Detailed Index to the Jim Priest Stories

This provides a short summary and expanded spoiler for each story. Each can be read in isolation although a better understanding would be gained by reading the others. You can contact Jim at

## = SPOILER ALERT, avoid these if you prefer to discover the plot for yourself.

Bobby, Jackie & friends

The Return of the Dominant Horsewoman Bobby Priest gets a painful lesson on how to serve an upper class woman.

Wrestling my Little Sister Bobby is humiliated wrestling his powerful younger sister in his garden then again in front of the whole school.
## Teenaged Bobby Priest is shocked by the muscular development of his kid sister, Jackie, and the effect she has on his mates and himself whilst practicing her gymnastics in the back garden. Following an arm-wrestle, Jackie totally humiliates her older brother in front of his mates with her superior strength and wrestling skills. She completes his embarrassment by exerting her dominance in an area taboo for siblings. Jackie repeats the humiliation in front of the whole school.

The Kickboxing Fight The school bully is destroyed in a kickboxing match with a younger oriental girl.
## Bobby recalls watching 8-year-old Ling Chan defeat 13-year-old Kevin Sharpe in a kickboxing match. Three years later they have an unofficial rematch in the classroom.

Wrestling The Twins Bobby grapples with tall leggy twin sisters & suffers the consequences

The Merit Badge Girl Guides demonstrate the power of their merit badges to a smug bully
## Bobby and Jackie pass former disgraced student Kevin Sharpe. Kevin tries to pick up Mary Slater on her way to Girl Guides with Mel and Marcie. Mary demonstrates the skills of her special merit badges then Mel and Marcie take their turn.

Best Friend's Sister Bobby discovers his best friend's sister is a real knockout
## Bobby visits his best mate Chris only for his sister to tell him that he was out. To his horror he discovers Chris unconcious. Amy then proceeds to demonstrate how she did it. The fit sultry cheer leader continues to dominate the two boys using sleeper holds while scissoring with her strong athletic legs as well as powerful kicks. As she does so, she discovers the joys of being a dominatrix.

Bobby's Birthday Surprise Bobby is outmuscled by his younger gymnast sister & foolish enough to box her
## Jackie takes Bobby into the garden where her gymnast friends are waiting. Bobby is stunned and turned on by the amount of muscle on display. Jackie tricks him into a trial of strength which ends up with Bobby in an embarrassing face-clamp. The girls then take turns to give him a bear-hug and a birthday kiss before flexing their well-developed muscles. Angry at being set up he challenges his sister to a boxing match which he soon regrets.

Schoolgirl?s Surprise Ling Chan kick-boxing schoolgirl gives grown fighters a shock beating
## Bobby is waiting on the common hoping to see Mary but encounters Ling Chan. His younger sister?s friend demonstrates a novel way to break a stout twig. A motorbike arrives with Glenn aka Judo Boy blaming Bobby for his humiliation by Jackie. Ling beats up the bully before humiliating him further, inflaming Bobby?s interest. A bit later, Glenn returns with 2 other bikers, both MMA experts. Dispatching Glenn again, one of the men engages her in playful sparring that soon turns rough. The men gang up to attack at once together and discover the superiority of the schoolgirl?s kick-boxing. The short girl delivers a merciless beating before giving each a humiliating climatic finish including a badly turned-on Bobby .

Training Teacher Jackie dominates a bullying teacher with her powerful body and lethal legs.
## Ling shows Jackie how to enslave a boy. Bullying teacher Mike Jefferson regrets picking on Jackie Priest as she brutally humiliates him in front of the class with her powerful muscular body then enslaves him.

Jackie The Gymnast & The Peeping Tom A dream come true becomes a nightmare when a muscular gymnast works him over

Putting my kid sister back in her place Bobby gets Judo Boy to teach Jackie a lesson. Then it all goes wrong
## Jackie intimidates Bobby by the bathroom door. He enlists the help of an older lad known as Judo Boy. Following a demonstration of his Judo skills upon the young gymnast, Bobby objects when Judo Boy tries to molest his sister but saves herself with her flexibility, strong legs and wrestling skills. Judo Boy turns on Bobby who is saved by his sister who demonstrates the power of a gymnasts's legs.

Jackie's Revenge Jackie punishes her older brother while her friends take care of his
## When Bobby refuses to put the bins out, Jackie scissors him senseless before he agrees then bullies him to do her chores. Returning from school with Jackie and his mates they meet Mary and Ling in the park. Jackie shows Bobby some daring gymnastics on some scaffolding and her amazing strength. Mary stops Superrod with some shockingly hard punches while Ling shows Chris some devastating kickboxing. Back on the ground, Bobby tries to get rough with Jackie who turns the tables with her wrestling skills. Mary's strength continues to surprise Superrod and Ling takes Chris's breath away. The three girls play Russian roulette with Bobby before his sister brutally crushes him.

The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese SchoolgirlTwo teen girls and their riding instructor thwart a kidnapping attempt

The Mythology

THE LAST#1 Prophesy of a world dominated by powerful amazons.
## Prophesy of the rise of The Slits, the death of The Web, the Amazon Queen of the World, nuclear winter and the last free Stick.

Echoes from the Past Jim Priest is beaten up and dominated by an older woman.

The Dance of Death Chikrashur feels the feminine power of the Goddess Anahita
## The demon general engages the beautiful warrior Goddess in a swordfight. Defeating him, she slowly destroys him in a deadly dance.

The Wrath of the Goddess Namur suffers the terrible vengeance of the Goddess Anahita
## A demon lord inflicts a terrible devastation and incurs the wrath of the warrior Goddess. She uses her powerful body to exact her deadly vengeance.

Dancing with the Goddess The shadow assassins try to take the Goddess Anahita by stealth
## The council of 13 ask Mahishasura for a boon while coveting a mighty weapon that he tells them about. The demon king commands Chikasura and the Shadow Assassins to capture the Goddess Anahita for his bride. They come up a beautiful young temple dancer who slays several assassins who are inflamed by lust for her. Suffering a humiliating defeat, during which he realises that the dancer is in fact Anahita, Chikasura retreats. Coming upon the Goddess by stealth, the assassins attack again but are destroyed by the powerful young woman.

Battling the Goddess The Goddess Anahita faces the Demon Lord in combat
## The mighty demon lord, Mahishasura vanquishes the Gods as the strongest living being in the universe and fiercest warrior of them all. The Gods invoke the warrior Goddess Anahita to save them and after his generals fail to bring her before him, Mahisha leads an army to capture her. Slaughtering his troops, the demon lord is forced to attack her and finds himself floored. An epic 9 day battle using hand-held weapons ensures constantly reaching deadlock. Mahishasura faces her in unarmed combat and is astonished to find her a more formidable opponent than he ever expected all the while her fit strong shapely body tantalises him and drives him wild with desire. Slowly she breaks him at first using her formidable arms then destroying him with her powerful irresistible legs while the demon lord is repeatedly humiliated sexually and physically. Finally she destroys him with her almighty legs.

The Case of the Jujitsuffragette. Victorian detective gets an introduction to female martial arts and dominance
The Female Pugilist/The Bare-Knuckle Pugilist ## Young Victorian detective is given a sensitive case to resolve featuring cultured women who fight Police Officers and win!. Investigating boxing clubs he is shocked when a well-dressed middle-class woman challenges the local male champion and wins decisively. He is even more amazed and aroused when a week later she accepts a re-match fighting the 'old fashioned way', bare-knuckled with no rules using fists, legs, knees, elbows and weapons.

The Mistress of the Workhouse/Worshipping The Mistress## Following a lead, James enrols himself in a workhouse. He is confronted by an elderly woman calling herself The Mistress who demonstrates fearsome unarmed combat skills to assert her authority. He tries to help her when some of the tougher inmates stage an uprising which she puts down largely single-handed with ruthless superority. Summoning him to her office, he is stunned to find her working out with weights and becoming very aroused by her muscular body. He finds himself ridden sexually by the old lady and becomes her stud. The Mistress queries his cover story and forces the truth from him. Admitting his love for her, he feels the power of her legs as she takes him once again.

