Goddess of Thunder

By Sam

Eons ago when Earth was but in it's infancy the battle for Dominion was first waged. The Arions, seeking to destroy all sentient life but its own, spread like a cancer throughout the Universe. World after world fell to their onslaught entire races of beings wiped out. The most hated though of all beings were the humans whom the Arions saw as weak disgusting creatures it would have been an easy thing for the Arions to wipe them from the face of the earth but humans were favored by the Elders and the Arions feared their wrath. They would have to use discreet methods on Earth methods that made it look like the planet was evolving naturally and thus they sent their agents to make it so. Creatures engineered by the Arions to their bidding on earth horrible creatures with one thing in mind the destruction of the human race. The Arions sent such creatures to earth and for centuries left them to do their bidding hopping to come back to find planet devoid of sentient life, a planet they could then colonize themselves.

Their was hope for Earth though, in a race of people called Velorians genetically created by the Elders they were the only thing in the Universe more powerful, the only thing that could stop the Arion plague but they were few and far between. On Ancient Earth these beings were regarded as Gods, the Gods of legend Zeus, Apollo , of Greek Myth Thor, Tyre, of Norse, in reality they were all the same Velorian protectors, given different names by different cultures, trying to give order to humanity in its infancy while at the same time protect them from those that would destroy them. The Velorians themselves though were in there infancy. While still far more advanced than humans and thousands of times stronger, in Ancient times it was the male who was the Protector, a far cry weaker than the Genetically perfect Velorian females that were to come later, the genetic superiority of the females had yet to be discovered.

However this battle of worlds would not be decided by the Ancient Male Gods of old. The fate of humanity at its birth rested in the hands of a young SuperGirl whose destiny was written long before her birth. Her battle was to be fought over millenium, a battle fought over space and time a battle that had several dimensions this story is but one.


Chpt 1 The Beginning?

1997 AD Boulder Colorado

Sharon tossed the art magazine in the trash. She was looking for something to put up in her new house. She wasn't getting it from this mag though it had nothing she was interested in. Just a bunch of Greek Gods. 'BORING'. So in the trash it went the cover clearly visible a large painting of Zeus the King of Gods sitting on his thrown two massive stone lions beside him. Sharon sighed why is everything so male orientated she thought as she cuddled next to her dog Porsche on the bed, exhausted from a day spent lifting heavy furniture by herself. Deb being out of town at just the wrong time.

Sharon tossed and turned. She so hated it when Deb was out of town but it wasn't that which kept her from sleeping, it was a story she had running through her mind. A story that seemed just out of her grasp like a vivid dream that fades from memory after waking. Her stories often came to her in the forms of dreams at least some of them, if this is anything like the others she would remember it when she woke.



Chpt 2 Birth of a Goddess

Tyla on her hands and knees scrubbed the stone of the corridor floor working down the colonnade as she has, what seemed to her like a thousand times. She was strikingly beautiful, full breasted, crystal clear blue eyes a long mane of thick blonde hair. Even as disheveled as she was right now she was a stunning woman a fact that was also her curse for as long as she could remember the lord of the castle would use her as he would the other scrub maids but she was by far his favorite. She thought of his foul breath, the stench of his body as he penetrated her with his tiny cock thank god for that at least and the fact that he could never last more than a minute inside her. In fact she was becoming quite good at making him cum all over himself before he even got it out of his pants, a certain look a pose the right words and he was done for the evening. She smiled at this power she had over him and she abused it every chance she got. Of course other male dignitaries were allowed access too her also she would usually make quick work of them too. Remembering one young prince whom she actually enjoyed she smiled, he was so frightened by her, intimidated by her unnatural beauty. She had a power over men it was true. She didn't know where it came from. In fact she had no memory at all except for the last couple of months. She was found totally nude wondering in the forest outside the castle a very dangerous place to be especially since the Gods had seemed to forsake them. Gods she spat at there thought, especially Zeus where was he, people were suffering all around her people were being tortured and killed. People where afraid to leave the confines of the castle for fear of the great beasts the roamed the forest. She couldn't imagine the people that HAD to live outside the castle grounds, the sounds in the night were terrifying screaming growling, she often had to cover her ears. What kind of God would allow that! She swore allegiance to no god but vengeance to all !

Tyla worked her way down the floor lost in her thoughts imagining herself a Goddess, slaying monsters, righting wrongs, making the forest safe, helping those who needed helped. She so wished it was true. She had a deep longing to help people almost a need within her, it sometimes made her ache. She looked at the Great Hammer enshrined at the end of the great hall. It was said to be the Hammer of Thor. Everyday Men would come to lift it but none could budge it, not even a little. She stood regarding it, It was said that the person who lifted it would be transformed into a God. She laughed at the thought tracing her finger lightly along its contours, more than likely it was just a ploy by the lord of the castle, for he charged every man one piece of Gold for the opportunity. Damn things probably anchored to the stand she thought. Suddenly she felt something jump on her from behind knocking her into the Stand, tripping over her feet she stumbled to the ground. She felt the cold nose of Apposis at her neck turning she pushed the 200 pound wolf dog off her.

" Zeus be Damned ! Apposis, do you have to follow me all over the damn castle!"

Apposis was supposed to be on guard in the east courtyard but had formed a rather strong attachment to Tyla.

"Look what you did to my floor you stupid beast," Tyla screamed ,looking down the hall at the muddy paw prints. "I ought to wring your hairy neck; besides do you want to get beaten again?"

She said shaking the dogs head in her hands. Last time Apposis was discovered in the castle he was severely whipped but he was stubborn. Tyla suddenly heard a creak. She looked up just in time to she the great hammer teeter on the edge of the dais.

"Shit!" she screamed grabbing Apposis and pulling him out of the way just in time as the hammer crashed to the stone right where he had been standing. Tyla stood looking in awe at the Hammer it had sunk a foot into the floor!

"We’re in deep shit this time, Apposis!" Apposis seemed to whimper in agreement.

"Now you get back to where your suppose to be," she said, sternly swatting him on the bottom. Apposis hesitated. "Now!" she screamed. Their was something in her voice that told him she meant business and in a flash he took off hightailing it back to his courtyard.

Tyla knew she would be severely beaten for this. For a woman to touch such a thing was not a small matter. Women were deemed unworthy of such things. She turned to leave but then hesitated. What the hell she thought to herself I've got nothing to lose now. Turning back, she prepared to place her hand on the grip of the Hammer. Little did she know the hammer was actually an ancient weapon from the stars, charged with the power of the Gods and wielded by one who came long ago. It just needed the right combination of DNA to activate it. A combination of DNA that was not found on anyone from earth.

