The Librarians Secret

By TmanAlpha

Librarian Ruth reveals the secret of her fists to the rude football player

At 10 pm the library closed, and the remaining students filed past the librarians desk on their way out. Almost every night, a loud obnoxious football player, Tom Mitchell, was one of the last to leave. Tom came to the library to look at girls and was constantly reminded by the librarians to behave or leave. Ruth had seen enough of Tom’s behavior, and tonight she was going to do something about it. Ruth and Tom were the only one’s left in the library, and she purposely blocked Tom from leaving through the exit door.

Hey you fat cow, how about moving away from the door so I can out of this hole”, he said with a laugh and a look of disgust. Ruth stood her ground and turned to lock the exit door.

You old bag, unlock that door before I get mad”. Ruth looked up at the towering football player and said “You’ve embarrassed the librarians enough, and I’m going to teach you some manners. So, if you are man enough, follow me.”

Tom could not believe what he heard. “How are you going to teach me manners, make me stand in the corner”? “ No, Ruth replied, I’m going to teach you with my fists” Tom looked at the matronly librarian in disbelief. Ruth stood about 5’3”, and appeared to be around 40-45 years old. She was overweight, flatchested, and had a huge belly that looked to measure 60-70 inches around. At first glance she appeared to be pregnant with quadruplets. Even with the large belly, she could not have weighed more than 180 pounds, as she had strangely slim legs and arms for someone so rotund. Her arms and legs were strikingly out of proportion to her torso.

Tom, who was a linebacker on the football team, was incredibly well built and muscular. His 6’ 1” 230 pound body was virtually devoid of fat, and he had a physique that was referred to as “chiseled out of granite”. He had 18” arms, and could bench press 400 pounds for 10 repetitions. He was known as the toughest player on the team, and in the off-season he had become the national collegiate heavyweight champion in boxing. In the national championships he had defeated 6 straight opponents by knockouts. The professional boxing analysts had already determined that he could easily defeat any of the professional heavy weights. The analysts wrote that he had incredibly fast hands for a heavyweight.

Look lady, the joke has gone far enough, open the door, and I won’t have to hurt you” “ OK, said Ruth, if you’re that afraid of an old librarian, I’ll open the door so you can leave, and I won’t have to hurt YOU!

Tom shrugged his shoulders and said, “OK lady, you asked for it, lead the way”. Tom thought that he would humor the librarian and maybe even get a laugh out of her acting tough.

Ruth led Tom to an unused room in the basement of the library. None of the library staff even knew the room existed, it could only be entered by first entering a supply closet, and then crouching low to go through a half-door Ruth had the only key to both doors. It was a large, well-lit room with no windows. The room had no furniture, but there were some medicine balls, a heavy punching bag, a speed bag, and one weight lifting machine of a type that he had never seen before. The center of the room was a large mat approximately 20 feet square. Tom was thinking about how out of place the room was in the basement of a library, when he heard Ruth lock the door behind them. Oh brother, he thought, the old bag is really playing this to the hilt!

OK lady, we’re here, I’m really scared, and I’ve learned my lesson” he said laughingly, can I go now? “You haven’t learned anything yet, said Ruth, but you will soon”. “We’re going to strip to the waist and fight bare-knuckled until one of us is left standing.”

You’ve got to be kidding lady, I don’t fight old fat women—I’ll destroy you with the first punch”.

Fine, said Ruth, then what are you waiting for—strip down and destroy me”.

