It was one of those late winter evenings is Greenwich Village, NYC. I dropped in for an Italian dinner at Louisí which is a place for a good meal and prices that are right. Usually there are a bunch of regulars there and polite nods to each other precede the meal. Sometimes there is a shortage of tables, and, in keeping with the informality, one might be alone at a table which is too large for one person, others might sit down at your table and make a party-like get together out of the mealtime. This has happened many times and gradually I got to know many of the people and enjoyed this informal way of seeing many new acquaintances repeatedly.

Since the place had "regular" customers, I actually looked forward to seeing and eating with people I already knew. NYC can be a lonely place much of the time and this became a pleasant comraderie that I enjoyed when the city seemed to close in without touching.

This one evening I had already ordered my meal at one of the larger tables, when two women whom I had never seen before, seated themselves at my table. Their manner was sort of commanding and was such that I thought that no other people would sit at this table.

I had noticed them when they walked in, for a few reasons. The main reason was that they were both quite tall. One barely fit under the low ceiling. The other one was not much shorter. when they took off their coats, I noticed that they were wearing sweats and sneakers. They also had towels around their necks. They seemed to have just come from exercise.

I started to rise in my usual salute to womanhood. They curtly signaled me to never mind and gestured for me to stay seated. I told them that they should not confuse a salute with a put down. Their irritated glances put a chill on the meeting.

They took my menu without asking and started to peruse it. Now I was getting irritated, but it didn't seem worth a comment. Well, they finally figured out what they wanted and loudly called for service. Whew! They were really arrogant and pushy so I just buried my face near my plate and started on my anti-pasta.

When they finished ordering, to an irritated waiter, they paid no attention to me and started talking to each other. I disregarded their conversation until, at one point, they started laughing at something. I looked up from my food to see if something funny had happened. I saw nothing and looked at them for a moment. The tall one gave me a disdainful look and asked me what I was looking at. I just said "What's so funny".

The other one said that I was funny. I replied that I didn't think so. So she replied that so far, that day, everything seemed funny if it had to do with a "male".

The shorter one (whom I later found out to be "Pat" just kept staring at me as if waiting for a reply. I hesitated, trying to think of some pithy reply, but nothing came to mind.. The taller one ("Gina", I found out later) asked me if I had anything to say for myself.. I said that I didn't see anything "funny" about "males".. At that they both started to laugh. I asked what was so funny.

At this they both started to talk at once. It seemed that they both had just come form the Sheridan Square Gym and that the men there were funny. I replied that there were a lot of well built men in that gym and some of them were body builders, some were power lifters and some were lust there to get into good shape.

At this they both started to laugh again and said that the men there were strutting around like peacocks and none of them even came close to being strong. I said that I doubted that they were right and that I had been there on several occasions myself.

 This irritated them and I said that they didn't look as if they had ever been in a gym themselves. I added that I attended gyms regularly and I weighed about 170 lbs. and was pretty strong and in good shape, and knew what I was talking about. This brought more laughter form them. SO, I asked what they were doing in a gym, and that they didn't look special except that they were tall. They glared at me and I said thaty they were probably only in a gym to see their boyfriends or to find boyfriends.

Gina scoffed at me for even thinking that they would go anywhere just to see some guy strut around after lifting some weight some six or eight times. Then it was my turn to laugh at them. "Don't tell me that you both went there to get in shape." They both started talking at the same time, telling me that they were already in shape and that if I doubted that, they would be happy to show me how wrong I was.

Well, this had gone from my trying to stand up when "ladies" came to my table to a situation in which they were putting me down. I told them that I was sorry that I had politely tried to stand up when they arrived and it wouldn't happen again.

They looked at each other and then Pat said OK "man" we will stand for the inferior one. At this they both stood up. Well, at this the whole place got quiet. Gina must have been at least 6'3" without heels and Pat was only a few inches shorter. I tried to see if they had any kind of lifts under their sneakers, there were none. I was standing near Gina. I was stunned to see that I had to look up to see her neck. It was almost the same with Pat. I was getting embarrassed because this scene was getting to be the sole object of attention in the whole restaurant. I started to go back to my seat and Gina hurried around behind me and pulled out my chair for me, as if I were a woman. I tried to take the chair out of her hand but her grip on the chair was too strong for me to break. I struggled to regain control of my chair but Pat came over and putting her hand on my shoulder pushed me down into my chair while Gina pushed the chair under me. I was again seated at my meal, my face red with embarrassment and anger.

Pat then said "Hey Guy, don't be confused between a salute and a put down, and I DO mean put down."

I put my head down and started to eat my meal again, but swallowing was a problem because of the lump in my throat. They sat down and ate their meal with happy smiles on their faces, and glancing at me continuously. They finished their meal first while I was fussing with my coffee, forgetting whether or not I had put sugar in the coffee.