As her hand came in contact with the hammer a tingling immediately shot up her arm. Visions flashed before her. Visions of a girl in Red and Blue flying through the air. Visions of a woman that lay sleeping. Visions of Giant monsters of Ships that flew through the air of huge cities, of a massive war. The tingling grew more intense! She screamed as electricity arced through the air of the room, enveloping her body disintegrating her clothes. She gripped the Hammer tighter and with a mighty heave pulled it from the Stone. She lifted it high above her head a hundred bolts of lightening crashing into her. Her chest swelled to huge proportions, her body exploded in a mass of curvy muscle. Thunder exploded echoing through the Hall as men came running staring in awe at the birth of a Goddess!


Out of the Brilliance of the blinding light floated Tyla, reborn, casually dragging the hammer of Thor twirling it as if it were a broom. Men knelt before her as she passed. She floated above the ground a true Goddess. Reaching the courtyard she turned to face the Lord of the Castle who had just finished administering another brutal beating to the now chained Apposis. His jaw dropped as he saw Tyla standing before him nude casually twirling Mjolnir in one hand as if it were a toy, her feet floating inches off the ground.

" What's the matter Lord?" she said, teasingly as she tore the robe from his body "You're usually so glad to see me this way." She placed her foot on a stone bench striking a very sexy pose.

" Guards… Guards!" he screamed!

Only three guards actually charged Tyla, all of whom she dealt with without even removing her foot from the bench, there unconscious bodies landing yards away.

Tyla then turned her attention back to the Lord of the Castle, just in time to see a stream of urine from his tiny cock begin to flow down his leg. She strode up to him leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"If I were you, I wouldn't be here when I got back." She then delivered a quick blow that sent him flying across the courtyard to land unconscious right in front of Apposis who sniffed his face once and then applied the full contents of his somewhat large wolf bladder.

Tyla smiled down at the dog before looking up at another of the scrub maids that had been her friend.

"Dieda please tend his wounds and then," glancing down at the former Lord, "see that the trash is taken out. I have other business to attend to." And without another word she streaked upwards, the Hammer of Thor guiding her to Mt Olympus. She wanted to give Zeus and the rest of the so called Gods a piece of her mind!


Chpt 3 A lesson to Zeus


Tyla streaked upwards across the sky the Hammer of Thor seeming to know her destination. The wind rushed across her body bringing back vivid memories, flashes of a Girl in Red and Blue of pervious battles on previous worlds. Her muscles rippled with power she knew at this moment she was the most powerful being in the Universe. She suddenly knew what she was and why she was here. She screamed her name to the heavens in a voice seething with anger a voice that shook the very pillars of Olympus!

The clouds around Tyla suddenly seemed to part revealing the breathtaking beauty of what was Olympia home of the Gods. The beauty of the moment was lost however on Tyla. In a blind rage she crashed through the huge marble doors at what must have been Mach six. The doors exploded inward in a huge cloud of dust and when the dust cleared, Tyla was standing defiantly in the middle of the room hands on her hips.

"Who has the audacity to call themselves a God to me!" she screamed.

Tyla quickly glanced around, anticipating a quick challenge to such a bold statement but she was met only with silence, the place seemed deserted. She knew were she was standing, the great Hall it was lined with statues of the Gods the colonnade of statues leading too two great doors, behind which she knew lay the throne of Zeus himself. She strode confidently up to the doors still seething with anger at the so called Gods, Gods who let the cries of the suffering go unanswered. The doors burst inward as Tyla strode into the Room. The beauty of the place was breathtaking. The room was totally open no walls whatsoever. The warm winds off Mt. Olympus whistled through the huge marble pillars that supported the roof. It looked as if the room was floating in air, nothing visible on all sided but blue sky and billowing clouds. She had to force her attention back to her anger. The huge marble throne of Zeus stood before her, empty, massive statues of majestic winged Lions stood on either side.

" Who are you?"

Tyla spun to face the voice her anger about to be unleashed.

"Who are you?" The voice repeated.

Tyla's anger suddenly vanished as she looked down to where the voice was coming from. It was a man, a huge man his body looked as if it had been carved out of the very same granite that this room was. He wore a simple white linen draped about his waste. He was also badly wounded his body covered with gashes and scars from old battles. He was clearly too weak to stand.

" Well at least allow me to introduce myself. I am Zeus, first Velorian protector of Earth."

Tyla was stunned. This was Zeus ! Hardly a god but still an injured man and she bent down to comfort him.

"Tell me Zeus, what is going on , why have you abandoned the people?"

Tyla noticed as she knelt beside him that apparently Zeus was a lot less injured than Tyla had first thought, a lot less injured and a lot more drunk!

"It’s we that have been abandoned !" His voice thundered through the room. "We have been here so long the Arion monsters have grown stronger and stronger but we remain the same. Why should I fight its suicide. The Elders have forsaken us left to be slaughtered. To hell with them and this world."

"Arion monsters?" Tyla asked "

" Clones, they look like Earth's dominant creatures but they are hundreds of times more powerful than even us. They slaughter all that they see animal, human. Each clone seeking out its own species to slaughter. They are nothing though compared to the Great Giant, Slayer of Gods as the others found."

" What of the others?"

Suddenly Zeus got nervous " Dead they are all dead. Because of their stupidity. I warned them not to go against the Giant but they wouldn't listen. I, I barely escaped with my life."

" You left them to be slaughtered?" Tyla asked in disgust

" I warned them, there was nothing I could do. Why should I let myself be slaughtered for those that have forsaken us?" Zeus shot back.

" Your Elders have not forsaken you Zeus," Tyla said, her words full of contempt. "For they have sent me" she said proudly.


"A WOMAN ," Zeus exploded in laughter. "What can a mere woman do that I, King of Gods have not been able too." Zeus chuckled. "I suppose yo’re going to save us." Zeus chuckled again. "Run along home little girl while you still can. Unless you care to stay and pleasure me."

PLEASURE ME PLEASURE ME. The words echoed in her brain. Anger flashed across Tyla's face she was about to answer when a huge shadow fell across the room. It was an Emerald Dragon, a huge beast, that had just touched down across the room and then on the other side of the room flew in a huge winged Lion its body rippling with muscle. It was clear that these Arion clones had shown up to finish Zeus off and any other time they would not of had much of a problem. They did not count on however finding another Velorian, one thousands of times more powerful and right now very VERY pissed. It was unfortunate for them. She sat Thors mighty hammer next to Zeus.

"Here! If I fail, use it too defend your worthless hide." Zeus stared in astonishment, even Thor himself had to have special gloves to handle such a weapon but she handled it as if it were a toy.

Tyla finally able to vent her anger strode up to the huge Dragon she seemed so tiny against the visage of the massive Giant that stood in front of her. She stood defiantly in front of the creature totally nude. The dragon’s roar thundered through the temple as he shot down his searing flame totally engulfing Tyla. Zeus cried out as he was sure he had just witnessed the death of the girl. Tyla though lost in the huge cloud of flame began to take a deep breath. The searing flames extinguished as they were drawn into the lungs of a SuperGirl. Her chest swelled to huge proportions as she sucked in the last of the Dragons fire. Then turning her head toward the Lion who was advancing on Zeus she exhaled, blowing the searing smoke in the direction of the huge cat until her lungs were emptied and the Lion was totally engulfed. She then turned her attention back to the Dragon.

