Growth Spurt II

Dear Diary:

Here's a picture of me in the midst of bulking up. It was so orgasmic doing it at the beach with nobody around! I forgot to take off my watch though and so it broke off. That's something I'll have to remember next time. Bye! Sandra

Sitting on the edge of Justin's bed, Sandra thought about what had just happened to her. She went from thin to megamuscular in a matter of minutes. Smiling, she recalled how good it felt riding Justin. Weird how in the beginning all she wanted to do was run for her life, looking at the door that was half ajar. Justin just couldn't run fast enough through, before tripping over himself. He was probably already telling his friends about what happened. She'd better get going. Walking over to the closet she stopped and looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that she looked smaller. At first she though it was her imagination, but then after standing there a minute, she realized that her muscles were actually getting smaller. This is great she thought. Wow, I've got awesome powers. Incredible Hulk, eat your heart out! Well, they weren't actually powers but a side effect. But whatever it was, it would allow her to keep a low profile. And, opening the closet, regular clothes would now fit her. A few minutes later she had put on one of Justin's whit, cotton shirts, a pair of kneel high shorts, and thongs. "This is adequate compensation after what he planned to do to me" she said with a smirk. The clothes were getting baggier by the second. She felt a huge pang of depression for losing those beautiful muscles that made her feel so good, with more energy than she had experienced in her whole life. Walking out the door, she moved hurriedly down the hall and finally the stairs. The music was still blaring so no one took notice of the clothes she was wearing. She rushed out the front door, not seeing Justin thank god. All of a sudden she doubled over in front of the door. Her stomach was killing her as she was overcome with hunger. Lifting herself up she went at a fast walk to where her care was parked. Reaching into her purse she felt for her keys. Taking them out and approaching her care in the dimly lit dirt parking lot, she saw a Harley Davidson parked right in front, blocking her exit. This is all I need, she thought. Blowing on her bangs in exasperation she went over to the Harley to try moving it out of the way. "Where's my strength when I need it" she grunted. Just then, a figure opened a rusty front door connected to a small, wooden house. "What the hell do you think you're doin'? Don't make me bust your face in." Sandra jumped startled with a sharp intake of breath. "OH, I'm sorry. Is this your bike? It's just that its parked in front of my car. Could you please move it?" The man, she noticed had a beard, was very heavy and wore a leather jacket typical of bikers. Looking her up and down, it was clear he had other intention...all but to Sandra. "I'll move it if you pay me $50." "What", she exclaimed. "I don't have $50. And even if I did, why should I pay you? This is for public parking." "Well, actually that's not my bike, it's my friends. And you parked where he always does, so you'll have to talk to him about movin' it." "Great" she whispered. "Well, then where's your friend?" "He's inside watchin'' TV. Come on in and ask him. I'm sure there won't by a problem." Waving her in she stalked up the stairs. Two problems in one night, there must be a full moon. Entering in the wooden-shack of a house, she immediately saw an even heavier man watching an old TV, drinking a budweiser. He looked to be around 250 lbs., most of it must of come from beer. "Hey Earl. This fine piece of ass wants you to move your bike." "Oh, is that right?" he said examining her breasts. "Well why don't you tell her what my answer is." That was when she felt something wrap around her nose and mouth. Feeling dizzy, she lost consciousness.

Slowly waking up, she groggily looked at her surroundings. She was handcuffed to the metal headrest of a bed with her arms stretched out above her head and her ankles were tied together above her thonged feet. Sensing movement to her right, she turned her head in time to see the heavier of the two bikers unzipping his pants. "So you don't have $50, huh? Well that's OK pretty lady. You can give me some compensation." As he was taking off his clothes, Sandra knew she had to work quickly. But the problem was she couldn't get bigger unless she smelled a man's body odor. She thought it might have to do with a man's testosterone-like pheromones, but she wasn't sure. All she knew is if she didn't have it, she'd be raped. "Here little lady" throwing his socks on her face as if on cue. "This'll be a souvenir you can show your friends." Chuckling, he began taking off his jacket. Smelling his undershorts was almost too potent for her. Her transformation was quicker than before. She felt her foot break through the thong straps as it got more muscular. The rope around her ankles were feeling tighter, but she felt less and less pain as they also bulked up. She felt her legs raising up as her calves started growing. Her wrists were already bending the metal cuffs. The room was semi-dark with only moonlight showing through the windows and the biker was oblivious, not even noticing her increasingly muscular physique. Sandra was in even more ecstasy than she was before. She began smelling the socks odor in deeply. Looking at her biceps now, she saw them bulging through the shirt, tearing the thin material. All she saw where veins running everywhere pulsing in rhythm to her heartbeat.