Encounter with the Schoolmarm : A Victorian tale of pain, domination and female empowerment Man enters a schoolhouse to be unexpectedly dominated by his stern ex-teacher
## Young Victorian iron worker reminisces in the pub with his friends over Miss. Savage, the fierce old School-Mistress from their childhood who is still terrorising the village kids. On his drunken way home he finds himself outside the old schoolhouse. Seeing lights on he enters recalling his bad memories of his schooling and the cruel sadistic Schoolmarm. Suddenly a loud domineering voice from his nightmares shouts out and he whirls to see the harsh School-teacher from his past, now a short, slender, grey-haired old lady. Her provocative clothings and arrogant manner combined with the alcohol causes him to grab the woman in his arms. Demonstrating amazing defensive skills the shockingly aggressive old woman overwhelms him and tries to cane him. Rebelling he fights back but finds the old Schoolmarm too good a fighter and falls under her dominance.

The Legend of The Killer Nuns Not all nuns are peaceful and passive
## The Tyrant King of England leads an army to loot and destroy a convent. With his men destroyed by mere, seemingly pious, nuns; he faces the formidable Mother Superior and her terrifying fighting skills.

The Original Series

Squeezed by the Landlady Jim Priest gets a taste of what's to come as he is squeezed between the powerful legs of his landlady, legs developed from years cycling up a steep hill each day. She forces him to pay rent in an unusual way!
## University student Jim Priest is attracted to the powerful legs of his landlady, Ms.Jakes, legs developed from years cycling up a steep hill each day. She gives Jim his first taste of the power of a woman's legs as she kicks and squeezes him helpless then forces him to worship her as part payment of his rent.

Cameraman Thrashed by Female Presenter Jim drunkenly tries to assault a sexy middle-aged TV presenter who beats him up with her sexy legs before delivering a unique form of justice.
## Jim recalls his first job as a trainee cameraman following the sexy legged TV presenter Sue Doreley. Some years later working as a contractor, he drunkenly tries to assault the sexy middle-aged presenter. Sue proves more than capable of defending herself and beats Jim up with her fists and sexy legs before using his face to satisfy herself.

The Nutcracker A sexy big-busted girl enjoys smashing men in the groin gaining Jim an enemy for life.
## Jim recalls his classmate, Kim Shrubb, who enjoys taunting boys and men alike with her sexy big bust and smashing them in the groin. The obnoxious Scott Morris is singled out for especially brutal treatment of extreme ball busting.

New Beginnings and the Dominant Horsewoman Investigating a series of mysterious break-ins, Jim is beaten up by the karate skills and powerful thighs of an upper-class horsewoman.
## Jim becomes a private detective and is hired by Sir Humphrey Smthye-Jones to investigate a series of break-ins at Bristlingdown Manor dating back over 100 years. Scouting the boundary of the estate, Jim encounters an arrogant upper-class horse rider, Lady Helen Windthorpe, who beats him up with her karate skills and forces him to worship her using her powerful thighs.

Enter the Japanese Schoolgirls! Scott is beaten up by 4 oriental schoolgirls in his care, and sexually humiliated.
## Scott letches after the woman at the job centre and is forced to become a camping guide for Japanese students. Alone with 4 girls, he reverts to his lecherous ways, however the girls punish him with their martial arts skills before forcing him to sexually humiliate himself. Scott is offered the chance to spy on his old nemesis Jim Priest then is beaten up by the muscular Anne.

The Return of the Dominant Horsewoman Bobby Priest gets a painful lesson on how to serve an upper class woman.
## Jim's teenaged son, Bobby, encounters the sexy Lady Helen Windthorpe who drives him to her home. She uses her powerful thighs to force Bobby to worship her. Following a demonstration of her karate skills, Lady Helen demonstrates how she breaks in horses using her strong legs then shows how dangerous a stiletto heel can be.

The Boxing Stable Girl Scott is badly beaten up and taunted by a big busty stable girl.
## While Jim and Detective Michael Jenkins investigate the home of Lady Helen Windthorpe following her attack upon Bobby, Scott tries to assault the extremely buxom stable girl Sarah MacKensie. Sarah gives Scott a brutal demonstration of bare knuckle boxing while taunting him with her huge breasts interspersed with ball busting, face sitting and smothering.

The Amazon Barmaid Amazon barmaid Cynthia destroys 2 men sent to silence Jim with her powerful muscles.
## A Prince goes man hunting and is later punished by his wife's strong legs. Jim investigates Councillor Reginald Cole who sends 2 thugs to silence him but they hadn't counted on the fearsome muscular mature barmaid Cynthia Parrish. Cynthia demands Jim worships her in appreciation.

A Mistresses' Vengeance Sir Nigel is destroyed by the karate skills of his pregnant mistress who he has publicly dumped. Aroused, she forces Jim to service her.
## Jim visits Sir Nigel Forbes-Willington and observes a dispute with his personal aide and mistress, Sarah Dean. A former karate champion, Sarah literally kicks the man around the house in a leggy demonstration of female power. She then forces Jim to service her needs. Scott breaks into Jim's office and tries to force himself upon Jim's sister in-law, Marianne, and gets ball busted for his troubles.

The Kickboxing Amazon Princess Royal bodyguard learns the hard way not to get in the way of the lethal legs of an angry princess.
## Two Princesses play a prank on drunken Prince A. When his bodyguard Keith tries to intervene, he is savagely beaten again and again by the kickboxing skills and lethally strong legs of Princess D.

Hospitals can be Dangerous Places A powerful matron overwhelms Scott whilst a Nurse breaks bones battling 2 murderous thugs with her Aikido skills.
## Two yobs murder Sir Nigel in hospital then face the bone breaking Aikido skills of Sister Susan Francis. The mighty Matron Caroline Charles overwhelms Scott and forces him to become her personal pleasure seat with skull bending face sits and muscle worship.

Sister-in-Law's Christmas Present Jim's sister-in-law demonstrates her self-defence skills from the lessons he brought her and destroys a yuletide burglar.
## Jim pays for his sister in-law, Marianne, to take self-defence lessons. She demonstrates her newfound skills to Jim then recalls how she accidentally put her brother in hospital and totally destroyed a yuletide burglar.

The Airfield - Part 1:The Loader / Part 2:The Security Officer And The Loader Again Jim Priest meets a female loader and amateur bodybuilder called Elaine. A young buxom security guard demonstrates her judo skills on Scott. Together the two women use their superior fighting skills to destroy opposition to a police raid.
## Posing as a labourer, Jim infiltrates millionaire arms dealer John Davison's airfield. He befriends Elaine, a loader and amateur bodybuilder and encourages her to be proud of her physique and strength. With her confidence raised, she beats up the workplace bully. The young buxom security guard, Emma, demonstrates her Judo skills when Scott attempts to molest her. Elaine and Emma use their superior fighting skills to help Jim destroy armed opposition to the Police raid lead by Detective Michael Jenkins. The Elite Death Squad have a message for Councillor Cole.

The Lethal Slut Cindy kills three men as part of her sex life and gives Jim a severe beating.
## John Davidson meets The Evil One. Jim is hired by Ian Bull to investigate his wayward wife Cindy. Her deadly legs finish a blackmailing market inspector; she sexually exhausts a swimming pool lifeguard and a personal trainer; and gives Jim a severe beating with her toned muscles before scissoring her husband for hiring a private detective.

The Mother In-Law From Hell Jim's mother-in-law has built huge muscles which she uses to punish her son in-laws especially Jim who also suffers her ju-jitsu and sexual skills.
## Jim's previously grossly overweight mother in-law Paula gives her son in-law Kurt a hard beating with astonishing strength. She demonstrates her ju-jitsu skills to Jim and reveals her huge muscles for him to worship before taking him with her awesome sexual skills. The Evil One inspects The Elite Death Squad.