Tom shrugged his shoulders and started unbuttoning his shirt. He watched as the librarian removed her coat and began to unbutton the long “ tent” dress that she wore. The dress was huge, and cut full to accommodate her huge stomach, but as large and full as the dress was, it seemed to be straining to remain buttoned. She began unbuttoning from the top, and as she worked her way down, the dress almost flew open with the opening of each button. She removed the dress revealing a heavy canvas “ corset” underneath. Tom figured the corset kept her already huge belly from expanding further. The corset was unusual, not only in that it was canvas, but also in how extensively it covered her torso. The corset extended from just below her armpits, to slightly below her crotch. In addition, it had numerous “ latches’ that ran down the front, and appeared to be reinforced in several places with wire cable that encircled her body.A couple of inches below crotch level, the corset disappeared beneath the overhang of her stomach. What a slob, thought Tom, he could not even imagine how much worse she would look without the corset. Ruth then struggled to release the floor length skirt that she wore. It was difficult for her because the snap for the skirt was underneath the corset and her huge stomach. Her hands disappeared completely underneath the corset, but finally the skirt fell to the floor. For the first time, Tom saw Ruth’s legs and arms at the same time. Her arms and legs were a stark contrast to the massive girth of her torso. He guessed that her neither arms nor calves could be more than 12” around and belonged on a 10 year old girl.

Tom proceeded to finish unbuttoning his own shirt and casually removed it making sure that the librarian was watching as he revealed his incredibly muscled body.

The librarian looked over and smiled. He is impressive; she thought as she turned away from Tom and began to release the latches on her corset. When Tom saw this, he turned around and looked the other way. Oh man! He thought, this is going to be ugly He could not bring himself to turn around and look at Ruth’s bloated body. He could hear the latches opening, and then finally, he could hear the heavy corset fall to the floor with a loud thud, followed by what sounded like a groan of relief and a slapping sound. Her belly slapping her body, he thought, but still he could not bring himself to turn around.

I’ll be ready as soon as I remove my bra”, said Ruth. Bra? Tom thought—she’s as flatchested as I’ve ever seen—it must be more like a band aid. He could hear Ruth walk a few feet from where she had been standing, and then he heard her return to her original location

I’m ready” said Ruth, “you’re going to have to turn around sometime and take your medicine” I need medicine all right, thought Tom, I’m probably going to be sick when I see her half naked.

Tom turned around slowly and what he saw made him gasp for air. The first thing he saw was the biggest bra he had ever seen! It was draped over one of the arms extending from the mystery weight machine. The middle of the bra, where the bra cups met in the middle, was resting over a piece of the machine that was about 4 feet off the floor—amazingly, each end of the bra was touching the floor! As much as the length of the bra shocked him, it was the size of the bra cups that had caused him to gasp in amazement. Tom was a “ breast man”, and had seen his share of bras. Visions of his last 4 girlfriends flashed through his mind.


Jill had great hangers, but her 38 MM was only half the size of the bra he was looking at.



Sue and Laura had unbelievably huge breasts, perfectly shaped cones with puffy nipples, but again, their bras were less than half the size of the twin tents hanging from the weight machine. Pam was the biggest at 38ZZ, but both of her bra cups would have fit into the one of the cups of this bra!


However, as amazed as he was at the sight of this bra, nothing compared to what he saw as he finished turning towards Ruth.

What he saw caused his legs to quiver, and he uttered an almost imperceptible “Oh my god!” Ruth was facing him with her arms hanging at her side and her feet spread about shoulder width. What Tom ( and everyone else at the school) had thought was Ruth’s huge stomach were the largest breasts he had ever seen. His eyes went back to the bra on the weight machine, and then back to the sight of Roth’s breasts—they were easily 3 times the size of Pam’s massive udders. Ruth was a 180 pound woman, however it was 80 pounds of breast flesh attached to a 100 pound body! With the corset on, Tom had thought that she had a 60-70 inch “stomach”, but now the “stomach” turned out to be breasts, and Ruth had to measure 80-90 inches where her breasts were the fullest. Tom was amazed that she could even support the massive orbs, but then he realized what the mystery weight machine was—it was a machine to exercise her back muscles, and judging from the 250 lbs of weights stacked on the machine, she could


Easily support her breasts and a lot more.