"Ohhh, god yess." Still unaware, the biker turned her over on her front. His throbbing penis held below her butt, he then tried to take off her shorts, but found they were too tight. "What the hell?" Then all of a sudden , her shorts ripped open down the middle exposing a dimpled, striated butt that was ripping through the pants as if to escape. "Ohh honey, kiss it.", she moaned. "Fuck this", he said, but before he could get off of her she snapped apart the rope holding her ankles and brought up her legs, flexing her hamstrings that ripped through the shorts which fell to the bed. Both legs held him fast. "Kiss my ass" she whispered. He noticed the pressure on his sides increasing until he felt like crying out, and still her hamstrings rippled out. Bending down he kissed her muscle butt. She began moaning in pleasure. "More, please." Sandra spread her arms apart snapping the chains of the handcuffs like they were tinfoil. The cuffs still held around her wrist. Well, we'll take care of that. A quick wrist flex, and they spilled to the ground. All the while she felt her body hot and pulsing with muscle. But this time she wanted to see how big she could get. So closing her eyes, she concentrated on growing bigger, the whole time groaning as the 250 lbs. biker kissed her rippling ass. The biker looked up and saw her lats flaring out lifting her arms up as they bulged outward. The back of her shirt tore down the middle slowly, extending down to her flexing ass. The top part of her back looked like sand dunes with an ever deepening crease down the middle as muscle grew on both sides. She then turned around and felt her six pack abs turn into huge churning waves of muscle. "Lick my pussy, won't you?" Looking at her with disgust, he reached for a bat that was hidden from sight and slammed it down on her abs where it just bounced off. "Ooh, do that again." She turned around exposing her striated butt. She flexed it, feeling it tighten and ripple upward. Harder than before ,he brought it down breaking it in half over her rock solid ass. Looking at the half broken bat, he threw it down and ran for the door and slammed it shut. Still concentrating she stood up and flexed her biceps slowly seeing them pump up to 20" in response. Continuing to flex, milking the pump for all it was worth, she saw a peak rising to 21", 22", then 23 inches. The separation was astounding. Taking his shorts from the ground, she smelled them and almost had an orgasm on the spot. Now flexing her bicep as hard as she could, smiled as the softball grew in height to 24 inches with the tip ball of muscle pounding and rippling skyward. It looked like silly puddy. One last grunt and it lifted finally to 25" from the massive bottom of the tricep was bowing downward. Her bicep was getting so big that her hand only could grab a piece of it.

