The Awakening by Iczerman


Early Sunday morning, the best time to go for a run! Julia Diggers stretched protesting muscles and heard stubborn joints crack. Ever since she started to train Amy she had gotten into the habit.

I wonder how she's doing? Julia thought.

As if in answer to her question a portal swirled opened and out jumped Amy. Dropping her backpack, Amy ran over to Julia and gave her nice hard hug, the kind Julia always wanted to give to her "Diggers" daughters, but they couldn't take being squished.

" Amy! It always makes me happy to see you! Com'ere and hug me again!" Humm. Julia thought. She's gotten bigger. And my warrior's intuition tells me that she's gotten much, MUCH stronger. And her nipples are hard, I don't think she's THAT excited to see me.

" Master, thank you. I'm glad to see you too!"

"I'm going for a run, wanna come along?

"Sure! And afterwards I'll cook you breakfast!" Amy said enthusiastically.

They covered the 10-mile distance in what must have been a record for them both. After hugging Amy, Julia felt light and full of energy. That was one of the things that puzzled Julia. Maybe that's one of Amy's talents, to impart energy to others. Dr. Diggers and Julia always had a healthy and satisfying sex life, but when Amy stayed at their mansion, their sex went up a few levels in intensity and satisfaction. I wonder if I could get her to stay until Theo gets back, Julia wondered as she bounded up the stairs and took a long shower.

The meal was delicious as usual. And soon they were catching up on the news. Julia was impressed that a Prince would have liked Amy to be his mate.

" And he didn't seem to mind that you were stronger than him? That's a sign of a good man. But that other guy-Clark? He sounds like a nice man too." Julia said with a twinkle in her eye.

" He is. But I don't think I'm ready to settle down yet."

" Amy, If love knocks at the door of your heart, answer it. Don't deny yourself happiness."

There was silence while they were both thinking, Amy about the future and Julia about her love for her husband, until Julia spoke up with that sly tone of hers.

" Hey Amy. Theo won't be here until tomorrow night. Let's get dressed up and go turn some heads at the mall. That was fun last time!" Julia remembered when they went shopping at the mall, and the reactions of all the men (and the women who slapped their men when they looked). It felt good to know that she still "had it".

" Well- okay." Amy sounded reluctant.

" What's wrong, dear? You seemed to enjoy it the last time." Julia said with concern. She could tell something was wrong. She went over and put Amy's hand in her's.

" Did I tell you about what happened in Metropolis? A lot of the women scientists and a local reporter accused me of flaunting. I think they were right. I did after all wear that tube dress. That little, tight, blue one? After a while I started thinking. All my friends have beautiful legs and they didn't think twice about showing them off. That seems to be okay. But if you have big, beautiful breasts and wanted to show them off, even a little bit, you were labeled a cheap slut by society. Thank goodness the women at Star Labs eventually accepted me, but I could see it was hard for them. I have to change my wardrobe. I'll still have shorts skirts and dresses, and I'm going to keep a lot of my clothes open in the front, but not too much, it gets hot under there and I gave up trying to hide my breasts a long time ago. But no more tube dresses, that was pushing it."

" That's the difference between Jade and Earth, honey." Explained Julia. "Earth may be more technologically advanced, but you Earthers are sure hung-up when it comes to sex. On Jade breasts are just part of a woman's allure. Faces, legs, butts, and for some abs and muscles, are all part of the whole package, all are to be displayed with pride if one has them. You should be proud of your body and let the world know that you are. And if it means offending some people because you have huge, beautiful breasts, that's their problem. Now lets get dressed and head to that mall! I think that no matter what you wear, you're going to attract alot of attention, just save some of that attention for me!"

What was supposed to be just a brief visit turned into three weeks of training, shopping, and for Julia and Theo, several nights of great sex.

Julia underestimated how much stronger and faster Amy had become. No longer was Julia the "Master "and Amy the "student'. They trained as equals, each learning from the other.

All too quickly their time together was over. Amy shook Dr. Digger's hand and thanked him for giving her some pointers on magic. Julia hugged Amy hard and long, telling her to come back and visit anytime. Amy used the scroll of teleportaion and stepped from the living room of the Digger's mansion to her own bedroom in her apartment. Walking from her bedroom to the kitchen, she saw Lita in the living room, she was just hanging up the phone

"Hi Lita! What's up?"

