that devilish tongue attacked her forbidden, maidenly treasure.  With hardly a pause, it snaked past her firm, delicately formed pussy lips.  They offered no barrier, but tremulously parted to Morganna's insistence, like the opening petals of a delicate, budding flower. Finding them, excited and open to her insidious invasion, even evil Morganna was astonished by the virtuous Valkyrie Maiden's complete physical capitulation to her crude sexual advances.

"Hee, hee!"  Morganna gloated, triumphantly. "I guess under that butch Valkyrie Warrior front, there was always a hot little slut, waiting for a real woman to show her who's boss, or maybe it is true, what they said about Great grandma's big dildo. Either way, this hot little bitch is mine, now!"

Silver Valkyrie trembled violently, feeling that tongue right inside her own inviolate pussy, possessively exploring her, licking her, tasting her.

"Oh, no...no...Frigga, NO...that horrible tongue is touching my clit!"  To her awful dismay, as soon as Morganna's sharp tongue touched her virginal clitoris, the proud Valkyrie's body responded as though jolted by a massive electrical shock. Overwhelmed by Morganna's skillful attack, Silver Valkyrie shivered and squirmed in passionate response, as that strong, agile tongue artfully cudgeled her girlishly innocent clitoris into blissful submission.

Dear Frigga! Did she welcome this attack on her virtue, this cruel violation of her chastity?  Silver Valkyrie wondered miserably, abjectly helpless to resist her quivering body's terrible need.

"Oh, by the Pure Northern Heavens, how can this evil, troll witch win such mastery over a Daughter of Odin?"  The debauched, warrior maiden wept silently, not knowing of the power of Erishka's curse.  But...oh the blissful excitement, that flooded her loins was more intoxicatingly delicious then she ever dreamed...

Just when Silver Valkyrie thought her captive body would explode in violent passion, under Morganna's insidious assault, the witch withdrew her tongue and mouth from that alluring, savory feminine treasure, leaving her victim maddened by unsatisfied erotic hunger, a terrible insatiable hunger that made sport of her lifetime of resolute honor and chastity.  With a cruel sneering laugh, Morganna slid atop the Divine Norse Maiden's face.

Maddened by the fierce, ravenous, erotic appetite, Morganna had kindled in her voluptuous body, Silver Valkyrie looked up from her humbling, slave like  perspective, to Morganna's looming genitalia.  Once, just a few short hours ago, she would have looked with chaste, maidenly disgust. Now she gazed with an irresistible fascination.  She knew what Morganna expected; the witch had schooled her, all too well.  Now, in spite of who she was, and all she symbolized, Silver Valkyrie was consumed by a fierce need to practice what Morganna had taught her, to humbly service and satisfy her cruel teacher.

Reluctantly foregoing her own raging erotic hunger, Silver Valkyrie hardly hesitated, before plunging her beautiful face into Morganna's crotch.  Her mouth sought those swollen pussy lips, with lustful craving.  She kissed and sucked lustily, with all her warrior vigor.  Wielding her own sharp tongue, with the same spirited verve, she had her Valkyrie sword, the bewitched Shield Maiden thrust inside the gaping cavern of Morganna's pussy, avidly exploring, ardently seeking.

Morganna screamed in shocked wonder, when Silver Valkyrie found that forbidden target.  "Why the sanctimonious, blond bitch was born to lick pussy!"  Morganna crowed in delight.  As Silver Valkyrie thrust and parried with her tongue, driving the witch to exultant heights of pleasure,  Morganna's overflowing pussy juices drooled and dribbled over the heavenly  purity of her face, like a polluted river.

Yet, even as she paid her perverted homage to Morganna, compulsively  serving and satiating the cruel witch's desire, Silver Valkyrie's own unquenched lustful cravings tortured her cruelly.  She must quench the inferno that burned and tore at her vitals, before it consumed her.  Oh, she must!

Succumbing to her desperation, at the troll witch's bidding, Silver Valkyrie's  own strong fingers stole to the golden thatched pussy, Morganna had abandoned.  As she still slavered, with undiminished appetite, at Morganna's genitalia, she delicately fingered her own, till she achieved frantic release, from the awful bondage of her desire.

Once, her hapless Valkyrie captive had fully sated her needs, Morganna rose languidly, from her mount on Silver Valkyrie's face.  It was then, that the full shameful realization of her awful surrender crashed down upon Silver Valkyrie, with all its crushing weight.  She wept heart brokenly, in despair at her unforgivable transgression.

Morganna looked at the broken, pitiful superheroine from Asgard, with no pity, but only smug satisfaction.  The soft, shamed sobs of defeat were pleasurable to her ears, though she heartlessly muttered. "Damn it! She's still blubbering!  You'd think a superheroine could show a little more self-control, even if she has met a setback to her crimefighting career!"

Silver Valkyrie's right hand lay twitching by her side. It was still drenched with the hot cum from her own golden fringed pussy, a shameful, burning token of her surrender to Morganna's feverish dark ardor.

Her mind in turmoil, Silver Valkyrie pondered her evil fortune. What had she become? She, the mighty Valkyrie warrior, Asgard's Daughter of Victory,  brutally defeated in battle by a mortal woman!  She, the exemplar of courage and daring, abjectly surrendered her pride, and her honor, to that mortal!  Her defeat and surrender had exiled her forever from Valhalla.  There was no room in that place of heroes, for dishonored weaklings and cowards.  Now, she had even squandered her maidenly virtue, surrendering it to the brutal, but thrilling caresses of the evil woman who ruined and disgraced her.  How could it be?  What was left to her?

"I have disgraced and dishonored myself, forever! I am fit for nothing but base servitude!"   The disgraced Daughter of Odin wept piteously.

Brutishly, humiliatingly, beaten in combat, savagely abused, broken to Morganna's savage, lustful ardor, and passionately surrendering to it, Ulrica, the Valkyrie Chiefteness, the valiant and virtuous superheroine champion of modern day right and justice, lost all hope of resisting her evil conqueror's will.

Fierce Valkyrie spirit shattered; nothing was left, but sick, unnatural fascination for the woman who dishonored her.  She never dreamed her maidenly body capable of such heights of perverted excitement.  Had sexual surrender to Morganna been a blinding revelation of her true nature?  Like a dark shadow, Silver Valkyrie's fascination for the evil villainess overpowered her will, and grew to all-consuming, dog-like need to oblige the masterful, dominant mistress, who had cast so powerful a spell over her.

Then, still sobbing softly in misery and self loathing, yet bewitched by that dark, new rapture, Silver Valkyrie painfully crawled to Morganna's side, and humbly embraced the witch's thigh, with a servile longing.

Looking down at her humbled, bewitched, superheroine plaything, clinging abjectly to her leg, Morganna smiled complacently.


The End.