Doing a tricep pose on her right arm, she saw the muscles bunch up and jut outward so that looking downward at the back of her arm, all she could see was muscle and nothing else. Her gargantuan shoulder pushed against her chin. Sitting on the bed she lifted her leg up, one at a time flexing them, willing them to get bigger. Rubbing and caressing them helped. Growing thicker, her quads jutted out in every direction. Rubbing her vagina, she even felt an extreme pulsating hardness there as well. Her quads continued to blast outward the more she flexed. When she stood up, her legs were forced apart because of the massive amount of muscle in between. When she walked towards the door the inside of her thighs weren't even rubbing together. Her enormous traps were two miniature mountain peaks connected to a vascular thick neck. Her lats weren't quite big enough, so she began doing some lat spreads that began pushing her arms out even more as they throbbed outward, flaring to unbelievable proportions. At the door, she noticed there was no handle. Pushing herself close to the door, she then flexed her muscled tits very gradually. Outside the door, the bigger biker was explaining what he had just seen when they began hearing creaking sounds. Looking over to the door, they saw two round bulges, one next to the other pushing outward until with a loud crackling sound, two muscled breasts showed rippling, flexing and growing, causing the holes to get wider with each flex. Then a heavily muscled arm showed through until her thick shoulder touched the door and to the bikers horror, she started flexing her massive bicep which cut a path vertically up the door. "OOOH YESS. This feels soo good. How does it look from over there." Her bicep was breaking through the wood as the softball-like bulging bicep began snaking its way up the door. Crackling sound mixed with small explosions of wood reverberated around the room. She then unflexed and groped for the door handle. Finding it, she twisted the metal handle off and pushed open the door. Grabbing the door with both hands, she yanked it off of its hinges. She placed it over her back, put both arms on either side and with a loud 'CRACK', broke it in half. "mmmmmm. That was easier than I thought it would be. Who's next?" Grinning mischievously at the bigger of the two. She walked over to the 25" TV set he had been watching. "This looks like a good quality set. Let' see!" Picking it up she put it against her breasts and flexed them. They burst through the glass and touched the other side. "oops. I guess not." "You bitch" the big one said and ran over to hit her. Expecting it, she kicked him in the stomach which sent him reeling. Gasping for breath, he bent over to recover, he then saw a hand reach under his stomach and then felt himself being lifted up. Veins popping out as if they were about to explode, she began curling him, ballooning the already massive bicep out even more. "mmmm. You are really pumping me up." She felt something strike her back and turned around to see his friend with a massive chain in his hand. Swinging it again, it wrapped around her right arm which he knew was a mistake. Grabbing him with her left arm, she held him so his face was touching her bicep. Then flexed her bicep slowly, marveling at the ever increasing peaks she could create. Lifting up, the veiny peak pumped up, stretching the chain until a creaking sound could be heard. At full flexion, her bicep was at 25", but wasn't able to break through the thick chain and she didn't think she could grow enough to break it. But that again was the fun of experimenting, she chuckled. She knew her most sensitive erogenous zone wasn't her clitoris, but her feet. Pushing him down until he was laying face up, she looked down at him sexually. "Lick my feet" , she groaned. "You're crazy, I'm not gonna' ....umph..." She put her foot on his chest and began flexing her flaring calves which put bone crushing pressure on his chest. "All right", he whispered. "You win." Then letting up, she held her foot in front of him. He grabbed it and began licking and sucking. Her muscular foot responded with contractions of its own, with muscle appearing around the ankle which seemed to head for her bicep that she continued to flex in the same position. "Ooooh come on baby, more. More, yess. Ooh yess." Licking her foot even faster caused her to orgasm on the spot. Looking at her straining bicep, Sandra saw it lift upward once again. putting all the energy from the orgasm into it, she began yelling "YESS, YESS. GROW. BULGE NOW" The peak launched even quicker looking like tiny worms were bunched at the top trying to get out. The bicep was now the size of her entire head, pulsing with new life. A final groan and the thick chain snapped in half and smashed to the ground. "Look how big it is!" she whispered to herself in awe. Looking at the left smaller bicep, she gave her other foot to him to lick and orgasmed to get the other one the same size. When that was finished, she did a double bicep pose and saw that both biceps were peaking a little above her head. The big biker was getting up and running outside. Sandra followed. This should be fun! Before he could get on his Harley, she had grabbed and thrown him to the side. "Now stay there like a good boy she said sweetly, pointing her finger at him. It was dark and early in the morning with no one around to see a huge, muscular and nude girl hop onto a Harley. "This is a nice bike." Lifting a foot up and putting it softly on the gas tank, she caressed it and saw her toes begin pulsating with new growth. Then bending her foot, she pushed down. Sandra's toes were the first to sink into the metal song with her foot a moment later. The protesting metal groaned as her foot sank deeper into the thick metal. Lifting her head up, she moaned in pleasure. "MMMMMM, UUUUU" Her bent leg was being pushed away by her calf muscle that was pushing bulging horse shoe muscle into her massive hamstrings. She had to stand up , while continuing to push down. Both tires popped and caused the bike to fall a few inches. She took her leg out of the 2 foot hole she'd made and picked the entire bike up with both arms. She lifted it up and her back became a surging mass of waves in constant motion. Then squeezing both arms together, began folding the bike in half. The headlight shattered as did the tail light. Metal on metal shrieked in agony as she strained her corded muscles flaring on every inch of her rippling body. Finally, the bike was folded in a U shape. She dropped it on the ground with a loud crashing noise. She turned to face the biker who cried out as her whole body had veins and bulging striations which rippled as she unconsciously flexed all parts. "That was a great workout. Look, I'm even sweating." Looking around, she sighed. "Well, I've had fun, but I really must be going. Maybe I can play with you boys again some time." Going back in the house, she picked up her purse with the keys and walked outside. Spiing a brick wall which separated the front yard from the sidewalk, she stopped in midstride and turned her head sideways. Now that gives me an idea, she smiled. Hurrying over to it, she gently pressed her muscled butt against it and gradually squeezed her glute muscles together. Surging growth rippled the two bulging cheeks outward, hammering into the brick. Licking her lips sensually, she got into the feeling of bulging her ass muscles more. Sandra loved the feeling she got from that tight, warm sensation of flexing. "OOOO.Come on an grow. UUUU Yessss. " Pieces of brick came off the wall in pieces, spilling around her. She bent her upper body so as to help her butt muscle flex out even farther. "mmmmm. Grow more. Yesss, YESSSS. NOW BULGE THROUGH!!!" Huge chunks of brick sprayed in all directions, with her glutes rippling up in size finally bursting through the other side of the wall. Pulling herself out, she waved good-bye and drove off in her car. When she got home her muscles had almost completely receded to their puny portions. She felt an even more severe hunger pang coming on so she hurried her nude body into the dark kitchen and ate like she'd never eaten before. What further adventures await her, she thought; and smiled shyly. Only time would tell.

Dear Diary: Yesterday I bought a 'Supergirl' shirt. It took one that was an XXXL to barely fit. This is a picture of me in it lifting a boulder. (Just showing off my strength) I changed the color of my hair to it's natural color. I'm now proud of who I am. Especially since the body that I transform into is so big and sexy. I wonder how much bigger I'll be able to get when my body mature. Hmmm. Well, Bye for now! Sandra