"Amy, Serena's dead."


Outside Serena's hospital room Amy and Leeta could hear someone crying. When they entered the room they saw Mina holding Raye, trying to comfort her. Raye was sobbing uncontrollably. Luna was sitting on Serena's bed, leaning on Artemis for support.

" Wha-wha-what happened?" Amy was starting to cry along with Lita.

" I was out with Raye shopping, and when we came back to Serena's apartment, the place looked like a battlezone. Serena apparently was flung against the wall, her neck was broken. Even if she lived, she would have been a quadriplegic." Luna then sank into Artemis's arms.

" What about Darien and Adrian?" Asked Leeta.

" No-..trace." Said Raye between sobs." There was no way we could prevent this. The battle was fully contained within their apartment. The police said the neighbors heard no unusual sa-sa-.sounds." Raye started to cry aloud.

" Obviously this attack was magical in nature, therefore it falls to me to inform Serena's family-.of her death." Lunas heart sank ever deeper into despair.

Amy and Lita went over to Raye and Mina, all four girls then held each other, trying to find comfort and support in their embraces.

"She was my first friend." Said Amy. "I would have been all alone if it wasn't for her."

All the others nodded in agreement, remembering how Serena had brought them all to each other.

" I'd like to get me hands on whoever d-.d-.did this." Lita said angrily.

Deep inside Amy's mind the idea surfaced. It came closer to Amy's conscience and then started to fill Amy's breast. Separating herself from the others, Amy walked over to Serena's bed and knelt down beside the lifeless form. She started to arrange Serena's hair, and stroked her cold cheeks with her hands. Her tears fell on Serena's face, running into her open mouth. She took Serena's face in her hands, and placed her lips on her mouth. Was it a kiss? Amy wasn't sure. But she knew that this was right. She felt her love for Serena flow from her lips into Serena's lifeless body. It was a long, loving kiss. Amy could faintly hear Raye start to complain, but she was hushed by Mina and Leeta. Slowly the color came back to Serena's face, and she started to breathe.

" Amy! What did you do?" Luna was startled.

" I don't know for sure. But something inside of me wanted to do it. That it was the right thing to do." Said Amy.

All the other girls surrounded Serena's bed, watching their friend come back to life.

Serena was starting to breathe deeper and slower. Amy was the first to notice that the blanket that covered Serena's chest never fell to where it was before. Higher and higher the covers went. When they stopped, two points then grew up from where her nipples would have been.

" She's growing!" Said Raye.

" Shhhhh-she's saying something." Lita whispered harshly.

" Darien." Serena breathed.

Her body now started to move from side to side, small moans of pleasure escaping Serena's lips. She then spread her legs and arched her back, as if inviting someone inside of her. The covers fell from the bed onto the floor, revealing thick, muscular arms.

Amy could remember what it was like when she came into her power. Serena was now going through the same thing. Amy felt warm inside, she gave her best friend the greatest gift that she could give, a new life. She started to cry again, and went over to hug Lita.

Serena's body shuddered when she thrust her hips violently into the air. Her body suddenly relaxed and plopped onto the bed. A small, contented smile came to her lips.

" Darien." She whispered huskily. " That was wonderful-.I love you." She then fell quickly to sleep.

" Amy. Is that one of your new powers? To bring back the dead?" Said Raye, her face white.

" Quiet Raye! This can wait!" Said Luna.

" I don't know." Whispered Amy. " I could have brought her back to life, or I could have awakened the magic that's inside her body like mine was. We will discuss this later. Let's let Serena sleep."



All the slumbering watchers bolted upright at the sound of Serena's wail.

" What happened to me! I'm-I'm- an amazon! Where did I get these big boobs?!"

Some things never change, even after 4 years. Serena started to cry.

(Author's note: visual cue, proverbial anime tears, water fountain type, gush from Serena's eyes)

" Quiet, Serena!" Scolded Raye. " You'll wake up half the hospital!"

" Never mind that! Serena's alive!" Shot back Lita.

Amy went over to Serena and put her hand on her now thick deltoid. " I really don't know what happened, it just felt like the right thing to do. But the alternative would have been worse."

" Worse?! What do you mean, worse?!" Serena bawled.

" You could be dead, that's what's worse. When Raye and I found you, you were already close to dying. Tell us the last thing you saw." Luna was starting her investigation already.

