" Julia, I raised you to think for yourself. Never have I suspected that YOU of all people would take an earther for a mate, not to mention a magic user of all things. But to bring this child to learn ways of the warrior, I am starting to question your judgement. You know, the Amazon Breeders are pals of mine, maybe they would help this..."

"Mother, stop! Everyone that sees Amy thinks she is an Amazon breeder or something. She is MY student, one of the most gifted I might add." Julia was getting miffed. Amy was silent, looking Julia's mother straight in the eye, not wavering.

"Grammy", as she was known to Gina and Brittany, was sitting on a raised chair set at the end of the Great Hall. The Barbarians of Jade were a hardy folk who lived in harmony with the land. They neither believed in magic or science, but in the Laws of Nature. Some were nomadic, going from place to place living in tents. But some wanted to establish a presence on Jade, to be counted among the Warriors and Magic-users as a viable philosophy of life. They were also fearsome fighters not to be trifled with. Julia's mother, The Barbarian Matriarch (as she was known to outsiders), was the most visible and respected of all the barbarian leaders. And the place they were in was the main bastion of their teaching.

" And another thing Mother, Amy is now my daughter...she is a Brigand. The adoption is now legal here in Jade." When Julia said the name of Brigand, Amy stood up straighter and pushed out her chest. " Good girl!" Julia thought." Show us you're proud to be a Brigand!"

"I DON"T BELIEVE THIS." Bellowed the Matriarch. " First you marry an unworthy shrimp of a magic user, little "Teddy". Now you dare to bring this child into our family?"

During the Matriarchs tirade a large butterfly landed on her thick muscular shoulder. It was a rumor that members of the higher ranks of barbarian clans learned how to listen to these creatures of Jade. The butterfly flapped its wings trying to maintain balance, but as She told the Matriarch her message her temper subsided. She then ceased flapping her wings and folded them backward.

Amy recognized the butterfly as the one who "visited" her when she was out for one of her outings.

"Yes, yes, sorry to yell, but this was important. She's the one you say? Are you sure?" The question made the large butterfly become agitated." Please forgive me my friend. I should know by now that I should trust you. But she will be tested, it is not a small thing to become a Brigand. You don't say...well...I'll be the judge of that. She did? Whatever do you mean?" When the Matriarch finished the question, the Butterfly leapt off her shoulder and flew away.

The Matriarch stood up from her chair and walked up to the two women before her. Amy could see that She was very tall, with thick limbs shod with muscle.

" I seems you have an advocate." She began. " Did you happen by a pond with two streams on opposite ends that was surrounded by shade trees?"

" Yes Mamm." Amy said with a little bow." I was out running and happened to see this beautiful pond among some trees. The grass was lush and soft. I bathed for a while and lay down on my blanket to sleep. When I woke up I saw a butterfly like that one. It looked at me for a while and then flew away.

"It seems you have found their home. Many unscrupulous people here on Jade would try to capture one of these precious ones and sell it. Uncivilized savages..the lot of them. But you left them alone?

" Yes Mamm... it is wrong to capture something so beautiful, to put it in a cage."

The Matriarch looked down at Amy with a suspicious look in her eye.

"Humphh....because of what my wayward daughter has said about you and what Serena said, I will give you a chance to prove your worthiness." The Matriarch abruptly turned around and walked away, discreetly bringing out a concealed knife from under her belt.

Serena? That was the name of the butterfly? Amy was distracted at the coincidence, not seeing the steel gray missile streaking toward her throat, at least not at first. Amy deftly caught the missile with her index and middle finger.

" Mamm, please. Is this yours?"

"Mother! How could you!? She is a member of our family." Cried Julia.

"I'll be the judge of that." Said the Matriarch gruffly." One more thing, Amy is it? Serena said you tasted good. Do you know what she was talking about?"

The blush started from the top of Amy's head and went all the way down to her breasts.

" Never mind. Go to your rooms and meet me here tomorrow. I....will decide if she is worthy." Said the Matriarch thumping her chest with her stout finger.


Women from different dimensions are of course different, but there is one thing that women love to do that transcends dimensional time and space, talk about other women, the more accurate term is gossip. And for the first week, ever since the Matriarch personally took charge of that new girl's teaching and training, there was plenty of gossip for everybody:

" Look at those breasts of hers? How did they get so big? She seems unencumbered by them."

" They're fake...just padding...NO ONE is built like that."