 Gina called out loudly for the waiter, and when he came to the table she asked him for their bill and MINE! Igagged on my coffee and told him that I would take mine. He paid no attention to me and gave both bills to her. Gina paid the bills, left a tip and turned toward the door. Looking back at me, they both blew me a kiss, laughed and left the restaurant. On my part, I put down the cup and, refusing to look anyone in the face left about a minute after the woman had left.

That really ruined my favorite restaurant for me, but things turned worse for me when I got outside. There were Gina and Pat blocking my passage on the sidewalk. I tried to pass them but they stood directly in front of me. Gina, with a big smile on her face said "Now do you see what is so funny about men?" At this I said, You'd better get out of my way, if you know what is good for you." Pat said that I evidently didn't know what was good for me, and that I shouldn't stop being a funny man.

Gina added "Hey you, we paid for your dinner, do you think that you can just walk away from us now?" This role reversal was really getting me mad. I told them to get out of my way or they would have a fight on their hands.Gina looked down at me and said that was just what they were looking for.

Ugh! What now? I really didn't think that they could stand up to an outraged man but I didn't think that the sidewalk was the place for this. I was just about to suggest a trip to a gym, but Pat said that they could accomodate me in their apartment and that they lived one block away. I was so angry now that I blurted out "OK, if you girls are ready for a lesson in how strong men are, lets get it on!"

 Pat took my left arm and Gina took my right arm and started walking me to their apartment building. I should have realized their power right there, and their long legged strides had me struggling to keep up with them, they were actually dragging me faster than I could walk. I was forced into a trot to keep up. I couldn't get my arms free, and figured that I shouldn't try because it would betray fear on my part. Luckily we got to their building quickly and we got into the elevator. Gina pushed the button for their floor and they both held on to my arms with slightly painful grips.

By this time I was so angry and anxious to put them down and punish them that I paid no attention to their "capture" of me. I just wanted to get it on!

Well, we got to their apartment, still held fast on both sides, and went into a large living room which had wrestling mats on the floor instead of a carpet. I was still so mad at the put downs I had been getting from them that the mats didn't register on me. Pat locked the door with an inside key, and put it away while Gina distracted me my taking her coat off slowly. She then removed her sweats and got down to a bra and panties.

I was startled. Her body was more powerfully built than I could have imagined. She was in fact 6' 3" tall and weighed a good 230 pounds. It was all solid muscle. It was not ripped or striated, but looked just like any accomplished power lifter. Her muscles were thick and solid, and denoted POWER. there was no appreciable fat anywhere. I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Pat taking off her sweats and revealing the same type of body only slightly shorter. She appeared to be about the same weight as Gina and her thighs were even larger than Gina's. They both had large hands,. which were very strong. I noticed that they both had large firm Glutes, particularly Pat's. Their bodies bespoke many years of lifting heavy weights.

Both of them attacked me from both sides and, resistance failing tore my clothes from my body until I had onlyh a pair of Bikini style underpants. My frantic resistance was to no avail.

Then it happened, they were not only going to keep me here but they were going to have their fight. I was grabbed from behind by Gina with her right hand smothering my mouth and nose, keeping me from either breathing or calling out. At the same time I was attacked from the front by Pat who grabbed the top of my left shoulder and squeezed the trapezius painfully. At the same time she shoved her right knee into my groin, then lowered her knee and brought it again near my crotch.

Pat smirked "what's the matter big guy, afraid of a couple of women?"

I tried to answer but my mouth was sealed by Gina's large powerful hand. Gina heard me mumble and removed her hand and said " Gee, you're pretty easy to subdue. I don't think that we need two of us to destroy you, Mr. Chauvinist".

I asked them what they had on their sadistic minds. Again their laughter and Gina let go of me. Then Pat started to circle me while I kept trying to face her. She suddenly grabbed hold of my right wrist and puled me violently forward. This caused me to spin around and suddenly find myself ins a powerful bear hug from, behind. I gripped her wrists but found that my hand could not completely go around them. I could not budge her grip. She squeezed hard and I couldn't breathe. I struggled and even kicked backwards into her shin with my heel. When I was almost unconscious, she released her bear hug and I slipped downwards through her arms to the floor in a half seated position.

I heard her say AAAAAHH! as she sat behind me with her huge thighs around my waist. I looked down and could only see her feet and large calves. She showed her experience in wrestling by putting me in an excruciating scissors grip around my lower ribs. I screamed and she changed her legs to put her feet under my lower legs and straightened out her legs. This twisted my knees horribly with a terrible wrenching, sort of a grapevine in reverse. As I screamed in pain I heard her giggle and say to Gina "Hey Gina, I didn't even think that this hold was possible to get on someone, he is going to be a great sparring partner." Gina laughed and told Pat to leave some of me for her to practice on. They both kept laughing while I was begging to be let go.