Ruth noticed Toms’ amazement and chuckled to herself. Only a handful of men had ever seen her humongous breasts, and all for the same reason as Tom. She noticed also, that Tom had noticed the weight machine. “Do you like my weight machine? Said Ruth as she walked towards it. With each step her massive breasts swayed heavily and Tom could hear a light smacking sound as they came together. “ Let me show you how it works—you may not be in any condition to see it later. Ruth started to mount the machine. She slid face down under the arm of the machine that was attached to the weights. With great effort she pushed her breasts forward and allowed them to drop towards the floor where they made a loud smack and spread breast flesh in all directions. This was an amazing sight as she was lying a full 30 inches off the floor. Ruth proceeded to do an effortless 20 repetitions with the 250 pounds. He saw that her incredibly narrow back---it could not have been more than 10-12 inches across.---- was a solid slab of muscle that rippled with each repetition. Tom had never seen a slab of muscle so thick and striated on such a narrow physique. Ruth rose slowly from the machine, rubbed her breasts for a minute or two, and turned to face Tom. “ I do 200 repetitions of these twice a day, just so I can support these, said Ruth, as she gently ran her hands up and down the length of her breasts. “

Tom had regained his composure somewhat and started looking at Ruth carefully for the first time. He could see that her breasts were truly 40% of her entire body. Her breasts started at a point just a few inches above her sternum and descended to a point just above the middle of her thigh. They were pear shaped and became wider with each inch of descent. They were not only wide, but also fat and round. At the widest point, they were easily as one and a half times as big around as a basketball. He guessed that her upper chest was only 10-12 inches across, and her upper torso at that point was only 32-34 inches in measurement. However, at the widest point of her breasts, which was a few inches higher than their full length, she had to be 36 to 38 inches across!. In fact, her breasts were so large across that, when Ruth’s arms hung to her sides, Tom could only see the upper part of her arm near the shoulder, and could not see her hands at all where they hung at her side!. Her bright red areola were easily 6-8 inches across, and had pencil-thick blue veins radiating outward from the edges.

He then looked at her face and hands and saw things that he had never noticed before. Her eyebrows appeared to have old scar tissue, and her nose looked it had the extra cartilage that comes from having your nose broken a few times. She was actually a good looking woman, but her face showed the many punches she had taken over the years. Her hands, while not large, had knuckles that belonged on a man twice her size. A doctor had once told Ruth that she had the perfect bone structure in her hands for a fighter—almost unbreakable) He realized that he had never really looked at the librarian all that closely in the past.

It’s time to do this , but before we get started, I always allow my opponents to hear my story, and ask a few questions—it’s the least I can do before I destroy them. I’// keep it short so we can get this over with.”