" No, I saw her at the hot bath when she was bathing, they are real. And they.....are.....HUGE! I thought breasts that big would sag a lot, but not hers, they were firm and rode high on her chest. One time she thought she was alone, and I saw her take out a smaller towel and wrap it around her breasts and started to rub them. I didn't believe it, but her nipples started to get bigger as she pulled back on them. It seemed the harder she pulled, the harder and bigger her nipples got....HEY...that's the TRUTH...I was there."

All the girls rolled their eyes." Yeah..and she has the strength of 50 were-dragons. And she could fly and teleport and cast spells."Suuuuuuuuuuuure... Tell us another fish story."

"Well this one is true. The Matriarch had her run through the forest, climb trees, and stuff like that with the Matriarch riding on her lie...I saw 'em!"

"Come to think of it, did you look at her arms? She does look strong...but with a skinny waist like could she hold the Matriarch up? Let alone carry her."

" How much does the Matriarch weigh anyway?" The asker of this question withered from the stares by her companions.

" She's shy...I've seen her going to the bath covered from shoulder to toe with a large towel. When we're going we all go topless, that's our way here, she must not be proud of her body."

" Maybe she doesn't want to show suuuuuum people I know."

" I hear she's smart too. Why would the Matriarch all of a sudden decide to tutor her privately? And I hear that Arms-Master Julia has even adopted her. That must be why she's getting special treatment."

" Do you think she has a boyfriend?"

" Why would she need one? Remember, we are acolytes of the Barbarian way. The Soul and Spirit of the land of Jade is female. So it falls to us to teach men how to live, many of them DO need our help to be civilized. That's why we're here."

Yeah..yeah...but do you think she has a boyfriend?

"Did you see that sword of hers? Made by a Master I'll bet. That gem is beautiful. Do you think it's enchanted?"

" Will some one answer me? DOES SHE HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!?"

" Why are you asking? You playing matchmaker?"

" The tournament for Masters tournament is coming up soon, I hear she's training for that. The winner may compete to be "One of the Ten". What do you think are her chances?"

"Slim to none...with a body like that? She may be able to the old "Lift-your-top-and-let-the-men-stare-while-you-kick-em-in-the-face" trick. How could she fight, let alone wield a blade, with those huge boobs?"

" I snuck in one time and saw the three of them training. She's faster than you think, and light on her feet. She even made the Matriarch stop to catch her breath after sparring with those thick wooden staves."

"Hey". One of the girls whispered." I hear she found the nest of those wish-granting butterflies. I saw one for a second before it teleported away the day she got here. They're also telepathic, it must have told the Matriarch about her."

"Well... I for one think she's nice. And I hope she wins. Have any of you talked to her? NO? I have when she helped me with the cooking. That was two days ago, remember?"

All the girls collectively nodded their heads. Remembering the unusually tasty evening meal.

" Yeah...the Matriarch was pleased. That's one way into her heart you know. Amy...that's her name if you guys didn't know...gave me some good pointers. But she won't be helping me anymore...the Matriarch made Amy her private cook."

"OH..NO..!" All the girls gasped. "We have to endure your cooking some more?"

"I'd like to see any of you guys do any better". A flying pillow found its target.

" Hey, quit it!" Another pillow flew in answer, but missed its intended mark.

The room then erupted with criss-crossing white projectiles and hearty laughter.


It was Amy's favorite time of day, the time when she would go the bath. The warm spring water made every pore in her body cry out in relief. She spent much time here, thinking and absorbing the day's lessons.

Amy thought about the last 28 days. The day the Matriarch took personal control of her training. Running through the forest, jumping over pits, doing flips and such over rocks and logs, all the while with the Matriarch riding on her back. Amy had designed a special harness that would enable the Matriarch, who was a mere 9 feet tall, to stay secure during these training runs. She thought of the friends she had made, how they had grown to accept her quirk of going to the bath completely covered while every-one else went topless. "Some barbarian thing.' She thought.

Two days ago the Matriarch pronounced rather grudgingly (to Amy's face) that she was somewhat ready to represent their family at the Master's Tournament. But to Julia alone she confided that she couldn't teach her anymore, all she needed now was experience. These past two days were to be spent resting, this was the second day...they would leave tomorrow.

With eyes closed Amy let the slow moving water massage her muscles. She could hear some of the other girls in the background talking and fooling around. At times some would join her, but this time they were preoccupied. All conversation and horseplay abruptly came to and end. Amy heard the girls get out of the water, mumbling something among themselves. Then she sensed another presence.

