This story contains graphic violence, bestiality, n/c, f/f rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Miss Vera's Slut. Part 2.

One day, as the Warden passed two inmates, Tosha and Milly, who had little use for 'Miss Vera' or her imperious domination of Summerville, Tosha poked her friend Milly and said.

"Look at her!  What the fuck's the matter with that Bitch Warden? Why don't she do somethin' about that Vera! That uppity cunt acts like she's running this prison now, 'stead o' the Warden! And what about poor Selma? The Warden appointed Vera's little lickspit, Ruthy, her new secretary, and now poor Selma's workin' in the laundry! That ain't fair!"

"Yeah you're right, Tosh!" Milly replied absently, for her eyes were hungrily glued to the Warden's incredibly shapely behind moving sinuously beneath a skirt that could have been a second layer of skin.  Until so recently, 'The Warden' was regarded as a sexless being, so far above the inmates as to be unobtainable. Now, newly displayed in the skimpy attire 'Miss Vera' imposed on her, the Warden's voluptuous figure caused mouths to water throughout the prison.

As Milly watched her, Edith, uncomfortably felt the hot probing glance. Nervously, she tried to unobtrusively tug her skirt down to her stocking tops. In the process the top button of her blouse came undone, displaying an incredible amount of cleavage.

"Never thought I'd say this about no prison warden, but I sure wish she was my 'bitch'!"  Milly said, licking her lips appreciatively.

"Yeah, I see what ya mean!" Tosha agreed.  "Well why not? Tell you what we'll do!"

Due to Vera's morning visits to her office, that now occurred daily, Edith was usually forced to work late to keep up with paperwork. Rather than working until six or seven in the evening, it was now often near midnight before she left her office. Of course Ruthy's incredible inefficiency as a secretary  especially compared to her skilled predecessor now working in the laundry, was also a contributing factor.  That night, Edith worked until after 11:30 P. M. spending two hours retyping a report Ruthy had totally botched.

Near exhaustion, Edith walked slowly through the deserted corridors on the way out. Suddenly from the shadows, Tosha and Milly leaped on her. Taking the Warden totally by surprise, the pair hustled her into a vacant cell, before she could even react to the attack.

As Tosha held the Warden and tried to muffle her cries, Milly tore open Edith's blouse, spilling her enormous bosom out. No stranger to the naked female form here in the prison,  the convict gaped in astonishment at the incredible size of Edith's breasts.

This was too much! Edith saw red! No convicts could attack the Warden in a corridor of her own prison with impunity! Not to mind fondle her breasts! Edith jerked loose from Tosha's straining arms, vowing retribution against the two cons.

Though neither Tosha or Milly was that tough alone, they had worked out a very effective technique of double teaming their enemies. Tosha stumbled back a step, but recovered quickly and kicked Edith in the small of the back. As the Warden arched backward, Milly doubled her over with a fist to her belly.

Edith's belly muscles powerful as they looked, had not recovered from the terrible pounding Vera had given them, and Milly's punch sank into the wrist.

For a few moments longer, Edith did her best to  fight off the two women. Tosha and Milly weren't the toughest or strongest inmates, at Summerville and, once even the two of them together might not have been a match for the powerfully built Warden.  In better days, Edith might even have subdued them, but no more. The frightful thrashing Vera had given her, followed by the terrible abuse since, had taken the heart out of the Warden. She'd lost all stomach to put up any kind of a fight, anymore, and, the two cons soon overpowered her.

Even after Tosha and Milly subdued her, at first Edith indignantly refused  the convict's vile demands, but they had ways of making stubborn 'bitches' cooperative.

Edith Peterson became the first Warden in Summerville history to suffer the shameful indignity of having her head shoved into a prison toilet by inmates. Prison standards had grown lax in the past  weeks, and it was the duty of one of Vera's cronies to clean the empty cell. Consequently the toilet hadn't been cleaned or even flushed for a while. Already well broken in by Vera, Edith sobbingly  submitted after only two dunkings The Warden spent the next hour satisfying the perverted whims of the two cons.

Naturally, news of the brutal attack soon came to Vera's ears. She was incensed that anyone would use her property, as she regarded her 'bitches', without her permission, and personally dealt harshly with the miscreants.  She forbade the Warden to take official action against them though, not that it was likely that even the tattered shreds of Edith's pride could have borne admitting her disgrace to anyone. She endured the trauma of her brutal rape in miserable silence.

