From a mayor to a slave, part 26b

By the outsider

Sarit gets her only wish, the 1st man who fucks one of Anne's slaves, Latifa continues Anne plan for Keisha, a couple meeting end bad, Simon's gets satisfaction and a lot more..


Author's Note:


1. The below story contains adult material. Do not continue reading if you are under age 18 or are offended by such material, this is a pure fantasy and ALL of the characters and the events are made-up, that story is NOT a sequel to any of the stories or the comics which I borrowed characters from.


2. All characters from: "Housewives at play" are created and owned by Rebecca, in books available from and also and it is used for MY personal use ONLY.


3. This chapter is dedicated for a very special "muse".


4. I want to thank GW for the English improvements at the latest chapter.


5. The pictures in this chapter are used with GW's permission and most of Betty's information.


Part_26b new beginnings.


Once they were inside Fairslut's cell; Spike began to play with Anne's helpless toy under the rules which Anne gave him. He knew that as a mistress, and a friend of a few very powerful women, Anne in cooperation with Latifa was very dangerous, especially in her state of mind. On her part, the broken slave did offered only feeble attempts to resist.



Then as Fairslut was struggling to get out of his hampering clothes, Spike let go of her waist, and the overwrought heroine, half-swooning in distress, tumbled helplessly to the floor. Once she was on the floor, Anne took the microphone and said: "you know what? MAYBE it's time for me to listen to SARIT, so if you have a drug control pills; you may fuck her after you'll drug her."


With that in his mind, Spike conveniently reached into his pocket and took out a pill. Spike had a bad running with another mistress's slave, and since then he was careful. Once Fairslut was all drugged up, Spike removed his cloths.



As soon as he'd frantically torn off all his clothes, Spike pounced on the helpless slave. He roughly spread her long, gorgeously supple legs, as Fairslut whimpered a tearful, useless plea. Her pitiful plea was in vain; Spike rammed his hugely engorged penis into her sweet body with a grunt of evil satisfaction.



When the panting thug withdrew his dripping tool from her sweet body, Fairslut rolled away in sick, shamed despair. Spike had other plans, though. In all his sordid life, he'd never dreamed of possessing the fabled, unapproachable, fabulously beautiful Fairslut as his love toy for the night. He knew that it was a once in a lifetime deal, and as someone who already fucked her; he wasn't about to let this night end so soon.


Though he did not have the clue to the question: why Anne changed her mind? And that bothered him, as he knew Anne.



Spike shoved the sobbing Fairslut over on her face, and lunged at her again. Spike intended that no fantasy go unfulfilled, on this night of nights. That was when he rolled her to her back, and began to fuck her boobs. Next, Spike forced the sobbing slave to give him a blow-job. However, that was not the end of her torment as he suddenly grabbed her head and began to fuck her face.




Once Spike finished and laughed the room, Fairslut's ex-mistress, Deedee, (who was about Sarit's age and worked for Anne) came into the room and affixed an iron collar and chain to Fairslut's neck, an unbreakable badge of her shame and defeat. Once the collar was secured, the young woman decided to play "Horsy" with the helpless slave at her feet.


Perched, jockey-like, upon Fairslut's bent back, Deedee relentlessly drove her victim crawling about the cell floor, constantly smacking her behind to make her go faster.  Fairslut whimpered in weary aching pain. After a year in which Fairslut was weaken more and more, with the passage of every minute, Deedee's trifling weight was become an unbearable burden, for she, who ONCE was stronger than any mortal.  She wept, forlornly, at the pain. Her beautifully rounded, creamy bottom was in torment, blistered angry red by Deedee's hellish spanking, and, then, so viciously sodomized by the evil Doctor.



At last, brutally robbed of all her self reliant, Olympian Fairslut whined a tearful, broken plea.


Even the demons of hell may grow sleepy, and it had been a very long day for Deedee, though incredibly satisfying. The young demoness yawned complacently. The hated Fairslut's final whimper for mercy was a high note to close the day.  Tomorrow promised to be another delightful day.  It was time to settle her abused captive for tonight.

"I suppose you have to use the bathroom before I bed you down?' Deedee yawned.  "Anne would be furious, if you peed on the floor!"


It had been nearly twenty-four hours, since Fairslut on her evening patrol, the night before, and she needed to urinate desperately.