She finally let me go and we both got to our knees facing each other. Now out of the hold I was still angry enough to attack this "smaller" woman. I lunged at her to force her into a bear hug of my own, and hoped to put her on her back so that the weight of my body would keep her in a bear hug.

I was wrong again.She met my attempted bear hug with a powerful lunge of her own and completely overpowered me and reversed my pressure forcing me to the mat on my back with her on top of me. She met my hug with a powerful lunge of her own and completely overpowered me with her large hard, muscular body and reversed my pressure forcing me to the mat on my back. I got my arms between us and tried to force he up off of my body, which was now feeling squashed under her great weight. She me squashed painfully to the mat where, again, I could hardly draw a breath. She smiled down into my face with an expression of victorious glee at the complete reversal of my attempted move.

.Pat looked into my face and said "Hey guy, what happened to your power, weren't you me in this hold?. I groaned and told her that I would force her off of me and that I wouldn't accept this humiliation. She looked down at me and allowed a drop of her sweat to drop into my eye. I howled and yelled at her to stop that. She laughed and said,

What's the matter little man, can't you take a drop of female sweat, wait till you see what's coming next>'

True to her words, she started to slowly push her massive body upwards along my supine body. Her weight and her body produced pain along my whole body until she was straddling me with her massive thighs. her crotch was pressing heavily my abdomen and my face was smothered by her breasts..My arms were pinned to my sides by her powerful thighs I got my arm between my neck and her body and pushed upwards with all of my strength. It was useless. I only would up with my own arm pressing into my neck and being strangled with her using my own arm as a weapon against me.

Then things got worse. She slid her body farther upwards on mine and wound up putting her knees on each side of my head, pinning my arms with her knees, allowing me a view only of the crotch of her black undies.She held both of my hands in crushing grips which caused me to scream for mercy. She only smiled down at me and squeezed harder. Ugh! These powerlifters didnít have cuts, striations and separations like body buildeers, but their power was much greater than that of bodybuilding women (or men too).

No matter how I struggled, I couldnít budge her. She just looked down at me with a small smile on her face. Her hair was hardly disturbed by the actions she had already taken, and she looked as fresh as she did in the restaurant. My senses were nearly overcome with her female odors, which indicated her excitement and my alarm. What was she intending to do?

She then rolled onto her left side, holding my head in a tight two handed grip which caused me to cry out in pain. Then she wrapped her huge powerful thighs around my head and gripped me around the waist and applied a devastating head scissors and crushing bear hug simultaneously. The pressure was absolutely unbearable, but I couldnít even make any cry louder than a muffled sound, and I couldnít even catch my breath, equally for her heavy pressure on my mouth and nose, and from the constricting of my breathing from the bear hug.

I was in double agony,not being able to tolerate either grip with which she was happily torturing me. I screamed out for her to let up, but I could only faintly hear her giggle and say something to Gina, and both of them laughing at my predicament. Both holds got stronger, causing me to fear that that there was no limit to the power she could apply to me. I was getting faint from the scissors and breathless from the bear hug. I think that I went into a state of unciousness and the next thing of which I was aware was that I was able to breathe, but my head was now being squeezed in an even tighter scissors than before. The pain was excruciating. I was now in a scissors from the rear and was on my back with my head in a crushing rear scissors with her holding me by my hair and forcing the back of my head into her hot, moist crotch.

By now my vision was blurred but all that I could see was her legs. Her thighs felt like they were made of pure steel and my eardrums were being pressured to the point that I thought that they would burst. Her cruel grip on my hair was pulling me harder and harder into her crotch. Out of the corner of my vision I saw Gina laughing at my predicament. I tried to struggle and threw my legs about trying to escape the holds but that only brought more pressure on my head and a stronger pull on my hair. There was no escape.

Next, things started to get really serious. Pat rolled onto her right side, keeping her terrible scissors on my neck but twisting me around between her immense thighs to that I too was lying on my right side. But now my face was pressured against her huge, shapely ass, so that I not only was in excruciating agony form the renewed scissors, but I was being smothered by the overwhelming presence of her glutes. While lying on her side, she was able to extend her body so tht the pressure of her scissors became deadly. The blood supply to my head was shut off causing me to become conscienceless. But her cruelty came to the fore and each time that I was almost passed out, she relaxed the scissors for a moment and then squeeze even harder. I was amazed at the power in her legs, because each new squeeze became harder. Evidently she was looking at Gina who acknowledged her dominance over me by laughing and encouraging her not to put me out, so that they could both extend their pleasure at seeing me in such dire straits.

I got the feeling that my neck was lengthened to twice its normal length. the pain was horrible and I couldn't even cry out or voice my surrender.

 I tried desperately to move her legs, but all that I accomplished was to bring a laugh from Pat and Gina, at my helplessness in her grip. She said

"Well, I left you the use of your arms, but you are such a weakling compared to me that you look like a butterfly pinned in place".