I haven’t always been a librarian. Until I was 40 years old I was the best bare-knuckle fighter in the country. I didn’t say the best female bare-knuckle fighter, I said the best period. I grew up with 6 older brothers, the youngest of them was 2 years older than me, and the oldest was 12 years older. From the time that I was 6 years old, I can remember them slapping me around and punching me in the face. They were the toughest fistfighters in the county, and could beat men much older than them when they were still teenagers. One of my brothers beat up the biggest man in town when he was only 12. When I turned 10, I decided that I had had enough. I challenged my 12 year old brother to a fistfight, and he beat me up pretty bad. I saw you looking at my nose—that first fight resulted in the first of many broken noses. When I recovered, I challenged him again—he still beat me, but this time I broke his nose with a lucky punch, right before he knocked me out cold. Each time I recovered, I challenged him again until 3 months later I finally knocked him out. I then challenged my 14 year old brother and knocked him out after only 3 bouts. I knocked my 16 and 18 year old brothers out after 2 bouts, and my 20 year old brother out after only 1 bout. My 20 year old brother had broken my nose, closed one of my eyes, and opened gaping cuts on my eyebrows and cheekbones. It had taken me three years to get to this point, and I was now 13. My 22 year old brother, however, was not going to wait for me to recover from this fight. As I stood bleeding and staggering over the unconscious 20 year old, my 22 year old brother tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around, he punched me in the only eye that I could still see out of, and I went down flat on my back. He straddled my chest and began to hit me with thunderous lefts and rights. I knew that I was going to pass out soon, so with my remaining strength, I gave him a head butt that caused him to roll off of me. What happened then is not totally clear. I got up---he got up. I don’t know where I got the strength, but I started hitting him with as many lefts and rights as I could. I could feel the spray of blood from his nose when I broke it with a left jab, it reenergized me and sent the first erotic feeling through me that my 13 year old body had ever known. He hit me with everything that he had, but I felt no pain.I continued to pound his face with lefts and rights until both of his eyes closed and his arms hung limply at his sides---I hit him at will—he was totally defenseless. He begged me to stop, but I was not going to stop until he went down. I took him by the hair and lead him like a puppy to the barn wall. I propped him against the wall and caught my breath. I reached back as far as I could, and delivered the hardest blow I had ever delivered. It sounded like a rifle shot when it landed, and he went down. My mother and father had actually heard the last punch and raced to the barn. When they saw my brother lying bloody and unconscious on the floor, they threw me out of the house and told me never to come back. That’s how I became a bareknuckle fighter. I had no money, I and I was only 13 . I heard that men would pay good money to beat each other senseless in fistfights. I found an alley, one night where women were fighting in front a crowd of men. When I asked if I could fight the winner, they all laughed and told me that I was too young and would get hurt. I begged them, and they decided to give me a chance. The ongoing fight ended quickly as an older fighter, who showed the cars of many years of fighting, dispatched a young first-time fighter in only a few minutes. The veteran knocked the young girl cold with only four punches. The older fighter wanted to give the men their money’s worth, and straddled the young girls chest as she lay unconscious. She then proceeded to rock the girl’s face back and forth with thunderous lefts and rights that began to cut the girls face to ribbons. Finally, when she was satisfied that she had broken the girl’s nose and jaw, she stood up and raised her arms in victory. Ruth looked at the once pretty young girl whose face was now an unrecognizable pulp. Ruth walked over to the veteran fighter and assumed a fighting stance. The older fighter laughed and did the same. This‘ll be the easiest ten bucks I ever made, she said as she launched a round huse right towards Ruth’s head. Ruth ducked the right and proceeded to destroy the woman with jabs, uppercuts, and left-right combinations. The fight was over in less than two minutes. The crowd was stunned and started to cheer. Ruth had never heard anyone cheer for her before, and she enjoyed it. She became well-known, and fought any woman who would toe the mark with her. By the time I was 20, women would not fight me any more, so I started fighting men---I was undefeated with them until I was forced to retire at age 40. Any questions?”

Why did you retire?” Tom asked, were you getting too old for the fights?