Though she evened the score with Milly and Tosha, Vera also had it in for the innocent Edith. She greatly resented one of her 'bitches' servicing other cons no matter how involuntarily. Vera devised a special humiliation to punish her unfortunate 'bitch'.

The morning after the attack, Vera entered the Warden's Office brandishing a leather strap. At 'Miss Vera's' order, sniffling in misery, Edith removed all her garments, but her fishnet stockings.

Just when Edtih was almost totally nude, her office door opened again, and Ruthy slipped inside.

"GET OUT! GET OUT!" Edith shouted in a panic.  "H-how dare you come in here without knocking?"

"It's okay, Hon, I told her she could watch today!"  Vera snickered. "No objections t'that, have ya?"

Edith's heart sank, as she realized it was Vera's sadistic intention to humiliate her in front of the teenager, her own secretary. She knew objections were useless.

Ruthy closed the door and gaped in amazement at the stern Warden Peterson totally naked, unsuccessfully trying to cover herself with just her hands.

Knowing it was useless, Edith still vainly pleaded with Vera to send the girl out of the room. Vera didn't like argument from her 'bitches'; she demanded instant obedience to her whims. She snapped the leather strap over Edith's head, and sniffling in dread Edith awkwardly climbed up on top of her desk. With a smirk Vera remembered stern, all-powerful Warden Peterson sitting behind that very desk, like a queen, about to send her to a maximum security prison.

"Hah! The shoe is on the other foot, these days!" Vera thought as she cracked the whip.

"Jesus! That's amazing! Yer just like a lion tamer!"  Ruthy fawned admiringly to 'Miss Vera'.

"Hah, hah! That's no lion, Hon, more like tame, fat tabby cat!"

As she sucked up to 'Miss Vera', Ruthy was thinking. "Geez! Edie may be the chief screw around here, but she sure has got some body! I wouldn't mind a piece o' her ass, myself!"  There was something incredibly hot about the big naked woman incongruously perching up on the desk like that, that really got to Ruthy.  Of course she'd always kind of had a thing for handsome older women, too!

Without further ado, Vera commenced to whip the hapless Warden's broad, shapely behind.

"What a high!" Ruthy thought. as the suffering Edith squealed, and cried and pleaded.

When Vera finally grew sated by the sport, and laid down the strap, Ruthy had an inspiration. She whispered a lewd suggestion in Vera's ear.

"Haw, haw! I love it!" Vera guffawed.

"Ruthy here thinks ya should get yerself off while yer up there on the desk!" She snapped to Edith, who had been praying her ordeal was over for the morning.

"Wh-wha...?" Edith snuffled, taking a moment to fully comprehend Vera's meaning. Oh God! What a hateful, degrading thought! How could a decent woman do such a thing, and right in front of that nasty little bitch, Ruthy?

"Jerk yerself off, Dimwit!" Vera snarled. "O'course ya can have more o' this strap instead! How about I use it on yer big fat tits this time?"

"Oh God How low can I sink?" Edith sobbed silently, but she complied with Vera's demand, by now unable to refuse 'Miss Vera' anything!

The two convicts laughingly watched the unfortunate Warden, finger herself to a climax, fondling each other as they enjoyed the lewd show. Ruthy panted and wriggled excitedly. Ooh! It was just too delicious for words! Stern, dignified, always prim and proper, Warden Peterson, stark naked except for those hot, fishnet stockings, perched up on her own office desk, her enormous, milky breasts atremble, that big luscious behind fiery red from a whipping, still snuffling at the pain, while she erotically fingered herself! It was the sexiest sight Ruthy had ever seen or ever imagined!

"Okay bitch ya can get dressed now!"  Vera sneered, after she and Ruthy watched the debauched prison official's final mortifying submission.

It took Edith some moments to recover her composure enough to climb awkwardly down off the desk and begin to get dressed. As Edtih reached for her panties, Vera snatched them from her grasp.

"Not these, Bitch! Since you can't keep them on with the other cons, I better keep them for safe keeping, or next time they take 'em off ya, they might run them up the prison flag pole!  Hah, hah! Think anybody'd salute?  Since ya got them elastic top hose that don't need garters, without my permission I might add, ya don't need the panties t'keeep yr sox up!"

At the rate things were going, it seemed Vera wouldn't allow Edith to wear any clothes at all in another day or so!

End of Part 2.

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