"Y-yes...yes... pl-please!"  Fairmaiden whimpered, almost gratefully.



Deedee led the leashed superheroine, crawling on all fours, into a smaller anteroom of the dungeon.  In the corner was a large, flat box, filled with kitty litter.  Fairslut's heart sank even lower, when she saw it.


"C'mon we haven't got all night!" Deedee tugged on Fairslut's leash forcing her to crawl into the litter box. 


"Make sure you don't pee on the floor, Slut!"  Deedee cautioned.


Fairslut knelt, miserably, in the middle of the litter box, with Deedee's smirking, soulless eyes glaring down on her. Bad as she had to go, the thought of doing it in front of the hateful, snickering Deedee, in this contrivance meant for animals, caused untold mortification to the slut, who still retained her maidenly modesty, despite the appalling vicious assaults she had endured.


"C'mon, c'mon!  I toldya', we don't have all night!" Deedee snarled. With a sob of desperate despair, Fairslut succumbed to nature's need. Trying to stay within the cramped confines of the demeaning litter box, in her nervousness, the stream of urine ran down her leg.



Not like in the past, Deedee seemed to be very pleased as she ordered Fairslut to lick it, knowing that the cameras are working.


"Now I'll have to hose you down, you disgusting Pig!" Deedee snorted, as Fairslut wept loudly, in shame as she was now forced to play "doggie" with her mistress.


In the other corner of the room, were a hose and a drain in the floor.  Deedee attached Fairslut's leash to a hook, so she was forced to stand above the drain.  She handed the leashed slut a wash cloth and bar of soap.  Taking the hose, she turned it on, and played a stream of icy water over Fairslut's abused body, while the unfortunate heroine wearily washed herself.


Deedee nastily sprayed the water all over Fairslut, drenching her hair, then laughing at the bedraggled, harried look, so rare to a gorgeous slut. Of course, being a demigoddess, by the time Fairslut's hair dried, it would regain its normal, shimmering hue and impudent bounce.


After the harsh humiliating shower, Deedee chained up her abused captive for the night, even though it was only: 13:00. As far as Fairslut and her "neighbors" the dominant person in the room decided their life as Anne gave them free hand.


Chained to the wall by a slave collar that bent her once proud neck low, Fairslut sniffled in humiliation and despair.


As Deedee got on her bed to sleep, watching the tormented slave; Fairslut remembered of how she last so her mother once and strong one year ago. However, all of that was in her mind as she knew what happened to her mother.



Meanwhile in another room, Monique set there naked in her male form with his dick caged, while his sack was held in a leather sack which was a replica to the one that the gang used. His long, hair was cut to match the way that he looked as a man. However, he was dressed in: pink, 5" thigh-high boots, Pink stockings which were held by Black garter belt and a tank top.


Poor Monique was in that room for the last hour now, waiting for Anne, who will finely after 6 months would bring Moesha to see him. He knew that Anne had Moesha re-trained (or that was what Anne told him), and now finely; he will hug his wife like a man almost a man. Once Monique began to think that it was a scam by Anne, the door went and in came; Anne accompanied by Moe an unknown naked woman with her pussy shaved. The woman allowed Anne to place her hand over her ass, while she held two glasses of water.


The unknown woman seemed to look like Moesha when they met, with the changes that she had through the years. This woman's skin seemed to be lighter, and she had larger measurements then what Moesha had when last that he saw her: 40FF-20-38, on a 5'8" frame. Her hair was bleached, and held in a ponytail which rested on her back.


Other then that, Monique could see her red leather collar, and that she only wore a golden chain-link belt around her waist. Monique was sure that this woman was not Moesha from the way in which: she allowed Anne to place her hand over her bare ass.


And what about that stupid grin?


Surely that woman was not Moesha is it?


The answer came a few seconds later, when Anne said: "So Zack, what do you think about my slave, Keisha? Or as you know are better: Moesha? Isn't she cute? And just to think that only 6 months ago you two tried to escape. I was very upset with her and decided to make sure that she won't leave here again.


