Sam's Picnic


Amy opened her eyes slowly and took in a deep breath of the morning air, the sheets falling away from her towering breasts. She always liked how her body felt after one of her strengthening, erotic dreams. But this one was different in that it was much more intense, and seemed to last longer. Getting out of bed she looked into the mirror and saw a bigger and thicker muscled Amy. Flexing her biceps she was amazed at how much bigger and higher they were! She was more acutely aware of the flow of blood forcing her muscles to expand. She sensed that she was again much, much stronger than she was before.

As she was flexing her muscles, she had the feeling that this was to be the last of her strengthening dreams. She wasn't sad or disappointed, just thankful.

She would normally shower after the morning 25k runs she had with Julia, but she went to wash off the remnants of her body's arrivings. As the cold water splashed over her body, she felt her nipples begin to harden. Giving in to her body's response, she commanded her nipples to enlarge to their full size. Amy loved to feel the blood rush into them, causing them to pulse and throb upward. Opening her eyes, she saw that her nipples were now only four inches long, but more than twice as fat! Reaching up with her thumb and index fingers, she felt how much harder and more sensitive they had become, her body responding with another orgasm at her touch.

Stepping out of the shower, she had to give herself time to "calm down' before her run. She didn't want to go with her nipples fully erect, so she busied herself with the chore of cleaning up her room and packing her bags for her trip home. For the last several weeks she had stayed at the Digger's mansion in a room that Julia made for her, far away from Gina and Brittany's old rooms.

Setting her bags next to the door, she squeezed into her "workout' outfit and then covered herself with her baggy sweat suit. When she was done, she made a rather embarrassing discovery, her nipples still remained four inches long, her areola providing a solid foundation. She commanded them to become smaller, but to no effect. Red faced, she went outside to the garden that was their starting point and saw Julia doing her warm-up excerises and without a word, joined her.

" Good morning Amy and--."

The pause seemed to last an eternity.

" My-aren't we-.perky-.this morning!" Julia tried to suppress a smile but was unsuccessful.

" I couldn't help it! I tried to make them smaller, honest! I had one of my-. dreams again and I guess the feeling is lasting longer this time."

" How do you feel? You look like you've gained some more muscle!"

" I feel-.wonderful." Said Amy quietly.

Amy then took a slow, deep breath, her sweatshirt snapping away from her waistband as her breasts and ribcage expanded. The sleeves almost tore into threads as Amy flexed her biceps.

" It's just amazing how you can be so big and yet be able to fight and handle weapons. Must be my expert teaching." Said Julia, patting herself on the back. " But I betcha can't catch me-EAT MY DUST!"

Julia sprinted away toward the hills, Amy close on her heels.


Dr. Theodore Diggers felt the warm lips kiss his cheek softly. He knew that Julia was going for her morning run with Amy. He felt her get out of bed and faintly heard her getting dressed. He tried to feign sleep, but he couldn't help himself look at how she exaggerated each movement getting into her tight tank top and running shorts. She raised her arms high over her head and arched her back, causing her breasts to point upward, and after she put on her shorts, she ran her hands slowly along her firm rear-end. Theo didn't think that running shorts had belts-.but this one did, and Julia made a show of cinching it tight around her small waist, lifting her chest while taking in a long deep breath.

"I'm not fooling anybody." Dr. Diggers thought. " She knows I'm watching her, she's doing this ritual on purpose!"

Julia had been more happy than usual recently. Was it because of the opportunity to teach two eager and talented students? Or was it the heightened pleasure derived from their lovemaking recently. Theo had always prided himself on his ability to sexually satisfy a Barbarian Arms Master. But these last few weeks had been different. It was now far easier to bring Julia to orgasm, but her sexual appetite was now close to ravenous.

He heard talk about women faking orgasms and wondered of Julia had done so in the past. The thought was immediately banished, he married a Barbarian Arms-master, not an earth woman.

Getting out of bed he dressed in his robe and went to his study, where he kept his scrying glass. He liked to look in on what Julia and Amy were doing, but today he decided to go on a through spy mission. Today they were going to work out with Amy's Gaviton Bar( Pat. Pending).

Amy asked him if he could make a spell scroll that could provide a stable surface for her to work out on, also to suspend itself in the air so Amy could do chin-ups and dips. The weights used were immense, so they created an enchanted scroll to prevent Amy from sinking into the dirt when she used very heavy weights.

He wondered if he would have the opportunity to teach Amy magic. Her vast intelligence and ability to focus would be advantageous to an Aura-user. He wondered how Amy would look in one of the "mage' bodysuits, her figure would be an advantageous distraction to say the least.

