WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, homicide and nudity. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

The Volcano. Part 2. Conclusion.
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Ultrairia, the Green Goddess.

Mistress of Nature and Immortal Guardian of Virtue and Right.
Defender of the Dark Gates against the foul creatures of the Netherworld.
Mentor and Patroness of Superheroines.

Amazon Glory returning  from her sweep of the area surrounding the active volcano, was astounded to see a tiny blonde girl, looking hardly more than a teenager, standing at the edge of the volcano, holding Marvel Girl's unconscious body above her head.  It was obvious the demented blond intended to hurl Marvel Girl into the fiery lava.

The irate Amazon Warrior Princess speedily plummeted to earth to save her friend. Just as Marvel Girl had been, Amazon Glory was certain that this girl must be insane.  As she landed, the girl carelessly dropped her intended victim, and wheeled to face the second superheroine.

Before Amazon Glory could aid her friend or remonstrate with the seemingly insane girl, the girl acted first, catching the superheroine off guard with a brutal kick to her crotch. The kick was delivered with the force of some superhuman mule and produced such pain as the normally invulnerable superheroine never experienced. The foul attack left Amazon Glory reeling.

Paralyzed by pain, Amazon Glory fared no better than Marvel Girl against the grinning blonde. Though she was in agony after that first kick, she tried her best to throw a punch at the grinning, little, blonde devil. Her vicious foe acted first; whirling, she back kicked the staggering superheroine in the same sensitive spot, between her legs. If anything, the second kick was even harder and more painful than the first, and Amazon Glory could think of nothing but the terrible pain in that most sensitive portion of her shapely body.

Amazon Glory's anger evaporated in a fierce flood of pain, such as she never experienced before. After two paralyzing crotch kicks, the distraught superheroine hunched over, hardly able to stand. Her arms dangled uselessly making her an easy target.

Laughing fiendishly at Amazon Glory's distress, the girl followed up swiftly on her advantage. She threw a deadly left cross to the chin that nearly snapped the mighty superheroine's neck.

Knocked half unconscious by the head punch, and paralyzed by the pain in her lower body, Amazon Glory was powerless to defend herself. The evil blonde ruthlessly capitalized on her foe's incapacity with a barrage of devastating punches.

Amazon Glory cried out in painful shock, stumbling backward on rubbery legs. The blonde girl hit the reeling crimefighter so hard with a right uppercut that the warrior maiden's buoyant breasts popped out of her halter.

Even woozy and groggy, with a much worse problem facing her, the loss of a portion of her costume mortified and chagrined the virtuous, and somewhat strait-laced, amazon maiden.  She unthinkingly tried to cover her buoyantly abundant treasures, much to the girl's amusement. With a malicious laugh, the girl targeted the warrior princess's incredible bosom.

As Amazon Glory staggered back from the embarrassing and incredibly painful breast punches, the girl followed with catlike eagerness. Changing tactics, she grabbed her hapless foe between the legs, cruelly clawing her sore pussy, then easily lifted the hefty superheroine completely off the ground.

As the blonde roughly picked the squalling superheroine up by the painful crotch grab, Amazon Glory's bodice tore completely loose and fluttered to the ground, fully baring her formidably rounded bosom, adding to her evil attacker's amusement. By now, the unfortunate superheroine hardly noticed.

As she drove Amazon Glory's head into the stone surface of the mountain, the evil girl taunted her about the immense size of her gorgeous breasts, evilly intuitive that it was a subject the lavishly endowed superheroine was sensitive about.

As Amazon Glory flopped down after her jarring landing, the girl kicked her viciously in the head, the impact echoing in the air, then kicked her again, even harder.

When Amazon Glory tried to sit up to escape the deadly punches to her head, the girl kicked her in the kidneys.

The girl grabbed Amazon Glory by the hair and dragged her backward, telling the helpless heroine she was about to finish her. Having witnessed the girl's intent to throw Marvel Girl into the fiery volcano, Amazon Glory was certain the girl would certainly kill her, and, by now, she was equally certain there wasn't anything she could do to save herself.

Wailing fearfully at her awful predicament, the desperate superheroine struggled like a wild bird caught in a cage, but her waning strength was no match for her tiny, but irresistible, foe.