"Master Julia." Began Amy. "Please forgive me. I didn't know it was your time." For it was the custom of the bath that Masters and high-ranking individuals were to have the bath to themselves. It was rumored that the Matriarch came to the bath sometimes, but no one saw her.

"That's alright Amy, you can stay. I wish to join you."

Amy saw Julia with the customary towel covering only the pelvic area, leaving her topless. For a woman of 48, Julia was still in very good shape, her pert breasts showed no sign of sagging. Firm, toned muscles gave her a shapely, athletic look.

They both let the water perform its magic on their aching bodies.

" As you know Amy, we leave for the tournament in the morning. This year they have changed a couple of things that will be announced when we get there. But one thing that is for sure, don't use any magic. I know you've been taught a couple of spells, but these Warriors are very strict about the use of magic during a tournament. Other than that, I think you will do very well. If not win."

"I will do my best."

"I know you will. What do you think of your stay here on Jade? "

"I have learned much from everyone...I could see why your mother is the Matriarch. For all of that gruffness she really loves the land and will not waver from her convictions. And I know she has a good heart. But one two things that bother me a little."

"What are they? Dear." Julia was concerned.

" Every time someone sees me, they think I'm a Amazon-Breeder. I know your mother respects them, but it's starting to get a little tiresome."

" It's your bod kid." Julia teased. " You do have the biggest curves of anyone here. All the girls gossip about those breasts of yours. Some are jealous, but most wonder how you could fight and stuff with those big boobs."

" GOSSIP!...I thought I could get away from that! And another thing, they're wondering if I have a boyfriend."

Julia looked Amy straight in the eye, suddenly quiet. "Its a good question...Do you have a boyfriend?" Amy could see that Julia was serious.

"No I don't. I've been spending much of my time in the past studying and not much time for boys. There was one...Greg... but we are just friends. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be with someone. One of my good friends has had an ongoing relationship with a man since she was 14, they're married now."

" How open is she? Does she talk about the art of sex?"

Amy was taken aback be the question.

"Sometimes." Amy stammered. " But when she does I see the love in her eyes that she has for him. Of course she doesn't go into the details, but she seems happy."

"Have your parents talked about sex with you?"

" No, not really. My dad is an artist and doesn't live with us. My mom is busy being a doctor and supporting two households. All I know is what I heard in the locker room from others, and from my friends."

" Well, that's about to change." began Julia." Here on Jade a woman has the right to sexual fulfillment, either with a man or by...."


With all of their belongings packed and the morning meal taken. Julia and Amy were about to begin the journey to the tournament. Amy hugged the new friends she made and they all wished her a great battle.

" Win Amy, Win for us." Her friends told her.

When they went through the great front door, they were surprised to see The Matriarch standing there, with her gear packed, awaiting them.

" I have decided to grace this warrior's gathering with my august presence, I'm coming along."

It's not nice (or smart) to refuse The Matriarch.


Julia remembered the place well. It was here that she lost her first bid for a job and met the one who was to become her husband. She recalled how Theo thought she was going to get killed by her opponent, Toro, and cast a shield spell around her. Needless to say she was disqualified from that tournament. Memories of their adventures and travels filled her mind as they walked to the main staging area, there to be addressed by none other than Toro himself, who had become a high ranking officer in the Warrior's Guild. A cold shiver ran over her skin as she remembered how they patched things up, it was after the saddest day of her life when she was ripped away from her family...when Theo's father....

" Master...what's wrong?"

"Yes Julia. All of a sudden it looked like a shadow passed over your spirit." The Matriarch was very perceptive of her daughter's feelings.

" This place brings back alot of memories, especially when I found out that Toro was to preside over this tournament. Mostly good ones. I'll tell you about it later." She told them.

Many Warriors attended these tournaments. Some Masters with their students. Some students looking for masters. The place had various flags from the many schools of Warrior-craft. Weapons merchants were also there in abundance, along with plenty of food vendors.

The presence of The Matriarch caused quite a stir. Rumors started to circulate about why she was here. Also Arms-Master Julia was here, and for what? Did she have another student? The girl that was with them looked to be an Amazon-Breeder, not one of the contestants. Ah..Ha..To get more people to come to the tournament, the officials hired the most busty- Breeder they could find....yes...that was it....And they found the perfect one too, men would be falling over themselves just to get a look at her.


" Welcome to this Master's Tournament one and all." Toro announced. " And we have the honor of having in our midst The Barbarian Matriarch of Jade. Good luck and good fortune favor the bravest and the most skilled among you, who are competing for the right to become One-of-the-Ten."