He knew about how much time it took to do their 25k run, so he brought the scrying glass into focus and looked in on Julia and Amy's "workout' area. He saw Amy and Julia take off their sweat suits, both now wearing white tank tops and white bikini briefs, Amy's workout "outfit' seemed to be tighter than usual today. Theo liked to see his wife work out, to see how she had progressed in strength, also to see his wife's improved figure. But today seemed to be different. The intensity of the workout was a lot higher, Julia and Amy were using what must have been heavy weights for the both of them for soon they were both drenched in sweat, their skin glowing brightly in the morning sun. He could see them encourage each other to do one more repetition, to lift a heavier weight. Theo felt himself start to get an erection when he saw how pumped Julia was getting. The last exercise of their workout was barbell curls, and from what he could see, that was one of Julia's favorite movements. It must have been Julia's record weight because of the strain that showed on her face. One repetition after another was done, in perfect form, until they started to slow down. The bar then came up and stopped halfway, Julia fighting with the weight for what was about 60 seconds, not giving up. When the rep was finally completed, Amy clapped her hands and gave Julia a big hug. Julia then stepped back and proudly started to flex her now fully pumped biceps. Good thing his scrying glass had a zoom function. His erection hardened when he saw Julia's breasts pop out of her tank top.

He was proud of her.

He wanted her.

Ever since she was "unphased' by Gina and Brianna, Julia's daughters hadn't spent that much time with her. They were always off on one adventure after another. Julia and Theo believed that Gina, Britanny and Brianna were now able to take good care of themselves and even encouraged their independence, but they hadn't spent that much time with Julia as mother and daughters. That's when Amy came into their lives. Julia now had another woman to talk to and nurture, eventually adopting Amy and making her a Brigand. He knew that Amy couldn't take the place of Gina, Brianna and Brittany, but Julia did love Amy very much.

Looking down into the scrying glass, he saw the garden gym empty. Julia must be going for a shower now. Smirking to himself he made his way up to their bedroom and saw Julia's silhouette through the showerglass. Trying not to make a sound, he took off his robe and went in to join her. Wrapping his hands around her waist, he traced the deep furrows of her abs with his fingers. He then pulled her taught rear-end against his hips. Julia reached behind her and started to caress his face with one hand, while taking the other and placing it on one of her firm breasts.

"Good morning." Said Theodore softly.


Many times during the past 8 weeks Amy witnessed the same behavior at the breakfast table.

Julia looked at her husband with coy, loving eyes, while Theo looked at Julia with a small smirk, disguised as a warm smile.

"They made love again." Amy thought as she served her hosts a hearty breakfast. " I hope someday I will meet a nice man and fall in love." A small, wistful sigh escaped from Amy's lips. " Does sex make one hungry?" She asked herself, noting how much food the both of them ate. (Julia ate more than Theo did.)

" Say Amy." Said Dr. Diggers as he put down his fork. "How is that special "workout' scroll holding up?"

" It's still a little unstable, I think it needs a better compensating sub-enchantment."

" Alright, join me in my study after you've cleaned up, I'll make the necessary changes." Theo then leaned over to his wife and kissed her on the cheek. " Julia will help you."

Dr. Diggers showed some uncharacteristic agility as he dodged Julia's swat aimed at his behind.

" I'll get you later you-you - Gold Bricker!"

Amy could tell from the half-hearted attempt and the tone that Julia used what precisely that meant.

" Don't bother Master, I'll clean up."

" No, I'll do it this time-. You go down and see to that scroll, it's important that you keep in shape, young lady." Julia said wagging a finger.

Walking through that halls of the Diggers mansion, Amy stopped at the full-length mirror and looked at herself. She would definitely have to get some new clothes made. The dress she was wearing was very tight around the bosom, shoulders and sleeves. Passing Gina and Brittany's rooms, she wondered if she would ever get the chance meet them. Julia had also spoke of her third daughter, Brianna. But Julia had her reasons for keeping Amy's relationship with her a secret.

" Come in." Said Theo as he heard Amy's knock at his study's door. " I'm just about done."

Dr. Theodore Diggers, Arch Mage, started to sweat. A faint blue glow appeared around the floating scroll, then it turned into a bright, white shimmer. Amy could tell that the sub-enchantment was a powerful one. After one minute of gut-wrenching concentration, the spell was completed.

"It's-finished!" Dr. Diggers said as he wiped the sweat from his brow. " The area affected is now much bigger and you could use as much weight as you can-..but if your lifting weights approaching Chandrasekar limits, I don't think I could help you."

" Thank you Dr. Diggers, but I don't think my Graviton Bar( Pat. Pending) can reach the density of a black hole. My strengthening dreams may be over, but that doesn't mean I can't get stronger through hard work."

" You're welcome Amy." Said Dr. Diggers. " You have made us both happy."

" I take that to mean that the formula I made for you is working." Said Amy with a sheepish grin.

" Don't breathe a word to Julia about this, it will ruin the-..mystique-.. if you will. Ever since she started training harder, her sexual appetite has become-.. insatiable. But with your formula I will be able to satisfy her and keep her happy." The tone of his voice softened. " Thank you for helping me, Amy."

" You're welcome Dr. Diggers. I am honored that you let me stay here at the mansion with both of you."

