How many times have I come this way? At times it was an emergency, Luna filling us in on all that's happening. How about just for fun? Eating pizza, hearing Serena talk about Darien and their son Adrian. Well, tonight was one of those nights when it was for fun, the meeting at Summer's End, to catch up on all that's been happening. I really should be studying or reading...getting ready for collage which only starts in a couple of weeks, but, thought Amy Anderson, I need my friends, without them life would be, what? Books, books, and more studying? When we were the Sailor Senchi at least we had a purpose, to fight evil. But that was four years ago. Ever since Sailor Galaxia was defeated we were no longer needed, and I could finally concentrate on studying! So the walk to Raye's temple was filled with memories of past battles, gossip sessions, Luna's scolding Serena....

Amy was so wrapped up in her thoughts of her friends and collage that she didn't notice the swirling, glowing vortex forming ahead of her on the ground, didn't notice until she was falling. No. Pulled, as if by an unseen hand, into a fissure of emptiness.


At first she seemed to be pulled down faster and faster, but as time when on she felt the grip loosen and the feeling of falling became a feeling of weightlessness...not of falling or of rising.

Then the atmosphere splashed against her body like all the times she dove into the swimming pools at school, only this felt like a 100 foot belly flop.

"I'm telling you, she fell from the sky. Lessa either sensed her or saw her .I don't know, but that's the way it was"

"Nonsense", said the Elder, " Your flyer saw her .We all know they have keen eyesight...that's why we breed and train them-but sense magic? They can only detect very powerful magic, and dark magic at that."

Prince James gave an exasperated sigh and slumped, almost fell- into the chair behind him. Being on patrol for two days straight took its toll on his body...or also the mind he thought? "But flyers react violently to dark magic, you should have heard Lessa purr when we were flying back here, it was almost like she was comforted by her presence, and the way she followed me to the door carrying her, almost as if not wanting to leave her."

"Strange", thought the Elder," We will have to report this to the council and let Master Emil examine her for traces of magic. If she has magic in her body or at one time wielded magic of any type...He will tell us how powerful, the kind of magic and the last time she used it."

Voices? Was that the sound voices? Amy struggled to bring herself to consciousness...only to see the door close as she sat up. She was on a soft bed and still in her street clothes. She tried to get out of the bed when a wave of dizziness caused to stumble to the floor. She could feel strong arms lift her up and place her back onto the bed.

"I am sorry". The swirling room said to her. You must rest here, the only way out is either through the door or out the window, and that is a long way down. Your questions will be answered after the Master of Forensic Magic takes a look at you. The room then took on a shape of some kind, withdrew from her, and then......


"I think you got the order wrong Prince James. First we will give her some food, she must be starving and then, answer her questions. She will not consent to being examined until she is comfortable and relaxed." The prince had a hard time keeping up with Master Emil, his characteristic long strides took on the urgency of anticipation. He loved his work.

A knock on the door awoke Amy from her sleep, she could hear some mumbling behind the door...What to do? Well, I guess I have to take the plunge and get this over with. With that she opened the door to let in two very tall men, one almost running to keep up with the other.

"My name is Master Emil, I am the Master of forensic magic, and this man is the Prince of our little realm, Prince James." Both men perfectly performed the ceremonial bow when one meets a lady. Amy's apprehension lessened somewhat at the sight of least they were well mannered. " My name is Amy, Amy Anderson...and I would like some questions answered. Where am I? How did I get here? Last time I could remember I was. "Tut, tut...Little lady " the Master said...First we will eat, can't answer questions on an empty stomach." The master turned toward the door and vanished. "Here", said the Prince, "Here are some clothes that will help you blend in a little". He handed her a white bundle with what looked like a gold chain lying on top. This bundle turned out to be a long white gown that came down to just above the ankle, and a gold chain for around her waist. "Good, good, you now look like one of us. Now let's eat!"

To Amy's relief there were ingredients in the galley to make some sandwiches, so after consuming a couple of Hoagies...she felt a little more at ease. "Question one... where you are, you are in the country of Riverglen, a nice combination of grassy fields and rivers with waterfalls that will sneak up on any unsuspecting swimmer. Master Emil had a voice that commanded attention and respect. "Question two, How did you get here. That will be answered when I examine you for traces of magic". " How will that be accomplished?" Asked Amy, her voice with a trace of doubt. "Logical question."Master Emil produced a case that when opened show gems off different colors and shapes. Which gave off a faint glow when they were uncovered. "Hmmm , fascinating., the gems are reacting already.