No, she replied, in fact I wasn’t even in my prime. I quit because of these. “ With that, Ruth cupped her breasts and lifted them towards him. Until I was 37 years old, I was almost flatchested. At 37 my breasts started “to sprout” a little---I actually had “buds about the size of small lemons. My Doctor did some blood tests and told me that I was in the early stages of late-life “ virginal hypertrophy”. He told me that my breasts might grow a little more, but that it was nothing to worry about Nothing to worry about my eye! By the time I was 38 they grew from lemons to cantaloupes—I had not even worn a bra before, and now I was wearing a 32 FFF. Most women would be pretty happy about this, but you have to remember that I fought naked to the waist, and my breasts had started to become very noticeable, and got in the way. At 38 and a half they had blossomed into watermelons ( 32 HHH, and by the time I was 39 they hung down to my waist and I was wearing the largest custom made bra that I could find, a 32MMM I talked to the Doctor about a breast reduction, but he told me that a had a rare condition that might make a reduction fatal. People were coming to my fights to see my breasts—even women. At 39 and a half they were already hanging a few inches below my waist and weighed 30 pounds each, fortunately I found a lady in Virginia who could make a bra of any size. When I went to her for a fitting, she told me that I had the largest breasts she had ever seen. She said that there was truly no way to capture my cup size, but she laughed and said that using normal cup calculations it would probably be 32ZZZZZZ. My breast measurement was a full 30 inches more than my chest size! I even had to change the way that I threw punches because my boobs stuck out so far to the side. When I turned 40 they reached the size they are now --- 40 pounds apiece and hanging half way down my thigh. I had become a freak show— women laughed at me, and men either laughed or wanted to touch them. When I went back to the lady in Virginia, she was stunned. I now measured a full 40 inches more around my breasts than my 32 inch chest size. She made my new bra and told me that it took 4 times the material than the next largest bra she had ever made, she estimated that it was, at least a 32ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. She told me that men’s magazines would pay me a lot of money to pose naked, but by now my face was well-scarred and my nose had been broken at least 2 dozen times. I wasn’t reluctant to bare my breasts for a magazine (I been fighting bare chested for years), but I was ashamed of my face. I found out a couple of years later that she had secretly taken some pictures of me during the fittings. She sold them to a magazine and became the rage of the men’s magazine world. It seemed that no one really got past looking at my breasts long enough to notice my face.

The rest is pretty dull. I hade the canvas corset made, got a library degree, and here I am. I’ve never been married, and I’m still a virgin. I decided that the man who can beat me gets the chance to change that, and nobody has beaten me. I only fight now to teach guys like you a lesson. Of course, nobody talks about getting beaten to a pulp by the matronly librarian, so my secret is safe. Now, let’s get this over with!

Tom nodded in agreement and raised his fists. Ruth looked at him for a second and said “ just a minute, I fight bare chested, but you have to fight naked!” Tom did not even hesitate when he heard this and he immediately dropped his pants. Rick was proud of his body, and especially his cock. When he dropped his shorts, it was Ruth’s turn to gasp. Tom had the largest male organ she had ever seen, and she had plenty of experience showering and changing in male locker rooms over the years. His limp cock descended over half way down his thigh, ending only a couple of inches above his knee. She estimated it was 10 inches long and as big around as Ruth’s forearm in its flaccid state! Its purplish-red cockhead was easily the size of a large lemon.

Do want to hold it and see if it’s real?” Tom said with a laugh. “ My dick is to other guys dicks what your humongous tits are to other women’s breasts , and I’m definitely going to be all over those boobs after I knock you out.

Nobody has ever touched my breasts, and you’re not going to be the first”. However, you can touch them if you beat me, which you won’t. When I beat you, I have my own sort of surprise for all of my opponents, sort of a victory ritual.” “Now let’s do it!”

Tom and Ruth began the ritualistic circling of bareknuckle fighters. They were sizing each other up by flicking jabs that were not meant to connect, but only to feel the opponent out. Tom noticed that Ruth had to bring her arms out from behind her breasts and then raise them into a high punching position. He knew that this prevented Ruth from throwing effective jabs and other straight punches. In fact, she could not throw an uppercut at all, her breasts got in the way. He knew that he could concentrate on her only effective punches which were roundhouses and hooks. Round houses and hooks left her open for a counterpunch with every swing.

Ruth saw that Tom was purely a right hand fighter, and she knew that she could take advantage of that.

Then Ruth landed the first blow. The blow stung Tom , but did not hurt him ( Ruth’s punches had always been compared to a ballpeen hammer versus a sledgehammer, but she defeated her opponents by landing 10 blows to each one of theirs. A fight Doctor who had examined Ruth had told her that she had virtually perfect muscle attachment and alignment for throwing punches—he had never seen anyone who was even close). Tom never even saw the punch coming, and could not believe how quick Ruth’s hands were. She hit him 6 more times before he realized what had happened. This time he felt his left eye begin to swell.