" Come to think of it, have you thought about marketing this formula? It would make Viagra look like a placebo."

" No, I'm already too busy with my other inventions and investments. But if Julia found out about my making this formula, she'll figure it out and the-.mystique-. would be lost."

" But that would be the truth." Said Dr. Diggers as he pondered the ramifications of that situation.

When they looked at each other, Amy and Dr. Diggers started to laugh.

" Naaaaaaaaah." They said simultaneously.


The air in Amy's apartment began to unfold, becoming a portal of dazzling color. Amy stepped from the vortex onto the solid floor, the vortex then vanished with a rush of warm air.


Amy could still sense the warmth form Julia's bear hug. They held each other long and hard. Julia once told her that she wished she could hug her "daughters' this hard, but they couldn't take the pressure, but Amy could.

Walking into her bedroom she threw her backpack in the corner, she'll unpack it later. Right now she wanted to get online and see how her investments were doing. A smile of satisfaction (along with a sigh of relief) crept onto Amy's face. Her stocks were heading steadily upward, she would soon be one half of the way toward being a billionaire! But she was not in a hurry, the market could dip now and again, but the public liked her inventions and with Wayne Enterprises handling the marketing, she didn't have to worry too much.

Opening up her E-mail list she saw that she had a lot of reading to catch up on. One of the E-mails was from her mother, asking how she was doing, was she finding it hard to find clothes and shoes, the usual stuff. One message that caught her attention was from Bruce Wayne himself, the custom made car that was being made for her was to be delivered on the 16th at 4:00 in the afternoon!

That was today!

That was now!

As if in answer to Amy's gasp of realization, the doorbell rang. Not minding that she was wearing her white " adventure' mini-dress, she ran to the door and found Bruce Wayne standing on her doorstep.

" Hello." Said Bruce, with his usual charm. " I came here to personally deliver the vehicle. It was hard at first to learn how to drive the thing, but after a while it was easy."

" I'm sure for a man of your many talents- it was no problem." Said a grinning Amy.

" Say, I need a ride to the airport. You know-meetings to attend-new modifications to automobiles to present and implement, that sort of thing."

"Sure..lets go!" Amy was anxious to take her new car for a spin.

The airport was a thirty-minute drive from Amy's apartment-traffic permitting. Amy's car preformed perfectly. It looked like one of the old Pantera's on steroids. Full heads-up displays, gull wing doors, ultra-glide transmission and a special steering mechanism that was located at Amy's right hip were some of the features of Amy's custom vehicle. (Along with plenty of cupholders).

Conversation along the way ranged from the business of manufacturing and marketing, to the business of crime fighting. Bruce was having a handful with the various denizens of Gotham City.

But Bruce was also getting an eyeful. He was having a hard time trying not to stare at Amy's long legs and huge, firm breasts, the dress straining against Amy's bountiful cleavage. Did she grow bigger? Her nipples looked like they were about to tear through her dress, and he couldn't believe how thick and powerful looking Amy's shoulders and arms were! Her hair seemed to be thicker and had a deep shine. He tried to concentrate on what they were saying, but he couldn't help himself but to stare at her marvelous body. Several times she caught him looking at her, but she just kept on with the conversation at hand.

That's what he liked about her. She knew he was looking at her, but she wasn't offended or annoyed like other women he knew.

" Mr. Wayne? Where would you liked to be dropped off?"

" Uh-. I have a private jet at gate number eight-oh.. turn right here."

Turning into the private terminal, Amy saw the Wayne Enterprises 2707, one of the few ever built. At the bottom of the steps leading onto the aircraft stood Alfred. Parking the car, Amy almost ran into Alfred's arms.

" Alfred! How nice to see you!"

" And how are you Madam Amy? I see you're as-healthy as ever." Alfred tried to keep the redness from creeping up his face.

After a tour of the aircraft and another impromptu business meeting, Amy drove back to her apartment and changed into her baggy sweat suit. Making some sandwiches she again sat down at her computer and continued to read her E-mail.

The last message was from the family doctor. Amy missed last year's appointment for a physical and she was again due for one. Amy liked Dr. Thomas and was eager to show him her -changes. He was one of the few people that Amy felt safe with. He tried to encourage her to go into medicine at one time, but when Amy told him about the life her mother had and that she didn't want to live like that, he let her know that he understood her feelings.

Calling his office, she was surprised that the receptionist was instructed to make an appointment at Amy's convenience. Her physical was to be tomorrow at eight-thirty in the morning.

Now-. What to wear?


County Hospital was the laughingstock of all the other local hospitals. Old equipment, dilapidated buildings, and the lowest pay scale in the city contributed to the derision.

But that changed.

Funding for a new, modern, medical complex seemed to come out from nowhere. 500 million dollars was donated to the County to be used to rebuild the hospital, which served those with low incomes and no health insurance. A trust fund was also set up to help keep the hospital pay scales competitive. A major stipulation to the contribution was that it be used exclusively to build a new COUNTY medical center. Several CEOs from several area hospitals tried to get their fingers in the pie-so to speak.