""Ahem, Maiden Amy...I will hold one gem over your body and by the color an intensity of the glow I will be able to ascertain when, where, how powerful, how recent and the kind of magic you have recently and in the past used. " But of coarse I could not and would not do this without your consent."

"Will I get full disclosure of the results?"

"Yes you will, and a third party will be available to confirm that I am telling the truth."


"I will not accept the possibility that Luna lied to us."

" I am not saying that she lied maiden Amy, I may be that she did not test you as I have". Master Emil was right, Luna just appeared out of the sky as it were when she jumped on my shoulder, from there it was a revelation that she was a princess, that she was part of the royal court of the Moon Princess.

"From the evidence presented, you could have called upon the magic that transformed you at any time without the use of sticks". "Why such a stupid name as Power sticks, why not talismans of transformation or something that sounds better? Image is important to us magic users, plus knowledge and experience."

"Well, now that the issue of the essence of my magic is solved. How did I get here? And of coarse how do I get back." Amy was starting to get worried...will the others miss me?

"The results of the test conclude that the magic in your body brought you here, but it will take alot more to get you back. You must release the magic that is hidden inside you, you must master it and command it."

"How is that done?"


Amy placed the glass of the potion, half full, on the table beside the bed. Master Emil formulated the draught from several enchanted herbs with a little pinch of Sapphire. The effect of the potion was coming on quickly....a sense of calm overtook her...she never felt as safe and sure of herself and her choice before, she was sure she was doing the right thing.

The first thing she was aware of was the fragrance of the night air, it was cool and carried the scent of the garden that was outside her window. It was then that she began to breathe deeper, her breasts gently lifting the heavy furs she had for warmth. As she drew in the wonderful night air, she had the feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into the state of dreaming, and at the same time feeling lighter and lighter.

She perceived her spirit rise out of herself and turn about to look down at her body, still feeling the night air rushing into her lungs, but also seeing her chest rise and fall. It was then that she saw her arm reach up to let her hand rest on her head, that arm looked a little bigger than she remembered, Yes... it was a lot bigger in the bicep, but it felt light and the motion seemed fluid and easy.

Blood, she could sense the blood coursing thru her body, her muscles eagerly receiving the live giving oxygen, no, it was something else. Power, strength, that is what she felt. It was as if her muscles became an endless fissure in which flowed the lava of live. She saw her breathing become deeper and slower. It started in her pelvic area, and was moving slowly up her body, she felt her stomach tense, but from deep inside, and move up to her breasts the sensation of, of what? Of anticipation? Of arriving to the climax of a long journey, here the fruits of that journey become realized?

Again she looked down at long has it been? She saw the deep and slow breaths her body was taking but, what was different? Then she saw...every time her chest rose from a breath, the furs did not return to their original position. Every breath she took the furs kept rising and staying in the highest position! Higher and higher they rose...the heavy furs offering seemingly little resistance until two cones? No, points kept rising above the mound that covered her chest. She could feel them as well as see them grow what must be 2 inches over what seemed to be the apex of her breasts. Then the Tsunami hit, washing from her pelvis, through her stomach, to the hardened tips of her nipples. She flew upright, flinging the sleeping furs across the room.

ALIVE! That is what she felt. She was aware of every muscle and every movement of her body. The air, the air held life, she took several deep breaths in, savoring the different fragrances this dimension had to offer!

She stood up now, naked in the morning sunlight, her body feeling light as the air she breathed. She began to reach above her head to stretch her body when she looked at her arms. They had massive, firm biceps. She looked all over herself .Yes! Her entire body tingled with power! Any pre-conceived notions she had about women and strength were now gone from her mind. Limits on what a woman was capable of was gone.

She twirled around, feeling how light her body was when she noticed, for the first time, how much bigger her breasts have gotten. They jutted defiantly out from her chest, daring gravity to pull them down. She hefted them in her hands. They were as firm as volleyballs, but much bigger, and they had weight. But as she let them go they felt light against her body. They moved with her every action, with a slight bounce when she stopped.

Outside, where the World is, that is where I want to go!


With a little ingenuity and modifications, Amy managed to get her panties over her now larger thighs. "Good thing these are elastic, but a little loose around the waist, come to think of it, my waist is smaller than before!" By maybe three to four inches. Her gown had now become a short mini-dress, due to her increased bustline. She cinched the belt around her waist to a comfortable firmness, fully accentuating her new curves.

