The Dortmund Biker Bitches
By Betty the Bomber
Translation by Robert Rhys

Ready for another round

Betty the Bomber sent me the following by e-mail. She wrote it in German and I translated it so my friends on Diana the Valkyrie’s site could enjoy it was well. It’s a true story about one of her encounters with an opposing biker gang. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Hello Rhys,

As promised, here is your anxiously awaited story in German.

I guess it was time for another biker brawl with my friends. Andy, our leader, had once again had trouble with a biker gang out of nearby Dortmund. There had been some minor incidents and it was evident that the problem would only be settled the usual way, with a fight.

Andy and Werner, the leader of the other gang, arranged a meeting. It was put up or shut up, and we never back down. When we met, the gangs shouted and hurled curses and insults as they caught site of each other. We milled around, standing off from each other and daring the others to start something. Slowly a scuffle began to develop. Werner, of the Dortmund biker group, seeing what was happening and watching the girls deride each other, laughingly left the girls to decide the issue.

Finally, after much shouting, each gang sent out two girls to have a team boxing match and see who had the better fighters. Susi and I were selected for our gang. We were the best fighters and were always prepared. Susi and I never traveled without fighting attire, and we were ready today for anything. The other gang sent out their two girls; Susi and I just looked at each other and smiled. The others were yet to see how we stood our ground; we did not intend to disappoint them.

Andy got me and Susi ready for the match and Werner prepared Beate and Monica. Werner finally came forward with Beate and Monica and presented them as did Andy present us. We all created quite an impressive picture. Susi, my partner, is 26 and is 1.74 meters [5' 8 1/2"] tall and weighs 64 kilos [141 pounds]. She is a real fighter, a real boxing bitch of the first order. On the other side, Beate is 28, 1.70 meters [5' 7"] in height 66 kilos [145 pounds] and has huge breasts. Monica is 1.66 [5' 5 1/2"] and 57 kilos [125] with big muscular arms and tattoos. Oh, and me? I'm 1.68 [5' 6"] and 53 [116].

Monica and Beate swaggered around and boasted that they would make hamburger, mincemeat even, out of us; for they were the champions of their gang. Susi and I laughed at them. We wore high boxing boots and hot pants, me in black and Susi in red and each with regulation six ounce gloves. The others also wore gloves and blue jean hot pants. They would fight topless. Beate's big breasts stood out and swayed about. You could tell she was very proud of them. The gang moved back and went to four corners and formed a square in which we would fight.

The fight was to be rough and tumble, anything goes, no holds barred; and the bout would not end until a team gave in or someone was knocked out cold. The fighters would begin with a handshake and then the match would start. The gang members had laid out an impromptu ring with stakes and ropes that they had brought. I thought to myself, if you want to be a top boxing babe you must work for the honor. The match would have no rounds and would last non-stop until the finish. This was no place for the faint hearted.

Beate stood before me with her big boobs thrust out and said, "In ten minutes you’ll be in the emergency vehicle on the way to the hospital." I said, "The only thing that’s going to happen, Baby, is that your tits are going to become black and blue." And with that, the fight began.

I encouraged Susi to begin first and she and gave Beate a few good shots on the mouth and tits, a good spanking. Moni likewise encouraged Beate. I shouted back at Beate, "You’ll get slapped again in the mouth, Babyface."

Beate had the killer instinct, though, and she thrashed Susi soundly about the head and breasts. After about half a minute of that sort of punishment, she had a swollen cheek and puffed eye. She was not doing well. Then Beate, seeing Susi weaken, began to go in for the kill and pinned her against the ropes, kneed her in the pussy and punched her three times in the left breast.

Thank God we were in our own corner. I jumped out, stood before Susi and took over. Before me in the ring was Beate. In three seconds I stood I the ring and was ready to go. Just to the right of her face Susi was weaving back and forth. She was in no condition to continue and staggered from the ring battered and bloody. She had black and blue marks on her, a bloody nose and her head looked miserable.

Beate stood sturdily on her legs and yelled, "You little slut, now it’s your turn to suffer as well," and she came at me.

After seeing what she had done to Susi, I had developed such a hate for her that I was merciless in my attack. I gave her two good rights to the head and then a combination left and right. As she staggered from the force of the blows, I gave her some more shots to her tits. The slut screamed loudly in pain and I stomped her legs with my boots. I could see that now the biker bitch was beaten and would soon be off to the hospital. She was finished and staggered off to the side.

Now it was Moni’s turn. She came at me very quickly, and jumped into the ring like a bolt of lightning and began walloping me on the tits. I defended myself well and watched for an opening. Then, seeing her drop her hands for an instant, and seeing she had no cover, I hit her full in the kisser with a solid right. She reacted immediately to the blows and reeled. Meanwhile, Beate had again gotten on her feet, but was too beaten to do anything. I punched Moni in the hair hard with my gloves and rammed my knee in her face. She hit the ground like a sack of shit.

Werner shouted after his bitch to awaken. After about a minute, and with me standing before Werner, I said, "Hey, Werner it looks like your bitches have all their desire to murder beaten out of them." He only looked at me, shocked, and with an open mouth.

I turned to my gang, and smiling, raised my arms high and stood proudly in the victory position. Our gang was yelling like crazy. Tom, from our gang, said, "Betty, when someone fights with you, the fight is always a short one." I only laughed. He continued, "You can’t just K.O. them, Betty, can you; you always have to play with them first and make them suffer.

To the battered Susi, the bystanders said good job and tried to make her feel better. Since that day, Susi and I have become even better friends and train together even harder.

Susi said, trying to smile, "When we have the next fight, we will have to spank all the bitches to a knock out, not just two." I replied, "We’ll see."

We all left and celebrated our victory with good beer and food.

So Rhys, that was the first story from me; and it’s true - every word.


Betty the Bomber

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