That it why I gave her treatments with a new type of hormone which works very slow. It took me 6 months with breaks to enlarge her cups 4 cup sizes, and I'm thinking to take another 6 months to get her to a full g-cup. I was aided by real shots to fake her body into thinking that she just gave birth, and therefore her milk glands need to begin production, a.s.a.p. and then I gave her the same shots that dairy farmers give their cows, to
increase their milk production. That should give you a good two cup sizes in about a week.


Of course the down side is that Keisha will constantly need to be milked, to get her milk production up to full speed, and keeping it there. That could have some interesting consequences, as to how that's done, and what I will have done to her while she's getting milked. But that's another subject."




"Yes. However, there is something that you can do: convince Keisha in one hour that she is who she is, and I will allow you two to have more visits. If you will fail, (and you will) then you would join her." Anne said as she left the room, and locked the door from behind her.


* * * * * * * *


Anne set at her office naked as she was licked by: Mandi, who licked her right teat, Cindy who licked her left and Barbie who licked her pussy. Through her pleasure, Anne inspected as: Ulrica and Deirdre worked their asses of installing the new gallery, which showed the "wall of glory" and that of the humiliation but it also showed the most humiliating picture in the enslavement of Ulrica and Deirdre.


The young woman just loved to see how: Ulrica was on her knees and held her owner's lap, while Justy was dressed in the shreds of her former costume, white boots and a ragged coat.



Once her slaves finished: there was a knock on the door to her office and Anne decided to send Ulrica to answer. When Ulrica returned, she was followed by: Suzy Wang, who was dressed in her evening gown, and sow who was dressed in her slut outfit as they were just about to go out to have Sow working her charms.


As Anne looked at the two, she remembered how whenever she drove to the court; she saw sow bringing money to Suzy who IMIDIATLEY sent her back to work. Now after Anne informed Suzy that she (Suzy) will get 100% of the money, Suzy WORKED Sow as if there was no tomorrow. Each night\day in which Anne allowed Suzy to take sow was a nightmare, as Anne gave Suzy free hand.



Once Anne looked at Suzy, the Asian woman said: "Anne, I need to take 'old bag' here. Do you need her?"


"I already told you on the phone; I do not need her." Anne replied.


"Are you sure?" Suzy asked.


"Yes, go!" Anne replied, and Suzy did as Anne told her as she grabbed her personal "money maker" by the hand and dragged her out of the room.


Meanwhile in another part of the city, Sarit and Simon went out the door of Simon parents with a stunning, sobbing Brunette. The poor woman wore: 9" pumps, fishnet-stockings that were held by a garter belt, skimpy little spaghetti dress which gave great view over her DD-cup, and had a cut on each side from her hip until the hem of the dress.


Over her shoulder, the helpless woman was carrying black purse to match her outfit. Over her neck was a red collar which had the following written on its front:


"Name: Mindy.

Owner: Mistress Simon.

Use: general-slave.

Number: 001 (1st slave to that mistress)


On the back of the collar was the following:


"Note: Mistress Simon is a submissive. That is why the number of slaves that she owns will be decided by her dominatrix." Now that is an ironic situation: the same slave, who printed that tag, wore it.


Other then that, Mindy's hands were tied behind her back, and she had a pair of sunglasses to cover her eyes after she was brutally hit by Sarit and Simon. Over her head, Mindy had a head harness which held a ring-gag in her mouth.


They walked only a few steps when Sarit saw a taxi driver and told Simon: "don't say one word! I'm about to get us more fun. Now, keep that slut quite."


"You are not upset that I don't have a license right?" Simon asked as she followed Sarit who went to a taxi driver who set on his car.


"Like no Simon. Say that's a lovely yellow car and stuff." Sarit asked as she looked at the shocked Simon.


"It is called a taxi, miss?" the driver said.


"Savich Jasmine Savich are you the driver and stuff?" Sarit replied.


"Yes Ms. Savich. Say do you know what a Savich is?"


"Yes, it is like a food. With avocado and stuff." Sarit replied.


"You know what, let's make a deal." The driver offered.


"Like what?" Sarit replied.


"Well, you will tell me what: 'Iftach el-bab' means. If I win then your friend will give me a blow-job." The driver said.


"Like, if you'll loose and stuff; you'll drive naked for an entire year, and stuff." Sarit replied.


"Very well." The driver said.


"Well you pompous S. O. B. the meaning of: 'Iftach el-bab' is: OPEN THE DOOR!" Sarit replied.


