From a mayor to a slave, part 26c

By the outsider

New slaves, Sarit's confession, Anne's treasure, Morganna's visit, Anne's accomplices and more.


Author's Note:


1. The below story contains adult material. Do not continue reading if you are under age 18 or are offended by such material, this is a pure fantasy and ALL of the characters and the events are made-up, that story is NOT a sequel to any of the stories or the comics which I borrowed characters from.


2. All characters from: "Housewives at play" are created and owned by Rebecca, in books available from and also and it is used for MY personal use ONLY.


3. This chapter is dedicated for a very special "muse".


4. The pictures in this chapter are used with GW's permission and most of Betty's information.




Anne stood in her Yellow dress and shoes next to Ulrica, giving her a pair of sunglasses. Poor Ulrica was in shock as to how Anne resembled her mentor and best friend, Geri Phillips, who was once one of her mistresses and Deirdre's owner. All of that was before Anne traded Ulrica and Deirdre with two of her own as she also purchased the services of: Betty, Sow and Laura for the 1st time.


As always when Anne went out of her ranch, Ulrica was dressed in her chauffer uniform. Ulrica, who knew that Anne did not work anymore, feared that suitcase in her hand, and the fact that Anne brought with her the brown sack in which she held her body-guard, Dru, which meant that she was expecting to have troubles.



it has been one hour since Anne told her clumsy slave to shut the car's engine, and Ulrica got worried from the location of where they were: in the middle of nowhere with the horse's trailer at the end of the car. Suddenly just as Ulrica thought that Mistress Anne lost her mind, she saw a group of women being led as they wore collars that were connected to each other by chains. On their sides were bold women covered with green: paint and attire who whipped them so that they will continue to move.



At the beginning of the line was a woman covered with red, who held the chain connected to the group in her right hand. In the other hand, that woman held to chains which were connected to the pierced nipples of a stunning blonde. The poor blonde wore a red collar like the rest, and had her hands tied behind her back.



Once the leader stood infront of them, she said: "it is very nice to see you again, Anne. I thought that you died. So Anne, what are you going to do with them?"


"I'm alive, and for now, I have a shortage of working hands, after my lease as expired, and I had to return them to their ex MASTERS and mistresses. So I guess that this is why I'll have them in the vacant positions."


"Is that the famous 'district pussy' that you talked about?"


"Yes she does. Ulrica, get the leashes!" Anne said smiling. Once her mistress finished, she took the chains and led the new slaves to stand behind their new mistress.


"Well then: Slave, sign here on the line, and give that to your mistress!" The leader order, while tossing a paper and pen to the humiliated DA.


Then as Ulrica signed on the paper and gave it to her mistress, Anne smiled before she informed Ulrica: "congratulations Ulrica. Morganna will be very pleased to hear that there is a new slave-trader in the area you. You see: thanks to the new laws which Morganna arranged, I can use you to do crimes and the charges won't be against me. They will be against you if I'll have enough proofs. For EVERY crime that you'll make, 10 years will be added to your sentence if it was a "small" crime like prostitution and dealing drugs. However, the bigger the crime, the higher amount of time you get, and the best part if that we don't need a judge. Now Ulrica, since you are NOT a mistress but a slave, then for buying slaves, you'll get 20 years. As a law biding citizen I MUST report your crimes and you can be sure that I will stick to you like glue. Isn't that great: you'll make the crimes, and I'll get you as my slave for longer time?"


"Y-Yes m-mistress." Ulrica forced the words out of her mouth, before she was pushed by Anne and led the sobbing slaves to the car.

When they got into the car Anne said: "Camilla, Herculea, Mei Ling, Urhurutu, Purity, Rachel, and Summer Breeze. My name is Anne Smith. However, from now on you ALL will refer to me as: Mistress Anne. Each of you will work her ass of for me. Now Ulrica: dress MY slaves in their new uniforms before getting them into the trailer, now!"