The girl stilled Amazon Glory's frantic struggles with a knee to the jaw.

Stunned by the knee to her chin, Amazon Glory woozily felt the girl painfully raise her arms, and thrust her head between slim, delicate looking legs. That apparent delicacy was an ironic deception, for when the blonde's wiry thighs closed, they snapped shut with crushing, terrifying pressure, trapping the amazon's head, in an ever tightening, inescapable vise.

Helpless in the deadly trap, Amazon Glory knew the Blonde could easily kill her with this hold, alone. Those girlish legs were powerful and merciless as thick steel cables. The frightened amazon prayed to the Goddess, which only seemed to anger the girl, so that she squeezed even harder.

The girl's lightening attack had been devastating, and the fight already over in just  seconds. The pain was atrocious and even though she was in terror of the girl murdering her, Amazon Glory couldn't take anymore and shrieked in surrender.

With a snort of derision, the girl released the snuffling, once indomitable Champion of Virtue. Amazon Glory's magnificent, herculean form tumbled to the ground, trembling fearfully. Would this terrible blonde throw her into the volcano? Amazon Glory didn't want to DIE! Never defeated and helpless, or ever even imagining it, the previously invincible superheroine gave way to blind, unreasoning terror, as she imagined the gruesome fate about to befall her.

Writhing and twisting in pain, Amazon Glory rolled over and looked up with terrified blue eyes. The merciless girl viciously pinned her to the ground,  pressing her foot down on the beaten champion's defenseless, white throat, almost crushing it, cruelly emphasizing her total mastery over the mightiest of Amazons. Gurgling for breath, Amazon Glory forgot she was a dauntless superheroine and warrior princess. Looking up at the merciless blonde with teary eyes, the defeated Amazon Princess abjectly pleaded for her life.

The girl hesitated, as though considering alternatives. She absently removed her heel from Amazon Glory's throat, and the terrified superheroine clambered to her knees, crouching at the girl's feet in supplication, still pitifully begging for her life.

This awful demoness, in the guise of an innocent girl, looked down at the terror in Amazon Glory's beautiful blue eyes, feasting on it.

The evil blonde thought a moment in silence, as Amazon Glory waited, heart pounding. "It is so pleasurable toying with them!  Maybe I should keep her and that other bitch, just so I can savor their terror and suffering, and perhaps share it with the bitch who sent them! And, her two cubs will be useful bait for the lioness! The volcano will be there another day!"

Having made her decision, the girl snapped with an evil laugh. "Yes, maybe I will let you live another day, Bitch, though you may soon curse my mercy!"

As Amazon Glory sagged in relief, the girl suddenly smashed her right fist into the superheroine's jaw, knocking her out cold.

Chortling gleefully, the girl humiliatingly staked the two beaten, unconscious superheroines to the ground in a particularly degrading fashion, like a huntress staking out a pair of young goats to lure a tigress.

Once she had staked out the two moaning superheroines, the girl, laughing gaily, concealed herself behind a nearby rock outcropping, and waited eagerly.

"I'm sure that green bitch, Ultrairia will be along soon!" The girl muttered, as though well acquainted with the behavior of the goddess.

The prediction proved true, for even as the demoness inflicted horrifying defeat on the champions of righteousness, Green Goddess sensed her young friends terrible danger. With the swiftness of a lightening bolt, she sped to their aid. From high in the sky, her eagle eye spotted the sickening spectacle; her two protégées demeaningly bound and unmoving! Were they alive? If not Ultrairia knew she would never forgive herself for sending them on this mission!

A moment later, Green Goddess alighted beside the bound victims. Their pitiful moans told her that at least they were alive. Ultrairia's divine blood boiled at the sight. Who or what could inflict such an abomination on these two powerful champions of decency?

Overwhelmed by loving compassion for the plight of her devoted protégées, and consumed by righteous wrath, to see the degradation meted out to these proud defenders of virtue, Green Goddess vowed retribution! Whatever creature was responsible for this loathsome horror would face the Divine Wrath of Ultrairia!


The End of The Volcano.

The story will continue shortly in Divine Wrath.