Wendy's diary, part 2 of 4

By The outsider

Wendy, Morganna's niece continues to write in her diary about the slaves but now she is also writing what she found about Shyster dame.


Note_1: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.


Note_2: all the characters and pictures are being used with GW's permission.


Novenber, 29th 2002


Dear Diary.


It's been a month since I last wrote you and in that month there was lots of things which now I have Dopey as my slave, she is now licking me and while I write this and no one can save her. You see I had to do project to school about my family and I could write everything about mom and Auntie Morg but I had a problem with Auntie Shysty so I talked with her and after she gave me a few pointers then I was able to start to work.


I went to the local university where I checked for details and then I saw something that I just couldn't believe it: Auntie Shysty is a direct descendant of an Amazon queen whose name is: Roberta, this woman was a very famous queen after she overthrown the first queen.


Roberta took this tribe of Amazon and led them to conquer the entire area that they were in and according to a few documents she was the one who built the nation which Erishka escaped to with Beletiva after that whore Valkie stayed her father.


In other document which Roberta wrote she married Erishka who gave her and the former queen, Argentia, an immortal life and that where they live in will be a secret which the oldest daughter will have to keep, in another words only AUNTIE MORGANA, know where they are.


When I returned home that day, I ran to Auntie Shysty who screamed at Valkie who lay there with her hands behind her back as both auntie Morg, mom and the other slaves kicked her and she begged for their mercy but it didn't helped her.


When they finished I asked my mom why was that and I found that auntie Shysty was late because of Valkie to the lunacy committee but for her luck Gerri was able to become the guardian of the judge, then as Valkie licked her feet and Justy licked her ass I showed the information that I found to aunt Shysty who was in shock because now after she found that she as a royal blood in her veins then she can merry Auntie Morg.


And now as a reward I got Dopey as my slave.


Before I will start to describe Dopey's new way of life then here are a few pictures which I took of Dopey being trained:


Here is the first one of the new dopey, I whipped her body until she swore loyalty to me and begged that I will let her to become my PERSONAL slave, the bitch had nowhere to go and as you can see:



Over the last month I had Dopey: whipped, fucked in the ass with the new monstrous Trollish Phallus which auntie Morg gave me as a present and now after a long, hard training period she is a broken toy but she is still having sex with her granny and mommy.


As you can see in the picture I had her changed from head to toe: her hair is held in a ponytail by an old rug, since she is a human bitch then she as a simple collar and on her wears a loin cloth which is only covers her pussy and she is not allowed to wear her boots anymore.



But as you can see she is not the only one who changed her looks: I became a complete copy of Erishka when she had Beletiva and she became a complete copy of Beletiva but this time no one will be able to save her from my hands, Dopey is my and no one will see her as she was after all of the time that she spent here.


Over the last month I trained Dopey in all of the techniques that she will use from now on when I will order her to pleasure me and believe me that this whore won't do anything without my approval and that means the bitch is mine.


Dopey's day begin with her licking me until I get an orgasm or that I cum, then I'm putting a leash in her collar and taking her to the dining room where we first met with Valkie, Justy and soapy dressed in their maids uniform sobbing as they see her.


Only yesterday I took the next pictures of the little whores:



Then once aunt Morg and aunt Shysty came into the room after their daily race the slaves came into kitchen where Granny worked her ass of under the watch-full eye of mom and then they served us while as always mom set on one side while aunt Morg set on the other:



Once we finished then we forced: Soapy, Granny and Dopey to have sex and Soapy still tried to stop it while the tramps began to fuck her after all of them wears their boots and while we have a laugh at their expense:



I just love to see Soapy begs, by the way that is the only time that I permit Dopey to where are boots from the times in which she was free.


Then Aunt Shysty and Aunt Morg goes for another ride on their "mares": 'slut' and 'tramp' (that's their names while they are mares) before they let them eat:




Once it is over then aunt Shysty takes her slave and shouting at her if she was bad while if she was good then there is the usual "pet talk" before she gives her to auntie Morg.


Then after Auntie Morg is doing the same with Valkie then aunt Shysty drags her to their (my Aunties) room and forced her to wear those cute uniform before they leave the house to the courthouse for the longest ride in the bitch's life:



Then mom takes soapy and tortures her for 1 hour and 30 minutes before she throws her into her cell where she fucks her for another hour and a half before she gives her the maids uniform and the slut gets back to work so that I will be able to take Dopey.



Once soapy get back to her work then mom grabs Granny's hear and drags her to her room where she gives Granny her official slut outfit and takes her to the streets where Granny works her ass of until mom decides that she brought us enough money.



And me? I spend my says learning in school and from my family as I see Aunt Morg's gallery of superheroines and then I just laugh as I look at them:



Once all of them were great women who served the justice until they met my Family.


I have to go now, it is almost time to sleep and I have lots of things to do with Dopey.


With love.


Wendy, mistress Wendy (always wanted to said it).




Let the games begin.