The Amazeens
My name is Joan and I discovered a fountain of strength thanks to my friend Lisa. Lisa and her friends found some irradiated sport shake that gave them super strength. I overdosed on the stuff and became a massively muscled 19 year old.

But the greatest discovery was that my body had absorbed and mutated the chemicals to turn me nto a growth serum factory. My sweat glands produce the essence of the same serum, only concentrated a hundred fold. This is my tale.
I have been mistreated by guys all my life and my newfound strength is the way I will exact my revenge. Let Lisa and her puny friends just try and stop me. I've recruited a gang I call the Amazeens (Amazon teens) to make me the "big dog" in this town.
My first step was to talk my friend Carrie into joining me. She was as mad as guys as I was. I knew she would help me. But first I had to do something about her mousy body.

Carrie came over to visit me the day after I got "juiced". I told her what had happened but she didn't believe me. Rather than just show her my results I decide to induct her. She had wanted to try on my new white blouse so I tried it on first, making sure it abosrbed a little of my perspiration in the process. She put it on and it fit her nicely. She modeled it for and said "How do I look ?"
"Fine" I replied. "How do you feel ?"
She replied " Different.. kinda tingly.."
I said " Put your hands together in front of you and clasp them. Then tense your upper body." "OK" she said and she complied. In seconds her sleeves had filled with tanned rock hard muscle, ripping the white blouse into shreds. Her shoulders broadened until the remnants of the blouse didn't even span her chest. "WOW" she said. "I feel like I could crush a car !" "You probably could !" I answered. She tensed harder, the expansion ripping the remains of her blouse from her now thickened neck, leaving her upper body exposed in just her black bra. The bra lasted only moments as slabs of pec muscle filled with blood, and tore the overmatched straps in two. Only the hardness of her pecs kept her from being topless, as her chest held the bra remnants tight against her chest. She tensed each pec individually making them do a dance on her chest, each slab rising outward and several inches upward at each contraction. "COOL !" she said. "Look at me !"

"Well you aren't the only one with muscles dear" I cooed. I reached behind my bed and pulled out two of my workout dumbbells, the ones that weigh 1200 lbs each. These are just about at my strength limit but I wasn't about to let her know that. Her eyes bugged out when she saw me carrying the huge weights over to her. My slim arms had bulged to over 23 inches just from the exertion and the rest of me was rapidly pumping up to catch up. I held the weights to my side and tensed my body. My pecs leaped out 3 inches tightening against my swimsuit top. Carrie gasped as my chest rose towards hers, dwarfing even her massive new development by comparion. My triceps flared to the size of softballs under the strain. I couldn't hold this pose long but I held it long enough to impress Carrie. Carrie said "What happens when you make a muscle ?"

Hitting a bicep shot I pumped my right arm a few times until the cannonball of muscle had risen several inches above my delt. "Like that ?"
Carrie nodded silently.
I asked her "Would you like to look more like this ? Would you like to get revenge on the guys that have shunned us ?"
"You bet" Carrie replied. "But first can I change ? This top will drop if I relax any."
"Sure. You can wear my old bikini. It doesn't fit me very well any more. " After she had changed I said "Let me show you what I can do for you". Her physique was still buffed even in repose, as good as most fitness models. But I was about to send her beyond the dreams of even male bodybuilders. She faced away from me and I said "Hold you arm like this. This is called a rear bicep pose. " Making sure my hands were nice and sweaty I began to massage her upper arm. The arm hardened in moments under my fingers and I found I could not press into her arm at all.

The entire upper arm began to swell under my fingers. It expanded to what I guess was over 26 inches as a huge peak rose up on her bicep. She gaped at her arm "How did you do that !"
"My magic touch" I replied. I would keep my secret for now. "Do you like?"

She turned around and faced me. "Boy do I !" she said as she slowly pumped her arm. The contrast was mind boggling as her smooth but defined 12 inch arm turned into a monster over 2 feet around.

She was giddy with exitement. "What else can you do ? I don't want to look lopsided you know". I performed the same act on her left arm, making sure to keep her symmetry in mind. Then I moved on to her abs. I massaged her abs with my moist palm, feeling the layers of already cut muscle harden to a steel washboard.

Each muscle felt like a steel cord as my fingers stroked up and down. "Tee hee .. that tickles" she giggled. She involuntarily tensed her abs to stop me and I found my finger caught in one of the ab ridges. She was applying hundreds of pounds of pressure without even trying ! "OW!" I yelled in suprise and pain, and tried to jerk my hand away. I guess I startled her because she relaxed, freeing my finger. "That's some bear trap you've got there girl ! " I said. "Sorry. I guess I don;t know my own strength yet." I pulled my hand away and stared amazed at the rippling washboard at her waist. Each breath pulsed ridges up and down.

Next I massaged her legs. They tightened as I rubbed the back of her thigh and calves.

The calf muscle rose like a mountain due in part to her wearing high heels at the moment.It swept 3 inches in the inside of her leg. I think she would have to walk bowlegged to keep the calves from colliding if she tried to walk with them tensed like this.

She admired her reflection in the mirror but then realized what people would say to her. "How am I going to hide this ?" she asked. I showed her some relaxation exrecises that slowly reduced her curves to their previous size. "See, you can even wear the same size blouse" and I gave her another of my white blouses to wear. "But what if I need my strength ?" she asked.
"Don't worry. You can use probably 6 times your old strength without even growing noticeably." I handed her a crowbar and told her "Bend this!" Obediently she grasped each end, pressed down and found the inch thick steel bending like a coat hanger in her grasp.

"Whoa ! Nobody'd better mess with me now!" Press Here for Part 2