All these girls are much heavier than me. When they’ve got you down on the ground, I don’t suppose height matters. It’s their weight. You can’t move them. They press their weight down on you. It’s their weight and strength. Height doesn’t come into it.

There’s a scary knockout on clip 160lbs3. Debbie Andrea. Very muscular, so strong and hard. Can’t tell if it’s the pain or the constriction that does him in. She’s a whole stone heavier than me. What would happen if she just carried on squeezing? He’d have died.

Here she’s ripping into his neck, head and jaw with her rock-hard muscular legs.

And here she’s doing a similar job, this time with more neck-wrenching and with her 160lbs totally bearing down on him.

Some of the other girls look even more scary.

Like Talisin. Several inches taller than me at six foot. I know I’ve just said height doesn’t matter, but this girl is big and athletic. 200lbs! Nearly four stone heavier than me. Crushing. And here’s what she likes doing to men – Submission Style Wrestling, Semi-Competitive, Light/Fantasy, Scissors Session, Sensual Style Matches, Pro-Style Wrestling, Well Versed in Domination/BSDM, Ballbusting, Trampling, Beatdowns, Boxing both Semi-Competitive and Fantasy

And she likes to flaunt her sexyness, making her turned-on victims suffer so much…

Ballbusting? Scissors? Beatdowns? She actually beats men up and hurts their balls? And they can’t stop her. She’s too big and strong. And determined. This girl likes to hurt you.

And then there’s Afrika. Smaller than Talisin. Only 5’7”. An inch or so shorter than me. Nothing in it. But nearly three stone of muscle more.

She enjoys hurting men, too. Pinning them down with her weight, then using her strength and experience to wear them down with pain.

Here’s another heavy one. Vera at 190lbs. 6’2”.

He’s going unless she relents. Extreme pain and discomfort. No getting away. Until she’s happy. Her crotch is pressed hard against his throat. Grinding and squeezing.