Enough of this, Rick thought, and he caught Ruth with 2 quick jabs and a powerful sidearm uppercut ( he could not hit her with a normal uppercut as her breasts got in the way) Ruth had never been hit so hard by another fighter and found herself almost lifted off of her feet by the uppercut. The punch was so powerful that it lifted her 80 pounds of breast meat high into the air at virtually a 90 degree angle. Tom had to step back quickly to allow the breasts to fly upward, hover momentarily, and then fall back to her body with a loud slap. The force of her breasts hitting her torso caused her to stagger back almost 8 feet and regain her balance. Still, she was not hurt, and retaliated with 4 quick blows that brought a spray of blood as the 4th blow broke Tom’s nose. The spray sprinkled Ruth’s face and enormous breasts with crimson droplets. The blood caused a tingling throughout Ruth’s body, and she was elated at her early “ victory”. However, Tom was enraged by the blow that had broken his nose. He stunned Ruth with 2 lightning jabs followed by an upper cut and a crushing left hook. To Ruth’s surprise, she was dazed by the blows, and her vision became cloudy. Before she could focus again, Tom hit her with a left, right, left, right combination and a powerful uppercut. That made Ruth see stars! The uppercut lifted Ruth to her tiptoes, and she staggered back a few steps and for the first time since she was a little girl, Ruth was down! She was lying flat on her back staring at the ceiling, but knew that she had to get up. When she opened her eyes she was terrified, She had been blinded by the punch, and saw nothing but black! Strangely, she also felt a pressure on her eyes and face. She reached up to touch her face, and realized that the force of her landing had caused her massive breasts to fly back and completely cover her face.

Tom stepped back and waited for Ruth to get up. The sight of her crashing to the canvas was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen as her breasts flew into the air and landed on her face with a loud smack. Ruth’s massive breast flesh seemed to cover her entire body, from the lower rib cage, up and over her face, and onto the canvas behind her head. Tom saw Ruth’s tiny waist for the first time with its six pack abs. Her waist could not have measured more than 22 inches! The awesome sight caused a stirring in Tom’s loins and he fought to keep his excited member from rising.

Ruth new that she had to get up quickly and shake-off the knockdown. She reached up with her gloves and pushed her breasts back towards her waist The twin behemoths rolled back down her chest, and then cascaded to the floor on each side at about waist level. With great effort, she rolled over and onto her knees into a semi-kneeling position, leaning forward, and resting on her fully extended arms. After taking a few breaths, she pushed herself upright and sat back on her legs. She did not have to look in a mirror to know that she had suffered a broken nose and a severe gash over her right eye. Rivlets of blood were trickling down her massive breasts, and were a stark contrast to her thick blue breast veins that were now fully engorged and pulsating. She knew that the weight of her breasts , that, even at arms length, were resting heavily on the floor, would make it difficult for her to get to her feet as she had still not recovered from Tom’s blows. She placed her gloves back on the floor, and crawled the few feet to her weight machine her dangling breasts left a light trail of blood behind . Grabbing the machine, she pulled herself to her feet and turned to face Tom.

Tom had watched as Ruth struggled to regain her feet. The sight of her breasts wobbling and swaying with each movement further aroused him. When Ruth turned to face him, he was shocked. He knew he had caused damage, but he was not prepared for what he saw. Ruths nose was mangled, and the flesh across the bridge of her nose had torn open to reveal the cartilage There was a 2 inch gash above her right eye, and her left eye was beginning to close. Still, the sight was strangely erotic to Tom. Ruth was still wobbling, and her breasts were mildly undulating side to side. Tom’s massive organ started to throb, and he fought to keep himself from becoming aroused. “Have you had enough, asked Tom? “ I think you’re hurt pretty bad.”