" Is that the best you can do." she said, tossing her hair casually over her shoulder.

The beast Roared, his great head arcing down fangs bared anticipating the sweet taste of Velorian flesh. What met him though was the fist of the tiny girl, a fist with the full power of a Velorian borne 'Female' Protector behind it. The air exploded with the force of the blow, a deafening clap of thundered echoed through the chamber as her fist struck the creature right between its eyes. The Dragon reared up, a surprised look on his face as he took a couple of stumbling steps, then toppled over, dead, the ground shaking as his massive body struck the earth.

Tyla was amazed at her strength and how easy it was for her to dispatch the huge beast. A fact she didn't let Zeus see. She simply turned away from the twitching monster and strode up to the huge Lion who was sitting on his haunches shaking his great head still dizzy from the smoke. She lifted his head up with one hand and with the other delivered a devastating blow that sent him sliding across the great hall to land stretched out lifeless, inches away from an astonished Zeus. Turning she looked directly into Zeus's eyes as she casually feigned brushing dirt from her hands. Time to teach Zeus here a lesson in just how powerful a woman can be, she thought to herself. Her eyes suddenly smoldering with passion locked on his.

She walked toward him, her hips swaying gracefully, her incredible breasts jiggling slightly with each step. Never had Zeus beheld such an incredibly sexy woman, so much power coming from such an incredibly beautiful girl. She was indeed a Goddess. He felt his manhood began to throb as it rose from under his robe. Tyla reaching Zeus sat down on the snout of the conquered cat. She sexily crossed her legs, her eyes alive with passion. Then with one hand on her hip she took a deep breath stretching sensuously, flexing her other biceps she looked Zeus in the eyes as her body exploded into a mass of feminine muscle. Tossing Zeus a devastatingly sexy wink, she smiled triumphantly.

" Never underestimate the power of a woman," she said in her sultriest voice.

It was way more than Zeus could handle, his senses were totally overwhelmed by the blonde bombshell poised in front of him. His cock erupted in a powerful orgasm so intense his body fell back to the floor unconscious. Tyla smiled down in satisfaction at the unconscious Zeus his cock still oozing cum. Tyla looked around the room smiling to herself as she saw a huge clear yellow puddle growing out from the limp body of the dragon and another forming out from the dead lion . Zeus's great hall was beginning take on a rather acrid odor.

"Not bad for a 'mere' woman," she said, to no one in particular and with that she was off. Zeus would have to clean up this mess himself, her cleaning days were over, she had a world to save.


Chpt 4 The heat of passion

The Emerald Dragon plodded from the lake. He was very tired, he had just eaten his fill of his favorite food ,fish. The sun gleamed off his bright green scales as he curled up to take a long nap. The one that hunted him was nowhere around at least he didn't think so. He was the last of his kind on Earth, the Arion Clones and the Great Giant killing off all the others. He was a real Dragon, not one of those mindless Arion monsters unleashed on earth to destroy and destroy they did. Thanks to them humans now hated all Dragons. Not that it mattered he was the last. He did not like his kind being thought of as a terrifying monster when in reality they were one of the oldest sentient life forms in the Universe. He in particular was very old so old in fact that he could remember his home world before the Arion extinction campaigns. Now his kind were spread thinly throughout the Universe owing their continued existence to the Velorians who seeded them throughout the galaxies hiding them from the Arions. It was the Velorians who first brought them to Earth but now the Arions were here, or at least their agents were. Their cloned Dragons were instilling hatred in man toward his kind while the Great Giant hunted them to extinction. He knew he stood little chance against the Giant who had been genetically engineered just for killing Dragons and of course Velorians. The planet was in chaos and he feared soon the Arions themselves would show up.

Tyla spotted the Dragon from the air. Clenching her teeth in anger she dove down eager to put an end to yet another monster. She landed in front of the sleeping dragon and raising her mighty Hammer high in the air exclaimed, "PREPARE TO DIE MONSTER!".

The dragon raised one sleepy eye and regarded the small girl. She did not seem to be much of a threat even with her small stick so he just went back to sleep. Tyla was confused by this, she expected an attack. She strode up to the sleeping Giant.

"I said, defend yourself monster," she yelled, kicking him rather hard in his snout. Suddenly as the Dragon caught the girls scent he realized that she was Velorian. Elated he immediately stood towering above her.

Tyla watched in awe as the great beast stretched and rose to his feet. There was something different about this Dragon than the one she had slew on Mt. Olympus something in its eyes . She knew what she had to do though. She drew back the hammer preparing to send this beast to join his ancestors.

The Dragon regarded her. She seemed to be upset with him for some reason, about to hit him with her little stick. He would never try harming her, for she was Velorian, even if she wanted to take his life he would let her do so without a fight, it was there highest law. If it were not for her race there would be no Dragons. He would gladly give his life for her or for any Velorian. The relationship between Velorians and Dragons go back eons partly because of their very interesting reaction to the sweet liquid dragons shoot from under their tongues, the liquid that ignites on contact with air making them appear to be breathing fire. Maybe he thought if I introduce myself. He lowered his head to her feet. She watched holding back her blow for no good reason, just that she was intrigued by his strange actions. The Dragon suddenly bathed her feet in a light flame. It was a way in which they communicated with other Dragons. Her reaction was immediate. A tingle shot through her body causing her to gasp in pleasure. The dragon slowly raised his head bathing her entire body in his soft flame. She trembled as the flame moved up her body briefly filling and caressing her most intimate parts. Never had she felt so much pleasure, so much warmth. She couldn't help but moan as the soft flames licked across her face as she closed her eyes. Inhaling the flame deep into her lungs, shuddering in ecstasy almost losing her feet, she opened her eyes.

"WOW!" she purred, breathlessly, casually tossing the hammer over her shoulder, still shuddering from the intense sensations coursing through her body. She was now face to face with the Dragon. She felt the Dragon's tongue dart out moving slowly over her body briefly sliding up between her legs. The sweet juice of her sex sizzled down her thighs. She closed her eyes as she felt its massive head push her onto her back. His tongue again slid between her legs caressing her filling her. This can’t be really happening she thought to herself but it was. Her body was alive as it never has been before. Her hand moved down between her thighs her fingers caressing her most sensitive part. She floated up off the ground lifting her thighs up to the dragon. She screamed in ecstasy as she suddenly found herself totally engulfed in its amazing flame. She opened her thighs allowing the flame to penetrate her, to fill her with its amazing warmth. Electricity danced across her breasts arcing between her erect nipples as her body exploded in orgasm after orgasm, her entire body shimmering with the power of her birthright. She was actually absorbing the flame pulling it into her body, until finally the Dragon had no more to offer. She inhaled deeply, her breasts expanding 4 cup sizes as she drew the last of the Flame into her body. filling her lungs she held the flame in, shuddering in ecstasy her body exploding in one final orgasm, so intense it left her on the very edge of consciousness. She looked up through half closed eyes at the face of the Dragon. She stretched sexily before him, little explosions of ecstasy still coursing through her body. She smiled, slowly exhaling the sweet smoke from the flames up into his face. Smoke that now was infused with the Pheromones of a Goddess in Rapture! The Dragons massive body began to tremble, lowering his head to Tyla, she caressed him as an ecstasy the like of which he had never known coursed through his body. Both exhausted, they curled up together and fell asleep.