Once Anne finished, Ulrica went to her truck and dressed them in their new uniform which included: a veil, leather jacket which left their tits bare and had the word: "slave" printed on the back, snake shape bracelet for each forearm and a golden chastity-belt which looked like a small g-string. As Anne's slaves, they were her and only her. Over their ankles, each had an ankle-bracelet with their names printed on it after the word: "slave". Those who had long hairs wore them in neither cute: ponytail or pigtails. Those who had short hairs, watched as the blonde slave cut them until they matched those of Urhurutu (the black slave).


Once Ulrica finished, Anne inspected her slave's handwork.


After Anne finished, Ulrica closed the doors before doing her duties as Anne's chauffer, while she tried to choke stop the rein of tears caused by the humiliation of being dressed like that and being so humiliated. Over the last few years she was reduced from the DA's office to make crimes for her mistress, who KNEW the law and add connections in the right areas (as well as sexual brides to give). Once she finished, Ulrica got to the car and drove away sobbing.


Meanwhile back at the ranch; Sarit went Skinny dipping, while Simon set naked on her special wheelchair and looked on. Before arriving to the pool, Sarit washed Simon who couldn't move her finger after the torture that she went through. Once the literally helpless Simon was washed, Sarit didn't allowed her to dry herself as she led her to the wheelchair and helped her to seat down on the 13" vibrators which she had at the front and at the back.


From the way that Sarit moved at the pool, Simon knew that something happened to her dominatrix, and she was determined to know what it was. A few minutes later, Kei (Suki's daughter) and her lover\friend\Geisha, Yuki (Sassuri's daughter), arrived to the pool and it was tough for Keiko to see her friend so pissed of.


"What happened Salit? Ale you still upset for what happened at the club?" Yuki asked.


"Ho yes." Sarit answered.


"Why?" Kei asked.


"What you think about me Kei?" Sarit asked.


"I think that you ale vely nice. Yes, you have youl tempel but who doesn't? You ale vely smalt and should considel youlseff lucky as I do. When I allived ovel hele flom Japan I was scaled but you helped me." Kei replied.


"Yes Salit, you were vely nice to the both of us. So why ale you so upset?" Yuki asked as she spoke English for the 1st time (not like her mother who never agreed to speak in English).


"I heard other things. That I'm: clumsy, stupid, an unworthy to be a part of the club that we are going to. You know how upset I was at the trip?" Sarit asked.


"I know, I saw how you banged on that dool, you actually succeeded to flighten both Yuki and myself." Kei said with a smile, as both women began to laugh.


"Look who is talking." Sarit replied.


"What do you mean?" Kei asked with a mile, knowing that Sarit will make her laugh.


"Does the name: Juanita means something for you?" Sarit asked, just before both: Yuki and Kei burst into tears with laugh that could be heard through the entire ranch until: "little Japan" where they lived with their mothers.


"You ale light. The both of us need to help each othel. So, would you like to have some fun at the pool with us?" Kei asked.


"Sure." Sarit said, and Simon complied without being asked. It was almost as if she knew just what to do.


A little while later:


"Say Sarit, what is chamsa?" Simon asked.


"Five in Arabic. Why?" Sarit answered with a smile.


"Someone told me that he want to have 5 women like me." Simon replied.


"Your boobs are equal to six women." Sarit replied as the left the pool.


* * * * * *

Anne set in her new and improved office, as she looked into 2 rooms in the wall. Both had an unbreakable glass as a door, which Anne could hide by a simple looking book cabinet because of what she kept inside. Inside a bare room, on a dirty floor, sat the two ex most powerful political leaders of the world: former U. N. Secretary General Elizabeth Wu and ex US President Simpson, who were kidnapped and trained as obedient slaves. Both slaves naked, huddled together, hopelessly consoling each other, in their misery.


Inside the other room, Anne kept her slaves: "Laser Cat" and "Ultrafemme". The bedraggled "Ultrafemme" was chained to the wall by a collar of extraterrestrial origin, even she couldn't break. Since becoming a slave, the unfortunate woman was neither; fucked, or being used as a trained animal forced to do tricks for Anne's own amusement much like the helpless Ulrica.


There was only one time in which the stupid Ultrafemme tried to escape. However, after she was abused by; Anne and her henchwoman (who was about to take Ulrica under her wing, and turn her into a criminal), she never tried to escape again as she was given a red scarf and knew what it meant; a gag-order forbidding her from continue her ways. However, if she will EVER decide to test Anne and the henchwoman: she will be sorry.