" I remember that I was with Darien, it was great!"

" Before that Serena." Raye was exasperated , but relieved.

" Oh, hmm- I do remember coming home from shopping and when I opened the door, I heard Darien calling my name. When I ran into the living room I could see Darien being carried off by this-this- thing and then all went black. Then I had my dream with Darien and now I'm here. But how did I get like this?" Serena went over to the mirror and looked at herself. She must have grown about 2 inches in height and about 5 cup sizes. Her breasts were big, firm and rode high on her chest. Her waist was noticeably smaller, and her legs felt light and firm. She unconsciously took her nipples with her thumb and index finger and gently twisted them. They sprang erect, almost pulling her breasts upward and away from her body. She felt her body flush with pleasure. It looked like she was starting to enjoy herself when her face suddenly froze with fear.

" What will Darien think? Will he still love me like this? Amy, change me back, Please!" Serena came over to Amy and took hold of her arms, pleading.

" I-I don't know if I could. And-um-Serena? Could you go easy with that grip of yours? Even though I'm strong and could take a pretty good punch, I could still feel pain. You have to adjust to you new power."

" I don't want to adjust, I want to be myself again!" Cried Serena.

" It's either this or be dead Serena. I don't care what you think or feel. I'm happy that your alive!" Raye came over and hugged Serena hard.

" Raye's right. And come to think of it, you look pretty good with that extra meat on ya." Said Lita, with Mina nodding in agreement. " You're not as big as Amy but you do have a lot of big curves now."

" You think so?" Serena face brightened. She went over to the mirror again and started to flex her muscles. She could feel the strength rush into her expanding biceps. She ran her hands along her shapely hips and firm buttocks, down to the backs of her legs. Her hands went to the front of her thighs and up to her solid stomach.

" How do you feel Serena? Asked Luna.

" Now that I think about it-pretty good. As a matter of fact, never better. But how's Darien gonna take this?" Her voice again lapsed into a whine.

A knock at the door startled the group. Serena dashed to the bed and tried to cover her new endowments with the hospital gown. No use. Mina rushed over and threw blankets over

Serena's body, almost trapping Luna beneath them.

" Come in?" Serena tried to sound normal.

In walked in two workers from what looked like the hospital morgue. A large metal bin was wheeled in; its lid was opened. If they needed actors for a horror movie, these two definitely looked the part.

" Excuse us lady's, we're here to pick up the corpse." Was it Lita's imagination, or was one of them licking his lips?

"Let's see-a corpse-a corpse-..I shall investigate." Mina went into her Sherlock Holmes mode.

" Are you a corpse?" Pointing to Amy.

" No."

" Are YOU a corpse?" Mina reached up to Lita's face, pinching her nose.

" Why you-no!"

" Now you look almost like a corpse. Explain yourself." Mina poked Raye's breast with her finger.

"NO!" Raye glared at Mina, who stuck out her tongue in response.

" The person in the bed does not have the attributes of a corpse. So it is my conclusion that there is no corpse in this room."

" Yup-no sireeee..nooooo corpse in here. As a matter of fact, we were just leaving, yes- that's it. So if you two will kindly excuuuuse us girls. I would like to get dressed." Serena tried to sound innocent.

" I thought a corpse was in room thirty-two, Igor."
" That's what the charge nurse said Doctor, she must have been mistaken."

" Come then, we are not interested in the live ones, only the dead ones. Good day ladies." The Doctor tried to take Raye's hand to kiss it, but with a fluid and natural deftness, Raye snatched her hand away and in one motion, waved at the Doctor, grinning sheepishly.

" ICCKKK." They all said at the same time after the morgue minions left.

" Let's get a move on then. Serena, get your clothes on, MOVE IT!" Luna was back to normal.

" I don't think they fit any more." Serena tried to button her blouse, but only the bottom two could be fastened. The look of frustration on Serena's face caused them all to chuckle.

" You'll get used to it." Laughed Amy.


" That's funny, a major magical battle took place just down this hall and there's not a peep from anyone." Amy had on her newly upgraded visor and was checking out the area around the battle.

" I even asked one of the neighbors if the police missed anything, they did'nt."

" You mean that guy next door Serena? He didn't even notice your new body. A cement truck could "ve passed through here and nobody would notice." Lita was helping clean up some of the mess.

