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"Special Assignment" : Part 1
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

That morning started out same as many other mornings. Jason woke up at 6:30am, took a quick shower, had a bowl of cereal and ran out of his apartment. He was renting a small one bedroom on a third floor of an old three family house on the outskirts of Baltimore, which made his commute to work rather long, but he actually proffered it that way. He liked the cozy atmosphere of suburban living. It reminded him of his youth, back in Springfield, Mass. His landlady, a nice middle-aged woman, who lived alone and had never had any kids of her own, was always very nice to him and treated him almost like a son. Plus the rent out here was half of what Jason would be paying for a one room studio somewhere in the city. So all and all this was a good place for him to be until he would get that reassignment he was waiting for.

Jason was an FBI agent. And although he did not wear expensive suites, fancy shoes or carried a gun he was a real FBI agent. He worked at the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation - Baltimore Field Office Division. He joined the FBI right after graduation. A recruiting group from the Service came on campus and offered some great jobs to the top members of his class. Jason was a very bright young man, and so he was offered a Junior Analyst position in the IT Department. The job did not pay much, but the benefits where great, and as part of the standard FBI training program he would go through the Service Boot camp and learn all the basic things all FBI agents learn.

Ever since Jason was a little kid, watching those James Bond movies, he has dreamed of one day becoming one of those super spies that drove around in expensive cars and get all the women; however by the time he turned sixteen it was obvious that that life was not for him. At 4'9" tall he was just about the smallest guy at his school and sports was not his thing. He was however pretty smart and did excellent on all the exams, including his SATs, which let him pretty much choose any college or university he wanted. Jason went to Yale on a full scholarship. There however, he realized that he was not nearly as smart as he though, and he had to work pretty hard all four years just to stay at class average.

For that reason when FBI came on campus and offered him the job he took it without giving it second thought. This was his chance to fulfill at least a little part of his childhood dream.

The first three months at FBI were great, all the new recruits, and there were more than 200 of them, were sent to training camp. It was a bit like college with constant tests and exercise for both mind and body. It was not easy but Jason did very well on both. At least as well as could have been expected. Some of his classmates where almost twice his size, so obviously when it came to hand to hand combat or various strength exercises it was especially tough on Jason, but he was determined and made it through the whole thing. He was hoping that what he was lacking in the physical abilities he could make up for in brains and skills. And he did. He was just about the best sharp shooter of the entire recruit class and his test scores where spectacular. He worked very hard, and by the end of the third month he started to truly believe that he was Field Agent material. But to his utter disappointment when at the end of three month the list of agents selected for Field Work was published his name was not on. It was a big blow to both his self confidence and his career. Three days later he got his assignment. He was to report to IT division of the Baltimore office and begin service under his three year contract, which he signed back at school.

So that is how Jason became an FBI agent. Despite not being everything he was hoping he could be at the FBI he liked his job. He spent most of his time working with very smart people, using the engineering skills he acquired at college. Developing various new technologies, mainly to track large cash movements through banks and figure out money laundering operations throughout the world. He has been with the department for a year and a half, and despite his constant applications for more field oriented work, he figured that he was going to finish his three year contract at FBI right there, in front of the computer.

So that morning was very much like every other morning for the past 18 month. He drove his green Taurus into the FBI parking lot in downtown Baltimore, and hurried to his cubicle on the sixth floor of a large concrete building. The day was just starting and dozens of people were walking form the parking lot toward the elevators. Some of them he knew personally, the others had familiar faces. It was a large building and people came in and out all the time.

As Jason approached the elevator one woman cough his eye. She most definitely stood out of the usual crowd of morning faces and gray suites. The first thing about her that he noticed was her height. She was at least a head taller than everyone standing around her waiting for the elevator. She was wearing a red business suite, that was tightly wrapping her amazingly large and curvy figure. She had short blond hair, and very beautiful face. She did not look like she belongs in this crowd of plane faces of government workers.

The elevator doors opened and the whole group slowly piled into the elevator. Jason was one of the last ones to step in. It was incredibly crowded, and as the doors closed behind him Jason felt squashed from all sides. He could no longer see the woman in red. The cabin slowly started it's rise to the sixth floor, with a stop at every floor in between. After some people exited on the second floor, Jason once again caught a glimpse of the woman, she was standing next to the wall on the right.
She was very beautiful. Jason also noticed that she was almost touching the ceiling of the cabin with her head. That ceiling must have been at least seven feet tall. More people exited on the third floor and Jason stood next to the wall right across from the woman in red.

She was absolutely stunning, like a model of some sort."I wonder what she is doing here", though he to himself, as he kept starring at the woman.

Suddenly he realized that she was looking right back at him.

Jason tried to hide his eyes. He looked directly into the floor in front of him. "Fifth Floor", the mechanical elevator voice announced. The woman did no move. The doors closed, now Jason was one on one with her. He felt that she was looking at him, but did not dare to raise his head.

"Sixth Floor", as soon as the doors opened Jason stormed out of the elevator without looking back.

He turned the corner and quickly walked to his office. Two minutes later he was sitting in front of his computer, hating himself for behaving like a teenager. He could not believe he got so nervous around the woman he has never seen and will probably never see again. The whole thing was just too silly. He decided to forget about the whole thing, and promised himself that next time he sees a woman this good looking he will not only not be cool, but would try to talk to talk to her.

The day continued with no surprises. Jason was running his simulations all morning, with a short lunch brake and occasional conversation with his office buddies:

"So, did you hear about Ruddelson?", asked Mike. Mike's cubicle was right across from Jason, and his endless chitchat often interrupted Jason's work day.
"No, what about him?", Jason did not mind a little gossip once in a while.
"Yeah, what happened", joined the conversation Rob, whose cubicle shared a wall with Jason's.
"He got a field assignment! In Bermuda!", Mike said that as if the guy won a noble prise. But for these men stuck at the FBI desks for the past god know how many years a field assignment was something almost as unachievable as that.
"You are shitting me? Ruddelson? From Foreign Monitoring?", Jason could not believe it.
"Yeah, apparently they needed someone with his language skills for a special op. over there and he got pulled!"
"Damn, some people are just lucky. And we are stuck here, doing this crap!". Rob was speaking for all of them. It was true. They all dreamed of bigger and better things than to be stuck in the gray concrete building in the middle of Baltimore.
"Hey, maybe we will get our chance someday too", said Jason, but even he himself did not believe that could ever happened. In fact his boss Major Swales all but told him that almost a year ago. He said: "Look, kid, I like you, and you have great potential, but not in the field work".

The day continued uneventfully and Jason was already getting ready to head home. Ms. Whaite, his landlady had probably already prepared a nice dinner for him, and he was counting minutes to 5 o'clock so that he could leave when his telephone rang.