Ruth looked towards Tom through her left eye, as her right eye was now fully closed. Even in her current condition the sight of Tom’s chiseled body caused a stirring that she had never felt before. She was surprised to notice that Tom’s huge cock, that had been limp at the start of the fight, now looked mildly engorged and bigger. The sight of his cock brought her back to her senses. “ I’m fine said Ruth as she spit a large glob of blood to the floor. Let’s get going”

With that, Ruth raised her gloves and assumed a fighting stance. Tom did the same, and they moved towards each other. She’s hurt pretty bad, thought Tom, so I’ll knock her out cold, and put an end to this. With that, he hit Ruth with another series of devastating combinations. He rained lefts and rights to her already battered face with incredible speed and force. Another gash opened up, this time above Ruth’s left eye. She could no longer close her mouth as her jaw was broken in two places. The force of Tom’s punches drove Ruth back to the wall where Tom continued to rock her head back and forth with unrelenting lefts and rights. The end seemed near for Ruth as Tom pressed in closer to deliver short overhead jabs to her face again and again. It seemed as though the only thing holding Ruth up was the wall and Toms’s body pressing against hers.

As Tom pressed up against Ruth, he could feel the fat bottom of her massive breasts swaying across his already aroused cock with each punch that he delivered. He could no longer control himself, and his massive cock became fully engorged, becoming a full 14 inches of rock manhood that was now as big around as a coke can.

Ruth was really hurt, and knew that she was going to be unconscious soon. Suddenly Ruth could feel something strange hitting her in the chest. Even though she was almost finished, she realized that Tom’s cock had forced it’s way through her heavy cleavage and was poking her as each punch landed Though her face was in great pain, she would have chuckled had she not had a mouth full of her own blood. The cock ramming her in the chest actually hurt worse than her face. She could not see Tom’s cock because her massive breast flesh, bought it still caused her to have a sensation that ran through her body like a bolt of lightening. Her fists came alive, and she hit Tom with 6 ballpeen lefts and rights that caused him to stagger back a few feet. It was then that she could see Tom’s fully erect organ through her one good eye. She was stunned by the sight and managed to blurt out a faint “ oh my god”, along with another mouthful of blood.

Ruth leaped towards Tom, who was still stunned and confused from Ruth’s lightening blows. Before Tom could react, She hit him with repeated lefts and rights that began to cause damage. She hit him with a 6 punch flurry, followed by 20 more blows in a matter of a few seconds. There were now gashes over both of Tom’s eyes, and numerous welts and swollen areas covering his face. Tom was actually starting to stagger, but managed to keep his gloves up to defend himself. Six more blows followed by another 20 punch flurry closed Toms left eye and tore the skin of his right cheek down to the bone. Still, Tom managed to keep his gloves up. Ruth was amazed that Tom was still standing, and pressed in for the knockout. Six punches later Tom’s arm’s fell to his side and he stood there wobbling and defenseless.

Ruth knew that she could end it right away, but she decided to cause more damage before putting him down. She looked at Tom’s battered and bleeding face as he stood there wobbling. Her eyes went down and perused his still erect cock, now covered with the blood that was dripping from’s Tom’s face and her own breasts. “ Can you hear me Tom?” Tom grunted.

I’m going to knock you out soon, but first I’m going to make sure that you’ll never forget this night. I’m not going to be satisfied until you need twice as many stitches as I do” Tom groaned. With that Ruth paused, to catch her breath and take a rest before finishing Tom off. She lifted her massive breasts and moaned as she thought about how close she had come to losing She managed to cup her breasts beneath her arms and cradle them as if they were to large infants. When she cradled them, her breast rose and covered her face up to her now broken nose. She softly kissed her breasts and released them. Her breasts descended and fell against her thighs with a loud smack. Ok, she thought, I’m ready now.