What was that? She heard a faint sound coming from the door. HMM...somebody may be in for a surprise. She proceeded to walk back and forth in front of the door, as if testing the fit of her dress...stretching her body, making the fabric of her dress tug and pull against her breasts, all the while coming closer and closer......

With a quick lunge she pulled the door open and in piled in Prince James and five guards all aheap and tangled up. Normally she would be disgusted...but for some reason she felt the urge to laugh...a loud, joyous laugh! The guard and the Prince extricated themselves from their heap to stand before a smiling woman with her hands clasped in front of her waist, which had the unnerving effect of pushing her breasts a little higher.

"Maiden Amy." The Prince started. "Um, weren't you a little shorter last time met? It seems you are a little taller than before."

"Don't change the subject", She joked, "It has been my observation that I have been very cooperative in all that you have asked me. Now I would like the consideration returned. I would like to take a walk outside and see the rivers and waterfalls that Master Emil spoke of. Don't worry I won't get lost or anything."

"Sha...sha..sure." Stammered the prince. "Anyway, there is someone else who wants to meet you" They walked through the halls and onto the training ground when Amy saw Her. "This is Lessa, my flyer, it was she that sensed you fall from the sky. "

Beautiful, Amy thought, As Lessa, a combination of tiger and eagle, took one look at Amy and started to dash back and forth and jumping...wagging her tail." I guess she wants to play, I've never seen her act this way before...not as...frisky. She will keep you company. Here is some of the local currency, go buy some clothes or food or something." Offered the Prince."You are welcome here as a guest"


"I never thought that at my age my blood could stir as it did." Said the shopkeeper. "She just walked in my shop and it seemed the whole place lit up and the air smelled like springtime, asked for some provisions for a "day hike" as she called it. And of all things there was the Prince's Flyer waiting outside for her, behaving itself of all wonders!"

"Yup, came into my shop too. Asked the missis for a new gown and some, er, undergarments." Finnius whispered the last word to the old man.

"Tell the whole story Finnius, when she asked for some walking sandals you could hardly keep yourself from waiting on her hand and foot. "If you treated all our customers like that we would have to open another shop, or buy out old Cusmin here for his space". Evelyn was not only the cobbler's wife, but one of the best seamstresses in Riverglen. She did ask me for some don't snicker you! Aiming a swat at her Husband who nudged Cusmin in the ribs." But I'm going to have to do some work on 'um, have to take in the waist by a goodly bit."

"Well, she came to the right place she did, you're the best there is when it comes to making things fit!"

"Don't try to flatter me Finnius Brennin". Evelyn said, wagging her finger. "I saw you scurry for anything she asked for!"

"Like the first time YOU came into this shop...remember? When my father owned it." That made her stop and think." I scurried around alot more for you, and don't give me that line about forgetting things and having to come back. After the fifth time it was near I offered to walk you home...carrying all your buyings. Remember what happened next?"

"Yes". Evelyn said coyly. "We got lost and had to spend the night out in the forest". Her face was starting to flush a nice light red.

"Lost my eye! You planned it all along! You little-" Finnius never got to finish his retort when his wife planted a kiss on his mouth." Say Evey." Holding her close. "Why don't we close this place up, buy a little food from Cusmin here, and try to find that same place again. Do you think you can remember where it was?" The look in Evelyn's eyes sparked long lost memories inside Finnius Brennin. "Yes handsome" she answered.

"Where are those two going? Why'd they close up their place? They look like a couple that just got married? " Said Judge Parkenridge." And another thing Cusmin, what's with you? You look 20 years younger and chippier than a glenferret."

"Well, this leggy maid came into my shop see, she moved as if walking on air". Cusmin sighed." She also had these great big....... "



It was a wonderful day, the sun was out and Amy could smell each flower, grass, and tree. Rolling, grassy hills stretched before her and what...? A waterfall? Yes! A bath in a waterfall would be wonderful! She could not see it, but she could hear the sound of falling and rushing water.

She started in the direction of the sound, her steps light and buoyant, but there was something inside her that felt she was holding back, keeping herself in check. She let herself experience the feeling, to feel the freedom and ease in which her body moved. Her strides became longer and faster, the weight of her bodies no hindrance to her movement. Soon the landscape was moving past her at a tremendous rate, she looked over her shoulder to see that Lessa was not running beside her, but flying above her. She was moving faster than the flyer could run! Several wild runners took up the pace, running with her, even they were caught up in her Freedom from Limits.