Dr. Benjamin Thomas made sure they didn't.

A staunch advocate for the poor and the middle class population, it was his mission in life to give medical care to the outcasts of society. Four days a week he spent working at County, while on the fifth day he worked at his own private clinic, seeing what he called "special circumstance' patients. These clients ranged from the poor to the very wealthy. It was a rule that to be seen by him all his patients sit in the same waiting area, the rich along with the poor.

Grabbing the chart for his next patient, he was surprised to see that it was Amy Anderson, the daughter of one of his classmates from medical school. The only time he saw Dr. Anderson was at class reunions and for yearly medical checkups. Her daughter however, missed last year's physical. He made sure that before he would see Amy, she would have to have full blood panels taken, including HIV and pregnancy tests.

She would be twenty years old now, it would be nice to see her again. Opening the door, he tried to start the usual banter between Doctor and patient.

"Good morning are you?"

At first he thought it was someone else. The figure before him stood 6'4" tall, and was dressed in a pair of slacks that were just a tad tight around the hips, thighs, and calves. But it was the fully stretched blouse that was belted to the tiny waistline that distracted him, but only for a second.

He was a doctor after all. He knew it was Amy when he finally looked at her face.

"I'm great Dr. Thomas! How are you?"

" Frankly, a little stunned. You've..changed, you seemed to have grown a lot since the last time I saw you."

" It's a long story Doctor, one for another time."

" That's true, then lets get down to business. You lab results are here." Dr. Thomas said as he sat down across from Amy, looking down at her chart.

" Triglycerides are normal-..ummmm-"

" Excuse me Doctor?" Said Amy with a hint of apprehension.

" Your cholesterol is normal-165-but your HDLs (high density lipoproteins) are 125. That's quite remarkable. Now, let me take your blood pressure."

While the Doctor was getting the blood pressure machine ready, Amy rolled up her right sleeve. When he turned around and saw the huge, thick bicep and muscular forearm, he again hesitated. He examined bodybuilders before, but the sheer mass and shape of Amy's bicep dwarfed anything he had ever seen before. But he was a Doctor after all-he kept telling himself-I'm a professional.

" Now I know that I must hear your story. That bicep is-..Remarkable." He could tell that Amy was proud of her development. That made him feel good, she was always the shy type.

" I guess it's the double extra large cuff for you-. I didn't think we would need something that big, but I see I'm wrong." Wrapping the cuff around Amy's arm was more of a chore than expected, even double extra large was almost too small, and on top of that, the back of Dr. Thomas's hand brushed against Amy's breast after her applied the cuff. He couldn't help but think about how firm they felt-but he wouldn't let himself think about such things- he was a Doctor after all-.

" Um-I'm sorry." He muttered.

" That's okay."

Dr. Thomas noted how unoffended Amy sounded, she did grow up a lot these past two years.

" Your blood pressure is normal-120/75. But your heart rate is dangerously low, 40 beats per minute. Take off your shoes and get on the scales.

Amy complied without questioning.

" Your six feet tall and weigh-. Nope, that can't be right-come down off from there, I have to zero the scale." Dr. Thomas couldn't believe what the scale read, but this was the most accurate one available. Zeroing it, he asked Amy again to step up on it again. Now there was no doubt- the scale read 400 pounds.

" According to all the weight-to-height charts, you're dangerously obese. Just for curiosity, stand over here, I need to measure your hips and waist."

Amy again complied, standing up and holding her arms out to the side. She surpressed a giggle when she saw Dr. Thomas start to measure her waistline from the front, then thought the better of it and approached from the rear. She tried not to tighten her buttocks when she felt the tape wrap tightly around her hips.

" There is new thought regarding weight to height ratio's, it is the waist to hip ratio that is more important. Your waist measures 18 remarkable-and your hips 46 inches. That makes a waist to hip ratio of- point 39-.again ..remarkable. From all the evidence gathered, you have a low risk of heart disease, you're not pregnant and your Pap smear is normal. It's your heart rate that concerns me. You may have a condition that among mountain bikers and marathon runners is known as Physiologic Bradycardia. Your heart and lungs are so efficient at oxygenating your blood that your heart would only need to beat 40 times a minute. I know I've used this term a lot, but you are quite a remarkable young lady."

"Thank you, Doctor." Said Amy. She knew that she was in good physical condition, but she wanted this examination to assuage the fears of her mother.

" I will E-mail your mother and tell her that you are in great health, I know how much she can worry about things. If I may ask." Dr. Thomas cleared his throat. " How-strong are you? I know it's a personal question, and you can refuse to answer if you like."

" Now a long story."

" Someday you must tell me that story, it sounds interesting to say the least." Said the Doctor as he opened the door for Amy.

" Yes, It is. Thank you again Doctor." Amy said as they shook hands.