Then, Anne pressed her remote, and the door to the cell of U. N. Secretary General Elizabeth Wu and ex US President Millicent Simpson. Once the door was opened, Anne stepped into the room pulling Ulrica's leash, and forcing the naked slave to enter. When Anne stood at the middle of the room, both slaves crawled and began to lick Anne's yellow shoes.


While Anne had the two slaves licking her shoes, Anne looked at the full size picture on the wall. That picture was taken when they surrendered to their ex-mistress. In that picture, each slave still had some of her dignity.



"So Liz, how was the meeting which the both of you had with Sarit? Does she still blame you for supporting the terror?" Anne asked with a knowing smile. As she knew how Sarit's mind worked.


"Terrible mistress. She blames US for what happened to her parents, mistress." Liz answered, after she raised her had from Anne's shoe. To Anne, it was clear that Liz was scared to death by the mention of Sarit's name. When Liz finished her answer, she quickly lowered her head and began to lick the shoes.


"Now Millie, what Sarit forced you to do?" Anne asked with a bigger smile.


"Sex with each other, mistress." The humiliated blonde said.


"Let's take a look, shell we?" Anne offered, and looked as both women shook their head: yes, in desperation. Once they were ready, Anne motioned to Ulrica who went out of the room. When Ulrica returned, she pushed the TV and it was clear that she wasn't happy to humiliate to of the women who were her biggest support.


Once the tape was over, Anne said with a smirk: "President Simpson.  1st woman Air Force Chief of Staff, an officer renowned for her steely courage in combat, now a pathetic, broken figure." As she walked out of the cell laughing, with Ulrica pushing the TV out and sobbing together with the two humiliated women.


When Anne was out of the room, she waited until her clumsy assistant, Ulrica, was out of the room. Once the humiliated slave was out of the room; Anne pressed on the remote and the door closed. Once the door was locked, Anne pressed on another button at the remote, and the cabinets covered the hidden treasure. Once the cabinets covered the treasures, Anne pressed another button and a light was turned on as it suddenly became colder in the cells, which received oxygen 24/7.


Meanwhile in another part of the clinic, Morganna pounced on the unsuspecting Deirdre, who was on her way to clean the floors. Deirdre who feared Anne's reaction, tried to resist Morganna (not knowing that Anne allowed it as she gave Morganna and her friends full control over the slaves), until the redhead informed her about Anne's permission and led her to her room.



Deirdre remembered how since she was stripped of her Power Mesh Uniform, that had made her invulnerable to bullets and given her the ability to fly, she slowly turned into a cowed slave submissively allowed the smaller woman to maul her voluptuous body with only a whimper of protest. Once she was so proud and independent, all defiance had been beaten out of Deirdre in the terrible months at Morganna's clinic. 


Once inside the room, Morganna dragged the whimpering captive to her bedroom. In the bedroom, Morganna seated herself on a small divan, and pulled the voluptuous, slave face down, across her knee, as if she was a little girl.


Oh, this was so hateful!  Even after all she'd been through, it was still so shockingly horrible to the helpless slave!


Mortifying as it was, Deirdre gulped, as she felt the tiniest twinge of sexual arousal. 


"I've heard that an old-fashioned, across the lap, spanking turns big; brave Justice Lady into a hot little suck-slut! Is that true Justy?" Morganna said with a smile.


"N-no! IT'S not!"  Justice Lady tried to sound confident, even defiant, but her voice trembled uncertainly.

Morganna smiled knowingly.



"Oh, but I think it is true!"  Morganna crowed, as she smacked Deirdre's jutting rear end. The slap wasn't all that hard, but it stung. Deirdre yelped as her rounded buttocks clenched fearfully, but deep within her trimly muscled belly, she felt a gush of excitement. Morganna smacked her again. Expecting the stinging pain this time, Deirdre moaned as the warm tingling spread over her waiting bottom.