" Well, with the new upgrades I made to my compact-computer, I could detect a lot more than I used too. There's a lot of magic residue here, and the trail seems to be easy to follow." Amy was examining one corner of the living room. " I could use my interdimensional scroll and take us to where they took Darien and Adrian."

" Sounds like a trap to me." Said Mina.

" A trap for whom? Whoever took Adrian and Darian left Serena for dead. And if they wanted me, they could have just come to my place and-." Asked Amy.

" It's a trap for YOU Amy. That's what I'm saying. They want you to fight them on their own territory. You could've wupped them here, but they didn't want to take that chance. They want you to go to them." Mina could make sense when she put her mind to it.

" I'm going. I want to find these people who're after my family and our Amy. I'll teach'em not to mess with us! Amy, let's go!" Serena smacked her fist against her palm.

"Are you sure? These people know magic, Serena." Said Amy. "It takes a lot of training and experience for a warrior to- ."

"I'll be okay." Serena sounded determined.

" Very well then. Let's go to my apartment. I need to pick up my sword and I'll lend you one of my running suits. That will protect you from the cold and from extreme heat. You haven't tried anything made from my fabric, huh?

" Good luck you guys." Said Lita. Boy, I wish I could help too, she thought.


Amy and Serena stepped out of the portal to face the gaping maw of an immense cave. The area surrounding them was bleak. Black twisted trees had no leaves and the ground was made of black gravel. They both knew when they saw the cave where they must go. Amy summoned a light spell and soon they were making their way down inside the bowels of the great mountain. Amy left special markings to help them find their way back, part of her Barbarian training.

" Gee Wizz Amy. You sure know a lot of stuff. I mean stuff like magic and tracking and everything. You just are one all-purpose person!"

" Thank you Serena. We now have one more thing in common. We have gone under this same wonderful change! I was a little hesitant at first, but since then I've made the necessary adjustments, like how to walk and not fall into any traps because I can't see my feet. I've also made a couple of mistakes along the way too, but I'm learning."

" Mistakes? What kind of mistakes?"

" Like I told my Sensei, I have to make a big adjustment in how I dress. At least in this dimension. I got rid of all my tight, tube dresses and had several special blouses made that I could button up all the way if needed. I still like low-cut necklines due to the ventilation factor. Oh, speaking about that, you'll also find that you won't be needing a bra."

" I was worried about that. I was dreading having those things dig into my shoulders. But as we're walking along here my breasts bounce very little and they feel light. I guess we're beyond perky!"

No matter what the situation, Serena could always make Amy laugh.

" I could see that you're keeping up with me too, you used to be a straggler. How do you feel?"

" Great! I never realized how good it feels to be strong. I thought being the strongest was a guy, testosterone thing. But I don't feel any less a woman. I feel I'm even more of a woman now. Not only because I've got bigger breasts, but also because I'm strong and I've got more confidence. Was it the same for you?"

" Yes it was! And every time I've gotten stronger-I-. felt so warm inside. I feel that I'm loved. That's weird because I don't have a boyfriend, but that's the truth"

" Amy, did you have those dreams like the one I had, of being with Darien and know?"

" Not with Darien." Chuckled Amy. "I've had five of them in the last year. Each time I get much, much stronger and I have more intense orgasms."

" Do you think it'll be like that for me? Will I get much bigger and stronger?"

" I don't know. We came into our powers different ways, and I received a gift from a special friend. I may tell you about that later."

"Tell her about what later?"


The girls were too busy talking to realize that they walked into an immense cavern. The roof of which was about 1000 feet high. And in front of them was the speaker of those words. The creature was about 60 feet tall, not including the tail. It looked to be a mixture of dragon and tyrannosaur. But its forelegs, no-arms, were long, thick and muscular. Strong, humanlike hands gave the image of great strength. But Amy could see intelligence in the creature's eyes. It spoke in a deep, cultured voice. This lizard would have made a marvelous Hamlet, Amy thought.

" That is a personal matter between myself and my friend, Mr--?" Amy made it a point to be polite.

"Cyrus is my name. I know why you are here. My employer seeks to prevent you from entering this facility and plundering his treasure."

" Then we have no quarrel with you. We are here for my husband and son. Amy, can you tell which direction they are?"