Amy then turned around and walked down the hall and out the door. Many eyes looked at her as she passed, both male and female. He could hear some muttering about how big that patient's breasts were, but he couldn't help but look at Amy's rear end as she walked out of his clinic. The pelvic tilt of her hips as she walked was accentuated by the smallness of her waist and the tight hip-hugging slacks. But it was the size her biceps that really caught his attention. How big would they swell if she flexed them?

He shook himself out of his reverie, and looked around to see if anyone noticed his daydreaming. To his relief, no.

The nurse told him that his next patient was ready to see him and reminded him that he was now 15 minutes behind schedule.

" Well, back to reality, I'm a Doctor after all."


The drive back home was a traffic jam. It took Amy about one hour to travel what should have taken her 15 minutes.

During that time she did a lot of thinking. Where was her life going? What was going to happen now that her strengthening dreams were over?

She told Dr. Diggers that she would have to get stronger the "old fashioned way', by hard work. Then the thought occurred to her, she never tested how strong she really was. When she worked out with Julia, she was holding back her strength, not wanting to make Julia feel inferior. Good thing that she could also control how much she could sweat.

Parking the car in her garage, Amy almost ran into her room and changed into her workout clothes. She had to struggle a little with the tight fitting tank-top, resolving to get a bigger size soon. The fabric rubbed against Amy's thick nipples, trying in vain to push them down, but the friction of the tank-top only caused them to grow harder.

Taking the workout scroll, she let it unfurl on her living room floor. A blue shimmering floor appeared as well as a set of workout benches and gym equipment. Bench press, squat rack, chinning and dipping bars were arranged to Amy liking. Taking her Graviton bar, she set it on her shoulders and began to do full squats. A button on the bar enabled the resistance to be increased when pushed, so Amy started clicking away until a suitable resistance was reached.

The reps started to get slower as the weight increased, Amy starting to breathe hard from the exertion. She could feel her thigh muscles working, becoming pumped with life giving blood. Rep after rep came along with heavier and heavier weights until Amy was exhausted. Putting down the bar, she rubbed her hands along her pumped legs and buttocks. Her breathing was full and deep, every breath stretching her tank top almost to bursting. She had never lifted a so heavy a weight before, and the feeling of her muscles being challenged gave Amy a rush of excitement.

Amy's whole workout was done in the same manner. She worked every muscle until she was exhausted. Her favorite excersise turned out to be barbell curls. She increased the weight with every rep until she had to fight with the weight for a good 60 seconds to complete the last repetition. A rush of satisfaction coursed through Amy's body as she put down the bar and anxiously went to the mirror. She had never felt her biceps pumped like this before. Flexing her arms, she could definitely hear her biceps growing, blood being forced into the eager muscles. Amy couldn't believe how huge they had become! She was unable to bring her forearms past the 90 degree point for the sheer mass of her arms, and her bicep peaks were now well above her head. Instinctively she started to pump her arms, harder and harder she flexed them until she saw her biceps become covered with light blue veins. One more time she flexed her muscles, taking in a deep breath that proved too much for her tank top, which fell in shreds to the floor at her feet.

" This feels better than my dreams!" Amy found herself saying aloud.

Her body was drenched with sweat, this time from her effort. Her breathing had returned to normal but her body still remained fully pumped. While she was showering, Amy wondered how heavy the weight was for all her excersises. She remembered how heavy the bar was for the Gigatonian contest, but that weight now seemed like a feather compared to what she did today. Amy then decided not to find out, it was more important that she get a good workout and exhaust her muscles than to know how much weight she was using. Besides, she liked the way her body felt when she was fully pumped!

Amy was drying herself off when she heard the phone ring.

" Hey Amy! Long time no see!" Came Serena's voice from the receiver.

" Hi Serena! What's up?"

" Can you do me a favor? Darien and I are going away for the weekend and I was wondering if my brother could stay with you for a couple of days. Adrian and the baby will be at my mom's but I'm not sure Sam's up to helping."

" We may have to fix that." Amy's Barbarian training was starting to kick in. One of the things Barbarian women were to teach their men was how to care for infants.

" Yes I know. If he were living here I would make sure that he would learn, but he's been staying at my mom's, and she hasn't been enlightened. It would really be a big help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?"

Amy just couldn't say "no' to Serena when she used that tone of hers. But she always liked Sam and this would be a good time to get reacquainted.

" Sure! When's he coming over?"

"He should be there is thirty minutes. Thanks Ames-.I owe you two now!"

" Sure thing Serena- don't tire Darien out too quickly, he's got to last the whole weekend you know."


Amy didn't know why, but she found herself dressing up to receive Sam. He was a strapping 16-year-old now and was an accomplished gymnast. She remembered when they went to the beach and Tiger Eye tried to steal Sam's dream. Amy wondered wither she should wear one of her short dresses or a longer one, he was Serena's younger brother after all so she thought that she shouldn't wear anything TOO sexy. But on the other hand she wanted to look her best. Settling on a long blue, sleeveless dress (the one that only showed only one fourth of Amy's massive cleavage), she was just putting on the finishing touches of her makeup when the doorbell rang.