Echoes from the Past Jim Priest is beaten up and dominated by an older woman.
## Professor Maurice Dupont decodes an ancient Amazon tale. Jim has a date with a very mature buxom and muscular calved secretary Jean not knowing she has a fetish for female domination. Despite her age, she gives him a savage beating with her superior combat skills and fearsome legs. The Dragon destroys the Prince's bodyguards then enslaves him.

The New Series

Death Of A Princess Jim gets calve-scissored for following a sexy office worker then gut busted by a Sloane-ranger in Paris. A Battle Royale takes place between two powerful upper class Amazons.
## Jim is scissored between the large calves of sexy office worker Adriana and makes a surprising phone call. The Evil One is instructed by a mysterious woman. The powerful Princess D and the equally powerful Dragon have a leggy fight to the death. Elite Death Squad member and Sloane-ranger Vanessa beats up Jim, she especially gets turned on by giving a brutal gut busting and uses Jim's face for her pleasure before attempting to kill him.

The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army A bad man is brought to task by the deadly legs and hands of the women of The Salvation Army.
## Jim is hired by Major Anne and Captain Alice of The Salvation Army's Militant Wing to investigate slave trafficking. Distributor Guy Crook is lured by the sexy young Cadet Julie who is forced to defend herself against his advances with her self-defence skills and strong long legs. Alice forces Guy to order some clothing with her rib cracking legs before Anne puts him in a world of pain with her deadly nerve strikes.

The Power Of Sex The Salvation Army show a young arsonist the power of a woman's pectorals before becoming their practice dummy whilst an older man is interrogated with painful sex.
## Arthur Hawkins persuades Prunella Crook to take revenge on The Salvation Army. Malcolm sneaks into their hall to plant firebombs but is lured by the mature Christine who is working out. Her amazing pectoral muscles drive him wild with lust and she demonstrates that they are not just for show. Arthur observes the combat skills of the women of The Salvation Army before being subject to the deadly interrogation skills of Major Anne.

The Lollipop Lady Are you tough enough to handle the stick skills of a Lollipop lady?. One tough guy is left out cold, another cries over his busted balls.
## Dr. Helen Lewis helps Jim study an ancient Amazon statue and is later confronted by Scott and Ted Hawkins. She is rescued by the fearsome stick fighting skills of mature Lollipop lady Margaret. A brutal battle leaves Ted battered and out cold, and Scott sobbing over his bust balls.

Confessions of a Bimbo -Judo! Chorus-line Karate & strong legs Not-so dumb blonde comedy stooge forces two old-timers to change their views
## Jim has a strange conversation with General Philip Warpinton. Transcript of an old TV show where blonde comedy stooge Aimi demonstrates her new catch phrase to two old-timers, Eddy and Benny. They assault her in her dressing room where Aimi fights back with Judo, Chorus-line Karate and her frightening grapevine press using her strong dancer's legs. The Evil One is briefed about a covert American operation.

Upstairs, downstairs and in the Kitchen Maid's bedroom Jim is playfully dominated by a kitchen maid's Judo and sexy pastry skills
## A secret meeting. Jim discovers the encoding device only for it to be stolen by the Kitchen girl, Mary. Jim confronts Mary in her room, dressed only in a gi top. She playfully demonstrates her Judo skills to Jim while turning him wild with desire with her dough handling skills.

Danger at the beach Beach stud is dominated by the self-defence skills of two young women
## Beach stud Gary soon regrets challenging Marianne and Julie to hit his abs. They take their reward by using their self-defence skills to dominate and interrogate him. They also exert their sexual dominance over him. Gary is later caught in the act. Sir Anthony receives bad news.

Harry Carter & The Calves of Fear + The Strong Armed Cleaner A Businesswoman's calves & the mighty arms of a cleaner brutally destroy men
## Jim gets a job as an IT Manager at St.Agatha's Domestic Service College and encounters Gill Butcher, the cold director of training and recruitment. She demonstrates her sexy Salsa dancing skills to two young thieves with her legs taking them out. A series of brutal demonstrations follow shows their boss the fearsome bone breaking power of her calves. One boy flees and gets a savage beating from the mighty arms of Maria, the cleaning lady. Sir Anthony gets an unexpected surprise.

Mother In-Law - Security Guard Mother In-Law & night security guard destroys a couple of intruders
## Night Security Guard Paula recalls how she transformed herself from being grossly overweight to a well muscled body that drives her son in-law, Jim Priest, wild with desire. She also remembers how The Sisterhood recruited her and taught other skills that she likes to try out on her son in-law. Woken from her daydreaming, she is thrust into a life or death struggle with a couple of intruders from The Elite Death Squad. Later Paula makes a disturbing discovery. Jim follows the trail of the stolen decoder and is watched by a strange-cloaked woman.

Top Bully - a tale of defeat and humiliation by three young women College bully suffers defeat from his sister, a tomboy and a victimised woman
## College student Martin Wellington wants to be Top Bully. He recalls an embarrassing beating from his sister, Michelle that got them expelled. Now at St.Agatha's, he preys upon the weaker students. Chasing one of his victims, Carol Connor, he starts a fight with scary tomboy, Sharon Cartwright, not knowing that she is karate black belt. Fed up with his bullying, Carol who is a good swimmer bullies him back.

Disciplined By The French Mistress Jim and a young man get a leggy lesson in discipline from a sexy French teacher
## Intercepted communications. Jim learns about Banking immunity then is attacked by Malcolm Pratt. Rescued by Mrs. Louise French, the sexy French Mistress punishes the young man's balls in front of a detention class. Her karate trained legs then interrogate both Jim and Malcolm before forcing Jim to apologise in an intimate manner. A fleeing Malcolm runs into trouble. Angel has a vision.

Kung Boob! Three generations of super-endowed women turn a man's dream into a nightmare
## A poor man collects winter fuel. Jim goes to the cleaners. Scott recalls humiliation at the judo skills and breasts of a very buxom schoolgirl. He then follows a huge busted woman home to suffer sexual humiliation and a brutal beating from three generations of incredibly endowed women. Jim has a secret liaison.

Leggy and Lusty - a Lap dancing Strip O'Gram defends herself Policewoman strip o'gram is forced to lay out 2 men + destroy a 3rd
## An evil plan. A policewoman turns out to be strip o'gram Marianne who gives a groom a stag night to remember, driving him wild with desire and laying out 2 of his mates before giving him a taste of her leg strength and driving him to sexual humiliation. She then has to fight off a brutal rape attempt by George Holland. Ling takes out the security guards. Hollands get unwelcome visitors. Jim debriefs Marianne.

Jackie The Gymnast & The Peeping Tom A dream come true becomes a nightmare when a muscular gymnast works him over
## An attempted hack. News bulletin. Jeremy Smith spys on the girl's gymnastics practice and gets caught by Jackie. The muscular teenager gets him to help with her practice, humilating him with her strength and wrestling skills before destroying him with a martial arts influenced floor routine. Angel gets a lead.

Wrestling The Twins Bobby grapples with tall leggy twin sisters & suffers the consequences
## Victorian values. Bobby is confronted by lovely tall leggy twins, Sharon & Melanie. Forced to wrestle them, he puts up a spirited battle but ends up suffering pain and humilitation in front of a baying crowd of fellow students. His younger sister, Jackie, joins in the fray before they all get hauled up in front of Principal Newman. Taking a fancy to the Twins, Newman tries to blackmail them and ends up being scissored while Jim uncovers the truth. News bulletin.

Granny Strongarm - A Granny's Touch A young man feels the awesome power of his fearsome Great-Grandmother
## Gill Butcher calve-scissors Jim. James Armstrong visits his Great-Grandmother, Georgina, more commonly known as Granny Strongarm. Caught punching her boxing ball, Great-Granny challenges him to spar with her and teaches him a painful lesson. James admires Granny's muscular arms and asks her to arm-wrestle. Carried away by the feel of her biceps, she punishes him in a humiliating armlock before milking him. The founder of St.Agatha's. Granny continues to dominant her Great-Grandson anyway she wants. Sir Tarquin Templeforth meets Granny's arm and his bodyguard dispatched. A chase leads to a discovery. Bad news for Newman.