Amy activated her compact computer and visor and scanned the area. Cyrus looked interested in Amy's device.

" They are deep inside this cave." She said pointing to what was the only other opening in the immense cavern.

" Then this is where I must do my job, for I must now engage you in battle. You will have to fight me in order to gain entrance. And I will not break a contract or take bribes, so without further ado-." The Dragonsaur looked intently at Serena and with a slight motion of one of his fingers-..

" YOU!- where is my family!? I remember you now-you took them away! Give them back!" Serena started to attack Amy. Amy was amazed how strong and fast Serena had become and was not prepared for her onslaught. Two punches found their mark and Amy was sent flying to the ground. It was her training at the hands of Julia Diggers that prevented her from any real damage. Amy hit the ground and rolled to her feet in a smooth, fluid motion. Serena leapt at her (from 30 feet away) and almost tackled Amy, but a quick dodge and with an iron grip on Serena's wrist, Amy bent her arm behind Serena's back. Serena was very powerful now, but still no match for Amy's training and vastly superior strength.

"Serena-.STOP!!! He's cast a spell on you! Snap out of it!" It was no use. Serena kept struggling to free herself. The gem on Amy's swordhilt emitted a bright flash, breaking the concentration of Cyrus. Serena stopped struggling and relaxed.

" What happened? Where's that troll guy? He was standing right here a second ago. I got in a couple of good punches-but he's gone."

" He cast a spell of confusion on you, you thought I was the enemy." Said Amy.

They would have been turned onto flinders if Amy hadn't heard, out of the corner of her ear, the sound of the Dragonsaur's fireball careening toward them.


The huge fireball was deflected, turning the surrounding area into charcoal.

" HUMPPH-.That spell was supposed to work on both of you. I always like to see a good fight between evenly matched opponents. But you-" Cyrus pointed to Amy. " You're an Earther of a different sort. But you may not pass." Faster than Serena judged, the dragonsaur planted himself in front of the cave that lead to Serena's family.

"Serena, I'll take care of Cyrus, you go on ahead and get Darien and Adrian."

Amy then ran toward the creature, dodging many fireballs and electric bolts. Grabbing the huge creature by the ankle, she twirled a surprised Cyrus around in the air and threw him against the wall. The ground shook from his landing on the ground.

" That'll teach ya to mess with our Amy. Give up now or she'll have to get tough." Serena said in a huff as she walked by the creature.


-..HISSSSSSSSSSSSS-SHUUUUUU-. HIY-WHO-WHAAAAAAAAA-.." Cyrus sprang to his feet and performed a complex dance of kicks and punches.
" I can see magic is of little use. So I am forced to use fisticuffs on your person. Be prepared. I have been trained in the martial arts by the great G"Nolga of Jade."

" Hurry up and find Darien and Adrian, Serena. This is going to be tough."


Serena sprinted into the cavern as the two combatants behind her squared off for battle. As she ran down the curiously well lit cave, she noticed no other openings branching out from this one. It seemed more like a trap than anything. She could faintly hear the sounds of the battle being waged above and behind her. The ground shook briefly, almost causing Serena to loose her balance. Along with increased strength and endurance, Serena was relieved that her co-ordination had also improved.

" YIPPEEE!!! I'm not a clutz amymore!!!!" She said as she rounded the corner and then stopped short.

Dug out of the cavern wall was a cell with thick silver bars. Inside the prison was her husband holding their child, they looked okay. The giant troll guarding them wore armor that had thick plates layered one over the other. A huge hammer bristling with mean looking spikes was in his huge hand.


In a flash the troll turned around and looked at Serena. A smirk crawled along his face as he started to drool.

" Serena! NO!!!" He's much too-.

Before he could finish his sentence, Serena dashed toward the waiting troll, who twirled his hammer as if it were a baton. Raising his hammer for the kill, he suddenly-..started laughing. For Serena caught her foot on a chink of stone and fell on her face. She slid for the next ten feet, coming to a stop in front of the laughing guard.
Dariens heart weighted 10 tons as it fell toward his stomach. All the blood left his face. He could change into Tuxedo Mask, but he was behind these bars. There was nothing he could do but hold their son so he wouldn't see the death of his mother. He sank to his knees, head bowed, not wanting to see her die once more.

