1 scrapbook  WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Yule Eve at Morganna's. Part 3. Conclusion.

"Hmm, Morganna I must compliment you on this Brandy! It is truly excellent!" Elfrieda exclaimed, before continuing.

"It's a pleasure to have some one of such discriminating taste to appreciate it!" Morganna beamed.

"Well, once Gerda had beaten the unbeatable Lady Destiny into mush, it was time to make her a little more amenable to cooperation! I must say for Gerda; she was diabolically clever in her crude way! She knew the little twit secretary had a crush on her straight boss, and making her do the dirty work would make it all the more fun!"

"Even with Gerda snapping pictures, our virtuous, hetro heroine couldn't resist her darling little secretary! Gerda confided to me later, that the little slut had quite a talented tongue!"

After the great crimefighter humiliated herself by cumming, in what in those days she would consider an unnatural perverted embrace, Gerda got out 'Big Otto'! That's what she called that monstrous dildo, she always carried around with her! I believe it was a copy of the Morgullus Phallus, you use so effectively, Morg! She strapped 'Big Otto' on the little secretary, and told HER to use it!

"Ho, ho! Naturally our 'invincible' Lady Destiny never expected Gerda to kick her arse and unmask her, not t'mind stripping her naked, and having another girl rape her, successfully to boot! In those days, things like that just didn't happen to heroic crimefighters! The experience must have been too much for the poor thing, and left her in a terrible state of shock! She didn't even try to defend herself when the wimpy little secretary stuck 'Big Otto' into her! The only thing she could do to protect her precious virtue was whimper and whine while the girl screwed her brains out!  Of course, all this time Gerda was snapping pictures!"

"Ha, ha! The mighty American crimefighter just wasn't up to the good German workmanship of 'Big Otto', and she passed out! Silly goose didn't even get to cum, this time! The dumb little secretary thought she'd killed her beloved boss!"

"Naturally, one taste of 'Big Otto' didn't kill Lady Destiny; she was a big strong, healthy woman, although Gerda admitted she was a little small between the legs!  I think maybe the second dose of 'Big Otto, might have come close to killing her, though!"

"After Little Lisa finished rear ending 'poor' Lady Destiny, Gerda had no trouble tying the slut up! Still, even when Gerda showed the woman the photos, she refused to cooperate!  Naturally, Gerda convinced her, eventually! Gerda was always direct; she didn't have a subtle bone in her body! With the American tied up, she used a red hot poker on her! Oh, that Gerda!"

"Gerda was so pleased that she'd broken the bitch that she gave her a big wet kiss, tongue and all!"

"Lady Destiny told Gerda the plans were in her office safe at the plant! Gerda sent the secretary to get them, knowing she wouldn't fail, or Gerda would kill her beloved boss! While the secretary was gone, Gerda had some fun of her own, with Lady Destiny! I guess the bitch whimpered and pleaded some, but by then, she was scared out of her wits, and did what she was told!"

Elfrieda took the last sip of her brandy and yawned slightly. "Well My Dears, it's getting late and the the Yule Dragon will be here anytime!" She said with a smile.

"To make a long story short, Little Lisa came back with the plans and Gerda got away with them! Ironically, it was too late for the Americans to have gotten the tank into production before the war ended, anyway, and we had Doctor Porche designing our tanks, so Gerda's coup had no effect on the outcome of the war!

Doctor Carter gave up crime fighting after that night; no one ever saw Lady Destiny again! Carter spent the rest of the war designing a new, frost free refrigerator for the post war market! It was a big hit, I've heard! A short  time after that, poor Gerda was caught by Power Miss and spent the rest of the War in an American penitentiary! It was that wretched accent of hers, that gave her away of course!" (See Latin Holiday by GW  Latin Holiday )

With some huffing and puffing, Leticia got out of her own deep armchair. "Aunt Elfy is right! It's time you two got to bed!" She told Wendy and Billy.

"Aw Mom!" Echoed in unison.

"A Happy Yule to you all!" Elfrieda called as she headed for her room.

The End.