Tom could hear what Ruth was saying could not respond, or do anything more to prevent what he knew was coming. He watched as Ruth patiently caught her breath and went through her breast cradling ritual. Though he was almost unconscious, the sight of her cradled breasts, that looked like two massive half beach balls resting in her arms, gave him a strangely erotic feeling. When Ruth dropped her breasts, he thought his cock would explode at the sight of the rolling and quivering breast flesh. Then Ruth walked towards him. With each step her breasts rolled outward and came back to lightly collide when they met. When she he stopped abruptly, they separated slightly and came together with a light smack.

Ruth began. At first she hit Tom with light snapping blows that were meant to cut the flesh. She stepped back again and admired her work and then began to hit Tom with her hardest blows. It was time to put out the lights. Only six blows later, Tom was flat on his back and out cold. Ruth stood over time and waited for him to regain consciousness. Her massive breasts rose and fell as she regained her breath Tom did not stir, so Ruth mustered up the courage to walk over to the full length mirror next to her weight machine. What she saw frightened her. She had no idea that her face had been so brutally battered. One eye was fully closed, and there were gaping cuts over both eyes, both cheek bones, and her lower lip had a 1 inch tear. She knew that her nose and jaw were broken, but until she looked in the mirror she did not know that her left cheekbone had been broken and was now pushed in and flattened. Ruth had never suffered this much punishment in all of her years of fighting. She did not recognize the person in the mirror. She heard a groan from Tom and walked back over to his fallen body. Tom looked worse.

Tom looked up and could see Ruth standing above him. He could not see her face, as her massive breasts extended a full 2 feet outward from her body, and blocked his view. He watched as Ruth knelt beside him and rested her breasts across his body. Though wracked with pain, Ruth’s breast felt warm and heavy as they covered his entire torso from his neck down to his upper crotch.The tips of her breasts extended across his body and came to rest on the floor a full almost 10 inches past his chest. What was she doing?

Ruth looked down at Tom,s face and a feeling of satisfaction ran through her body. Her eyes moved to his still fully erect organ. It never ceased to amaze Ruth that every man she destroyed ended up with a huge erection. Must be the boobs , she thought, men are all breast crazy.Tom’s cock stood straight and tall, moving slightly as Tom coughed to get rid of the blood in his mouth. Ruth knelt beside Tom and reached down to grasp his throbbing cock. Her small hand could barely encircle 50% of his thick rod. It felt good in her hand Ruth ran her fingers up and down the vein that ran along the underside of Tom’s cock, causing Tom’s body to twitch. The vein was as thick as a cigar and she could feel the pulse of Tom’s blood rushing through it. She moved her hand up to the purplish cockhead that filled her entire hand as she gently cupped it. It was easily the size of a lemon, and had a small dribble of pre-cum at the tip. She leaned over and gently kissed his cockhead.

Tom could feel Ruth exploring his cock, and wished that he could raise his arms to fondle her massive breasts.

Ruth reached down and slowly began to slowly stroke Tom’s cock. With each stroke, Ruth became more aroused. She reached over and clasped Tom’s cock with her other hand, but even using both hands her fingers could not meet as they encircled his throbbing monster. She increased the speed of her rhythmic stroking and squeezed his member in her strong hands. Tom’s body began to twitch heavily and Tom began to burst out in cries of pleasure mixed with pain. Ruth knew that Tom’s organ was about to explode. Tom’s body jerked heavily, and a cum shot towards the ceiling the ceiling like a gusher from an oil well. His first burst hi the 8 foot ceiling and began to drip down into Ruth’s face. One, two, three, four more times his love juice erupted—Ruth had never seen a man cum like this before. Finally, after six violent gushers, it stopped. Ruth looked at the ceiling and the floorv that was coverd with what looked to be a quart of Tom’s goo. She wondered what it would have felt like to have Tom’s massive member inside her, and to feel his warm juices bursting within her body. Oh well, Ruth thought, a rule is a rule , no man was ever going to penetrate her unless he could beat her. Maybe next time she thought, and she began to clean up the mess.