When Tyla awoke the Dragon was gone, leaving her to believe it all could have been a dream. A dream which returned to reality when she looked down to see that the sand around her had literally been fused into glass from the tremendous heat!


Zeus awoke on Mt. Olympus struggling to his feet he regarded the great beasts that the young girl had so easily defeated. Two of the Arions fiercest enhanced clones , the Dragon and the Great winged Lion. Beasts, that if he himself had faced just one at a time, he would not have been able to overcome without suffering severe injury. She easily handled them both and at the same time! He did not like being made a fool of especially by a mere woman. What if she did defeat the Arion monsters and even the Great Giant. He would be a laughing stock what the great Zeus couldn't do is done by a mere woman. She would be worshipped while him forgotten that would not go over well with the ladies. He had to think of a plan so if she did prevail he could take credit. She may be a Goddess but he was Zeus, and no woman was going to get the better of him! Ignoring the horrendous stench from the emptied contents of the Dragons bladder, he stormed over to the Carcass of the Giant Dragon. Bending down to give it a mighty heave, his male Velorian muscles bulging , attempted to toss it over the side of the Mountain. Unfortunately his 'male' Velorian muscles were not quite enough, the carcass moving less than a foot before he slipped, splashing face down in a fetid pool of stale dragon urine, a less than god like position. "Damn that SuperGirl," he thought to himself


Two weeks later

Tyla grabbed another stunned dragon by his huge spiked tail and soared up into the air lifting the creature’s massive body. She begin spinning in circles faster and faster till she and the beast were just a blur then letting go she sent the massive dragon crashing into the side of a mountain his body buried under a thousand tons of falling rock. One less Arion beast. She was getting quite good at dispatching these clones also at recognizing the difference between Arion clones and real beasts, unfortunately not before a couple close calls. Tyla and her hammer were also becoming very popular. In fact, she had already earned a name one which was spreading, Tyla Goddess of Thunder. She guessed it was from the way in which she disposed of pesky Dragons . She smiled to herself and decided that she liked it. Tyla Goddess of Thunder did have a ring to it, she giggled to herself. Today though, she was not in a good mood. The Arion Dragons were becoming fewer and fewer, which was good, but she had not seen 'her' Dragon since that one afternoon and she had covered thousands of miles. She had heard talk of a terrifying Giant that was also slaying Dragons, real Dragons and Villagers! It was said he had defeated the Gods themselves. Tyla knew this to be true and she also knew that she would soon face this giant. What she didn't know was that it was her destiny and the fate of the world lie in it.




Hera flew through the forest the winged beasts right behind her.

"Zeus if I get out of this alive I'm going to kick your worthless two timing ass," she screamed to the heavens.

It was time for her to face some hard facts. Her husband was worthless. He was an egotistical self-centered two-timing coward of a male. She remembered how he had abandoned them in the battle with the great Giant better too die in battle than to live a coward she thought. King of the Gods my ass. The rest of the Velorian team or what was left of them took the ship back to the home world, hopefully they will send back reinforcements but this wasn't guaranteed Earth quite frankly was still on the bubble. She had chosen to stay behind and search for her husband MISTAKE she thought to herself. Spotting a cave, she quickly darted into it.

"Great, they didn't see me," she thought, just before she felt herself slam into something soft. Getting up she looked down and saw a winged beast she nearly screamed, at least until she saw that it was unconscious. It appeared to be a female, so she guessed that this was a real dragon. She would have never been able to injure an Arion one, besides all of the cloned beasts were male. She looked outside the cave for a moment, glad to see that there was no sign of her pursuers. Just then something ran past her and darted from the cave.

"Shit.." Shit," she cursed, It was a small cub. It was standing yards outside the cave mewing like an idiot.

"Not my problem, Not my problem," she whispered to herself. It gave one more pitiful mew. "Shit " she cursed, flying from the cave and scooping up the cub. She turned and found herself facing three Winged Beasts. She knew it was over. She clutched the cub to her breast shut her eyes and waited to feel their fangs on her flesh. She tensed as she felt something grip her shoulder and then gasped as her feet were yanked off the ground. Opening her eyes she discovered she was in the grip of one of the Great cats. He flew her back to the entrance of the Cave and to her surprise dropped her, then turned to face the three others. It must be the male she thought, defending his cub. The Lion standing over Hera snarled his warning to the other three. He had no chance against their enhanced genetics but still he did not run, on the contrary he attacked. Hera watched the cat fearlessly charge the three.

"By the Elders why can't they make men like that," she whispered to herself. Hera ran back to the rear of the cave still clutching the cub as the battle raged just outside the entrance. A battle so fierce it caused the boulders above the entrance to dislodge and in an avalanche of rock completely sealed off the cave. Hera, suddenly plunged into total blackness was terrified her breath came in short gasps. She could hear the fierce battle raging outside then suddenly silence. The only audible thing was the labored breathing of the unconscious female. Hera unconsciously reached a hand down too her then jerked, her attention suddenly focused back on the entrance, something was scratching outside at the rocks, digging trying to get in. Her eyes were all of a sudden blinded by a brilliant flash of light. Slowly her eyes coming back into focus she made out the form of Tyla, the dust of the rocks swirling around her.

"Its Ok now," Tyla called squinting into the darkness. Hera cautiously climbed from the cave. Her eyes widened as she saw all three of the Arion monsters stretched out on the ground. She looked over in amazement at Tyla. Tyla simply shrugged her shoulders. "They're not as tough as they look."

" Apparently not," Hera replied. "You must be…Tyla," she said looking down at the hammer that was still smoking in her hand.

Tyla blushed. " You've heard of me?"

"Who hasn't heard of Tyla Goddess of Thunder..Slayer of Dragons. I am Hera, perhaps you've heard of me"

" Sorry!" The name didn't ring any bells with Tyla.

" Hera … you know Hera ..wife of Zeus surely you have heard of him."

" Yeah we met. I'm afraid I left kind of a mess back at your place," Tyla said.