One the way to the door, Amy stopped at the full-length mirror for a once over. Running her hands down her waist and around her hips she made sure everything was in place. Taking a short breath in she could see the dress straining to keep her huge breasts under control. She was definitely going to get new clothes. Instinctively she flexed her right bicep, the swelling peak climbing higher and becoming thicker as she bent her arm. Amy suddenly felt a surge of pride course through her body, she was happy with herself and wondered what Sam would think when he saw how much stronger and bigger she had become. He would have to get used to it, Amy thought as she went to answer the impatient ringing of her doorbell.

" Hi Sam! Glad to see you!" Said Amy cheerfully as she opened the door.

" Hi Am-.whoa-.uh-.hi." Sam took a second to recover. " What happened to you and Serena? I saw her just the other day and she's all buffed out, and here you are much bigger than she is and-.and-" Sam was stumbling for words.

" I'm a lot more..stacked?" Amy finishing the sentence for him. "That's okay Sam, things change. Why don't you come in and I'll tell you all about it."

Sitting down on the couch and drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice, Amy told Sam all about her changes and some of her adventures. When she told Sam how Serena was brought back to life, Sam's face writhed in disgust.

" Yeucccckkk, you -KISSED her?"

" I felt that was the only way I could help her."

" That's gross-..ick." Sam stuck his tongue out.

" She's alive now, that's what's important."

Sam was fascinated about Amy's adventures with Batman and Superman and tried to wring out of her the secret identities of them both, but Amy wouldn't budge.

" Awwww come on Amy-.. I won't tell anyone-.promise!" He pleaded.

" No way..and that's the end of it."

One thing for sure, Sam knew when to quit.

After several hours of eating pizza and storytelling it was getting late. Amy gave Sam a quick tour of her apartment and showed him the guest bedroom.

" You have your own bathroom and television set. We need to get up early for we have a long drive ahead of us." Said Amy with a wink.

" Yeah?-where're we going?"

" I thought it would be nice to go to the beach tomorrow, did you bring a swimsuit?"

" Sure did! Kewel!"


The drive to the beach was a blast for Sam. Amy's car was one of the neatest things he ever rode in. Amy was a fantastic driver, weaving in and out of traffic with the skill of a pro.

" How fast can this car go?"

" I don't know. I haven't floored it yet, but it should go well over 160 mph."

Sam was in awe about all the gadgets Amy's car had and also the awesome sounding stereo, which was played pretty loud- but with no booming bass.

" That's one thing I think is ludicrous, having more and bigger woofers in ones car stereo than in ones home system." Said Amy.

Finding a parking place was difficult, the one they found was located far from the beach, and it took them a good 15 minutes to find an open spot on the sand. It was a regular workday but school was out, so the beach was crowded with teenagers.

Sam was in good physical condition and was one of the rare guys that looked good in tight speedos. His broad shoulders, tight butt and cut abs were sure to turn the girl's heads.

But he was unprepared for when he saw Amy take off her baggy sweats. She chose to wear a tight one-piece bathing suit that had a belted waist. When she bent over to take of the sweatpants, he saw the skinny waist and the flaring hips, and the round, firm rear end. Her legs were long and well shaped, with big bulging calves. When Amy tried to take off the sweat top, it got caught on her huge breasts so she had to give it a little tug to finally remove it. Her saw her breasts bounce and little as a result and his eyes went to the big, protruding nipples.

Unbeknownst to him his mouth was half-open and he was unaware of his growing erection.

"Where am I going to get sweats big enough for me, at the "Big and Tall' stores?" Amy thought as she finally got the sweatshirt off. Looking around and seeing Sam, she couldn't help but notice his fine build. She remembered when he was just a kid, was that so long ago? But now he had grown into a handsome hunk, and Amy for a couple of seconds admired his fine body.

" Looking pretty good there Sam, I bet all the girls are-" Amy hesitated when she saw Sam's huge, throbbing erection push his speedos away from his stomach almost up to his belly button. In the past she would have been disgusted, but after training with Julia and being taught the Barbarian way of life, she thought differently. She never thought that Sam and she would have a relationship, she just liked him as a friend. But his reaction to her made her feel-complimented. She remembered that lesson of Barbarian philosophy, " The best way to find out if a man likes your body is if he has an erection. Remember, they are only men and they can't help it. We must understand this and not do or say anything that would make it dry up-so to speak." Amy could hear Grammy's voice in her mind when she taught her that. "He could make a woman happy with equipment like that." Amy thought. " Now if he could only learn the correct way of using it-."

The giggling of a couple of girls as they walked by interrupted Amy's thoughts. With a deft flick of her foot, she kicked a towel around Sam's waist, covering his erection. When he finally realized what was going on, he face turned almost as red as his swimsuit.

"" Sam stammered.