"Darn it! I won't give in to her!"  Deirdre told herself, miserably, but she KNEW that at the 3rd slap, her firmly curved bottom cheeks will wriggle noticeably, in pleasurable response to the pain. Grinning, Morganna would spy the tell-tale signs.


At the 4th slap, the tingling spread to Deirdre's loins, and she felt the insistent hot wetness betraying her resolve.


At the 5th slap, Deirdre moaned in an audible whisper.

By now, Morganna felt the warm seepage on her own thigh.

By the 7th slap, Deirdre was whimpering for more.


By the 10th smack, the smarting pain had become a delightful narcotic that paralyzed Deirdre with pleasure.  As Morganna struck her, she rubbed her excited pussy against the witch's thigh, until, with a shrill shriek of pleasure, she exploded.


Morganna pushed the whimpering, shuddering slave from her lap, and stood long enough to get the kneeling Deirdre to remove her infamous green leotard. Once it was down, Deirdre gulped down a lump in her throat, as the witch disrobed.  That stinging heat still warming her behind, Deirdre crouched between Morganna's outstretched legs, staring with rapt fascination at the witch's carroty-fringed pussy. Looking at Morganna's pussy hypnotized Deirdre. Her horrifyingly intense orgasm had melted whatever feeble resistance the enslaved heroine may still have possessed. She couldn't resist Morganna; she no longer wanted to resist her! 


Then before she knew it, Deirdre felt another orgasm coming on. Crafty Morganna saw the signs, too. The cruel witch fondled Deirdre's trembling breasts, and whispered to the humbled slave to use her fingers.


The once proud judge thankfully complied.


Stroking her own eager clitoris, at her Mistress's bidding, Deirdre was overwhelmed by intense desire to please Morganna. She thrust her beautiful face close to the object of her most forbidden, humiliating desire while Morganna slowly brings her head to her pussy.


Her slender fingers toyed with her own excited clitoris, but even more than the physical stimulation, the forbidden, shameful excitement of servilely worshipping Morganna, brought Deirdre to another shuddering climax, at the same time as Morganna came. Even in the aftermath of that 2nd intense explosion, Deirdre continued to gently finger herself. 


With a sad sigh of resignation, Deirdre still wondered if she could ever break the invisible chains that bound her, if she even wanted to break them. It was so comforting, in a horrible way, to be the stern Morganna's obedient slave. Then as she finely accepted her fate of being a slave, Deirdre laid her head on Morganna's thigh, and glanced shyly up at her Mistress, hoping for some word of praise, like an eager, obedient lap dog.


* * * * * * *

The door to Anne's treasure room opened, and Anne's accomplice, Dyssi Daim, went through the door. Dyssi went directly to Ultrafemme, and placed pink hood with piggy ears on it over the helpless slave's head. Once the hood was in place, she began to fasten the ropes before securing a snout over her slave's face. When Dyssi finished, she fastened a paw-like mittens over her hands, and laughed.


Once it was over, Dyssi went to the "laser cat" and said: "so Linda, 1st you have been my boss. Then you became my captive, and now you are about to become my slave. Now after I quit my job as an anchor; you are about to spend more time with me. After loosing for Anne, I have agreed to work for her in one condition: I'll get YOU as my payment." When Dyssi finished, she shoved the sobbing blonde out of the room, as Ultrafemme helplessly looked on.



When Dyssi and her slave went out of the room, the blonde introduced the slave to her boss, Anne, in a mocking way.



Once they were out of the room, Anne said: "congratulations Dyssi. I told you that if you would work for me, then I will arrange for you to become a mistress. Now Dyssi, my dear slave, what do you say: your services for that bimbo?"


"Deal. However, there is one thing that I would like you to remember: betray me and the "dark Shadow" will come to visit you." Dyssi replied with a smile.


"I don't worry. As far as I remember; my friend, raggedy Anne destroyed her. Now, if raggedy Anne told me the truth, then both you and the dark-shadow became my shadows." Anne replied.


"I wouldn't say destroy her, boss." Dyssi said.


"I would. Now go and have fun with her." Anne said, and again Dyssi dragged the humiliated, bound blonde out of the room and was about to give her to the "dark shadow" as a sex-toy.