Hera regarded the young girl. Hera herself was quite a knock-out; blonde, blue eyed, muscular but she paled when compared to the beauty of Tyla, her beauty was simply breathtaking and by the looks of the three Lions, she apparently didn’t take any shit either. She laughed at what a meeting between her and Zeus must have been like.

" I'll bet you kicked his ass," Hera laughed

" Well I did kind of knock him unconscious," Tyla grinned.

" I have always wanted to do that myself," Hera confessed. Looking around Hera noticed the female cat staggering from the cave with the cub scurrying behind her.

" Where's the other one?" Hera said, remembering the male that had saved her life.

Tyla watched warily as the female brushed passed her " Other one?"

" Yes her mate. "

Tyla shrugged. "I only saw these three trying to dig there way in too you"

Hera glanced around the clearing. The female setting on her haunches was grunting in the direction of the brush and in few seconds the male emerged severely mauled. Bleeding badly he staggered over too his mate and collapsed it was clear his injuries were fatal.

" Can you help him?" Hera looked at Tyla hopefully as she asked the question.

Tyla stood over the male. She would of helped him if she could of. She actually loved animals despite her reputation as a slayer. The monsters she slew she knew were not animals their eyes were lifeless, as black as death itself. Soulless creatures created and programmed to kill all they saw. It was clear though that this animal was quite real and that he was also beyond any help.

" I am not magic," Tyla replied, sadly bending down to stroke his mane.

" I am," came a response from behind them.

Turning Tyla and Hera saw a woman, a beautiful woman her body outlined in the twilight by a shimmering blue light. She glided toward them her feet inches off the ground. Her hair was raven black but for one streak of silver down the right side.

Tyla suddenly felt as if she knew this woman as if they were even friends.

" Take him into the cave" the woman said.


CHPT 6 Janissa The White Which


They cave glowed with an eerie green light as the woman knelt down beside the dying beast. Placing her hands on its side, she said not a word. Hera gasped as she watched the gashes on the beast begin to close one by one each leaving a tiny thin scar until finally all his wounds were healed. The woman removed her hands apparently exhausted from the feat. The cat slowly struggled to his feet, stretching his massive wings he nuzzled the woman's cheek for a second then walked to the back of the cave and lay down next to his mate. Suddenly the silent cave was filled with the comforting sounds of their deep purrs.

The woman stood the glow about her gone. " We need to talk," she said, turning to Tyla.

" I know you don’t I," Tyla asked. "I don’t know from where but I feel as if we are friends."

The woman smiled again. "We must talk Tyla, there are things you must know. And I haven't long on this plane. Let me start by telling you my name is Janissa and we have been friends for eon's.

Tyla listened to Janissa talk. She listened about Arions about Velorians about the Elders, talk that literally covered centuries. She listened of past battles of people she has never met, things she has no recollection of but yet something in the woman's voice made her believe.

"The Giant knows you’re here now Tyla and soon he will come for you. He is not like these other Arion beast you have been so easily slaying. He can destroy you. He knows your weaknesses and your strengths. He has but one purpose and that is your death. Make your one purpose his.

"Who am I Janissa ?" Tyla suddenly asked, "I feel so lost like I'm dreaming like what's around me is not real. I don’t know if I can defeat this Giant, I don’t want to be responsible for the fate of the world!" Tyla was scared not for herself but for the responsibility she now new she bore.


"This battle was fought once before but now the Arions have found a way to force it to be fought again and this time with a heavily stacked deck. You’re the only one who could possibly win. I will tell you though, you did have a life before on another plane, it is one that sadly you cannot go back to. You will eventually remember it. Just remember when the pain of her loss comes, the fight you fight now is for her future.

" Her loss? Whose, please Janissa you must tell," Tyla's words were cut off


"No I must go I have already told you too much the risk of you changing the course of the future is great but the alternative is no future . I'll just say your destiny was written long before your birth, Kara, and in it lies the fate of the world.


Janissas's image begin to fade until finally it was gone and where she had been sitting there was now a small box and as Tyla picked it up she heard Janissa's voice one last time. "A present from the stars my friend".

Tyla opened the box and stared in astonishment at the tiny red skirt that was laying on top. She stared at the box and whispered her name "Kara "


Chpt 6 Embrace of a Goddess


Tyla walked back into the cave her head spinning from all that she was told. She walked over to Hera who was kneeling by the big male stroking his fur, his purrs still audible throughout the cave as he slept.

" Is he Ok?" Tyla asked reaching down to stroke his fur, doing so her hand brushed Hera's.

" Yeah…" Hera's words were cut off as she turned to answer, feeling the tingle run through her body at Tyla's touch. "He seems to be fine," Hera replied a bit breathless there lips were inches apart.

Tyla felt the tingle too, Hera was a remarkably beautiful woman. She felt Hera's breast lightly touching hers, there nipples brushing through the thin fabric they wore. Suddenly the cave was filled with the sweet smell of wildflowers and honey. Their eyes met in a flash of smoldering passion. They could have been sisters there incredible builds were similar both had long silky blonde hair both had stunning blue eyes. They slowly stood their eyes locked on one anothers. Tyla’s eyes traveled slowly down Hera's body noticing her large firm nipples through the thin fabric of her tunic. They continued down to Hera's thighs, now moist with the evidence of her arousal. Tyla smiled licking her lips as she moved closer to Hera .Hera could feel Tyla’s breasts pressing up against hers. Her mind began to swim as she felt Tyla’s hands run down to her hips moving back across the curve of her ass. Hera shuddered with pleasure, never having been touched this way by another woman, thrilled at the new sensations she was experiencing. She continued to let Tyla explore her body. Tyla slipped her hand inside Hera’s short tunic moving down to her warm moist pussy were she slowly ran her fingers up her warm slit. Hera’s body was trembling, her need overwhelming as she stepped slowly back away from Tyla and looking the young Goddess in the eyes peeled slowly out of her clothes as Tyla did the same. They were now facing one another there incredible bodies nude the cave was filled with the sweet fragrance of their sex, a fragrance that both found wildly exciting. Tyla's hand traveled down between her own muscular thighs, she ran her fingers up her dripping slit as Hera's fingers traveled down to her own moist sex. Tyla then smiling raised her fingers, dripping with the sweet nectar of her body to Hera's lips and at the same time she lifted Hera's hand to her own, tasting Hera's sweet juice as Hera took Tyla's dripping fingers in her mouth tasting for the first time the sweet juice of another woman.