" That's okay Sam, I take that as a compliment, thank you." Amy reached over and put her hand on his shoulder.

He was stunned by her reaction, he thought he would've gotten in a heap of trouble. But she wasn't mad or anything. He was now curious about this Barbarian stuff, he would ask Amy about it later, but now he lay on his beach towel next to Amy, soaking up the sun and also looking at how all the guys reacted to Amy's body. " Eat your heart out-scrubs." Sam thought when he heard a couple of guys mutter about his good fortune at lying next to this Mega Babe.

" Is that your sister or your girlfriend-shrimp."

Sam was startled when the sand hit his back. Jumping up he was now face to pecs with one of the local muscle heads. The three of them surrounded Sam and started to close in on top of him.

" Back off-geeks."

That was all Sam could say before one of them pushed him violently down.

" Make way for the real men-.scrawny." All three loomed over Sam.

" Which "real men' are you referring to?" Amy's stern voice startled the three goons.

" WOW-You are one stacked mama!" Said the tallest of the three as he looked down on Amy's abundant cleavage.

" Say- You're good look'in-I'm good look'in-why don't we go to my place and-.stare at each other for a while." Said Johnny.

" What this woman needs is a good time, I'll show ya one babe." Said the third as he put his hand on Amy's deltoid. His expression changed visibly as he felt the mass of Amy's muscular shoulder. " Er-Guys-.I think we better-"

" So, which one of you boys is man enough for me?" Amy said coyly as she put her arms behind her back, straining the fabric around her rising breasts and hardening nipples.

" We all are man enough for you, we'll show ya!" Said the biggest one as he started to flex his muscles. He was soon joined by Johnny, but the third one slunk away silently. After a minute or so of gut-wrenching flexing, they both stood proudly in front of Amy.

" Well, what do you think of that-.Mama!" The tallest one said as he flexed his bicep in Amy's face.

" Is that allllll you've got? I have more than that-look!"

Amy then brought her arms out from behind her and then flexed her right bicep..slowly. The faces of the two muscle heads soon turned white as Amy's bicep swelled bigger and bigger. She pumped her arm again harder, causing thick veins to pop out all over her bicep. All this time Amy's eyes were on her growing mass of muscle, a feeling of satisfaction rushed over her body. When she tried to look and smile at her adversaries, she giggled at the sight of two of them dragging the dumbfounded third member of their party away, his feet dragging in the sand.

" Wow! You're-huge!" Sam exclaimed coming up to Amy's side. " I've never seen a muscle expand as much as yours!"

" Gee.. thanks. Say Sam, why don't we rent a boat and go to the island that we went to before and look around. There's bound to be a lot of sea life at the tidepools and we could climb some of the rocks."

" Sure!"


After getting the picnic lunch that Amy had in her car, Amy and Sam rented a rowboat that was big enough to carry Amy's weight. Sam was incredulous when he heard that Amy weighed close to 400 pounds.

" You weigh THAT much? I've only heard of fat people that weighed 400 pounds!"

"Shhhh-.not so loud. Its not nice to spread around how much one weighs." Amy tried to whisper but ended up giggling instead.

Sam insisted that he row the both of them toward the small island just off the coast. Amy was impressed at how well developed Sam turned out to be for a 16-year-old. His muscles were well formed and strong as he rowed the boat at a fairly fast clip. It didn't take them too long to reach their destination.

The island they landed on had several rock formations suitable for climbing, plus several caves and tidal pools. Sam and Amy spent the next couple of hours climbing all over the rocks and investigated several tidal pools teaming with sea life. On several occasions Amy, without a second thought, lifted several giant boulders to examine the small creatures hidden underneath. But she was careful to replace the boulders gently, to protect the homes they made on the underside of the boulders. Sam couldn't help but stare at Amy's muscles as she held these rocks overhead with one hand, while using the other to pick up the scurrying creatures.

Sam could hear Amy's stomach start to growl after a while and suggested that they sit down and eat. Choosing the very cave that Tiger Eye attacked Sam in many years ago, Sam and Amy started their picnic lunch which consisted mainly of sandwiches and soda pop. During this time Sam asked Amy about the Barbarian way of life, how they felt about the man's role, about child rearing and about physical and sexual equality between the sexes. To Amy's surprise Sam turned out to be an eager pupil and asked some very pointed and intelligent questions. But soon the questions became a little more personal.

" Amy, I saw you lift those boulders like they were nothing. How strong are you?"

" I'm not sure, but all I can say is that I'm strong enough to take care of myself."

"What about your body? Do you like being that big-uh-I mean muscular? Are-umm..your breasts heavy?"

"Don't be shy Sam, you could ask any questions you like. My breasts are huge and heavy, but they seem to weigh nothing to me. I did have to adjust how I slept at night and choosing clothes to wear turned out to be a chore, but I now know several good tailors that can make special clothes for me."

" Have you done it-I mean-..had sex?"