Henrietta and the transform of Muscle A tale of magic and muscle transformation
## No-fly zone over Kensington. Three student witches encounter bad boys in the woods who take a fancy to Jill. Confronted by the muscular Ugg, Henrietta disgraces herself. Attempting a dangerous spell, Henrietta transforms her body. Taking on the mighty Ugg in combat, Henrietta discovers that reading about martial arts does not make her an expert. Henrietta and LM engage the boys in a brutal fight. Jill joins in before the three girls force the boys to suffer further humiliation.

George and The Dragon The Commander of a secret US task force and Jim feel the power of The Dragon
## A scary looking first class passenger flexes her powerfully muscled calves at Jim. Jim unexpectedly has a good dining companion in an unfamiliar city. The Dragon demonstrates the reason for her fearsome reputation as she infiltrates the headquarters of a secret US military task force looking for vengeance. While Jim gets domme'd in a hotel room feeling her power and receiving some startling information. Phone call.

Min Jung: Humiliation Club Mature Korean humiliates a teen gang with her stunning body and TKD skills
## Aboard a luxury cruise liner, Min Jun, a member of the 'Mature Women's Boy Humiliation Club' or 'Humiliation Club' places a wager with a group of arrogant teens. Driving them wild with her super-endowed fit athletic body she brutally punishes those who try to grab her in their lust with her martial arts skills. Even a Kung-Fu kid is no match for her.

Danger, Fat Bully Girl At Play Jim discovers the dangers of turning down a horny fat girl
## Jim gets a tour of "The Star of Maya" and chats with journalists. Kamiko, an oversized Japanese waitress takes a shine to him and visits his room for sex. Turning down her advances Jim finds himself brutally dominated by her overwhealming strength and fighting skills as the large overweight girl has her way with him over and over again, dosing him up with a very special drink. Still under the influence of the special brew, Jim then encounters Min Jung.

The Dental Receptionist & The Kung Fu Nurse Sexy mature woman humiliates Jim while a dental nurse brutalises Scott
## Mature dental receptionist, Sonia, misconstrues Jim's snooping and staring at her large chest as stalking. A member of the 'Mature Women's Boy Humiliation Club', she drives him wild with her body while punishing him with her deadly legs before forcing him to humiliate himself. Scott follows Jim and is rude to a large plump Dental Nurse in a Chinese style uniform. She beats him brutally with her Kung-Fu skills.

The Maasai Warrior Queen & Her Daughter Female tribal leader and her daughter demonstrate their fighting skill
## Jim explores London Below and is attacked by a thug then saved by a tall African woman, Isina, in an unusual fight on a train. Leading Jim to her tribe, they watch her teenaged daughter, Naipanoi, put the male wrestling champion in his place. The girl then gives Jim a private demonstration of her powerful muscles while dominating him. The thug reappears and Isina takes him on in a fight that demonstrates her amazing jumping skills.

The Legs of the Rickshaw Woman Mature oriental woman shows men the power of her legs and Kung Fu
## Jim encounters a former workmate, Ling, and is astonished by how her legs have developed from cycling a water borne rickshaw. After persuading her to show him how strong they are, she takes him to an underground cathedral to corporate greed. Confronted by a gang of thugs, Ling is forced to use her Kung Fu skills with deadly force.

Wife's Surprise Tom learns the hard way a skill his wife has kept secret for the past 25 years
## Tom recounts how he met his wife and joy at discovering how strong she was,indulging his fantasies between her sturdy legs. Depressed and shocked by his experiences as a security guard in London Below, he turns to drink and becomes irritable and abusive towards Sheila. One day during an argument he loses his cool and tries to slap her where he is shocked to discover that his wife of 25 years knows Judo. Turned on by his wife's hidden talent he tries to placate his angry wife as she works out her fury with her re-awakened skills. Pondering his lot, he allows Jim and Ling to sneak past.

Feel The Power of the Lord Jim feels the upper body strength of an old female churchwarden
## Jim encounters Lois, a churchwarden, and is amazed by her upper body strength. His attempt to feel her massive biceps backfires and she severely punishes him as a vile pervert with religious fervour. The Dragon and Angel have a private meeting.

The day my mum humiliated me at the Dojo Teen troublemaker & Jujitsu black belt is disciplined by his mother at the dojo.
## Ryan's mother turns up at the Dojo complaining about his bullying. He tries to scare her off but she wipes him out over and over with her self-defence skills in front of the whole club. Secret conclave meeting.

The Little Old Lady A little old lady saves young man from a brutal beating
## Jimmy saves an old lady from getting run down. When the thug driver starts to beat him up, the old woman, Lilly saves him with her Karate skills and astonishing flexibility. Several weeks later he visits her to thank her and gets more than he bargained for when he helps her with her Karate workout. Night watchmen get a visit from a Nun. Lord Gerald hears rumours of a secret treasure in Victorian India.

Scissored in the Supermarket car park Two men learn the dangers of looking at women
## Jim follows a mature woman with shapely legs around the supermarket. Lenora lures him to her MPV where she crushes him helpless and uses him to satisfy herself. Scott sees a cute young Japanese girl and tries to carry her away to rape. Yoshe foils him and mistaking him for a scissor pervert, devastates him in a series of standing scissor holds. Afterwards Madam Koumaru Assaiki (Madam Ball Crusher) delivers an excruciatingly painful message to Scott. Victorian explorer Lord Gerald and the army reach a hillside complex of caves where they are entertained by a young temple dancer who kills the sergeant sent to bring her for questioning.

An encounter with Jean Jim is reacquainted with an old woman as she dominates a group of youths
## Jim spots Jean who takes care of a mugger. Back at her house, she lures a group of lads inside then completely dominates them until they worship her as their mistress while draining Jim sexually. Victorian explorer Lord Gerald and a group of soldiers try to enter the temple of Anahita but suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands and feet of a temple priestess.

Obeying Mother Jim is surprised by the dominance of his elderly bodybuilding mother
## Investigating an old people's home, Jim comes across an elderly female resident working out in the gym. When she turns around, he is shocked to find that it is his mother. Getting him to feel her newly built body, Jim tries to resist his natural yearnings. When she dominates him physically, he finds his resistance wavering. Lord Gerald and the men raid the temple of Anahita suffering huge losses in their escape.

Birthday Surprise Young man gets a birthday surprise from his demure little Indian wife
## After helping Jim with the forwarding address of a family friend, Mariam treats her husband, Kamal, to a birthday that she has been working on for several years in secret. Dressed in a gi top she demonstrates her Karate skills then tentatively dominates her shocked husband. After knocking him out, she reveals her fit toned body and Judo skills. Old Indian cleaning woman attacks Lord Gerald.

Auntie's secret Jim's cute looking mature Indian 'aunty' demonstrates her secret skills
## Jim's 'aunty' tells how as a female custom's officer in the 1970's, she stopped 4 men breaking into the Heathrow cargo centre after a crate from the temple of Anahita. Challenging his cute looking mature 'aunty', she demonstrates that in her 70's she can still dominate a man with combat skills and sexually. After exhausting him, she reveals the content and destination of the strange shipment. The Evil One ruminates about the Banker's corruption of the Government. Victorian explorer Lord Gerald is prevented from announcing his discoveries.

The Nutcracker and The Tramp Teen ballbuster takes on dirty old men in the park & proves handy with her fists
## Kim Shrubb defends herself from two tramps breaking their balls and beating them up with her fists. On the way home, an upper class man who picks her up and takes her home suffers a beating. A military exchange.

Mother in-Law's Break-up Conman suffers painful consequences for breaking a bulky mature woman's heart
## Marianne's tells Jim her concern for her mother. Paula interrogates her boyfriend "John Smith" and beats the truth from him. He suffers painful consequences. Editor receives an unexpected visit from a killer Nun.