The rules of the tournament were simple. Three warrior crafts will be chosen and all will compete in each of the three events. The one with the highest score will win.

After a consultation of the judges, the three events were throwing implements, one on one matches with one weapon, and empty-handed combat.

Amy didn't get any teaching when it came to throwing weapons because Julia and her mother thought that you must fight face to face with your opponent, not from a distance like cowards. Amy was worried at first, but after she observed how some of the more experienced warriors threw their implements and picked up on some of their techniques. At first she didn't do very well, but as the day and the tournament went on, she caught up and finished third.

" Not bad for the first time." Said the Matriarch to a surprised Amy. "With two more events to go you stand a good chance of winning. Don't worry about today. You'd win this event if you'd had some teaching. "

" you...Matriarch."

" Good job Amy!" Julia clapped Amy on the back," Don't worry, it's not over yet!"

The next day Amy fared better in the weapons event, her blade becoming a shining streak of light in her hand. She was underestimated at first because of her buxom appearance. But after two victories, her opponents took her more seriously.

" Mother, do you see what she's doing? She is relying on her skill and speed to win her matches. Not her strength."

" I can see that Julia, she's a smart one. I didn't believe you about how strong she was. But by proceeding in this way she will dispel all doubt about her victories. Of coarse she benefited greatly from our expert instruction." The Matriarch put a large hand on Julia's shoulder.

All spectators and opponents shook their heads at how skilled the " Busty-One" was. At the end Amy was the undisputed winner of that days event.


"Come on...come on... C O M E O N !" Saul shouted to Pratorus. "The hand to hand matches are about to start, I have to get a good seat for this event, and I'm NOT gonna wait for you this time."

Saul was half way out of their room when Pratorus caught up with him. They were lucky to get time off to see the tournament. Saul was beside himself with joy. He was there at every match Amy had, cheering her on, and also making some money on the side from wagers. He knew he was going to make a killing today at the hand to hand contests, and that Amy would doubt in his mind..nope...nope...nope.

As the day progressed, Sauls hopes were being fulfilled. For Amy was winning her matches. One contest after another Amy out thought and outfought her opponents. Some of those she defeated were angry that they lost, but admitted that they were out-classed.

Fortune looked kindly on Saul and Pratorus for they were standing next to Arms-Master Julia and The Matriarch. Saul had to tone down his cheering a little because of the looks he got from the notables he was sanding beside. He could overhear them talk a little also, something about her holding back her strength again. " Again?" He wondered.

Now came the crux of the whole tournament. This was to be the final match to determine the winner, for Amy and her opponent, Michael, had the same number of points. Michael was a tall, well built youth about Amy's age. Amy had bigger arms, but Michael had the height and reach advantage. Saul was hesitant, but only for a second. He put all his money on Amy to win. As he came back to his place he heard something that made his heart stop.

" Now Amy". Said Julia." We want you to know that we want you to win, but could you go easy on this one? I mean...don't damage him too much, he's MUCH too cute."

"Come to think of it Amy, I find myself agreeing with Julia. Don't damage his face or anything, but watch his right leg." Added the Matriarch.

"Oh, dear... he is CUTE. But I won't let that affect the match. I will do my best." Amy sounded determined.

Saul's sigh of relief was almost audible.

The spectators made a large circle for the combatants, with Toro's chair making the focal point.

"Warriors, Masters, Honored Guests. These are the last who will prove their worth to become "One of the Ten". Let the best Warrior win. Begin!"

Amy and Michael stepped to the middle of the circle and bowed to each other, holding one fist in the other, elbows out to the side. Then as if they heard the same unheard signal, they both snapped into their fighting stances.

" He's even better looking from this close." Amy thought.

"I'm not gonna look at her boobs...I'm not gonna look at her boobs...I'm not gonna look at her boobs." Michael was trying to center himself.


The ground shook violently, knocking all the spectators off their feet. The warriors and Masters maintained their balance, only to be bound hand and foot with what looked like iron bonds. The Matriarch, whose strength was legendary, tried to break them, but could not.

"These bonds are magical. Unbreakable." Shouted the Matriarch.

All the masters and warriors were trapped by the magical bonds, none could move. All except Amy. She quickly twisted wrists, her manacles flew off as if they didn't exist. Nobody but a powerful magic user could to this. But why? Scanning the horizon she saw the cause of their bondage. The earth shook with every step the Dragon took.