" Well, what do we have here?" Said the troll as he grabbed Serena by the hair and held her at arms length. She had a deep gash in her right cheek, a trickle of blood splashed on the gravel at the trolls feet. " We have a would be rescuer who is fool enough come here by herself. Humm- for a human you look good, maybe before I kill you I have a little fun first. BWAHHH HA HA HAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGG!!"
Suspended in the air, Serena took hold of the trolls armored forearm with both hands and squeezed with all her might. The trolls arm crumpled like paper in Serena's grip. Armor and flesh were compressed and shattered in a split second. The giant troll fell to one knee as he held his now useless limb. A slap in the face sent him flying against wall.

" Nobody enters me but Darien." Serena spat.

" Serena?" Darien said slowly in awe. " How did you? You-you-that troll-how?"

" I want Mommy." Adrians cry brought them back to the situation at hand.

" I'll explain later, I have to get you out of here." Said Serena as she took hold of the prison bars. The bars were so thick that she couldn't get her hand all the way around them.

" Serena, you can't bend these bars..they're made of--" He choked on his words as the bars became like putty in Serena's hands. As the bars separated, Serena felt a rush of confidence overtake her body, she was doing this by herself, with no help! She bent the bars much further than was needed, relishing the experience of not only saving her family but of testing her new found strength. She ran into the arms of Darien, tears falling to the ground. She kissed him long and hard.

" want Mommy!" Serena scooped up Adrian and held him close to her bosom. He stopped crying shortly and held onto Serena's full, firm breast, not wanting to let go.

That makes two of us, thought Darien. " Serena, what happened, look at you.. your-bigger."

" We'll talk about that later. We have to hurry! Amy need's our help!"

" You- You crushed my arm and bent those bars! Not even Cyrus could budge those things! I'm not getting paid enough for this-.I'm blowing this gig!" The troll lumbered away, leaving his hammer behind.

" Are you okay? I'll carry Adrian and we may need this hammer."

" I'll get it." Darien went to the hammer and tried to lift it. It must have weighed 5 hundred pounds! He could only drag it a foot before giving up. Serena came over and easily grabbed the weapon by its handle and put it over her shoulder. It looked like it weighed one ounce in her hands!

Serena lead the way through the cave. She was going at a good pace and soon Darien worked up a good sweat. What happened to his wife? Not only was she vastly stronger than himself, but she also took charge of the situation. And that skin-tight running suit! Oh, maybe she borrowed it from Amy. It hugged every curve of her body. He could see thick arms and deltoids along with the massive calves and shapely legs. She moved with what looked like very little effort. But then his eyes focused on her butt as she walked. Her rear end was larger and more shapely than he had ever seen on anybody! The lack of jiggle told him that it was also taught and firm. Did Serena's slimmer waistline accentuate the swing of her hips? Or was she doing that on purpose, knowing he was looking at her from behind.

When they came to the opening to the great cavern, Serena stopped abruptly. Darien wasn't paying attention and ran into her from behind. Instinctively he grabbed her waist and tried to keep her from being knocked over. But he ended up pulling himself closer to her, his hips up against her luscious derriere.

" Save that for later will ya-we have to find Amy. Look! There she is--OHHHHHH."


In the distance they could see Cyrus standing in front of a giant chalkboard. He was drawing some weird looking symbols and from time to time he would look to his left. Sitting on his shoulder was Amy, with one arm around his neck. Was she holding on for balance or was she? Yes-she was gently stroking the Dragonsaurs neck as if they were a couple or something. As they walked closer to the two, they could hear the nature of their conversation.

" But if we increase the value as you suggest...we must consider the possibility of 26 dimensions instead of 10." When they got closer they could see that Cyrus was wearing a dragonsized set of spectacles.

" I don't think I could deal with that." Said Amy with a laugh.

" Neither could I-heh-heh.." The creature's chuckle had a twinge of joyful mirth.

" But the semi-set curves toward the sub-atomic..the infinities might cancel each other out!"

" Well I'll-.. You may be right!"

" Ahem..sorry to interrupt this-whatever. But wasn't there supposed to be this massive struggle between good and evil going on?" Interrupted Serena.

" Well-there was. But that's over now. Your little friend here packs a pretty good punch. I've never been knocked out with one punch before." Cyrus was massaging his jaw in memory.