Karate Boots Gang get more than they bargained for from a silver haired woman in boots
## Jim moves to a small business centre and attracts the attention of the mature receptionist. Giving Glynnis a lift home she spots a gang of youths littering and spraying graffiti. She confronts them and demonstrates the fearsome power of her Karate boots to force them to clean up. Afterwards she takes Jim home and 'rewards' him. A dangerous Nun pays Sir Anthony Jones a visit.

Passing Out Lecherous soldier and Jim have a passing out day to remember
## Jim attends his brother in-law's passing out parade. A Drunken soldier takes a fancy to Jim's sister in-law and manages to get her alone to press his advances. Marianne puts up a strong fight with her self-defence skills but the soldier is tough and well-trained. Jim finds her gaining the advantage whereupon she demonstrates how she can knock out two men at the same time with a variety of sleeper holds and head scissors. Jim is identified.

Aberdeen Agnes Jim worships a powerful elderly muscle woman
## Jim encounters a friendly white haired woman whilst walking in Scotland. Agnes allows him to use the toilets at the Women's Institute, where he discovers a variety of women working out. Agnes tells him that she is the trainer and stuns him with her powerful well developed body. Between demonstrations of her awesome strength, Jim worships her until she notices that he recognises her necklace. She then punishes him with her powerful legs until he tells her everything then forces him to make love to her. Agnes reveals that two women from London had told the WI to look out for him and passes him the phone number she was given. Cardinal secrets.

The Hotel Manageress Jim is seduced by a fit older woman who then gives him a real beating
## Jim stays in a hotel and hears strange noises from the next room. Going into the corridor to complain he meets a mature hard-faced yet sultry woman. Later that evening he sees her in the hotel resturant dressed in very sexy clothes acting like a cougar. She joins Jim and seduces him with her allure. Back in her suite she turns on him, devastating him with lightning fast Karate. Jim tries to fight back but can't cope. She takes him in victory. During the fight, he overhears her call 'Helen' to boast about his capture. She beats and takes him again. Raj interviews a young Indian girl. Trying to have his way with her, Nandra destroys him and takes his job.

Lady Helen's Daughter Jim encounters a young girl and gets more than he expected then meets mum
## Cauldid sends Adnan to spy on Nandra but the lovely HR manager dispatches him. Jim trespasses into the manor house belonging to the mysterious Helen. He is discovered by her teenage daughter, Caroline, who proceeds to pummel him with her fists and ferocious kicks. After feeling her muscles, she batters him some more and he lands at the thigh-booted feet of her mother, Lady Helen Windthorpe. Mother and daughter punish Jim before her ladyship retires for the evening, leaving her daughter to play with Jim before putting him away.

Return of the Amazon Barmaid Young man's lust for a mature barmaid's bust unleashes her muscles
## Jimmy can't keep his eyes of the huge wide bust of the white haired old barmaid, Cythnia. Getting drunk, the sturdily built barmaid refuses to let him drive home. Climbing the stairs to the guest room, he admires her huge powerful muscular calves. In the room, he tries to get his hands on her massive breasts only for her to punch him out. Coming around, she demonstrates some amazing feats of strength then flexes and gets him to feel her large biceps. Subduing him with headlocks, he finds out that these aren't just for show. The strong old woman continues to dominate him with her powerful body and sexual dominates him as well. Jim is collected and Angel investigates his disappearance.

The Long Legs of the Law Young man is dominated by a leggy mature Policewoman
## Ian is visited in his warehouse office by a slender mature but quite attractive WPC, Sally, who he takes a shine to. Called away by a phone call, he is alarmed to see his brother and the warehouse thugs surround the woman. In a stunning and often brutal display of self-defence, Sally, devastates the thugs. Ian decides to run back to the office but she floors him and warns him to stay put. She then brutally arrests the ringleaders and marches them off to the police-van. Back in his office, the leggy policewoman interrogates Ian over and over with a mixture of physical and sexual domination. Jim goes for a flight while Angel puzzles over his disappearance.

The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese Schoolgirl Two teen girls and their riding instructor thwart a kidnapping attempt
## Scott attempts to kidnap Professor Dupont’s daughter while out riding while Ted Hawkins woos Jenny the riding instructor to stop her accompanying her. Jackie stops Scott and forces him to experience the terrifying power of a young gymnasts's legs while Jenny teaches Ted a painful lesson with her arms. Shioreta-hana unleashes a leggy whirlwind of destruction upon Scott while Ted discovers the sheer brutal power of riding instructor's legs. Jackie and Shioreta-hana team up to give Scott a little pleasure and a lot of pain before Jackie demonstrates a gymnastics move that finishes him off. Angel ponders the report of the incident while Jim arrives at a notorious detention centre.

The Sari of Discipline Young man experiences his auntie's dominance and power
## Young Indian man goes to spend summer with his overweight domineering aunty Chanda. Piyush struggles to move a boulder in her garden and is shocked when she helps him move it, carrying most of the weight. He then notices her large calves as she climbs the stairs. She finds his downloads of Amazon women on his laptop and threatens to discipline him. He tries to stop her and is shocked when she reacts with skilful violence. Paralysing him, aunty demands that he resist her attempts to arouse him, punishing him violently when he fails. Following a long slow hand-job that keeps him on edge for a very long time begging for release, she allows him to cum. Aunty saves Piyush from a deadly female intruder and he pesters her to show him her strength but he goes too far and she punishes him. Piyush is kidnapped by the local gang-lord. Aunty has to fight her way through his gang to rescue him and punish their leader then reward her nephew. Jim is interrogated.

Alice - Secret Santa Sweet young woman surprises her boss with a special xmas gift
## Ben, the new principal at St.Agatha's is enchanted by Alice, the sweet-looking mild-mannered new P.A. and her enthusiasm for the office Secret Santa scheme. On the day, she reveals that she is his Secret Santa surprising him by knocking him out. He comes around to find Alice dressed in a sexy Santa's Helper dress where she gives him his present - domination using her unsuspected ju-jitsu skills. The Dragon and Angel meet.

The Internet Date Professional male seeks female muscular Judo black-belt looking for fun
## Frank arranges a blind-date over the Internet with a muscular Judo expert and is shocked to find his date is Jean, an 86-year old woman wearing a gi jacket. Any doubts over her dispelled when she totally dominates him with her martial arts skills and fierce dominant attitude. Turning him on with her fighting skills, amazing flexibility and muscular body she then dominates him sexually. She then shows him her boy honey-pot in which 8 youths are lounging, she completely dominates them with her fearsome combat skills before sexually humiliating them and knocking them out. As Frank helps the old woman to remove the bodies the father of one appears. Jean takes care of both him and his son at the same time before exhausting Frank with some more amazing sex. Angel and The Dragon encounter a preacher of hate.

The Perils of Kidnapping Schoolgirls Religious fanatics are broken then destroyed by a group of deadly schoolgirls
## Over 50 break into an isolated school compound intent on killing the Nuns who run it and kidnap the school girls to sell into slavery. Splitting up into groups to take the girls, the men are shocked to find the teenage girls are highly skilled in unarmed combat and have strong bodies which they use to dominate them. Humilited in their defeat by teenage girls, some of the men are further subjected to more degradation. Their leader finds himself alone in the main hall with all of the girls around him and none of his men. Collectively the girls destroy him. A meeting of the Global Elite.

Marriage Guidance A man's fetishes are revealed during counselling then become reality
## Jimmy and Suzanne visit a marriage guidance counsellor, Jayne Cooper, who uses her awesome martial arts powers to demonstrate that Jimmy is not impotent. This includes demonstrations of extreme breaking and defeating 4 big muscle men. Showing Suzanne how to use her strong arms and legs to dominate and arouse her husband, they leave a happy couple. Two years later, Jimmy returns from work to find Suzanne in a wedding dress. She proceeds to demonstrate powerful martial arts skills. Proving she is totally beyond the abilities of Jimmy to cope with, Jayne appears in his garden with the 4 big muscle men. He is shocked and aroused when his wife defeats them then horrified as she is about to take one sexually. He begs and pleads to be rewarded by more domination from his wife's amazing martial arts skills and powerful legs. Jim encounters The Supervisors.

