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"Special Assignment" : Part 2
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

"Yes", Jason answered, while looking at his watch. It was 4:52pm.
"Dosson?", asked familiar Major. Sawles' voice
"Yes sir."
"Can you step into my office for a second please."
"Yes sir."
He hung up. Major Swales was Jason's direct superior, in civilian terms he was his supervisor. Major was an old soldier who spent most of his life in special ops and was reassigned to this office after one of his ops went bad and he got shot in the leg. He was a great boss to work for, and he was always very good to Jason, despite the fact that he did not see Jason fit for field work, he thought highly of him.

Major's office was at the corner of sixth floor, and as Jason made his through the maze of cubicles he was hoping that Major is not going to have him work late. One of the bad things about working for FBI was those occasional code yellow assignments that sometimes ran way past regular work hours.

"Come in, he is expecting you", Major's secretary pointed at the door. Jason walked in into the Major's office. He was completely unprepared for what he was about to see. There, sitting in one of the chairs in front of Major's desk was the woman in red that he saw in the elevator.

She was sitting at an angle, one leg over the other, and Jason once again had a chance to admire her incredible body.

"There he is", Major got up form behind his desk, and walked around it. "Agent Dosson", reported I after a brief delay. "Dosson, there is someone here I want you to meet". He was now standing in front of his desk next to the blond. "This is Agent Petrova", he made waved for me to approach and I made three steps toward him.
I was a bit confused, since the last thing I expected is for this stunning woman to be an FBI agent. All women agents I have seen up to that point where to say the least, not much to look at. She, on the other hand, looked more like a heroine of some Hollywood movie than a real agent. "I believe we have already met earlier today", said agent Petrova in an amazingly deep and sexy voice, as she rose from her chair.
As her beautiful body slowly left the chair Jason was shocked how tall she really was.
She was standing next to Major Swales who himself was well over six feet tall, and he barely came up to her shoulders. Jason often felt small standing next to the Major, now he was feeling that much smaller with agent Petrova standing in front of him.
"You have met?", Major was surprised.
"Well, briefly, in the elevator sir", said Jason. And as he said that, he felt his own voice breaking. He was nervous.
"I knew it was him right away", said Petrova, "he fit the description perfectly".
Jason was not sure what they were talking about, but did not feel it would be appropriate to ask. He stood in front of Major and the giant woman waiting for them to explain what was happening. It was second time today that fate brought them together with this beauty, and he once again he felt like a teenager - uncontrollably uncomfortable around her. He could tell she was looking right at him, but did not dare to raise his eyes.

"Excellent, so you think he will be good for it?"
"Absolutely, Major. With some basic training he would be perfect and ready for it. I am confident of that". That comment peaked Jason's interest and he finally raised his eyes to Petrova and asked: "May I ask what is this all in regards to?"
"Yes, of course", answered Major, "have a seat Dosson".
Major walked back behind his desk, and agent Petrova sat back into her chair. Jason walked and took a seat in the only free chair left right opposite of Petrova. As he sat down, he took a quick look at her crossed legs.

She definitely was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. The skirt of her red suite was very short and she was showing more leg than he had ever seen inside of this federal building. Even the way she was looking at him, Jason figured she would look good on the cover of any fashion magazine, not in the secret service. "Imagine working with someone like that on a regular basis" though he to himself.

"Dosson", Major sat down into his chair, and pulled out a brown folder.
"You have been at this office for the past year and a half, and your work has been nothing short of exceptional".
He paused and looked at me, then at agent Petrova. "But I know that you are not happy here".
"Sir, I never..." he was interrupted by Major.
"Jason, I know you, and I know that you have always wanted to work in the field. Now, for various reasons", he smiled and looked at Jason, "that was not the best place for you in out organization, but today must be you lucky day."
Jason's heart jumped inside him. "Could it be true?" - thought he to himself.
"Doe this mean..."
"Yes", Major interrupted him again. "Yes my boy, you are going into the field!"
He looked at Jason with the look a father would give his son when he has to let him leave home. "The SOID needs your help".
SOID was one of FBI's elite divisions. It stood for Special Operations International Division and it dealt with international operations and security. This was like a dream come true for Jason. He almost wanted to pinch himself just make sure he was not dreaming. After a year and a half of office desk work he would finally become a real field agent.
"Sir, it would be my pleasure and a privilege, sir". Jason was really excited.
"Excellent Dosson. Agent Petrova here is from SOID and she is here you will be in her command from now on". This was almost as big of a shock for him as the reassignment itself. This Amazon was to be his boss. This sexy woman is a SOID agent and probably a high ranking officer too. He took another glimpse at Petrova. She was sitting in the same sexy pose, with her legs crossed, looking directly at him. Her perfectly beautiful face with bright red lips that matched her incredibly sexy outfit was not more than 5 feet away form him. He could smell her perfume, and he could feel her presence. She was overwhelming him already, and she was to be his boss.