AUTHOR'S NOTE: Previous stories in this series are: Supermom's Rose Garden, SuperGwendoline's Distress, Super Halloween, Silver Valkyrie, Justice Scorned, Super Mother's Day, Morganna's Clinic, Super Retribution, It Runs In The Family, Like Mother Like Daughter, and Early Retirement, all posted at the GW Page of Diana's Library. (GW Page)  The immediate prequel to this episode is Billy's Birthday Bash(Billy's Birthday Bash)  A complete chronology of the adventures and travails of the heroines of this temporal continuum was prepared by an enthusiastic reader, Adam ben Yisroel, and appended to the conclusion of Early Retirement. Part 3. (Early Retirement 3)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Teacher's Pet. Part 4. Conclusion.

Obscenely brandishing the Morgul Phallus, Wendy threateningly stalked the fearful, horrified superheroine, Power Angel. The terrified blonde tried to escape, but there was no place to hide or run.

Wendy swiftly caught her panicky prey, and roughly shoved her down on the small table. Power Angel wept and pleaded, as she grasped the evil teen's intent.

Weakened by the horrifying Kryptonite collar, there was nothing Power Angel could do, to prevent the evil, super powered teenager from having her wicked way with her. Wendy, giggling maniacally, thrust her pelvis forward, and drove the enormous dildo deep into the superheroine nun's chaste, virginal body. Power Angel shrieked at the terrible painful, sacrilegious violation.

As Wendy brutally raped her, Power Angel received another mortifying and horrifying shock. After a lifetime of keeping herself pure, and putting all evil, lascivious thoughts from her mind, and despite the awful pain and humiliation, her body responded to the violent rape; perverse, enthralling rapture  overcame her defenses, and she moaned involuntarily as she experienced a long denied erotic gratification.

As the frightful dildo, with all its evil power, produced a hateful orgasm in her victim, Wendy laughed in malevolent delight.

When Wendy removed that awful, sinful monstrosity from her throbbing genitalia, Power Angel turned over, hiding her face in shame, sobbing loudly  at the loss of that chaste virginity she had vowed to keep inviolate, and her own terrifying surrender to masochistic lust.

Power Angel's hideous ordeal was far from over! As the superheroine nun sobbed miserably at her shameful surrender, Wendy crept closer, and without any warning rammed the dripping phallus deep into Power Angel's anal canal.

Overwhelmed by the inhuman agonizing violation, Power Angel fought frantically to escape, leaping right off the table, and hopping from one foot to another, to ease the terrifying pain. It was no use, weakened by Kryptonite, she was powerless to escape Wendy's diabolical grip.

The huge phallus impaling her to the hilt, Power Angel's frantic struggles were useless, and she sank to her knees as Wendy rammed the giant log like dildo in and out of her body. Unable to escape, the gorgeous blonde crimefighter pleaded brokenly between her painful sobs.

It seemed a hellish eternity before Wendy finally painfully yanked the grotesque phallic aberration from Power Angel's ravaged body. The ethereally beautiful crimefighter collapsed sobbing on the floor. As she writhed in miserable agony, still feeling the frightful torment that had invaded her body, Wendy snickered a perverted command Power Angel hardly heard nor understood.

When the sobbing abused superheroine acted bewildered at Wendy's command for oral sex, the ferocious teen hauled the weeping blonde off the floor by her hair, and snarled the command again. Finally comprehending Wendy's intent, Power Angel sobbingly refused. Until now she had been a powerless victim of Wendy's perverted aggression, but now the diabolical teen was demanding her active participation, her complicity in her own debauched ravishment. Sobbing fearfully, Power Angel continued to defy the red-haired devil.

Wendy had learned very well from her mother and aunt how to deal with defiant superheroines. She hauled the miserably sobbing Power Angel over to the stool in the corner, and dragged the screaming blonde across her lap.

Wendy raised her arm, as she gazed down a moment at Power Angel's mouthwateringly rounded bottom, quivering in fear. A day that started so badly was ending gloriously for the young dominatrix. After years of suffering under Sister Monica's rigid thumb, tonight she was about to spank the stern disciplinarian like an unruly child, Afterwards, Wendy knew then, her hated nemesis would slavishly service her, no matter how she squalled in protest.

Morganna had offered Wendy the Kryptonite glove that scorched Supermom's behind the previous evening.

"Thanks, Aunt Morg but I won't need it! More fun to use your bare hand on a fat behind like that!"

Wendy's confidence proved well founded. Once again, an irresistible force prevailed over an immovable object! As Supermom discovered to her painful shame, in her own fateful encounter with the diabolical teen, so Power Angel found Wendy's flattened, super powered hand was harder than any beautiful Kryptonian superheroine's deliciously curved, nether cheeks.

Demoralized by defeat, and overwhelmed by a scorching misery she'd never known existed, Power Angel held out for what seemed an eternity, hopelessly determined to keep her soul pure and undefiled by the the grossly evil sin Wendy demanded. Yet even virtuous fortitude has limits, and the bedraggled punished heroine began to plead and beg. Her pleas fell on ears deafened by a stony young heart. Only complete surrender would suffice, tonight!

It was a losing struggle, the virtuous spirit at last succumbed to the hideous torment of the flesh, and a miserable Power Angel wailed her surrender to Wendy's sinful demeaning demand.

Wendy pushed the sobbing superheroine down on the floor, to kneel between her eagerly spread thighs. Power Angel sorrowfully thrust her face into Wendy's crotch, gagging in shamed disgust. She unconsciously rubbed her blazing behind that still burned so fiercely.

Wendy kept her reluctant captive at her degrading task until she had cum several times before she was satiated. When, at last, she had had enough, for now, she jumped down from the stool.

Wendy ordered the miserable, broken Power Angel to climb up onto the stool so reminiscent of the punishment stool in the corner of Sister Monica's class room, the stool Wendy had so often occupied.

Spirit broken, Power Angel obediently climbed up on the stool. Nothing could be worse than her surrender to complicity in Wendy's sinful debaucheries.

Leaving her snuffling victim sitting on the stool in degraded, defeated misery, Wendy headed to her room for the night.

"Yep time fer me to hit the sack! I've gotta get up for school in the morning! Guess there won't be any math class though, will there, Teach? Hah, hah!"

Though it had been a late night, next morning Wendy rose eagerly. She couldn't wait to get to school and see the faces of the other students when it was announced Sister Monica had disappeared.

"Think I'll start a rumor that she got knocked up by a used car salesman and had to leave town, Hah, Hah!"

Before she left, Wendy paused to observe the superheroine trophy board. Proud Aunt Morganna had already added a picture of Wendy's newest catch.

At the door, Aunt Morganna sent Wendy off with a cheery word.

"Oh Wendy I'm so proud of you! You have more pictures on our trophy wall than anyone else in the immediate family. Of course, you have a ways to go before you catch up with Great Aunt Elfrieda, or poor Cousin Gerda, may she rest in peace, but you're so young, I wouldn't be surprised if you surpassed us all!"

The End