Madam Koumaru Assaiki Scott encounters the fearsome old Japanese woman known as Madam Ball Crusher
## Scott has a sexy encounter on a packed commuter train that turns in a groin aching nightmare. Even Ted proves no match for the amazing combat skills of the small slender mature Japanese woman dressed in a smart business dress or her devastating ball-busting techniques. Alone with her, Scott gets a surprise when she undresses and reveals a body that keeps him hard even as she destroys his balls. Scott witnesses a deadly encounter with nuns at Sir Anthony's house.

Onward Christian Soldiers (Don't Lose Your Head) Jim helps Salvation Army women and Muslim sisters battle a terrorist plot
## Jim's sister in-law, Marianne, forcefully insists he accepts a case to pay his debts. The militant leaders are shocked to find Salvation Army women blocking the street and are then astounded as ordinary-looking women destroy them with their combat skills. Jim and Marianne enter the house of the leader and discover frightening evidence but are caught before she dispenses him with her self-defence skills. The remaining militants are pleased to see Muslim women coming to help then shocked as they turn on them. Distracted by his sister in-law's sexy legs, Jim is punished by her calves. Jim recalls the harrowing message from the leader of the Supervisor race.

Honour thy Mother in-law Jim sees how his powerful mother in-law deals with a thief
## Jim takes his mother in-law to Milton Keynes. Whilst there a hoodie tries to steal Paula's bag and is shocked to find himself thrown around and dominated by the short squat mature woman. When she starts applying her enormous muscles he is horrified to discover that rather than being grossly overweight that she is in fact massively muscled. Jim gets turned on by his mother in-law's demonstration of power. Leaving MK Paula discloses what she knows about Project Gabriel. Asking him to stop in a quiet wooded area, she forces Jim to honour her after another demonstration of Ju-jitsu and muscle

Sister-in-law?s legs Drunken pass in a hotel room ends in domination by a sexy pair of legs
## Jim?s sister-in-law demands he takes her with him for a meeting requiring an overnight stay at a hotel. Not liking his answer Marianne applies a brutal wrist lock forcing him to his knees where she tortures him until he agrees. Turning up wearing a smart business dress and wearing make-up Jim is smitten by how good she looks. Following the meeting they arrange to have a meal together but Jim goes to the bar beforehand and has too much to drink. Following the meal Marianne returns to Jim?s room for company but a drunken Jim gets carried away touching her up. She responds by giving him a demonstration of her self-defence skills with particular emphasis on her sexy legs but gets carried away and ends up using him for her own pleasure.

Dominated by a teenaged ATC Judo girl Jim finds himself outmatched by a young girl
## Investigating local Government corruption, Jim is an unwelcome visitor at the home of a senior Councillor where he discovers development plans. He is caught snooping by Melissa, the man?s teenaged daughter dressed in an Air Training Corps uniform. Putting Jim in a hammerlock the young girl frog-marches him to her gym with all attempts at resistance crushed with ballbusts. After humiliating him with grappling holds he fights back only to be thrown around and beaten up by the teen. Realising too late how skilled she is in Judo, Jim suffers a brutal beatdown with multiple knockouts, chokeholds and scissors.

Into the lair of the Killer Nuns Jim gets a painful lesson from a Superior Mother
## Investigating attacks upon local kids at a ruined church at night, Jim encounters a statuesque Mother Superior. Giving her a lift to the convent, Jim is invited inside whereupon the handsome stern woman strips down to a leotard and fishnets before using him to demonstrate her unarmed combat skills to the sisters. The group of thugs responsible for the attacks become practice dummies for the martial arts skills of the nuns. Jim is punished for a failed escape attempt while the beaten yobs are taken away to confession. Mother Superior enlightens Jim.

The Case of the Pantyhose Society

The Taxi Driver Elegant women in pantyhose use martial arts to get confessions from bad men
## Parisian taxi driver tries to rape a leather clad woman with a hot figure but plain face who knocks him out. He comes around in a special dojo where he is forced to attack the woman again. Madame Coralie beats him again with Krav Maga then forces to watch another man beaten up by the street fighting skills of pretty tomboy Madame Sofia and the Judo skills of the mature buxom Madamae Virginie.

The Dojo of Humiliation Tough men learn a hard lesson when a mature Oriental woman buys their Dojo
## Henri, a sensei at a Dojo for high-ranking male black belts, tells his tale to Jim. A beautiful stylish mature Oriental woman, Madame Michelle, claims she is the new owner of the Dojo and will use it for teaching rich women Martial Arts and the punishment of men who wrong women. The men will become nothing more than live dummies for practice. The men voice their outrage but the attractive feminine woman dressed in a business suit, short skirt and tan pantyhose defeats all of the men, their humiliation at her superior fighting skills watched by prospective rich women. Their humiliation is made worse as she points out to the watchers how turned on the men have become and drives them until they further humiliate themselves. Dominated into submission to the woman, the men watch as a thug called Ekon is subjugated into signing a confession of his crimes. Returning to his hotel room, Jim finds Madame Michelle waiting. The sexy legged woman tries to seduce him into obedience then gets rough forcing him into worshipping her.

The Savate Lady and The Pretty Tomboy Beautiful woman dominates a gym full of male fighters
## Young man encounters a stunningly attractive older woman on the train. He invites her to see the MMA gym that he manages. Once there Madame Stephanie demands to know the whereabouts of 'The Moroccan'. Angry the man confronts her but she delivers a humiliating defeat using Savate. Stripping down to her pantyhose she destroys the big muscle men in the gym and forces them to worship her. Accompanying the Inspector, Jim arrives at the gym. Madame Stephanie attacks the Inspector while pretty tomboy Madame Sofia beats up then abuses Jim. The Inspector and Jim arrive at the mansion of 'The Moroccan' to find him kidnapped by the Pantyhose Society

The Ballerina P.A. and The Lingerie Shop Jim discovers Ballerinas and posh women are deadly
## Suspecting Julia of leaking secret Gendarme files to the vigilante group known as The Pantyhose Society, Jim follows the short chunky young woman with the huge calves. At a high-end lingerie shop launch of a new pantyhose range Jim follows her to a back office where she crushes him unconscious with her powerful big legs. Coming too he finds himself in the secret gym of The Pantyhose Society and witnesses rich women practising ball-busting self-defence techniques. He spots The Moroccan held captive and used as a self-defence dummy until beaten senseless by a cultured Countess. Jim is then brought out to a brutal beating from Julia using her amazing flexibility and Ballet with her big powerful legs.

Deadly Teenage Girls A rescue attempt by tough guys is foiled by teenage girls
## An attempt by 3 commandos to rescue The Moroccan is foiled by a group of posh teenage girls wearing very short gi jackets over shiny pantyhose humiliating the men with their superior Karate skills. Ahmed flees leaving Alan and Mac to each fight a pair of the young women. Given a choice of which girl to fight Mac thinks he is clever in choosing a geeky-looking girl sitting in the corner and realises his mistake as she destroys him. Pulling a gun he is surprised by Madame Michelle who defeats him then teaches the girls how to humiliate and castrate a man.

Schoolgirl Judo Thug gets a humiliating lesson in unarmed combat from teen schoolgirls
## Ahmed goes to the supermarket to buy a bottle of spirits and encounters two teenaged schoolgirls who tease him and ask him to buy them a bottle. On his way out he is tripped and the bottle stolen by the girls. Giving chase he confronts them in an alley among a gang of girls. To his surprise and embarrassment the girls fight back overwhelming and humiliating him with judo techniques before forcing him to sign a confession.

Crime-lord's Surprise A bad man may escape the law but he can't escape his wife
## The Moroccan returns to his mansion to discover his wife has organised some entertainment to celebrate his escape from the law along with over a dozen of the world's richest women. A wild mature Oriental woman in dragon dress appears belting out a raunchy song. Allam can't take his eyes off her sexy short chunky legs before realising in shock that this was his wife, Goldie. She turns him on wild with desire with some sexy dancing. When he tries to take her he is surprised when she uses Tai Chi in some shockingly effective self-defence techniques that leave him humiliated before doing the splits on his face. Unable to get his wife under control he summons two of his biggest nastiest personal guards but is stunned and turned on when the little woman totally destroys them with such confidence and litheness that he embarrasses himself. Summoning the rest of his guards he watches in dismay as they are wiped out by the unexpected combat skills of the posh women. His wife demonstrates the power of her strong dancer's legs breaking him as she forces him to acknowledge her control of him and his assets.