"What?" the driver asked shocked. One minute this girl was an idiot, a useless slut, and suddenly she is smart.


"YOU HEARD ME. NOW GET NAKED!" Anne said, and the driver did as she had to. Once the driver was naked, Sarit told Simon: "bring your ex, Mindy's son, over here." And looked as her lover ran into the house. A few minutes later, Simon returned and the fun began.


Two hours later, Simon and Sarit walked away with Mindy, their new slave, laughing as she tried to get to the naked, cum-covered men who lay on the grass sobbing and crying for what the two girls forced them into. Poor Mindy: not only that she was raped by: her husband, 2 sons and Simon's father and 4 brothers, but now she was led out of the room naked.


'Why is happening to me? I never had anything to do with those sinners, so what do they want form me?" Mindy's mind screamed as she helplessly tried to resist and escape from the grasp of that Sarit. With every moment that past: Mindy knew that she is in troubles and prepared for a fight later. However, for now she won't let those bitches to break her.


* * * * * * * *

The door to the cell in which Monique Keisha was just opened, and there in the opening stood Anne dressed in her raggedy Anne costume. Whenever the cameras were on: Anne always was that outfit and a mask). Once inside, Anne said: "Keisha, Anne told me that Latifa wish to see you."


"Yes Raggedy." Keisha replied, before she jumped of the chair and left the room. The next time in which the couple will be able to meet again, will be in 6 months when Keisha will take over Moesha's life. Until then, Moesha\Keisha will be re-trained by Anne and Latifa, while Monique will be fucking with men as she will slowly get accustomed to her new life.


"What have you done to her, you bitch." Monique said as she stood and almost hit Anne.


"Sit down slave! From now on: you will do what I tell you. You will think about what I'll allow you, and you won't try to escape." Anne ordered, and Monique saw how she did as she was told.


"What have you done to me?" Monique asked in panic.


"Just what I did to your precious: Moesha. You see, I drugged you thank to the cup of water that you drank. However, not like Moesha who became OUR Lesbian lover and don't remember ANYTHING about her past: you will remember EVERYTHING that happened to the both of you until today. Understood?" Anne asked.


"Yes bitch." Monique replied in anger.


"I see. I'm a bitch. We'll just see about that, from now on whenever I will ask you something, or give you an order, then you will bark once. Understood?" Anne asked.


"Bark." Monique answered in despair, after a few minutes in which she tried to resist.


"You will do as I say, and it doesn't matter how you would feel about it. Understood?" Anne asked.


"Bark." Monique replied, shaking her head: NO.


"From now on you won't remember the word: no, or what it means. You are not allowed to refuse MY will. You will do what I order, and you won't use that mind of yours. Understood?" Anne asked.


"Bark." Monique replied immediately. Suddenly she forgot how to resist Anne, and wanted to be dominated.


"Two last things for now:


You will NEVER, talk about the past with Moesha again.

You will replace the letters: 'R' and 'P' with 'W'. You won't be able to pronounce those letters and as you'll talk, I want you to try and sound as if you were a baby.


Understood?' Anne asked with an evil grin under her beloved mask, as if she was a cat who swallowed to canaries.


"Bark." Monique answered as Anne left the room. Once Anne was out of that cell, she went to Hilda's cell and looked as the helpless slave was tortured by Diana, who seemed to love every minute of it.


Like Dita, Diana took special delight in abusing the beautiful Hilda's large, exquisitely formed bosom.

Of course, the vicious Commandant sometimes chose other targets, as well.


Then it was time to re-brand poor Hilda



The mentally and physically torment which Hilda used to went on nights, as well as days continued now by the hands of Diana...



Subjected to ever more fiendish and brutish torture, the brave Amazon resisted for days, but finally, inevitably, even her steely courage and proud resolution shattered as it was an exact reenactment of the tortures which she took...



Even after she had broken the gallant, Allied heroine, and forced her to divulge every secret and confidential bit of information she possessed, Diana continued to abuse and terrorize the unfortunate slave. She loved to assign her demeaning tasks that would humiliate her and further break her spirit, for now she had an even more dastardly goal in mind.