" That's the biggest Dragon I've ever seen." Shouted Julia. " And someone riding on top is controlling it."

Instantly Amy teleported to where the dragon was, about 1/2 mile away. Sure enough there was someone riding in a small cockpit. She seemed familiar and teleported next to her.

" YOU !" Gasped Amy.

"YOU !??"

" What are you doing here? Stop this attack......ooomph."

Amy was all of a sudden cocooned with three-inch thick links of chain. Her body was totally surrounded and she couldn't move, she could barely see through all the chains.

" That's the trouble with you goody-goods. You always have to tell your opponents to stop what we're doing while I could just act. You surprised me for just a second, I thought those magic bonds would hold you, but now I'm sure. Those chains are infinitely stronger than those puny bonds, which were good enough for the others. Well, maiden Amy, it's been a real pain to see you again, but I must be off to make way for the invasion by eliminating all the Warrior Masters, so they cannot teach anyone to fight. Now that I've wasted time telling you all my plans, but why not, those dolfs aren't going anywhere." Trix started to laugh.

Amy recognized the same sorceress that had controlled Og's people during her first "adventure". But soon she felt herself tumbling down the side of the dragon, and hit the ground with a thud. Amy could see the Dragon look at her for a second, it narrowed its eyes, as if thinking. Lifting one of its hind legs the Dragon let out a mighty blast of intestinal gas. Then with what seemed like a chuckle, it lumbered off to finish its work.

In the past people had said and did things to Amy which had made her upset, but this was different. Not only did the dragon's action insult her, but also the Brigand name. Flinging her arms outward, the magical chains exploded into tiny shards.

Amy teleported between the monsters hindquarters, found her mark, and took careful aim.


Trix was her Master's most talented novice. Entrusted with her pet 300-foot long dragon, she sent Trix to prepare the way to invade the dimension of Jade. That debacle at Riverglenn was forgiven, but not forgotten.

"MY, how the mighty have fallen." Trix gloated from her gondola on the dragon's back." With your destruction, Jade will be without their warriors and their teachers, easy prey for my master. Puff...turn all these sorry saps into smoking flinders, make 'em all....Puff?...WHAT THE $#&@^%^#&^#%^!~ !!!!"

Puff was now a solid piece of ice. Trix jumped off her gondola before it too was frozen, landing face to face with a rather consternated Amy. In a blink of an eye Amy snatched the magic staff from a startled Trix. Amy closed her eyes to protect them from the blinding flash of light as she broke the staff in half.

"That's thing with you bad guys, you must always give a speech telling us your nefarious plan before you do anything." Amy said throwing the useless sticks away.

Trix was then captured easily and was taken into custody by the local sheriff.

"Does anyone have any thick gloves or gauntlets? I have to get rid of this hunk of frozen meat." Putting on the thick gloves that Michael loaned her, Amy went to one of the legs of the Dragon. Bending over she put her hands under a giant foot and landing with a great thud...sent the dragon on its side. Quickly teleporting to the nearest ravine 1/2 mile away, she made sure that it was empty, no streams and plenty of rocky spikes pointing upward.

Locating the center of gravity Amy lifted the huge monster. He felt as light as a beach ball as Amy held the dragon easily over her head. Using her skills as a basketball player, Amy did a perfect two handed, high arching, toss that landed the dragon neatly in the ravine. The dragon exploded into frozen pieces of leg and body parts.

All eyes followed the flight path of the dragon. Many with mouths open.

The Matriarch was enraptured.


Insert hearts for eyes on Matriarch's face

"Amy what happened?" Said Julia as she and the Matriarch ran up to her.

" I know this girl, she was controlling Og's people on one of my previous outings. She cocooned me in magic chains and..and... I don't know if the dragon did it on its own or she told it to..but..but... that dragon blasted me with flatulence!"

" You mean it farted on you." Said the Matriarch.

" Who's Og?" Asked Julia.

" I never been so humiliated in my life! I broke free of those chains and teleported underneath the dragon..and...and...I cast a create ice spell at the dragon's rectum."

" You threw an Ice spell up his butt." Corrected Julia.

" You gave him an icicle enema. Now that's what I'd expect MY grand-daughter to do!" The Matriarch was beaming with pride.

"'s that smell?" Said Julia as she took hold of her nose.

"Arrrrrrgh....I STINK...get it off me..get it off me!" Amy was jumping up and down.

Several men came running with water buckets at the Matriarchs bellowed command, thoroughly dowsing Amy with water. But when each man emptied his bucket, they didn't go and get more. When the Matriarch noticed the men staring at Amy's sopping-wet clothes clinging to her figure, a loud clearing of the throat reminded them of their original task.