Busted! Thieves try to rob a shop where the women deal out a painful crushing beating
## Jim follows two scruffs into the Lingerie shop then makes his way to the office in the search for some Intel. Unfortunately Madame Michelle is waiting for him and his attempts to interrogate her end in humiliation, domination and being tied up with pantyhose. Meanwhile Carl and Andrew, the scruffs, hide in the changing rooms until the store empties before trying to force the young shop girl to hand over the money from the tills. However Natalie proves adept at busting them with her lovely long legs. Carl makes a run for it only to encounter the massively busted Madame Virginie and her fearsome Judo skills. Natalie flexes her lean taut muscles to Andrew before overpowering him and humiliating him some more. Madame Michelle ties Jim up using pantyhose then exerts her sexual dominance while keeping him barely conscious in different sleeper holds. Jim is forced to watch the final humilation of the thiefs before being forced into a final act of subservience

The Vengeful Countess Jim meets a noble lady out for revenge
## Thugs kidnap then execute a woman's husband and kids. Many years later Jim, posing as a member of domestic staff while investigating a painting, encounters the woman who is now a Countess. While seducing him with her sensational legs, she briefs him on the painting of Anahita. Demanding his help to track down the killers, his refusal is met with a display of dominant martial arts before scissoring him while she relates how she destroyed a gang of thugs sent to silence her and how she seduced information and money from a crooked politician. Jim drives the aged elegant lady to the estate of a Duke where the sexy legged Countess destroys the Guards at the gates allowing them entry. However they are captured and brought to an Arena where they face certain death facing black-belt killers for the amusement of the rich. Jim is saved by an unexpected buxom mature Judo woman while the Countess fights her way towards the men who killed her family to extract her revenge.

Related Stories

Domination at the Women's Institute The ladies of the WI demonstrate to their men folk that they are not meek and humble
## Glenn's mum takes him to the WI where he finds women dressed in sexy satin kimono style dresses. Mrs. Knight demonstrates how Judo helps her move her disabled husband but when Glenn aka Judo Boy is asked to help she becomes a wild-eyed hungry woman wanting to dominate and humiliate him. He then watches as Matron Crawford demonstrates her harsh methods for maintaining discipline of hospital patients and staff alike using her husband and sons. Karate black belts all, the 4 men, attack the mature scary looking woman with increasing fervour but she destroys and humiliates them all. Next Miss Primm and Proper competes in a breaking challenge with the Grandmaster of the local Dojo. Unable to accept defeat he attacks her and is comprehensively beaten and his students forced to accept her dominance. Finally Glenn's mother, Sandy, shocks him with her combat skills, dominating both him and his father physically and sexually.

Aunt Lilly's 21st Birthday Present Woman plans to reward her best friend's son with his fantasy
## Studious teenager Stephen is infatuated by the strong legs of his mother's best friend, the smoulderingly sexy Aunt Lilly. His other great passion is female martial artists. Lilly catches him masturbating to an Angela Mao movie and tries to understand his fascination. Unable to stop thinking about what she had seen; the elegant woman goes to the library to study books on martial arts. She meets Miss Primm & Proper who demonstrates how she discourages young lads from smoking. Encouraging Lilly to scissors one of the lads, she discovers she enjoys the experience and joins the special classes at the W.I. She also enrols in dojos for Karate and Kung-fu. Over the next 6 years she moulds herself into a dominant Martial Arts Goddess as her brutish husband and her sensei discover when they get excited by her transformed body. Stephen discovers then when she surprises him with a re-enactment of a scene from his favourite kung-fu movie. After dominating two grandmasters, she treats Stephen by allowing him to 'play' with his new present.

Joan Jerry recalls his encounters and friendship with a massively muscled farm girl
## During his first day at college, Jerry encounters a very large Indian girl who sits next to him and drives him crazy by flexing her massive powerfully muscled calves. This continues every day while he tries to befriend her. A disruptive Pakistani lad, Gurjit, gets abusive with Joan who shocks everyone when she overpowers him with her arms. Moving into their second year at college, Jerry's friendship with Joan has grown to the extent that she lets him feel her large muscular body through her clothes. Joining Jerry and his mates playing soccer and other ball games, she demonstrates a fearsome ability to power a ball long distances. Gurjit and three others stop Jerry and Joan to cause trouble. Joan demolishes all four lads with awesome displays of strength and putting two of them in hospital. In their final year, Joan invites Jerry over to the farm to watch her work. To his surprise she undresses to reveal her massively powerful body in the nude then proceeds to draw a heavy plough to till a field before disposing of some large rocks. Joan demonstrates other feats of amazing strength such as breaking chains with rusted locks, pulling broken-down tractors and crushing ash-cans, while her relationship with Jerry gets more intimate. Walking across the common, the pair are ambushed by a gang of thugs. Joan uses her powerful body to devastate the attackers and punish the leaders. Joan celebrates by demonstrating to Jerry another part of her anatomy that is strong and muscular.

The Fbook account Hijacking your ex's FBook account is a bad idea if mom can kick your arse
## Marianne visits her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Morgan, who has hi-jacked her FBook account and demands that he hand over the password. The young man takes an interest in her bust and especially her long legs and gets suggestive for return of the account. Spotting a vertical pole in the room, Marianne gives him a sexy pole-dance followed by a lap-dance that brings him off. Instead of revealing the password, Morgan is infatuated with the 36 year old mother of 5 and she is forced to defend herself but that makes him angry and he attacks her. Fighting him off, he attacks again and she uses her long sexy legs to punish him in a demonstration of self-defence and female dominance. Forcing him to let her change the password and make an apology, he gets fresh and following some more pleasure she finishes him off with pain from her strong scissor holds.

The Wild Woman of the Highlands Young man is taken captive by a powerful wild woman in the forest
## Young man and a Special Forces soldier investigate sightings of a wild woman in the forests of Scotland. The creature attacks overwhelming the soldier and carrying off the young anthropologist. Arousing him, the buxom wild woman has her way with him. He becomes away that she is powerfully muscled and very strong especially as she exercises. Immobilising him in her massive muscular legs and a headlock, she takes him again. After a unique demonstration of chopping trees, the woman is attacked by the Special Forces and a brutal fight ensures.

Fighting my Mother Man can't cope with his mum's muscular body and challenges her
## Samuel returns to the family home to live with mother, Matron Caroline Charles, following the break-up of his marriage. He remembers growing and discovering the appeal of women bodybuilders. When his recently widowed overweight mother begins weight training to lose weight he develops an unhealthy obsession as she turns the bulk to massive muscle. He tries to turn his mind of it by taking up boxing. The passing of her second husband leads her to assert her authority over her 4 sons in a very disturbing manner which leads to Sam leaving home to escape his conflicting feelings. Two more husbands later, Sam is forced to live with his mother once more. Discovering how much more developed her body has become in the meantime forces him to accept and embrace his feelings. He watches her work out and she allows him to feel her body accepting his natural reaction. Refusing his plea to wrestle, she agrees to arm-wrestle and wipes him in seconds. Continually pestering her to wrestle, she refuses but demonstrates the fearsome power of her arms and legs on his body. Finally after he acts like an a-hole she accepts his challenge at the open night at the local boxing club. The brutal fight ends in humiliation following which he fully realises his fantasises with his mother.

Emma Man finds romance and Judo with the busty girl next door
## Jimmy moves into a new town and finds him lonely and too shy to talk with the very buxom cute young woman, Emma, next door who works for a security company. One Sunday he gets up the courage to knock on her door and is surprised when she answers wearing a gi. He willingly accepts her invitation to help her with her Judo practice where Emma dominates and teases him in equal measure.