Over a hill they ran when Amy saw the object of her search. A small, craggy bowl of stone and grass, the waterfall filling a small pool feeding a stream flowing to her left. As she made her way down into the bowl, the Prince's flyer found a place to land , folded her wings tightly against her body, and started to roll around on the fragrant grass. Amy came to the edge of the pool and started to take off her clothes, not bothering to look around first. Well, nobody but us women out here anyway. Her run over the plains caused her skin to shine in the sun.

As she carefully waded into the pool she, and for the first time noticed how much her muscles had grown, how they responded to her every command, she was even aware of the potential power they possessed. Not only were her muscles shining from the result of her run, but her breasts also shone in the sunlight. She did not believe she could think this, she has always been modest and quiet, but now she could think freely, she was all alone out here.

She thought her breasts were beautiful!

She thought her whole body was beautiful!

She made her way to the waterfall and felt the sting of the cold water against her skin. Raising her arms over her head she turned around to expose her whole body to the refreshing massage. As she brought her breasts to bear the full weight of water falling twenty feet, Amy noticed that her breasts didn't sag under the onslaught of the waterfall, they kept high on her chest defying the force of the cascade. Her nipples began to come erect from the coldness. She could actually feel them get harder, longer, and fatter until they reached their three inch summit. Her heightened awareness of her body's sensations caused her to lose herself in the pleasure of the moment.

Her climax swept up to meet the descending might of the waterfall.


On the edge of the bowl, Amy rested against the lone tree. The landscape spread before her, Lessa sleeping peacefully on her side. All of these gave Amy a sense of contentment. Not the kind she got after another perfect score on a test, but a calm confidence. Whatever life had to offer, she was ready!

The growling from Lessa is what shook Amy out of her reverie. "What's the matter girl?" She said as she walked to a very agitated flyer. Looking in the same direction as the keen -eyed flyer, she gasped at the sight. Smoke? Maybe fire coming from the direction of the city? Instinctively Amy mounted Lessa behind the wings and secured herself onto Lessa "s back with her hands and legs. The Flyer wasted no time running to gather speed for takeoff and leaped into the air.

As the flyer made toward the city with all speed, Amy couldn't help but think about how far she had run. Was it THIS far? Carnage was not a strong enough word to see the sight. It was worse. Men and women running to escape from whatever was attacking the city, nobody told her they were at war with anybody. Then she saw the enemy, thirty foot, heavily muscled, bipedal beings. Ogurs is what she thought. She saw the Prince and Master Emil trying to rally the castle guard, they were brave but no match for the giants. Magic seemed to have some effect on the creatures, but she could tell the battle was beginning to exhaust the Master.

One of the ogres had the Prince cornered and was closing in for the kill when Lessa dove for the back of the creature. From thirty feet off the ground Amy leapt off the Flyers back to land softly on one foot. Lessa put the full force of her dive through her forelegs onto the back of the giant, only to be shrugged off as if no account. The result only annoyed the ogur.

Amy had to do something, maybe use her Mercury Bubbles to create a diversion. "MERCURY BUBBLES!" She yelled, but the voice that came out of her shook the ground and almost instinctively added the word FREEZE to the chant. Three massive spheres, each 15 feet in diameter, exploded from her chest, through her hands and struck the ogur. The first froze the creature solid, the second shattered the frozen statue, the third went through the thirty-foot thick castle wall.

"OPPS!" She thought, "Have to watch that next time". No sooner than she thought about the prince she was snatched up by her wrists by another one of these monsters, his hot breath lashing against Amy's back. The monster was going to pull her apart!

Amy's cry of pain was cut short, due to the fact that she was not in pain. She could feel the ogre trying too pull her apart by her arms, but she felt just a slight stretch. She clenched her fists inside the giants hands and brought her arms up into a bicep flex with ease, the resistance of the monster added to the feeling of power and strength she now had. She let her arms straighten and brought up her arms again, this time slowly. To feel her muscles get bigger, to feel them swell against the frantic pulling of the ogre. To feel the power they possessed. One more time she let her arms down, only to flex them again. This time she could see the massive peaks of her biceps rise higher and higher, also they got thicker as well. There was another feeling coming from her chest, she looked at her breasts and noticed that her nipples were now fully erect. To feel both arousal and physical exertion at the same time was new to her.

WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE HERE! She chided herself. This guy is trying to tear me apart and all I'm thinking about is how good my body feels. WELL-. Better get down to business. A backward somersault, thereby twisting a now sweating ( the one big proverbial sweatdrop) ogre's fists backward and a quick upside-down kick to the creature's nose sent him flying over the wall.

