AUTHOR'S NOTE: Previous stories in this series are: Supermom's Rose Garden, SuperGwendoline's Distress, Super Halloween, Silver Valkyrie, Justice Scorned, Super Mother's Day, Morganna's Clinic, Super Retribution, It Runs In The Family, Like Mother Like Daughter, and Early Retirement, all posted at the GW Page of Diana's Library. (GW Page)  The immediate prequel to this episode is Billy's Birthday Bash(Billy's Birthday Bash)  A complete chronology of the adventures and travails of the heroines of this temporal continuum was prepared by an enthusiastic reader, Adam ben Yisroel, and appended to the conclusion of Early Retirement. Part 3. (Early Retirement 3)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Teacher's Pet. Part 3.


Flight from the remorseless, merciless Wendy was impossible as Power Angel had already learned; there was no escaping the fierce teen in this tiny room.

Once again, Wendy backed her fearful teacher against the wall, and then as Power Angel batted ineffectually at her busy hands, Wendy tore the crimefighter's snowy costume down to her waist, baring her lusciously sensual, upturned breasts.

The contemptuous, humiliating destruction of her uniform was in its way, more intimidating than the terrible physical battering Wendy had inflicted, and crushed the last vestiges of the modest, superheroine nun's will to fight. Trembling uncontrollably, and making no move to interfere, Power Angel could only whimper helplessly as Wendy tore the filmy white Kryptonian material completely off her shapely, firmly rounded body. Weepingly, she did her best to hide her mortifying nakedness, from the evilly leering teen.

Wendy capitalized on Power Angel's stricken shock to molest her in the most disgusting, humiliating way, gropingly fondling her denuded, golden fringed genitalia.

When Power Angel vainly tried to escape the outrageous, groping teenage fingers, Wendy gleefully tightened her hand into a vicious claw and squeezed with incredible power, her sharp nails stabbing like daggers. Power Angel shrieked in agony.

Contemptuously demonstrating complete mastery over her defeated teacher, Wendy lifted the screaming Power Angel right off her feet, and held her helplessly suspended in mid air.

The atrocious pain was too horrendous to long endure, and Power Angel inevitably succumbed to the unbearable torment, her mind blacking out.

Disgusted by her victim's retreat into unconsciousness, Wendy flung the crimefighter's inert body to the floor. The impact revived the hapless superheroine to the horror of Wendy looming over her, diabolically intent on further torment.

Holding Power Angel's long, gorgeously turned legs stretched apart at an excruciating angle, Wendy planted her sharp heel in the terrified blonde's vulnerably exposed pussy, as her victim wailed in terrible distress.

Wendy raised her other leg off the floor, balancing herself, so that all her body weight bore down inexorably through her sharply pointed heel directly into the wailing superheroine's delicately flowering genitalia. Unaccustomed to pain, Power Angel never imagined such hideous torture could exist.

The frightful, hellish torment was too terrible to long bear, and in seconds that seemed an eternity, Power Angel once more, mercifully passed out.

Wendy tried to rouse the unconscious blonde heroine, but her efforts were useless. Much as she was enjoying her sadistic play, Wendy concluded the fun was temporarily over. It would be best to transport the badly mauled Power Angel back to permanent captivity at Aunt Morganna's Clinic, where she could enjoy the hapless superheroine's pain and suffering at leisure.

Picking up the discarded torn white costume, Wendy gripped the unfortunate Power Angel by the most painful and demeaning hand hold she could envision, and at the window, flew into the air carrying the unconscious superheroine back to Morganna's Clinic. Though she was out cold, Power Angel keened at the atrocious  pain that consumed her lower body.

In her study, Morganna was beginning to worry about Wendy's absence. "It's after six," she fretted, silently, "Wendy's usually home by now, even when she has detention!"

Just then, Wendy dramatically flew through the open window, and triumphantly flung a large, nude, blonde woman on the floor at Morganna's feet. As Morganna gaped in astonishment, Wendy exultantly told her aunt the sketchy outline of her story.

"Well Aunt Morg, your worries about Power Angel are over! I caught the bitch fer ya! You're never gonna guess who she turned out t'be, either! Get this! Power Angel's secret identity was Sister Monica, my math teacher! I kinda' killed two birds with one stone, ya might say! Hee, hee!"

Morganna proudly hugged her niece.

Morganna pulled the unconscious superheroine to a sitting position, by a painful grip on her hair. Even this didn't arouse the badly beaten Power Angel, though even unconscious, her hand clutched at her terribly afflicted genitalia.

"Well Wendy I must confess, I'd never have believed that sanctimonious blue stocking, pink stocking maybe...could turn out to be a superheroine! Ferreting her out and capturing her certainly takes a load off my mind! I'm so proud of you, I could burst!"

"Your mother and I have been worried sick about you, though! Why don't you go tell her, you're okay, and I'll collar your new pet and put her away! Right now, dinner's waiting, and you know how your Mom is about meals being late! You can start slut training for Power Nun after dinner! Guess you won't have any math homework tonight!"

Later that evening, in a bare cell furnished with no more than a small table and high stool, Power Angel awoke to the horror of captivity! She was about to burst out of the small cell when she discovered that a Kryptonite collar, neutralizing her super powers, was locked around her neck.

"Dear God No! Kryptonite!" A chill of horror raised down Power Angel's spine at the frightening realization she was in an inescapable trap. Still shaken by the hideously painful beating the teen aged Wendy had inflicted, the naked superheroine couldn't repress her sniffles of dread. She knelt down in the corner and prayed for strength, and guidance. Uppermost in her troubled mind was the question. From what evil source, had her nasty, young, problem student gotten the strength and powers to defeat her?

Suddenly the cell door burst open. Power Angel leaped to her feet in alarm as Wendy stormed into the small cell, slamming the door behind her.  Buckled around the teen's tiny waist was the hideous Morgul Phallus. It took a moment of dawning horror for the chaste, maidenly superheroine to identify the hideous object.


End of Part 3.

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