WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Yule Eve at Morganna's. Part 2.

Elfrieda paused a moment for effect, and an appreciative sip of brandy. "Well, as I said, Gerda turned the tables on the celebrated Lady Destiny, much to the dismay of the twit secretary, Lisa!"

"Ha, ha! Must have been most disconcerting for Little Lisa, to have to watch Gerda knock the stuffing out of her heroic 'Savior'!"

Lady Destiny wasn't quite out cold, and came to, just as Gerda was going to rip off her mask! It didn't matter, all the great Lady Destiny could do, by then, was whimper, when Gerda tore the mask off! Ha, ha! Weren't Gerda and Little Lisa surprised to see who was under the mask!"

"After she unmasked the bitch, Gerda taught Lady Destiny a few more lessons! She smothered the skinny bitch with her big boobs! She nearly killed the stupid bimbo! After that, she had no more trouble from the famous Lady Destiny!"

"Gerda told me later, it was truly delicious! The great, heroic crimefighter's pathetic little gurgles, and her big scared eyes looking up at her from 'Between mein mighty boozum!" as Gerda  put it!"

"Oh! I can imagine!" Leticia whispered, mouth agape, breathing heavily.

"Not surprisingly, it didn't take very much of Gerda's 'mighty boozum' before the 'poor' crimefighter passed out again!"

"Our brave Lady Destiny came to, just as Gerda was stripping off her costume! The shrieks of outraged maidenly modesty were truly heartrending, according to Gerda! 'Ach! Zutch screamz! Idt vas like plukkink a life chicken!'"


End of Part 2.

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