When the dust and ice settled, the tournament was suspended for the rest of the day. The leaders of the Warrior's Guild would make a ruling after debate and the testimony of witnesses.



"Amy, you have saved Jade from invasion and preserved the Warrior-Craft. But you used magic to accomplish this." Toro was strict when it came to the laws of the Guild." Your opponents in all the events all testified that they were beaten by your skill only, but of the dragon caused us to conclude that you must have used magic at sometime during your events here."

Amy stood in front of Toro's high-chair, Julia and the Matriarch standing beside her.

" Pardon me sir." Amy was polite." If I used magic I could have been first place in all the events, but I was third in the throwing event."

Toro cleared his throat." Never the less...Magic was used during a Warriors tournament, that is forbidden, As Arms-Master Julia should well know. We have no choice but to disqualify you from this tournament and bar you from further competition. You have saved all of us, but the rules are the rules."

The crowd roared its disapproval. Amy held up her hand to silence the unruly mob.

" I want to thank all of you for cheering me on. But let it be known and not forgotten." Amy's voice grew louder with confidence and authority." That a Brigand saved you all today."

The crowd separated, giving Amy and a beaming Julia a way through.

The Matriarch however, with hands on hips, loomed over Toro and the other officials of the tournament.


She turned on her heel and joined Amy and Julia.


Rumors greeted the three travelers when they arrived back at the barbarian citadel. Did Amy win? What was this about flying dragons taking over Jade? Did a mighty warrior defeat the dragon by chopping it into little bits? The new candidate to become" One-of -the-ten" was a man, but an Amazon Breeder was clearly the best fighter? Someone barred for life from even competing for a job? A dragon saved Jade from invasion?

The Matriarch spent most of the evening telling the true account of what happened. It was unusual to be sad and proud at the same time, but each girl thanked Amy for representing them and saving their land.

Amy went to her room to change and rest, not physically but mentally. Alot has happened to her these last four days. After they left the tournament, the Matriarch seemed to finally accept Amy as a granddaughter, insisting that she call her Grammy. A knock at the door shook Amy out of her thoughts.

" Come in?"

" Amy, we have much to talk about, and we cannot hold back from each other." Said Julia as she sat down next to Amy. " I knew that you were strong...but what you did to those magical bonds and those big chains, plus that dragon chuck, good shot by the way, tell me all and don't leave anything out."

Amy and Julia talked for a long time. How Amy came by her strength and figure. How Julia met Dr. Diggers and how she was ripped from her family for 18 years, about Amy's former life as a Sailor Senchi. Another knock at the door turned out to be the Matriarch bearing a glass full of dark liquid.

"Amy, I was determined to stay faithful to Theo even though I could only see he and my babies once a year. And like all women of Jade I had to think about my sexual rights, still being young and pretty. What Grammy has brought in was what helped me stay faithful to him. It is a special draught that makes your dreams more real, even to the point of physically feeling what's going on. The person who enters this dream state also finds out what to tell her man what pleases her. The feeling of reality varies from person to person. I know you are a little shy about things like this, so I asked that you be given this draught."

As if on cue, through the open window flew the Matriarch's friend Serena, and landed on her shoulder. After a brief exchange, Serena deposited a golden, thick liquid that when mixed with the draught, turned into golden sparks. After a brief conversation and a chuckle from the Matriarch, Serena teleported away.

" Well Amy, you have gained the favor the rarest creatures of Jade. It is not often that my little friends like someone enough to give their little gift."

" What is it? Grammy?"

" All I can say is that she heard your dream the other day. And... she also told me what she meant by you tasting good. Now don't' be embarrassed, I trust her wisdom in these things. Now drink this, and don't hold back."


The draught tasted like wine mixed with honey and a hint of maple syrup. Its effect was immediate. Amy found herself sleeping soundly and breathing in the fragrant air. She first felt them at her shoulders, strong but gentle hands. She swiped at the intruder, but there was no one there. She opened her eyes and could only see darkness. She felt like she was floating in air, like the first time her magic was released from her body.

She succumbed to the caressing hands. They felt warm as they felt her massive shoulders. Her biceps were the next to be felt and admired. Instinctively she flexed her muscles and again felt the power rush into them. The hands traced the path of her thick vein on the back of her bicep. Something inside of her wanted to make her muscle bigger so the hands would be happy, so she pumped her bicep, making the vein thicker and more prominent.

