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"Special Assignment" : Part 4
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

Jason did not sleep well all night. He tossed and turned thinking about the next day. What it would be like. He only fall asleep when the sun started to peak through the blinds of his third floor window.

When the alarm clock rang it seemed that he only slept a few minutes, but there was not time to loose. He stormed out of bed, took a quick shower, and a 7:45 he was standing on the street in front of the house waiting for a big black limo tom come take him away to his new life of fast cars and beautiful women.

"Where are you going this early, my boy", this was Jason's landlady - Mrs. Whaite who came out onto the porch with a cup of steaming coffee in her hand.

"Oh, good morning Mrs. Whaite, I just have an early meeting at work".
"Do you always go to work with your travel bags", asked Mrs. Whaite, and pointed to a large suitcase standing on the sidewalk next to Jason.
"Ok, you got me Mrs. Whaite, I am actually going on a business trip. But don't tell anyone - official FBI business". Mrs. Whaite knew that Jason worked for FBI, but she has never once seen him go on a trip. "Going on a special assignment", she laughed, "you be safe now. I wouldn't want anything bad to happened to my boy"
"Ok Mrs. Whaite, I will. Thanks".

Mrs. Whaite and Jason had a strange relationship. She was not an old woman yet, and for her age she was actually rather attractive. She lived alone, never had any kids, and when Jason moved he became somewhat of a son to her.

Jason, who grew up with his aunt and uncle, and never really knew his mother, had easily accepted Mrs. Whaite as the only motherly figure in his life. And he was used to her kind of looking out for him. For a while that relationship was growing stronger and stronger, but one day all of a sudden it all changes. That day Jason came downstairs to Mrs. Whaite's apartment to get some food (they have never locked the back door, and he often came in unannounced like that). While he was going through various leftovers in the refrigerator he noticed the bathroom door partially opened. The sound of the shower was telling Jason that Mrs. Whaite was taking one, and he let his curiosity get the best of him.
Very quietly he walked up to the bathroom door and peeked inside. He could not see much through the steam, only Mrs. Whaite silhouette, but even that alone somehow turned him on sexually. He was so ashamed and uncomfortable of that feeling that he ran upstairs and spent the next few days avoiding Mrs. Whaite all together. However from that day on he could not look at Mrs. Whaite and not think of her in that shower. All and all Jason was not sure what exactly he felt toward this 50 year old lady, but the feeling made him uncomfortable.

At that moment a white minivan pulled up to the house, and stopped right in front of Jason.

A driver's side door opened and a young woman, who must have been in her thirties stepped out of the car.

She was rather attractive and fairly tall, although after meeting agent Petrova Jason did not think much of her height.
"Jason Dosson", asked the woman.
"I am here to pick you up, let's go"
"You?" Jason was both surprised and disappointed he was expecting a guy in a black suite and dark glasses in a black limousine or at least a sports car. This minivan and this woman that looked more like a soccer mom did not "fit" his profile.
"Yes, were you expecting someone else", seeing how Jason was not moving she took his suitcase and started loading it into the trunk. "Let's go Kate is waiting".

Jason was how easily she handeled hir rather heavy luggage.
"Kate, didn't you meet her yesterday?"
"Oh, agent Pertrova?"
"Yes, Agent Petrova. You really should start switching to normal names if you are going to work with us". She finished loading the suitcase into the car and opened the front door. "Well get in!"

Jason got into the minivan, still a bit puzzled by it's suburban look.
The woman got behind the wheel: "Well, wave goodbye to your mom". She was referring to Mrs. Whaite who was still standing on the porch drinking her coffee.

"She isn't my mom", replied Jason, but did wave his landlady goodbye.
"Who is she then?"
"Just my neighbor"

They drove off.

The ride lasted about forty minutes. Jason and the woman did not speak much. He had a lot of questions, but was not sure if she was right person to ask. For all he knew she might have not even known about the his new assignment, and the last thing he wanted to do is jeopardize his chance this early in the game.

About five minutes before they arrived the woman dialed her mobile. Petrova must have been on the other end of the line because she said:
"Kate, this is Susan. I picked him up, and we should be there in about 5 minute" The voice on the other line asked something.
"Yeah, I know, just perfect. I hope he can handle the whole thing. It will be a blast". She hung up and gave Jason a knowing look.
Jason was pretty sure she was talking about him, and admittedly he started getting a bit nervous. What would his first assignment be? Was it that critical that might actually not be able to "handle it". He was nervous but excited.

Finally they pulled up to a large suburban house. The streets did not look familiar, they were in a opposite part of the city from where he lived. The neighborhood must have been a pretty good one, because the houses were all large and stood pretty far away form each other. The one in front of them was a two stores white home with a fairly large grass yard in front of it.
The house seemed very well taken care of and there was another car parked in the drive way.

Jason figured that it must have been some sort of safe house, and he imagined that the inside would be filled with various spy equipment and such.
Susan turned to Jason and said: "Please wait in the car for now. I do not want the neighbors to accidentally see you".

She took out the mobile again and dialed a number: "Kate, we are here." She hung up the phone, and we waited for a while. Suddenly the garage door opened and Susan pulled the van inside.

Once the garage door closed behind, Susan said: "Ok, let's go". We both got out from the car, and she got my suitcase out of the back seat.
"Let me get that", said I and extended my hand to take it form her.
"Don't worry about it, I got it said she", and easily lifted it.
Only then did I notice that in addition to being quite tall, she had had very large and muscular hands. In fact judging by the curves of her biceps she really was better equipped to handle his suitcase.
"That way", she pointed to a door in the corner and they walked into the house. To my surprise the house looked completely ordinary, with nothing special at all. We were standing in a large living room, very neat and well maintained. It looked like a regular suburban family home. "Welcome home", said Susan, who was still holding my suitcase. I looked at her with a unspoken question, but at that moment I heard footsteps and Petrova walked into the living room from the kitchen.