My Sister In-Law and the Bonfire Neighbour learns a painful lesson during a heat-wave
## Fit old man annoys Marianne with his bonfire which forces her to close the windows in a heat-wave. Angry, she goes around to his house to confront him. Acting arrogantly he openly leers down her cleavage and at her long legs. Losing her temper she gives him a hard beating with her self-defence skills. He threatens to report her to the authorities and take her children away, forcing her to dominate him in an armlock until she knocks him out. Coming around he tries to choke her and she defends herself once more then kicks him out of the house and throws him all the way down to the end of his garden. She forces him to put out his bonfire and prepare his rubbish to take to the tidy tip. Finished he comes onto her again she slams him around once more before using her flexible toes to bring him off then put him away.

The Widow Man tries to resist amorous advances from his widowed aunt at a funeral
## Bobby sees a funeral procession and a rather saucy widow. Ray attends the reception and is shocked by the sexy leg show Aunt Beth gives him. The saucy widow traps him in the next room and tries to seduce him announcing her plans for him to be her next husband. He tries to resist and is knocked out. When he comes around, the other guests have gone and Beth dominates him with her karate skills, turning him on until he willingly agrees to service her

The deadly-legged schoolgirl Man can't keep away from a girl with extraordinary strong legs
## Steve, the school caretaker demands his tax from new girl Elle. Instead the scrawny little girl astonishes him by crushing a variety of objects between her well-developed legs. Developing an obsession with the girl's amazing legs, he experiences the destructive power of her legs in an increasingly more serious sequence of events.

Wrestling my Mother Things don't go his way when a young man wrestles his attractive middle-aged mother
## Shown up by his super fit mother running up a mountain, Gary fantasises about wrestling his attractive shapely mum, Carol. Over a meal and drinks, he persists in challenging her to a wrestling match in their holiday chalet. She eventually agrees and he enjoys groping her body while putting her in wrestling holds. Knocking him out in a powerful body scissors with her deceptively strong runner's legs, he finds his mother using her smart analytic brain becoming more than a match and finds himself losing to her again and again while getting more and more aroused. Fed up with the humiliation of losing to his mother Gary hits her, instantly regretting it when she goes ballistic and totally destroys him.

The Religious Education Teacher Jerry experiences a teacher's massive muscle 40 years later
## Jerry encounters the fearsome new R.E. teacher, the squat powerfully built Mrs. Stone. Her strict no-nonsense attitude and tough physical handling of unruly kids together with a massive rippling muscular build beneath her clothes ignites his passion for muscular women. 40 years later while working as a tree surgeon he encounters Ester Stone once again now 70 years old but still powerfully built working out in the garden wearing a very skimpy bikini. She commands him to apply suntan lotion to her muscular body then proceeds to demonstrate her formidable strength by dominating him with nearly every part of her body. After humiliating him she knocks out her son in a very short Krav Maga match before dominating Jerry some more and demonstrating feats of strength with her calves before finally taking him in the bedroom.

Harry and the Black Belt of Power Lunar shows the bad boys and a lust crazed Harry her martial art skills
## Harry accidental catches Lunar Moon Landing Module, LM for short, virtually naked. He is stunned by how surprisingly sexy and firm her petite slim body is. Unable to stop thinking about it and driving him into a frenzy he disguises himself but encounters Damien and his bullies who are also seeking the gentle little girl. She is waiting for them and surprises them with devastating martial arts skills. After knocking them out and healing them she demonstrates to Damien that she is not using a spell. The bullies flee leaving Harry alone with a scantily clad Lunar who shows him other aspects of her amazing transformation.

A Postman's Lot Postman meets a hard-wrestling woman and gets more than he can cope with
## A young postman delivers some weights to a tall oversized woman with greying hair who is rough and tough. He is stunned as Kim takes on a young obese CHAV girl in a cat-fight and becomes turned on watching her dominant her younger opponent in a tough beat-down. Following her victory she carries him upstairs and takes him roughly in the bedroom. Unable to stop thinking about the rough ageing large woman he visits again the next day and persuades Kim to demonstrate her wrestling skills. She complete dominates him putting him in hold after hold, sexually stimulating him to assert her superiority before finally taking him once more.

School-bully beat down / Victim's revenge Nasty bully gets painful lesson by a skilled mother and her daughter
## Terry is confronted at the park by the aged looking mother of one of his victims, Sally Forbes, wearing kinky clothes. He is shocked when Mrs. Forbes gives him a brutal beating with her Karate skills. Knocked out, he comes around to find mother and daughter wearing gi jackets and sheer nylons. He is stunned to discover Sally has a really hot fit body and actually fancies her but horrified when she uses him for Karate practice.

My Karate Kid Sister Teen bodybuilder feels the painful skills of his little sister
## James and his bodybuilding mates Glen and Tim discover that his little sister Jessica is not just a snobby arrogant little brat but a brutal deadly fighting machine that shouldn't be messed with.

Stitched up with a muscle geek Lad set up with a geek girl he doesn't fancy is driven wild by her muscular body
## Young man's sister brings her best friend's sister for a long weekend stay. Although Sheena has fancied him for years, Jim, is not attracted to the short dumpy geek girl. Left alone, he resists her trying to seduce him with her very large breasts but is horrified when she discovers his stash of female bodybuilding magazines. To his amazement she flexes her own massive biceps developed through hard work in healthcare, enjoying his rising lust. Then completely dominates physically and sexually him using her superior strength until she totally owns him.

Don?t mess with women of the Salvation Army Bad men learn the family that pray together fight together
## A mother, daughter and Grandmother in Salvation Army uniform are waylaid by a gang of religious fanatics in a pedestrian underpass greatly offended by their feminine attire, shapely figures and very ample busts; they demand the pretty teenaged girl, Jacqueline, as compensation. An attempt to take her results in 3 men destroyed and humiliated by her competent self-defence skills. Her mother, Joyce, demonstrates fearsome martial arts skills with jaw-dropping flexibility and athleticism. Side-by-side mother and daughter devastate men with their combat skills while sexually humiliating them. Thinking the grandmother, Mavis, easy prey, the leader orders her taken hostage. She demonstrates powerful martial arts skills that both arouses and terrifies them while using her huge breasts as deadly weapons. The leader?s attempt to flee ends in humiliating defeat by the young girl. The older women give an ?attitude adjustment? stripping down to their lingerie and briefs to display their huge firm bare breasts and shockingly powerful sensual muscularity. Demanding freedoms for their womenfolk provokes another attack which the older women brutally suppress. Again the leader?s attempt to escape are foiled by humiliation from the teenaged girl. The powerful Grandmother explains the fate that lies in wait for the men by their own womenfolk while humiliating their leader with her formidable muscles.

Laying The Dragon Man meets and succumbs to a formidable old battleaxe
## Fotios visits England in the search for muscular elderly women. He encounters a frumpy old woman jogging through the forest with massive muscular calves. Giving chase he loses her as she easily outpaces him. A relaxing coffee is spoilt by two loud-mouthed yobs. His attempt to quiet them fails but a sturdy mature woman in a posh authoritative voice intervenes. Within seconds she has subdued and incapacitated both and marches them out into the forest. Turned on and realising that this was the same woman as earlier, Fotios follows and witnesses further physical domination and sexual humiliation of the two lads by the ruthless scary-looking old lady. Getting extremely turned on and noticing signs of a strong physique beneath her clothes, he tries to follow but once again loses her. Trying to find a room for the night he is offered use of a worker?s cottage on the Estate. That night he is awoken by a black leather catsuit wearing intruder with an undeniable feminine form. His attempt to attack her fails with her superior martial arts skills. When the lights come on he is facing the frightening lady from earlier, now revealed to be the legendary Dragon. She gives him a brutal beating demanding to know why he has been following her. Stripping from the catsuit, her awesome muscular physique is revealed and used for further interrogation then dominates him sexually. The lads appear with their fathers whom The Dragon dominates physically and sexually before further mind-blowing sex with her new toy-boy.

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