" You were good too. G'Nolga trained you well. But one thing concerns me. My Sensei Julia Diggers told me that G'Nolga took the wrong path and had a grudge against her. Also G'Nolga is known to have dealings with-. people of questionable reputation."

" I know." Rumbled Cyurs. " I really haven't trained with G'Nolga. Her name is feared throughout Jade. And I use that name to strike fear into my opponents. Didn't work with you, Amy. But a lot of people have turned tail and run when they hear me say that. Why fight if you can scare people with just a fabrication? Anyway, she landed a good one and knocked me out. When I came to I saw her in front of my chalkboard looking at my equations. Grand Unification Theory being one of my interests. I was about to attack from behind when she pointed out an error in my calculations. Soon we talking about what would happen when all matter collapses into a pinhead when I remembered my contract. It stipulated that I was only to engage you. It doesn't stipulate how long the battle must be or that I should eat you. So since I have fulfilled my contractual obligations, we starting talking."

" I enjoyed this chat. And you did land a couple of good ones yourself." Amy then felt her own jaw.

" Hum- the bleeding stopped already? You have a quick constitution. And it looks like there will be no scarring. Shame to scar a pretty face." The Dragonsaur started to blush as he put Amy on the floor.

" Oh- you flatterer." Amy said coyly.

" Could that mean that this gash on my cheek?-..Hey! It's gone!" Serena felt a smooth, soft cheek where there should have been a nasty scar.

" As beautiful as ever." Said Darien as he kissed her.

" Mommy-I'm hungry. Can we go home now?" Adrian was hugging Serena's leg.

" Oh well, I guess you have to go. So Amy, your Sensei is Julia Diggers? Do you think she'll take me on as a student? To learn from the best would look good on my resume."

" You would have to be more careful who you work for. She doesn't take on too many new students ever since she was reunited with her husband. But one of them, his name is Garfield, may take you. He was her best student. I'll ask my Sensei to put in a good word for you."

" That would be acceptable. And remember to send me that video tape " Iron Monkey", it sounds like a hoot!" Said Cyrus.

" I will, take care." Said Amy with a wave.

" You too."

Amy dropped the dimensional scroll on the floor and the portal to Earth opened up. Darien tried to convince Serena to leave the trolls hammer but she insisted on bringing it along. She wanted it for proof of their adventure. The three stepped through the portal and soon the portal itself vanished.

" Not to often I meet good people. I could still offer my services for hire, but to a different clientele. Or maybe another line of work-.." Cyrus packed up his chalkboard and his belongings and made his way to the cavern entrance. It was morning. He took a deep breath of air and started on his way. He noticed for the first time how fragrant the air of Jade could be on a Monday morning.

After the dragonsaur lumbered off into the distance, a shadow detached itself from the rocks. Quickly and quietly it covered the entire surface of the cavern, stopping briefly in a few places.

Through the cave to the makeshift prison the shadow glided. Stopping, it found its treasure-..


When they got back they found Serena and Darien's apartment all cleaned up. No trace of the magical battle could be found.

" We will talk later." Said Amy." I'm going home. I'm bushed!"

" Amy-I-.I want to thank you for bringing Serena back. In a way you brought me back to life too." Said Darien.

" Your welcome." Said Amy. " This is just the beginning."

" Amy? I want to talk to you alone. Darien, could you put Adrian to bed please?

When they were alone Serena took Amy's hands in hers.

" Amy, I want to thank you for giving me back my life. Could you teach me what your Grammy taught you? About how to live? I am a different person now. I felt it when I bent those bars so easily. I am now a powerful woman. Could you help me?"

" I would be glad to teach you. But you already know how to listen to your heart. You will know what to do"

They held each other close for a long time. Each touched the others cheek when they separated.

" Good night Serena. Follow your heart."

" Good night Amy, see ya soon!"

Serena joined Darien in their bedroom. They took a long shower together. Serena noticed how attentive her husband was to her now. She knew what she wanted. She knew how to get it. She dried herself off and stood by their bed.

" Dairen? How do you like the new me? I mean the bigger boobs and the muscles."

" Fine. I think its great."

" Do you? What about Amy? She has much bigger breasts, a smaller waist, and I don't know how many times stronger she is than I am."

" I was curious about her changes. She seems to have handled it well."

" I'm talking about her body, what do you think of HER body. Do you like her body more than mine?"

