WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, incest, and violent f/f rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Crimson Hawk and Falconette.
Guardians of Justice.

Vultura's Vengeance. Part 2.


As Crimson Falcon relentlessly stalked her old adversary, the impetuous Falconette caught up with the junior villainess.  Once cornered, though, Falconette's prey was anything but intimidated by the famous 'Girl Wonder'.  As the young villainess taunted her, Falconette realized. "Why it's little Linda Grant, that criminal's daughter, Mom and I tried to rehabilitate!  She's always been such a snippy, little brat!"

As the Girl Wonder prepared to take the young criminal into custody, the girl threw a punch at her. To Falconette's dismay, the youthful braggart struck with a power that proved her boasts no idle threat.

At the same time, Crimson Hawk was relentlessly stalking Vultura, but the veteran thief continued, to cagily stay out of the superheroine's reach, warily backpedalling away from her.  Growing annoyed, Crimson Hawk was about to spring at the smaller woman, and end the game, when she heard her daughter's cries of pain.  The anxious mother glanced toward her daughter in alarm.  With a pang of maternal anxiety she saw Falconette stumbling helplessly, as the evil young Raven viciously battered her.

Falconette was indeed in trouble, staggering backward, as the evil young Raven relentlessly hammered her toward oblivion. The Girl Wonder had never encountered such brutal power, even in the most hardened male criminals. Unable to  defend herself from the smaller girl's brutal power, the valiant young crimefighter crashed to the floor under the barrage.

With a gasp of horrified shock, Crimson Hawk saw from the corner of her eye, the vicious, young Raven pound Falconette to the floor.  For just a moment  the veteran crimefighter, unknowingly facing the most dangerous foe of her crimefighting career, forgot everything but concern for her gallant daughter.

An anxious mother's momentary distraction, was the opening Vultura was waiting for.  Before Crimson Hawk could rush to Falconette's aid, the vicious criminal struck.  Like Falconette, moments before, Crimson Hawk was unprepared for the deadly newfound powers of the dastardly duo. Vultura's deadly low blow, left the brown haired heroine speechless. Her eyes widened in shock, and her mouth dropped open in a squawk of unexpected pain.

Vultura instantly capitalized on the mighty crimefighter's distress, following up with an even lower blow.

Stunned by the vicious attack, Crimson Hawk couldn't stop Vultura grabbing her cape, and pulling her forward into a deadly left fist to the jaw.

Crimson Hawk staggered backward, and Vultura eagerly followed, attacking her hated nemesis with everything she could dish out, releasing five years of pent-up hatred.

The reeling Crimson Hawk, fared no better than her hapless daughter; in just moments, Vultura's brutal attack drove her to her knees, barely conscious.


End of Part 2.

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