Hera's passion swept over her in an uncontrollable rush at the taste of Tyla’s powerful nectar. She crushed her lips to the blondes, accepting her tongue deep in her mouth as her hands moved down to Tyla's moist crotch, her fingers exploring the sex of a Goddess. Tyla gasps in pleasure as Hera’s fingers begin stroking her clit in ways that only a woman knows. She fell back on the soft flowery bed of the arbor. Hera's lips moved down to Tyla's breasts as Tyla’s fingers equally adept begin massaging Hera's own swollen clit. Hera's mouth found Tyla’s hard nipple. Electricity dancied across her tongue as she tasted its salty sweetness, teasing it until it stood out even farther, became even larger, firmer, standing out over an inch from her breast!. Hera noticed a small amount of shimmering liquid oozing from the swollen nipple and as she began gently sucking , her eager mouth was greeted with a gush of Tyla’s incredible milk as Tyla screamed with pleasure. It gushed out in incredible quantities more than her hungry mouth could handle. Hera could feel Tyla’s warm milk running down over her own breasts. Her body begin to tingling as Tyla’s fingers continued to stimulate her like no one ever has, finding all her secrete spots moving her fingers just right against the motion of Hera’s body. And as Hera pressed her lips once again against Tyla’s swollen nipple filling her mouth with more of her intoxicating nectar her first orgasm exploded through her body, sending spasms of pleasure ripping through her. The intense sensations taking her breathe away. Hera pressed her trembling lips to Tyla’s, caught in the rapture of her orgasm. The feeling of Tyla’s tongue inside her mouth drove her orgasm to new heights. Tyla continued to kiss Hera passionately until her trembling body calmed, her orgasm finally subsiding.

"WOW! What have I been missing," Hera said, out of breath looking into the blueness of Tyla’s eyes. "Now lets see if I can return the favor." And with that, she slid down between the super blondes incredible legs running her hands slowly over their muscular contours . Her face was now between Tyla’s thighs. Tyla could feel her hot breath on her super sensitive sex. Tyla sighed with pleasure leaning back in the soft bed of flowers, spreading her legs, offering the sweetness of her dripping pussy to Hera's eager tongue. Hera too moaned with pleasure as she slowly ran her tongue up Tyla’s moist slit. The sweet intoxicating taste of Tyla’s sweet nectar making her own thighs drip with a wetness she had never before experienced, except for this night. She gently spread Tyla’s swollen lips with her fingers exposing even more of the blonde titans huge clit and as she wrapped her lips around it teasing it with her tongue Tyla’s body began to tremble. Tyla cried out in pleasure as she felt Hera's fingers plunge deep into the warm moistness of her pussy, expertly seeking out the secrete spots so deep within her. Spots that most men did not even know existed. Her fingers begin applying pressure stroking it in the same way she does her own body when she is alone, all the while her tongue continued moving up and down Tyla’s huge clit. Her body was quivering now as Hera continued to work on her super sensitive clit, treating it as if it were a tiny cock. Wrapping her lips around it, slowly sliding her tongue up and down it’s length. Tyla, unable to withstand the sensations any longer begin to cum. Her back arched as her whole body exploded in a mass of feminine muscle. Hera, sensing Tyla near orgasm bit down hard on her swollen clit, scraping her teeth down its length over and over. The sensations were too much for Tyla to withstand any longer, her orgasms rushed over her, ripping through her body in an explosion of pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy as she gave in to the overwhelming waves of pleasure, her trembling body convulsing in waves of ecstasy. And as Hera continued to stimulate Tyla’s quivering clit, driving the super blondes orgasm to new heights, her hand shot down between her own thighs. Her fingers working expertly on her own swollen clit which now too seemed incredible large and as Tyla’s orgasm peaked her body convulsing uncontrollably, Hera's own orgasm ripped through her and together, caught in an incredible rapture they erupted in screams of ecstasy. The air crackled, sizzling with electricity as the ground beneath them trembled from the power of their passion.


The two women, now exhausted from their lovemaking, started to settle down in each others arms. A sound from behind them caught there attention both women turned, then quickly turned back the other way, blushing, giggling like school girls. Apparantly the powerful phermones that filled the cave aroused more than just them.

" Maybe we should give them some privacy" Tyla giggled

" I agree!" Hera laughed, soaring out into the fresh night air with Tyla right behind her. The sky was alive with a billion stars and as the two new lovers played amongst the stars finally settling down in each others arms high above another being was circling, enjoying the fresh night air.

The Emerald dragon flew through the warm night air, gliding high above the sleeping lovers. He was very old and now because of the Giant, and the Arion clones he was the last of his kind. He gazed up at he heavens picking out the star where his kind live There are small pockets of Dragons scattered across the galaxy but there is one place where his kind flourish, as they once did on his home world. He longed to be in such a place to fly amongst others, to live his life without fear but it was not to be. He knew that tonight he probably flew among the stars for the last time. If the Giant gazed once more at the stars, he would not. The hunted had become the hunter, the time for running done.


Chpt 7 Destiny of the World

Tyla arose early and with Hera still sleeping she glided back to the cave. Being careful not to disturb the lions as they slept she grabbed the small box that Janissa had given her. She had an overwhelming desire to try it on, knowing it was the same outfit of the girl of her visions. She knew the girl was not her, they did not look the same, but still she felt an undeniable link and as she slowly pulled the blue blouse down over her supple breasts, the fabric stretched conforming perfectly to her ample curves, her large firm nipples threatening to burst through the incredibly thin fabric. She then slipped into the tiny red skirt, the flimsy fabric cut incredibly short coming just below the curve of her magnificent ass. Next she grabbed the cape twirling it back across her shoulders and fastening the clasp in one motion, like she had already done it a thousand times before. She felt suddenly empowered her fear of the previous night gone. She flew confidently out of the cave.

" What do you think?" Tyla asked Hera as she was just awakening. "Pretty cool huh," she asked twirling around.

" You are…. cool ?" Hera asked not understanding it was rather a warm morning.

"Yes I am," Tyla giggled .She somehow knew the meaning of the words she just blurted out but knew Hera did not.

" Whets the big S stand for?" Hera asked.

Tyla thought for a second then suddenly frowned. "I don't have a clue."

The two women fell laughing too the ground. Their laughter suddenly stopped at the sound of a loud horn trumpeting through the forest.

"My castle!" Tyla cried. She immediately flew off in the direction of the sound with Hera right beside her.

The two emerged from the forest gaped in awe at what they saw. About 50 yards away was the massive form of the Giant. He was hideous looking, and was at least 50 feet tall. His body looked as if it had been carved of granite. His only piece of clothing a short loincloth, which at one side was sheathed a giant sword. In his other hand he carried a massive club with spikes jutting from all sides. The most terrifying aspect of him though was his face. His mouth was a circle of jagged fangs and above his flat piggish nose was one gigantic eye that burned with a blank hatred, emotionless. He was an unstoppable killing machine his one purpose to exterminate the human race. Shuddering, Tyla realized that she was probably his first target!

Before Hera could warn her of the giants power, Tyla raced forward. The air around her exploded as she shattered the speed of sound. Suddenly as she neared the monster she grew weak, very weak. Unable to keep aloft any longer she plummeted too the ground. The monster turning away from the castle at the sonic boom charged. It was her that he was here for, the last thing that stood between him and Dominion over earth and the ground shook as he rushed toward her, his mighty club raised.