When Anne was left alone, she pressed on the remote. As the door to Ultrafemme's cell closed, Anne turned the music and watched as her private dancer, Jennifer, began to dance while the naked Ulrica knelt under the table and licked her pussy through Anne's robe with tears. Now after the former U. N. Secretary General Elizabeth "Liz" Wu and ex US President Millicent "Milly" Simpson became slaves; Anne represented them to Ulrica and told them her secret.


Meanwhile, Dyssi arrived to her room with "laser cat", and after tying her to the bed. Dyssi went out of the room laughing in a smile which the helpless blonde heard at the past. While Dyssi was away, Laser cat miserably sobbed in despair. Even now 2 years after she was enslaved, she tried to escape knowing that she just had to.



Suddenly, she looked up and saw her enslaver, dark shadow, standing above her without the cape. Then as she looked up, the black woman said: "so hope, it is very nice to see that you are still white and great. Now after no-one can stop me (accept for Anne), I'm going to use you and give Dizzy great stories to report about."


"Y-you're g-going to" Hope tried to say but she was terrified seeing her trainer.



Maliciously demonstrating her mastery over her defeated foe, Dark Shadow plumped down athwart Laser Cat's trimly muscled middle.


For the 2nd time in her career as a slave, Laser Cat discovered first hand the degrading horror of sexual molestation. That her molester was another woman, one who had already humiliatingly defeated her, stripped her nearly naked and made her a helpless captive, made the heroine's horror and mortification all but unendurable.



After brutally raping the virtuous heroine, the sadistic news woman, turned super villainess, paused to torment her victim a bit more.



Once 'dark shadow' finished, she threw the naked woman to the ground, after stripping her of her last shred of honor. Once on the ground, the helpless slave began to cry as her mistress laughed at her.



Then, after dressing the helpless slave in: pink tunic and white boots, the black woman said: "now slave, rest! You are about to have rough days as my accomplice, and the best part is that once you will be sentenced, Anne will get you as a slave by the courts, and I will be able to enjoy your charms."


Once she finished, dark shadow went out of the room; her captive tried to break to door and escape for no avail. She kept on pounding until her powers went out, and she fell asleep in despair. Hoping that someone will save her.



* * * * * * *

Latifa held a leash attached to Keisha's collar as returned home after their latest shopping spree. To make it easier for them to take over Moesha's mind, Anne told Latifa to take Keisha on a trip. The 1st place that they went to was the hair salon, where Moesha's hair was bleached, and teased into a Bouffant Hairdo. After talking with Anne, Latifa decided that Keisha's look will match the 60's. However, she knew that Anne will dress Keisha to match her new role which means: sexy- exotic and dumb.


Other then that, Keisha was dressed in silver: 7" Go-Go Boots, Hot pants and tank top. Over her face, Keisha had a makeup which was overdone and included: cherry-red lipstick, white powder, pink spot of blush decorated her cheeks, pink nail-polish. Keisha's eyes were rimmed in heavy pink eyeliner with extremely long black lashes, her eyelids were covered with a purple eyeshadow, and her dark eyebrows were tweezed thin and in high arches.


Each of Keisha's ears had 4 holes. In 3 of those holes, Keisha had junk jewelry, and in the last holes which were on her ear-lobes, Keisha had large hoop-ring. Through the fabric of the tight tank-top, Keisha's pierced nipples were visible with what looked like a 5" hoop ring. Furthermore, to make sure that EVERYONE will know that Keisha doesn't wear anything under the hot-pants; Latifa pushed the fabric into her pussy, and convinced Keisha that this is how she likes to wear her pants like that.


The last item which Latifa got Keisha was a pair of "glass less glasses" which gave Keisha a look of smart woman; even though by now she was not very smart. Keisha's hands held plastic bags full with: magazines, toys, bondage gear, and a few "training" items, cloths, costumes, uniforms and a few other things.


In her mouth, Keisha had pink ball-gag. On her wrists, Keisha had golden slave-bracelets which were made from steal and locked in place. Each of her bracelets had the inscription: "Keisha, property of Mistress Anne, and Mistress Latifa". The ring itself was attached by golden and silver chains which were attached on the other side to special shopping bags.