Landing on her feet, Amy no sooner took stock of her surroundings when two whiplike cords wrapped themselves around her wrists.

" Okay, you guys. You saw what she did to Og, now teach her a lesson. All ten of you pull her apart!" Amy didn't see the woman who gave those orders, for she was now suspended above the ground, arms at her sides, being pulled by five ogre's one each arm. Again, she brought up her arms, flexing her biceps. The peaks rose a little higher than before, the feeling of arousal and strength returning. Again and again she flexed her muscles, feeling them expand, her nipples still hard, pulling her gown away from her breasts.

"Well, enough of this." Amy thought. And with a fast , final flexing motion, she whipped the straining ogre's together into a tumbling heap. Pushing off one of them to land 20 feet away. Walking over to the ogre pile she stood before them.

"Allright. You guys had enough or do I have to get tough?"

The pile of ogres now vanished in front of Amy. What was left was a young woman the same age as herself. " We have not expected someone like you to be here. This will have to be reported. See ya later...." and in a puff of clouds, she vanished.

"Just when you know who your dealing with...they vanish." Master Emil said as he walked up to Amy's side.

"Yeah, I know the mode of operation...always happens like this". Amy said. " Do you know who she is?"

"Unfortunately yes, but that we can talk about over dinner....I'm starved!

After the meal the Prince and master Emil walked Amy to her room. "We were fortunate you were here. I didn't know what the result of releasing your magic would be...Its seems you have an array of attack spells and great physical strength. How do you feel?"

" Fine. I'm not hurt. I need to do some thinking about this change. I have to decide what to do."

" Okay, what do you have to decide on?"

"That's a private matter." Amy said. Master Emil and the Prince nodded in agreement.

Once inside her room Amy looked toward the table with the half full glass of potion. Only half, she thought. She remembered how good she felt, how strong she got. How her body responded with ease to her every command. How her figure had changed. She took off her clothes and got into the bed, lying on her side. Looking at that glass.

Then she made her decision. She sat up and drank the rest of the potion, enjoying the taste, looking forward to finding what she was fully capable of. The effect of the potion was immediate, she once again fell asleep and soon her spirit rose above her body.......


The effect of the potion was not as intense as before, but Amy still felt refreshed. She got out of her bed and looked again at how her body had changed. The first thing she noticed was that her breasts were about 25% bigger, but still felt light against her body.

When she moved to get dressed she looked at how the rest of her body had grown. All the muscles of her body were bigger, thicker, and they responded to her every command.

Amy started to test her muscles. As she flexed her biceps, she was fascinated at how much bigger and higher her peaks were than they were yesterday. She could feel the life-giving blood rush into the eagerly waiting biceps. To feel them get bigger and thicker as she flexed caused her to flex slower and slower, until she took a good 5 seconds to flex. It also seemed that she could HEAR them get bigger. To see and hear them get larger and thicker with each flex gave her a rush of, contentment.

It was a good thing that she had bought a new, larger size gown. With her bigger breasts and muscles the gown had changed from a below the knee outfit to a short mini-dress, like her sailor scout outfit. Cinching the gold belt to a small, tight waist, Amy walked over to the window.

It was a beautiful morning, she looked out at the land and took a deep breath (without noticing the crowd of spectators gathering below). The air smelled like life...she took another breath in. She then became aware of how the friction of the gown against her nipples caused them to become erect. She let herself fully experience the sensation...each breath causing her nipples to become bigger and harder until they reached their full 5 inch length. The tighter her nipples pulled the gown away from her breasts the more intense the feeling became.

My whole body has become stronger, Amy thought. Even parts that were not associated with strength. 'To go all out." That is what Michiru said that time we raced at the pool. That is what I have done these last three days, I have allowed myself to become what I am capable of becoming, and I can live with this... she thought. How am I going to explain this to my friends? No, I do not have to explain why I did this. If I can live with myself, then they will have to accept me. Yes I have changed...but we all change in time.

A knock at the door shook Amy out of her thoughts. Prince James was at the door along with Master Emil. Amy invited them in and as they were seated comfortably, Master Emil told her about his analysis of the battle fought yesterday.

"It seems we have been invaded from another dimension of sorts, the magical traces did not register any known magic that is indigenous to this world." He began. "It was a good thing you were here and helped with your magic, oh, by the way," Master Emil cleared his throat." It seems you have ...changed...a little since you were joined to your magic.... It seems that you are a little taller and gained a goodly amount of , um.., usable weight."

