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"Special Assignment" : Part 3
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

"He is all yours", said Major.
"Thanks", she got up from her chair and walked very closer to Jason. Standing like that over him she seemed larger than the room itself.

"Hello Jason, my name is Kathrina Petrova. As Major said I am from the SOID and we need you to help us with one of our operations". She said those words in a very friendly, yet firm tone. As she circled him, Jason once again had a chance to admire her amazing figure.
Her humongous thighs floated at his eye level, and he could admire from up close exactly how muscular those legs where.
"Are you interested in helping us, Jason?", she stopped and kneeled in front of his chair. Sitting in that position her eyes where still higher than Jason's.

"Yes, yes I am", said Jason. He was excited by both the offer and the way it was being presented. He was also overwhelmed by Petrova's large frame being so close to him, so his answer did not sound firm.

"This is a very special operation and we need to be sure that you really want it. Are you not sure?", she asked that in a gentle voice and put her large hand on Jason's lap. She leaned in so close to him, there was not more than a few inches between their faces.

Her bright red lips where so close to Jason's face he could feel the warmth of her breath.

Suddenly Jason realized how incredibly turned on he was by this gigantic beauty that was all but kissing him right there in front of the Major.

Jason took a quick look at Major, he had a strange look on his face. It looked like Major knew something about this whole thing, but could not say. Jason looked back at Petrova, who now was even closer to him, standing on her knees in front of him, with both of her hands on Jason's laps. He lips where now so close, he could reach them with his tong.
"What do you say Jason", asked she again in that same incredibly deeps sexy voice that could only be coming out of such full red lips.
"Absolutely", finally said Jason, and he felt like a huge weight was lifter off his shoulders. He suddenly realized that this weight was not just in his mind. As Petrova released her grip on his legs he felt they were almost numb from being squeezed by her long fingers.
Petrova got up from her knees as if nothing happened, straightened out her skirt, and said to the Major:
"Thank you for all your help. You will hear from me soon."
She then turned to Jason and said:
"Someone will pick you from your residence tomorrow at 0800. Be ready". She gave Jason another one of those looks he saw in the elevator and quickly walked out of the Major's office.

Jason was left sitting in the chair half stunned with what had just transpired.

Major was the first one to brake the silence:
"Well son, looks like all your dreams are coming true".
"Sir", Jason got up from his chair, "I just want to thank you for giving me this chance."
"Don't thank me, kid. I would have never figured to send you into the field. Not with that tiny body of yours."
"So it was not you?"
"No son, look", and Major pulled a page out of the folder on his desk and layed it on the table in front of Jason.

Jason quickly scanned through the text. It was a standard request for field agent. "Check out requirements", said Major. The requirement section read:

Agile and well trained agent with excellent comprehension and impersonation skills with a specific appearance req. (s.a.r. - female, under 5', under 120 lbs, fragile appearance)

"But sir", Jason was nervous, "here they are requesting a female agent".
"Yes, I know, but the smallest female I have is 5'-5" and is well over 140 lbs.
You are the only one that fit the description almost perfectly. I sent in your profile as the only one that was even close, and as you see you are what they were looking for. Perhaps the male female requirement was not as important."
"I see. I am sure that must be it since agent Petrova said I would be good for the job."
"Yes. Yes, that must be it." Said Major, with that same strange look on his face.
"Will that be all sir?"
"Yes, you can go. And good luck"
"Thank you sir". Jason walked out of Major's office. He was excited. Even though the whole thing came out of nowhere - the fact remained: he was being called in for a field assignment. He was becoming the super spy he had always wanted to be. And agnet Petrova was to be his partner, or maybe even more! It was just like a James Bond film!

As he drove home that day he was imagining what he assignment might involve. Maybe a travel to a different country, most likely some undercover work. This was his lucky break. Just like that, in a matter of an hour he went from simple FBI clerk to a special ops professional. Things where looking up.