" If only my biceps were bigger...I would be able to feel their power and strength better." Amy thought

The unseen hands did the same thing to her breasts. Her nipples grew bigger and harder, her areola forming a solid, swollen foundation. Did she feel them being sucked? Yes, that's it. She let the invisible, gentle lips do what they she wanted.

All over her body the unseen fingers of her desire touched and teased. She felt that tingling again, the same feeling when her muscles were being tested. It started deep from within her loins. Her legs were gently spread apart, invisible lips gently sucking her now swollen clitoris. Slow and gentle, that's how she liked sex.

She felt herself being entered, she shook herself and again swiped at her loins. Nothing but air. This was Her dream. Her wishes. Little by little the thick, solid sensation found the center of her pleasure. Amy let herself go, let herself feel how her body loved her response. She let herself arrive time and time again for what seemed like forever. Every climax was signaled by a burst of color in the darkness.


" Look, she's waking up."

Amy heard Julia's voice and slowly opened her eyes. Julia stood at the foot of her bed, dressed only in a towel draped around her waist. The Matriarch was sitting by her bed, looking at Amy warmly.

"Amy. How do you feel?"

" was wonderful. So gentle. It felt like I was being admired for being strong and sexy. And I felt like I was entered, but I knew it was only a dream. I let myself feel pleasure, and wasn't ashamed. I also feel much stronger, and my body feels weightless. I feel I could be blown out the window by the faintest breeze."

" Let's talk about this at the bath." Said the Matriarch standing. Amy was surprised to find her dressed only in a towel also.

Amy reached for her large towel then hesitated. "Is there a regular towel here?"

Finding one she cinched it around her tiny waist, remaining topless. As the three made their way to the bath Amy walked with confidence and pride, Julia and the Matriarch following. Along the way Amy waved to the girls that she knew, being surprised at Amy's attire. When they arrived at the bath everyone knew that the three Brigand's wanted to be alone. Soon they had the bath to themselves.

"Amy..let me look at do seem fuller in the bosom. And look at your arms and shoulders, a little thicker I'd wager. Amy, I always wanted to see this, show us your biceps." Julia asked.

Seeming without hesitation, Amy sprung up and slowly flexed her bicep. Yes they did appear much thicker. Pumping her arm she wanted to feel it getting bigger. The familiar stirring in her loins started again, moving up her body. It lingered at her nipples, which were starting to become erect.

The Matriarch examined Amy's nipples with her thumb and index finger. Causing them to grow harder and longer until they reached their full six inch length, her areola now swollen and hard. Amy didn't flinch when she did this, she trusted the Matriarch and Julia, felt good. Amy felt no shame about her body feeling good anymore.

" Yup, just as you said Julia...hard as a steel pike. She does seem to have a large pleasure capacity. Are your nipples sensitive Amy? How do you feel?"

" Ummmm..Uhhhhh.."

" Mother...I think they are sensitive enough. The draught did its work. Amy...tell us about your when you can that is." Julia let Amy recover from her stimulation.

Amy told them about her dreams, Julia and her mother listening intently. About how she felt and what the unseen hands and lips did.

" It felt wonderful, but incomplete. I want to be wanted and loved by somebody, after last night I could teach whoever I'm with how to make love to me."

" That's the whole point dear. We women of Jade take responsibility for our sexual fulfillment. Why can't rely on men to read our minds and just "know" what to do, they are only men after all." The Matriarch put an understanding hand on Amy's shoulder.

They stayed silent for a while until Julia spoke up.

" I'm starved. I haven't eaten since early this morning. I had to turn away all these men that were at the front door."

"OH? I was busy, what did they want?" Asked the matriarch.

" Most of them had job offers for Amy...others were courtiers for her affections, many left letters and gift's." Said Julia with a sly grin.

" letters?" Amy stammered and turning a dark shade of red....fainted. Good thing Julia was there to catch her.

"Didn't think she weighed this much. We won't tell anyone about this...right?"

" Once again Julia...I agree with you."


The day finally came that Amy and Julia were to leave Jade and return home. All the Barbarian acolytes gathered at the great door to see them off. Handshakes and hugs were given and taken. Finally Amy was face to face with the Matriarch, who walked up to her and put a large hand on her shoulder.

" are welcome here, commere and give your Grammy a hug."

They hugged long and hard.

Julia did the same with her mother.