" Is that all you noticed?" Amy found herself saying as she lifted her ribcage and wiggled her shoulders a little to draw attention to what was stretching the fabric of her gown.

"Please, maiden Amy," Stammered the Prince," I have noticed your recent......endowments. But seeing as how you handled those ogres yesterday, I thought I should not mention it." He was trying hard not to look. "But I must say that you are a very beautiful woman."

"I'm sorry, I should not have done that, but I feel so...alive... and to hear you compliment me makes me feel good." Amy said. THAT was a new take a compliment and not make excuses or try to downplay what the person said. That was part of the change...a quiet confidence that can accept one's self and accept what other's feel about you, good or bad.

Amy stood up and walked toward the window. Looking out to the land that lay before her. "I wish to leave this place...and go out into the land, to explore, to think, to test what my body could do. Where I came from I had not had any time off, no vacation. I was always studying and attending classes. I thought, at one time, about what my life would be without books and my studies. Now there is more to me than just books, now I can fully experience pleasure, to have fun. To have the freedom to do nothing and not feel guilty, at least for a little while."

Both the Master and the Prince nodded in agreement.


Amy was given the map of the land, provisions, money, and most importantly, letters of introduction to give her safe passage into any Learning City.

During her journey she learned many things. Among them how to handle a variety of weapons,(crossbow held with one hand, various throwing implements plus the two handed sword, also wielded with one hand).

She was also very adept at the various methods of self-defense, probably due to the curious willingness of her fellow students to spar with her.

When she returned to Riverglen, she had acquired a nice little cache of gemstones from one of her adventures........


"And when I got back, I had these made for you. Because you guys are my friends and also proof of my adventures." Amy passed out chokers made of silk and a single large gemstone. Everyone was silent except Serena. "WOW!", She shouted, "These are beautiful!"

"I then learned that Master Emil had learned how to send me back here, He is very intelligent."

"And the prince was of course very handsome!" Chimed in all four of Amy's friends in one voice.

"Ah, to be in love with a Prince...Every woman's dream." sighed Mina. Raye and Leeta nodded in agreement.

"And AMY", Serena scolded. "To think that you FLIRTED with him, shaking your....AUUUGH! But Amy could tell that Serena was actually relieved to see that she even thought of attracting men.

" But I couldn't help it!" Pleaded Amy mockingly. "It was the morning after I drank the rest of that potion. I.....I...I.. felt so...."

"SEXY ??!" Again the chorus resounded.

"You know...I think you may be right. That was one of the things that I learned on my vacation (collective gasp from her friends. Amy never even mentioned the word vacation before.), that I must feel good about myself, do my best and look my best. I was wondering how all of you would think about my new ...appearance. I now love myself, not only because of my scholastic achievements, but I am now able to DO things. Defend myself and the ones I love." Amy looked at each one of her friends, suddenly serious." You guys mean alot to me. Without you I would be all alone.....I...I..I want you guys to accept my choice. If there are doubts about me...I'll understand...but I will not turn back...I..I... love you guys very much...but I want you to accept who I am....What I am.....and what I could do." Amy bowed her head, the tears welling up in her eyes. What would her friends think?

Amy looked at her friends and found loyalty and acceptance in their tear-filled eyes. They all nodded at her when Serena came over to give her a hug. They were soon joined by all the others.

"Amy, we are with you, we are your friends, I haven't seen you so radiant and happy before." Serena said as she hugged Amy close.

"But I must say Amy." said Leeta. "I was a little bit of a shock to see the 'new' you for the first time, you 're as tall as me and obviously much stronger. Ten of those Ogre things? Haruka now has some competition as to who's the strongest of us."

"YYEEEAAAAAAYYYYYYY!". Serena shouted. "Amy is now our Xena Warrior Princess!"

"But MUCH stronger, smarter, and bigger, than her." Said Raye.

"Say ...are you?.....I MEAN YOUR MUSCLES....". Shouted an exasperated Mina, when everybody looked at her , giggling and winking at her.

"Fess up Mina." said Serena. "We all KNOW what you meant."

" I don't really know", Stammered Amy, "I Know I am around six feet tall now.... like Leeta."

"WElllllll... lets find out.... Raye, you get the measuring tape, Amy stand up here. Hey , nice micro-mini Amy...say...does that stay in place? Do you feel embarrassed to wear stuff like that now?" Serena was again directing all the activities.

"This was made by some nice people in Riverglen, Master Emil got me some magic fabric and......"

" I got the tape!" shouted Raye.

"It better be 10 feet long." Sighed Mina