" No, I haven't. I have to find the right man. One who loves me and also one that likes my body. Not too many men like their women to have bigger muscles than they do. On Jade it's a different matter."

" I like your body. I think it's great!" Sam was surprised at himself for confessing that fact to Amy.

" You have a nice body too, Sam. You also have a big, beautiful erection. You will be able to make any woman happy." Said Amy matter of factly. " What you need is to be taught how to be with a woman. Education and a good job are important, and you should pursue those first. But the Art of making love to a woman, most men don't have a clue."

" Could-you-teach me? I feel safe with you." Sam looked down at the ground, he had never made himself this vulnerable in front of a girl before, but Amy was different, he knew he could trust her.

" I'm sorry Sam. You are my best friend's brother, and I won't do anything to hurt her or you. If we were on Jade, this would be different. Grammy knows of some women who specialize in teaching men how to be with a woman. But your mom will have to give her consent while your still 16. When your 18 and on your own, we'll see."

They sat silently for the next few minutes. Amy was beginning to have second thoughts about being so candid with Sam about sex. But one has to be honest and straightforward with teenagers and answer their questions, or they'll learn about sex from somewhere else. It was Sam that broke the silence.

"Amy could you do me a favor? It was a really neat to see you flex your muscles in front of those goons. Could you do it again for me? And can I feel them? I promise that I won't feel anything else." Sam knew where to draw the line.

" Okay, but be discreet if you tell Serena or your mom about this."

Amy got up and started to flex her biceps. Feeling her arms fill and grow with power was a little bit of a turn on for Amy. She smiled when the blood rushed into her arms when she pumped them slowly, making the veins bigger and taller. She could feel Sams hands caress her biceps, tracing each vein gently with his fingers. She could hear his muffled gasp when her biceps swelled larger and bigger each time she pumped them. After about five minutes Amy brought her arms down, still feeling the pump that was in them. Looking at Sam she noticed that the towel he was wearing around his waist fell off, his erection was hard, long and thick.

Amy tried to suppress a giggle, but failed miserably. She herself thought that she had a sexy body, but to be validated by a second party made her feel that she wasn't fooling herself. Sam started to blush again when Amy started to giggle, but when she burst out laughing, he knew she wasn't taunting him, but just laughing at the situation. He himself started to laugh when he picked up his towel and wrapped it around his waist, this time a little tighter.

Amy came to him and gave him a little hug, which didn't help abate his erection any.

" Thanks Sam. You really know how to make a Jade-taught Barbarian woman feel good about herself, but I wouldn't try the same thing on any of these "earth' girls, they'll get the wrong idea."


The rowing back to the beach and the subsequent drive home was relaxed and fun. Sam and Amy talked late into the night about many different things. Sam confided many things to Amy and she did the same. They grew closer as friends that day, a friendship that lasted for many years to follow.

The next morning Sam asked if he could go back home and help his mom take care of Serena's children. He was starting to embrace the Barbarian philosophy and Amy was pleased at his receptiveness. He would make a fine man and a great husband someday, not to mention one of the hunkiest guys on the face of the earth. He blushed a little when Amy gave him a little kiss on the cheek when she dropped him off.

As she drove home, she recounted the events of the last two days, a smile coming to her face when she thought of Sam's reaction to her body. The size and thickness of his erection caused her to wonder what it would have been like to have someone that big inside her. The feeling of being filled all the way, would she ever have that experience? A part of her wondered what Sam's erection would be like if he started taking the male supplement she made for Dr. Diggers, of how much harder and thicker it would be. Would it be able to help him maintain his erection longer? She knew from anatomy class that the vaginal length was only about four inches, that it was thickness and hardness that really counted. Her face started to flush and a faint ache in her loins started to become more intense the more she thought about it. Her breathing became faster and her nipples started to harden and grow to the point where she could feel the fabric of her T-shirt pull away from around her back with each heartbeat.

Looking around for any police, she stepped on the gas and made it home in half the time it took normally to get from Serena's house to her apartment. Parking her car Amy almost ran inside and started to tear off all her clothes and threw herself on her bed. What was she going to do now? Take a cold shower?

Her body was rushing toward climax, and she seemed powerless to stop it. But was it that bad of a thing? Instead of trying to suppress her body's yearnings, she gave into them and started to relax, her body took her from pleasure to pleasure.

She now understood the frustration men had to go through, of being aroused and not being able to do anything about it. She was surprised at how aroused she got by just thinking about sex. She admired Sam's control, not wanting to take advantage of her while he himself was aroused.

Still thinking about what she had learned and experienced, Amy picked up her clothes and put them in the laundry hamper, along with the linen from her bed. She was on her way to the shower when she stopped to look at herself in the full-length mirror. She definitely grew in size over the last several weeks, especially her biceps, shoulders and breasts. She then remembered how her body felt and how big her biceps got when she was pumped from her workout.

Making sure all the windows were blocked, she got her Graviton Bar and her magical scroll.

Today was a great day for a workout!