They journeyed to the predetermined location and teleported back to Earth. Dr. Theodore Diggers was awaiting their arrival and was greeted by a fierce hug from his wife. Julia was silent as they made their way to the mansion, for Amy was to leave for her home also.

" Theo, may I have a moment with Amy please? Once alone Julia and Amy embraced. " Amy...I want you to remember this, never have I gone easy on you. I was even harder on you than with all of my former students. My mother didn't hold back also. I've never heard of her riding on any of her students backs while traipsing through the forest. I want you to know that you have given me something that I never thought I would have, the experience of being a mother to my children. I love Gina, Brianna and Brittany with all my heart, no one can take that love away. But that doesn't mean I can't love one more. Remember, you are my daughter...a Brigand... don't forget that. You are welcome here also, Theo won't mind, he likes you're cooking. Don't stay away." Tears started to well up in Julia's eyes.

"Thank you...sniff... Master... I am proud to be a Brigand."

Julia's and Amy's tears mingled together as they held each other.

" Remember what Gneiss needed? You're to find that artifact for him? Good. Be sure to rest for a while and good journey to you."


"YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!" That'll teach'em they better not mess with our Amy!

" Picked up the dragon and chucked it? Kinda blew your cover, eh ?" Lita said as she brought out some fresh baked cookies, which Serena quickly started to devour. After four years of marriage, there are some things that never change.

" I had no choice, I already blew it when I broke free of those magic bonds and chains. Between using the create ice spell and teleporting here and there, my little secret was revealed, although Julia and Grammy were suspicious. Lita, these cookies are delicious." Said Amy between bites of a oatmeal- raisin cookie.

Amy then told them about her run in the country-side and her meeting with Serena the butterfly, plus her dreaming. Amy started to feel warm inside as she told the tale. Serena was enraptured.

" And you told them that you wanted someone to love you and hold you? Amy take it from me, sometimes sex is overrated. But when your man loves you, and he wants to please you, it can be wonderful. I had to teach Adrian how to make love to me, its nice to know beforehand what feels good. How are you going to tell him if you don't know yourself?

Serena came over to Amy and put a hand on her thick shoulder. Lita came over and held her hand.

"Thanks you guys. I do love Raye and Mina . But you two seem not to be bothered very much by my.."changes."

" Why should we be bothered or jealous?" We're your friends. I for one like to see you be happy Amy, and if that means getting bigger and stronger along the way, so be it." Said Lita reassuringly.

" I must confess Amy...I am a little jealous." Said Serena." To be strong and confident, and have people think twice about pushing you around. Come to think of it, you do look a little bigger. I'd say its time to bring out the measuring tape again!

"I get to measure her bustline this time Serena, you did the last time."

" long as I measure her arms...I want to measure something that got bigger too!" Said Serena as she found the tape in a drawer.

" Stand up Amy....there... arms above your head, Let's see... waist is still a small, tight 20 inches. I could see why Mina was jealous. Here Lita, your turn.

" Hips are 46 inches, a little bigger but still firm. And don't look at me like that Serena...I didn't feel her up! Gonna need some new clothes? I'll make them for you since I got your measurements.

"!" Said Amy smiling.

" Okay Amy...your favorite part...make a muscle!"

Amy again flexed her bicep slowly, almost hearing the blood expand her bicep to its full height. Serena and Lita were right, she did like to flex her biceps.

" WOW...50 inches now! Got a fatter muscle belly, and the peak seems to be just as high." Noted Serena.

" Hmmm..interesting....Serena using bodybuilder terms." Thought Amy.

" Okay Amy, my turn...stand still....Serena...hold the other end up....lets see...Your bustline is now 110 inches. You're DEFINITLY gonna need some new clothes."

" And you feel alot stronger after your dream? AFTER you chucked that dragon? Just like I said... NOBODY better mess with our Amy." Serena was proud.

"Well...what now Amy?" Asked Lita.

"After some rest I'm going back to the Digger's and travel to this other dimension. I have to find someone who'll help me recover a rare artifact. Gneiss said her name was...Lina? That will be an adventure."

"Yes it will... be sure to come visit me before you go, you too Lita." Said Serena.

" You just want some more cookies don't you Serena?" Teased Lita.

"Yup...guilty as charged! Tell us more about jade Amy...the baby's asleep and Adrian had to work late...I'm waiting up for him." Serena said as she got a pillow and sat on the floor.

" The first night on Jade I almost got into a fight...fights in Gladiopolis are legal and even encouraged. Well, I was going to get Julia some Ale. I didn't drink any by the way. And this large Amazon....."