Tyla watched helpless as the monster charged. She stood unable to fly, unable to even pick up the mighty hammer. What kind of power was it that he had over her, she wondered.

Hera watched the horror unfolding. She had seen this monster destroy her friends, and now she was about to watch it destroy her lover.

"Not while I have a breath in my body," she seethed with anger, as she plummeted toward Tyla. Hera flew for as long as she could and then her powers failing sprinted towards her fallen friend. Suddenly without warning a huge shadow passed over her and she was knocked to her knees by a huge swoosh. She rolled head over heels in the grassy meadow, regaining her senses astounded at what she saw.

Tyla found herself doing something she never would, running for her life. Running as fast as she could, she could hear the Giants footsteps getting closer the ground shaking with each mighty step. She knew he was outpacing her, She turned to look, her foot caught on a root and she tripped rolling to the ground just as she felt a huge swoosh go over her. Her heart skipped a beat. She thought for sure it was the Club of the Giant striking down at her. She rolled quickly to her right trying to avoid the blow then popped quickly back to her feet. It wasn't the Giants club that had passed over her. It was the Emerald Dragon and he was now the only thing standing between Tyla and death.

The dragon that stood before Tyla seemed like an entirely different creature than the one she knew. This one was fearsome looking a vision of terror. The sharp spines on his back were raised in anger. His ears were laid back against his head the two spines on either side of his head stood upright like two massive horns. His spiked tail lashed back and forth as he pawed the ground with his giant talons. His roar thundered across the plane as his searing flame shot forth engulfing the Giant in an explosion of fire. The burst knocked the great Giant back 50 yards but he emerged from the flames seemingly unscathed. He slowly stood, regarding the enraged dragon, he drew his sword.

Hera reached Tyla.

" Come we have to get out of here," she screamed.

" No! I will not abandon him," Tyla screamed, looking at the Dragon as he stood his ground against the advancing giant, the giant knew it would be several minutes before the dragon could generate another blast like that he had time to be cautious.

Hera looked at her incredulously, then remembered how it felt when Zeus had abandoned them.

"But what can we do?"

" You tell me, You've faced the monster before, didn't you learn anything !"

" I think it’s the orb that makes us weak"

" The orb." Tyla repeated looking up at the Giant noticing the yellow orb in the center of his forehead just above his hideous eye. The orb seemed to be glowing with some kind of power.

"That’s It!" Tyla screamed, running toward the battle.

The Giant lashed out with his sword opening a deep wound in the Dragons side. Then he lashed out again this time faking with the sword and delivering a crushing blow with the spiked club that sent the Dragon sailing backwards, landing with a tremendous crash right in front of Tyla. He struggled to his feet bleeding badly one wing crushed. Tyla called up too him. Looking down he roared in anger. How could she still be here, he would die for nothing. Then he heard what she was yelling THE ORB, THE ORB, She was crying, through his pain he thought, her tears are for me. It was her tears that gave him the final bit of strength that he was searching for. He lowered his head down too her, nudging her back. " It’s the orb, his power comes from the orb". He understood.

With what little energy he had left the Dragon turned toward the Giant. He limped badly towards the giant who was grinning. The Dragon moved slowly teetering with each step. The Giant raised his hands in victory at the weakened creature, laughing beckoning him forwards his laughter was cut short. With a sudden roar a burst a flame shot from the Dragon and with blinding speed. He charged behind his flame following it crashing right into the monster. The huge Giant caught off guard toppled over backwards the Dragon right on top of him, his fangs tearing at the orb. The Giant freed up his sword and with an upward thrust impaled the Dragon through the chest.

"NOOO!" Tyla, screamed as she watched the Dragon topple over the hilt of the sword still protruding from his chest. The Giant roared in victory raising his arms to the heavens. Suddenly he raised his hand to his forehead the orb was gone. He looked down at the dying dragon who still even in the throes of death had the orb clutched in his fangs. The giant panicking reached down hastily to retrieve it. Just before his fingers could close around it something streaked past him and literally snatched the orb from his fingers. It was the Winged Lion, easily avoiding a clumsy swipe of the Giants club he rocketed off with the orb, in the opposite direction of Tyla.

The Giant knew he had to cover the ground between him and her before the orbs power became no longer effective. He sprinted towards her. Tyla knew too that the lion had to get the orb out of range before the giant got to her. She was literally too weak to move. The radiation of the orb had completely drained her and Hera also, who was just a few yards behind her. Tyla watched the monster drawing closer and closer until he towered above her, still she was too weak to move. He roared in victory as he raised his massive club high over his head and brought it down with thousand tons of force. Tyla still weak raised her hands over her head purely in reflex, she was expecting death. She was more stunned than the Giant when her tiny arms completely blocked the blow, her strength coming back a millisecond before the club struck her.

Tyla her strength back yanked the enormous club from the giants hands, reversing it in one quick motion. She swung the club upwards with the full force of her birthright impaling the Giant between the legs. Ripping the club free in a vicious jerk that left parts of the giants genitals still on the club, she prepared to strike again. Hera, her body literally thousands of times stronger, enhanced by the powerful juices of Tyla's body beat her two it. She slammed into the giant almost knocking him to the ground ! Her rage exploded as she remembered how her friends were slaughtered. Her body exploding with muscle, she delivered one devastating blow after another. Driving the beast backwards until finally he sagged to his knees, completely dominated, unable to withstand the fury of her fist any longer. Hera flew over to the Dragon and in one swift motion pulled the giant sword from his chest. Twirling it above her head in front of the stunned Giant, she delivered one final blow and her friends were avenged . The giants head toppled to the ground. His torso, arms flailing wildly at first grew weaker and weaker until finally they were still and his massive torso collapsed lifeless to the earth.

Chpt 8 Homecoming


Tyla and Hera stood next to the dying dragon both in tears as they tried to comfort him in his last moments. He was ready for death, better than living alone, never to see another of his kind. Besides he had done his kind proud. His biggest hope was that humans would remember dragons for what they really were, for they would never see another one.

"Their is nothing we can do," Hera said, trying to comfort Tyla. "For all our strength, we are not magic"

" Your not but I am," came a voice behind them once again just as a huge blue circle of light enveloped them. It was Janissa.

"You didn't think I was going to let the last Dragon die off did you," she said, placing her hands on his glimmering scales. Janissa shut her eyes and the Dragon was suddenly enveloped in the blue light. The two women stared in amazement as the dragon rose to his feet his wounds completely healed. The circle of light grew stronger and before them opened up a window. It was to a beautiful world, a world with crystal clear skies, beautiful waterfalls and, Dragons.

" Say good bye to your friend," Janissa said. "He's going home."

Tyla and Hera stroked the Dragon on his muzzle each passing their hand through a tiny breath of flame, feeling the little tingles coarse through there bodies. It was his way of saying goodbye and with that he leaped through the window his long tail slowly disappearing as the window faded from view.