Then almost as if it was some sort of ceremony, Diana dressed the zombie-like slave in her uniforms, and that was when Anne left while the ceremony continued


Meanwhile in another room, Latifa was training her and Anne's young protégé, Keisha, who seemed to be very eager to please her mistress. Keisha was naked as usual, and licked her mistress's legs as part of her training. After taking her drugs, Moesha was conditioned to become Keisha, an obedient pussy-slave with a fetish to Anne's entire body, and Latifa's feet. Both women just loved to have this gorgeous brainwashed and drugged woman who was molded to feet their ideal woman.


"Put more feeling into it, Keisha. You are licking like someone who hates doing that. Look Keisha; even the new Krista licks better, and she is not a lesbian sex-slave like you, so what do you say? Would you like to learn how to lick better?" Latifa asked Keisha, who felt like an idiot in such an easy task, which she did for the last "decade" since becoming Anne "lover" and Latifa's protégé. However, not like Latifa who was "blessed" by being tortured by the hands of Anne, Keisha never had that experience and was sad because of that.


"Please teach me mistress Latifa. I won't to be better then Krista, and that you and Anne would be proud of me please" Keisha began to beg.


"Very well Keisha, the 1st thing that you need to know is that you need to be on all fours." Latifa began to explain.


"Yes mistress." Latifa answered. As she quickly dropped on all four.


"Now, I want you to crawl after me, while I will move around the room." Latifa answered as she began to move.


"Yes mistress." Keisha replied as she did as she was told.


"KEISHA, why aren't you licking the floor?" Latifa asked in a gentle voice.


"What mistress?" Keisha asked.


"Don't you remember? You worship my feet. Every day you pray that nothing bad will happen to them. That us the reason for the question? Why do you lick the floors? You see Keisha: when you are with me you MUST lick the floors to feel me. However when you are with Anne, you MUST behave in a perfect way. You see Keisha, with me you will act in the most vulgar way that you will be able to think about. However, with Anne you will act by the set of rules which she gave you. Understood?" Keisha asked after she remembered Moesha her last session with Anne, while talking to Keisha.


Latifa knew that Anne "fixed" Moesha's memory so that Moesha will:


Become more impressionable, and will believe any suggestions Anne or Latifa will give her.

Will STOP to love Monique\Zack who Anne saw as a threat because of the love that both slaves as shared.

It will be easier to rearrange her: name, persona, ideals, goals and desires.

Destroy Moesha's last hope for freedom and normal life with Monique\Zack as a free woman.


"Ho yes, thank you mistress. Anne taught me lots of things, which I just couldn't remember. Please forgive me." Keisha replied as she crawled after Latifa, who had an evil smirk on her face.


"I just love your blonde hair Keisha. In he right way it makes you look like a bimbo." Latifa said.


"Thank you for the compliment, mistress." Keisha said full with Joy, as her mistress stopped and turned to face her. However, happy as she was, there was still something which bothered Keisha as if she was supposed to feel some sort of humiliation which she stopped having 6 months ago. But that didn't stop her, as she knew that she must please her mistress. However, she just knew that she will have to inform Anne about that "error" as Anne called it, but to Moesha it meant nothing. If she knew, then she was probably jumping on that chance to escape the mesmerizing prison which Anne "threw" her soul into.


"Now Keisha, what I want you to do is: crawl over to me and place your lips over my shoes. Then I want you to count to 3 as you can't count any higher. Once finished, I want you to grab my hand before you'll bend that stiff neck, and start to: lick, kiss and slurp over my shoes with feeling until I will tell you to stop. Understood?" Latifa asked after instructing Keisha.


"Yes mistress." Keisha answered, in her permanent high-pitch, submissive tone of voice.


* * * * * * * * *


Anne led her slave, Cynthia junior to some room at the ranch. Poor Cynthia was dressed in: a scarlet brassiere and matching garter belt which held a pair of nylons and a pair of white lace bikini panties with a red heart in the center. Over her legs, Cynthia wore a pair of Yellow 7" mules with red ribbon.


Once inside, Cynthia's hart sank as she saw the gallery and heard her mistress asking: "is that your step-mother, slut?"


"Y-yes m-mistress. H-how d-di-did y-you g-go-got th-them?" Cynthia asked in fear, as she looked at the gallery which showed pictures of her step-mother from her last night with her former mistress, Gerda von-Hipper, who she murdered in very humiliating positions and in full size and color.