" That's not a fair question. I love YOU. You know that!"

Serena turned around and put her hands on her hips, her jaw thrust upward in defiance.

" Humphhh-Prove it!" But Serena knew by the tone in his voice that he meant every word.

He walked over to her and started to massage her thick shoulders. Working his way up to her traps he bent over( Not as much as before) and nuzzled her ear gently.

" Wwwelllll. That's a start."

He started to kiss her ear and neck. He ran his hands down her back and slowly massaged her glutes. Getting on his knees, he ran his nose along down her crack, and gently kissed her derriere. He felt her body tremble.

Turning her around, he saw her clitoris become erect. He then kissed her organ gently, when he enveloped it fully within his mouth, he began to gently suck. He could feel it harden and pulsate in time with her heartbeat. With one eye he looked up and saw her head lolled to one side, her eyes half opened, small moans escaping her lips.

He ran his hands up her body to her big, firm breasts. When he kissed her nipple it sprang erect, hitting him in the nose. Startled and surprised, Darien drew back.

" A big strong man like you SHOULD be able to take a punch-can't you?" Serena teased her voice husky and low.

She took him by the shoulders and guided him to their bed. She straddled him and began to massage his chest.

She could feel him become hard.

" I want you-I want you inside me." She whispered.

He could feel her muscles close around him. She started to move up and down slowly, then a little faster. He could never remember when Serena was this aggressive when it came to sex. He liked it when she initiated sex in her shy, submissive way. But in this instance he felt he was being taken. He was HER man. In a way, he kinda liked the notion of being taken, to know that she loved him and wanted him only for herself.

He felt her body shudder time after time from her climaxes. His own orgasm left him panting for breath. Never had he climaxed so hard before! She all but fell on top of him, her breathing heavy. Her body was covered with sweat, but oddly, she smelled good. She smelled like a strong, powerfull, sexy woman.

They kissed and held each other for a long time.

It was Serena that spoke first.

"Let's go again."


"Did you test the blood samples?"

" Yes, master."

" The results?"

" Normal, both samples are normal human."

" Are you sure?"

" Yes, Master. I checked the results three times. And I conducted the tests myself twice."

" Did you use the electron-scanner?"

" Yes, the samples are normal down to the atomic level. There isn't anything smaller than that."

" Possibilities of cloning?"

" Yes, but the results would be normal human. This one subject, however, could be of use. To have an army of super geniuses would be advantageous."

" But the strength could not be duplicated."

" No, Master."

"Very well. Leave the samples here. Show the Wizard in."

" Warrick the wizard at your service."

" Science has failed us. Now we must turn to other arts. See if you can detect any magical properties in those blood samples."

" Whose are they? There is not much here to work with."

" That is of no concern of yours. That was all we could find."

A hand gesture.

A brilliant white and blue flash.

" I'm-I'm-I CAN'T SEE! I'M BLIND!!!"

" What are the results?"

" Don't you understand? I'm blind!"

" I don't care. The results, Wizard."

" No results! Happened so fast I--"

Darksied's eyes started to glow.



Two months later all the girls were at Serena and Darien's to celebrate her second pregnancy. Leeta made all the goodies, which Serena made short work of.

" I have to eat for two people you know." She said between bites of ice cream and cake.

"Any signs of morning sickness?" Asked Amy.

" Um-. no-munch-."

" That's odd." Whispered Raye to Mina.

" I feel pretty good. My daughter will be a healthy and strong baby."

" How do you know it's a girl?"

Serena put down her dish of ice cream. She reached over and took Dariens hand.

" I know." She said as she looked into his eyes.

" Artemis, I need to talk to you. You girls have fun!" Luna gestured to Artemis to follow her outside to sit on the balcony railing.

" I know that look." Said Artemis. " What's on your mind?"

" Serena's pregnancy. It's a possibility that Serena's new-..attributes-.could be passed on to her daughter. That could radically change the future."

" The power of the Royal Family has always been passed from mother to daughter. So if they all turned out to be strong amazon women..that would definitely change the future."

" I hope Amy is teaching Serena properly. She told me that Barbarians had different teachings than Amazons. And from what I've seen these last two months, I feel sorry for Darien. He has to learn how to satisfy appetites."

" I think Darien is-up-. to the challenge." Said Artemis with a wry grin.

" Why you dirty minded -.."