"That leaves one more," Janissa said and another window opened this time it was to a room that Tyla found strangely familiar. She knew it was her home.

" I thought you said I could never go back"

"There is another here to take your place," Janissa said glancing at Hera. "Now say goodbye"

The two Goddesses did not say goodbye instead they embraced in one final long lingering kiss that left each breathless and Janissa more than a little excited!

"Here," Hera said, placing a small silver chain around Tyla's neck, a chain that had one charm hanging from it, a lightening bolt. "Keep it to remember me by," she smiled.

" I don’t have any…" Tyla started to speak but was cut off.

" Don't worry . You I will remember." Hera laughed

Tyla smiled at her friend for the last time and leaped through the window.


Hera stood in the field alone, Janissa having left as fast as she had come.

She was incredibly stronger now, she guessed from making love to Tyla. She strode over to the hammer casually picking it up, feeling the little tingles of electricity arc through her body. Time to pay hubby a visit she thought grinning too herself and she knew just where to find him.

Hera stood at the entrance to the mighty throne room. She had never been allowed in before. In fact Zeus had Cerebus chained just outside the door, knowing her fear of the massive three headed dog. Cerebus was indeed fierce, spending all of his time chained somewhere or another, never having any personal contact with anyone. Zeus himself could hardly control him and even he never got close to those snapping jaws. She was certain he kept him around just as another way to control her. Today was different though. As she stood outside the doors to the throne room regarding the snarling Cerebus and listening to the sounds of her husband inflicting his lovemaking on yet another human she decided two things. It was time for Cerebus to finally have a little personal contact and she was just the gal to give it to him and after Cerebus was dealt with, Zeus would get a little of the same.

Zeus was grunting on top of some young maiden when he noticed something sliding across the floor at them, it stopped just inches from the girls face. The girl turning to follow Zeus's astonished stare suddenly screamed . It was the limp body of Cerebus stopping just inches from her face. Zeus jumped up wide-eyed looking around he saw Hera standing in the doorway. He watched as she entered the room, her short tunic flowing in the wind hugging the curves of her body. Zeus was stunned. She looked incredible more so than Zeus could ever remember muscular, confident devastatingly sexual. The girl jumped up frightened out of her mind, she had heard how Hera dealt with her husbands indiscretions.

" He told me you were dead, I was trying to comfort him, I would of never…"

Hera cut the panic stricken girl off. "Could you give me and the widow here a couple moments please and relax," she said. "I promise nothing is going to happen to you". It was time she started placing the blame where it belonged.

" You killed Cerebus?" Zeus asked incredulously. Ignoring the fact that she was obviously back from the dead.

" What of it?" she shot back

" Nothing, it just seems so unlike you. In fact you seem totally different."

" Really?", Hera asked stepping over Cerebus's limp body. She pressed her breasts against Zeus's bear chest.

" Very different," Zeus repeated as he felt Hera's hard nipples pressing in to him. He moaned in pleasure as he felt Hera's fingers encircle his throbbing cock. Then screamed as Hera crushed it in her hand as she lifted him high above her, using his cock for her only grip, she threw him across the room and then proceeded too kick his ass until finally he collapsed.

Zeus opened his eyes after of few moments of being unconscious while suddenly finding himself flat on his back, Hera's foot on his chest pinning him to the floor. Try as he did he couldn't rise against her strength and she seemed to be exerting no force at all on him.

"Two things Zeus," Hera said, as she casually tossed two laser communiqués on his chest. " The first is from me stating our Marriage to be officially over. The second is from the Command council on Velour. Seems you have been reassigned, the planet Darion 7 if I'm not mistaken," she smiled as she let him up.

" Darion 7," Zeus replied " Isn't that inhabited by….."

" Slug people," Hera said, unable to contain her laughter."

Zeus groaned, "No it can't be, they live in mud pits"

"Well one man’s mud pit is another mans Olympus!" Hera was in hysterics.

"They don’t need protection. The Arions will never have an interest in that planet"

"Which is precisely why they assigned you," Hera said walking over to him. "And Zeus, while your wallowing around the mud, I want you to think of what you'll be missing!" With her eyes sparkling, she let her tunic hit the floor as she struck a devastatingly sexy pose, just before she delivered a right hand that sent him crashing right through the wall!.

Having dealt with Zeus she turned her attention to the young girl Zeus had been with. One thing you could say for Zeus is he had excellent taste in women. This girl was no exception she was absolutely gorgeous and apparently she had made a new friend, on the other side of the great room she sat next to the huge winged Lion stroking his fur as he slept. Hera was intrigued by this girl.

" Come here," Hera told the girl as she sat down on 'her' throne for the first time.

The girl started walking toward Hera suddenly stopping when she got to Cerebus who was struggling to get up.

" You did not kill him?" the girl asked

" Of course not" Hera said. " Cerebus come here!" she ordered and Cerebus listened as he never has to anyone before, trotting over too Hera to sit at the side of her throne.

" What's your name?" Hera asked the nude girl, standing tall before her.

" Dalia," said the girl, looking Hera in the eyes, a tingle of arousal filling her body. Apparently Hera's pheromones were having quite an effect on the girl.

"Well Dalia, I must say you are giving me quite a tingle."

Dalia smiled, her pheromones getting the better of her.

"Care to return the favor my Goddess?" she said sitting down on Hera's already wet lap, letting the sweet nectar of their sexes mingle . They melted into each others arms their lips meeting in a passionate kiss and as Dalia's kisses grew lower and lower, Hera spread her powerful thighs, exploding in ecstasy as Dalia sampled for the first time the nectar of a Goddess. Things on Olympus would never be the same.


Sharon stretched before climbing out of bed. Man was she sore. Carrying all that furniture around the day before had really gotten to her. She felt like she had gone through a war! She stood, yawned, stretched again, she was nude from the waste up, preferring as always to sleep topless, so she gave a nervous glance at the bedroom window. She was so tired the night before she forgot to close the blinds. She didn't want to make the paper boy's day or worse yet cause him to crash his bike so she walked over to the window and closed the blinds glancing out first, it was a beautiful day. The paper boy was only two yards away from the thrill of his young life. Oh well better luck next time kid, she thought. Turning away something in the trash caught her eye. It was the Art magazine she had thrown away the night before. Man I must have been tired she thought to herself because on the cover was the perfect painting. How could she have missed it? It was only the most powerful figure in Greek mythology. Hera, Goddess Of Thunder, standing in a powerful pose with her hands on her hips and one foot on her throne. On one side of her stood a Huge winged lion, on the other Cerebus the three headed dog. A tingle coursed through Sharon's body as she looked at the picture noticing the small silver charm that hung around Hera's neck. She had yet to notice the one just like it that now dangled between her gorgeous breasts.


The End