Once inside the house, Keisha and her "best friend after Anne" hugged, before Latifa convinced Latifa to take EVERYTHING to her (Keisha's) new bedroom, which she shared with Anne and Latifa. Since becoming Keisha and moving to the room of her "ex" mistresses, Moesha's life turned into that of a sex-slave; silent, obedient and ready to be used at all times.


Once Keisha was out, she followed the sounds to Sarit's room. Once she was next to the door, she tried to open the door. However, the door was locked, so she looked though the kea-hole. Inside the room, she saw Liz licking Simon's pussy, while Sarit herself was holding a hair-brush as she was dressed as Liz and Milly's ex-mistress, and humiliated her slave.



Then a few minutes later, Sarit dragged the sobbing ex-president to a chair. Once Sarit set on it, she pulled Milly across her legs, and began to spank her until she had enough and threw the sobbing blonde to the floor.



Once the sobbing blonde was on the floor, Sarit pulled Liz by her pony to her feet. When the idiot bimbo was finely on her feet, Sarit dressed her with a replica of Morganna's phallus. Once the phallus was in place, Sarit pointed at Milly and ordered: "fuck!"


Then almost in a hypnotic way, Liz moved to the sobbing Milly and took the control over the helpless slave as she began to rape her friend.



After a while; Latifa, who had enough, saw two of Anne's keepers marching 6 naked women to her office. The 1st keeper was a bold woman covered with green: paint and attire who whipped them so that they will continue to move. The other woman looked the same, accept that her attire was Black and she pulled the leash which was attached the first cowed slave.



After them was another one of Anne's keepers, whose attire was in red. In her hand were two chains, which were attached to the pierced nipples of the blonde woman who followed her. The helpless blonde tried to resist. However, it was for no avail, and once they were inside the office; the red woman suspended the suffering blonde by her breasts from an overhead gibbet, a favorite decorative device of this fell place. Then as she rose until she stopped, the blonde involuntarily wailed in agony.


In case the blonde's screams were not loud enough, the red woman began to whip the shrieking slave, after tying her hands behind her back.



Then Anne said as she looked at Ulrica: "look at your friends slut! Not only that I have them, but I also own them by the law as well as you, and you can be sure that NO one will save you. ALL of you belong to me, and I'm going to use ALL of you. Now with the keeper's cult and Dark-Shadow, none of you will be able to escape."


Meanwhile in another part of town, sow was leaning over and smoothing her stocking and garter. She was about to meet mistress Suzy, and give her the money. Her face, which once was determined, now showed her status after Anne finished with her; a whore willing to do whatever her owner says. Poor sow missed her daughter, and granddaughter after 6 months in which she was out of the ranch as Suzy used her.


However, there was only one thing good that was about to happen: Suzy's contract with Anne was expired today, and the miserable woman would be re-united with her family.



On the way to Suzy, sow saw her usual client: Jim A. Thompson, who offered her 5,000$ for is usual blow-job and another 5,000$ to fuck her face. Sow, who became a shroud whore (and needed the money), swallowed the remaining of her pride and dropped to her knees. Once on her knees, she did as she was offered.



After she finished, and the leering man was re-zipping his fly, it took Sow some few minutes to fully adjust to the traumatic shock of turning her 1st trick. Even now after 1 year of being Anne's slave by day and a whore by night, sow still couldn't bare the taste.



Once she fully adjusted, the cum covered sow went to meet Suzy. Suzy was pleased with her slave's performance, and decided to let her go in her usual way.



The venerable whore had no stomach left for another fight. Only a few minutes ago, she finished her session with a gang who liked the sex rough. Sow knew it, and saw she turned tail, and ignominiously fled from the angry whore, screaming in panic. However, Suzy decided to chase the cow for old time sake.



So as the helpless slave ran Suzy chased after the fleeing whore, and kicked her in the behind. The as the 4th kick was dropped on her ass, sow remembered how Leticia recounted it to Morganna when she was caught: "You just had to see it!  The great Supergran, the world's mightiest Superheroine, running away from this skinny little hooker, screaming for her life!  Oh, it was priceless!"


The end of chapter_26c.


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