"I found them." Anne replied as she led her slave to another wall which had two posters: the 1st poster showed how to use a new model that was called "the bitch pads", that was used to keep the new puppygirls on all four. The 2nd poster showed the design for a new muzzle-gag which was called: "the lady muzzle" and was used until today.


As they looked at the posters, Cynthia saw how Anne's hand slipped into her (Cynthia's) panties and began to slowly move over her pierced pussy lips, while Anne slowly blew air into her motionless slave's ear. In that position, Anne looked like a black mamba snake which caught her victim on sight, and was about to attack while Cynthia looked like some helpless guzzle.


Then just as Cynthia was about to send her hand to stop Anne, the little mistress whispered: "I wouldn't do that if I were you, miss slave. I know who you are, and if you won't be nice then you'll be brought to MY court to be sentenced. Understood slut?"


"Y-Yes (Sob) Mistress Anne." Cynthia replied helplessly before Anne led her to a cage and locked her in.


Meanwhile at the kitchen, Cow (Rosy Harrison) stood in attention as she received orders from her mistress, Sarit, who set next Simon who was naked. On the floor was the shape of a white woman, kneeling infront of Simon while trying to hide under the table-cloth. Once Sarit finished, she informed her slave: "that was good slave. Now slut, you may ask: 'how do you know, mistress?' well slut, the answer is very easy: Simon doesn't eat much. You see, Simon loves to things. The 1st one is that Simon loves being tortured, used and abused by me. The 2nd thing is to eat and drink what I allow her to. If Simon like it, then I can it that. However, if not then it is not a good sign, and I need to keep that thing out of my mouth. Now Simon, what do you say: was that scrambled egg bad or good?"


Suddenly just as Simon was about to say something, Anne walked into the room holding a box in her hand. Over her face Anne had a big smile. Once Anne was next to the girls, she gave Sarit the box and as Sarit opened it Anne said: "Sarit, that doll was passed on over the last 5 generations in my family to the oldest girl. Since I don't have ANY kids, I hope that you will accept that doll. Her name is: Lulu and she is 150 years old. The only condition to get that doll is to be in a disperse."


Then as Sarit opened it, she saw what seemed to be like a very old raggedy Anne doll. A moment later after she held the door, Sarit put the doll over her hart and said: "I want you to legally adopt me Anne. I know that I'm too old but I need to have a mother."


"Very well my dear Sarit. Now the other news is that I was able to convince the authorities here in the United-states of America and in Israel to allow us to remove the bodies of your parents from the kibbutz over here into the ranch. That way you will be able to visit them on a daily basic. Look Sarit, I know that your soul in Israel but maybe now with that start, I will be able to get some of your soul so that we will have a better chance?" Anne asked Sarit who hugged her tightly with joy in her little eyes.


"Thank you mommy, I will be the best daughter that you will ever have, and I promise to keep that doll intact for a very long time." Sarit replied with tears in her eyes, and joy in her heart. Finely the only thing that she EVER wanted will happen to her, and she will re-unite with her parents. In her eyes, now after what Anne did it was time to truly accept Anne as her MOTHER and not only as her ACTING legal guardian.


"Well to be honest, I could achieve it without Simon. She truly loves you, and she did ALL of the hard work." Anne said, knowing that it wasn't true.


"Really mommy?" Sarit asked.


"Yes it is true. Right Simon?" Anne asked.


"Yes Anne." Simon replied. Then as Sarit turned to face Anne, Simon said to Anne without words: "thank you." Knowing that Anne just did her a favor.


"Let's go Simon!" Sarit ordered as she grabbed the leashes of the slaves with hand, and led Simon to their room.


A few minutes after they left, Anne heard Simon screaming in pain and smiled.


Simon loved to be tortured by Sarit, and from now on the dom\sub arrangement will move to another level.


The end of chapter 26b.


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9. Catherine "Honey" Mitchell, Melissa "Mel" Mitchell, Bratty Sneers, Fate, Kandy, Jennifer, Lynn "Baby" Kravitz were created and owned by Rebecca, and used with her permission.

10. Itty-Bitty was taken from the story: "Itty-Bitty" by Marlissa, and used with the author's permission.

11. Anne and Susie were taken from the story: Cheerleader Picture by Ninja Turtle.