This brought more laughter from both of them. This time Pat cruelly squeezed me unconscious.

The next thing of which I was aware was that now I was being pressured by her hard kneebones on my head, painfully crushing my ears against my head. I pleaded with her to stop, but this only brought gales of laughter from both of them. The tones of their laughter was now in a more contralto voice, indicating the sexual thrills they were experiencing from my agony and humiliation.

 From my position I could only see Pat's calves, which appeared to be 20" around. She now had my left leg in her hands and was pulling it back towards her head. This was stretching my leg and lower back intolerably, but there was nothing that I could do to relieve this new agony. I wailed and cried as loudly as I could but she only increased the pressure upon my head. Was there no end to her strength? My face was being distorted, and my jaw felt that it was slowly, forcibly being dislocated. I never knew that a human being could experience such pain and still live through it. I began to wish that I could pass out, but she never let me gain that relief. Her thighs were so large that my whole head was immersed just between her knees.

I next realized that I was in a semi-sitting position. For a moment, I thought that my torture was at an end. How wrong I was. I then felt her strong arm circle my neck. She caught my throat in the crook of her elbow and pulled me backward pressing my back against her chest. I could feel her breasts pressing against me. She didn't give me the opportunity to enjoy the sensation. She hooked her feet under my lower legs, and, when her position was correct she had me in a new version of the grapevine. As she straightened her legs my knees were painfully and forcefully twisted in a position I had never even imagined. I could not understand why she kept changing her grips on my body, and before I could again ask her for mercy she squeezed my neck so hard that I could not make a sound nor breathe. My Adams apple was being pressed against the back of my throat most painfully. I could not make a sound, nor breathe in or out. I could see Gina, with her camera smiling at my predicament and heard her tell Pat to keep up the pressure because I was turning a beautiful purple.

Their sadistic enjoyment of my torture was frightening. Then, to show her versatility she switched to a full nelson and a body scissors. This brought a new kind of suffering to me, My body was being stretched as if on a torture rack. Her arms were not only pulling my body upward but forcing my head so hard against my chest, that I thought that my neck would break. As it turned out, since that evening, my neck still hurts in cold or damp weather and frequently makes a cracking noise when I try to turn it far to either side. It still reminds me of that evening of pain and humiliation. I do confess that when I think of that evening, I get a sexual thrill from my remembrance of that time of female power and dominance. I still believe that the event was an expression of physical and sexual dominance of female over the male. However, that night I could only think of how I could end this pain which Pat was administering to me.

She then applied a constantly changing group of painful holds which I can barely remember but for these pictures taken by Pat.

One hold was particularly humiliating, because she squeezed my throat painfully with her left hand causing me excruciating pain as she practically tore my Adam's apple from my neck while she looked into my eyes enjoying the expressions of pain and terror in my eyes.

Finally, because I was incapable of expressing my pain, humiliation and surrender in any noticeable manner, I heard Gina telling Pat to silence me once and for all.

Pat then again put her right arm around my throat strangling me painfully and then Put her large left hand over my face, blocking my mouth and nose completely. Her strength was prodigious, I felt that my head was being distorted permanently. the pain was excruciating. The strangle hold was even worse. I felt that I would never be able to speak in anything other than a gargling sound. Again I was powerless to remove her hand and I waived my hands in surrender. She refused to accept any. attempt at surrender. Even though she was slightly the smaller of the two women, she was determined to finish me off at her pace, not mine. I gradually sank into unconsciousness. I thought that I was dying.

I could not tell how long I was out. When I regained my senses I saw them both seated at a table sipping wine. When I started to move they laughed at me again and told me not to move or Gina would take up where Pat had left off. I remained where I layed, in my underwear, completely defeated and humiliated. Finally they told me to pick up my clothes. I did, but Gina told me not to put them on. I obeyed.

Then they both stood up and Pat told me that she really enjoyed totally defeating me. I said nothing.

Gina said that she had taken out my wallet and retrieved enough money to cover the cost of my meal. She also saw my address and observed that I lived nearby.

"What does it matter" I groaned.

Gina said "This is not over, we will be paying you visits when we feel like it, now get out, but don't you dare to put on your clothes until you get out on the sidewalk."

I stared at them but they both laughed and left. I now live in total fear pf these powerful and sadistic women, but underneath the fear, was a longing to see them again and hope that I lived through any future encounters with them. A key had turned in my spine and I was thereafter, in my mind, devoted to the concept of female superiority and men's devotion to such women, maybe all women. The thrill has remained long after the pains have faded.

This was written a week after the encounter, because I did not want ever to forget the things which happened to me that night. There have been subsequent encounters, but so far I have not had the courage to write them down. My former understandings of the so called roles of men and women have been turned upside down and I am still trying to understand what has happened to me.