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"Special Assignment" : Part 5
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

"Welcome to the home base", said Petrova with a smile on her lips. She was dressed not nearly as provocatively as yesterday, but still she looked very hot. For a second Jason got lost in his thoughts admiring Petrova's amazing body.
It took him some time to collect himself and report: "Agent Dosson reporting".
Petrova smiled at him and in a very soft voice said:
"Jason, listen, around here we do not act like we are in the army. You can realx. And from now on just call me Kate. Ok?"

"Ok, Kate", Jason tried to smile back.

"Good then, let's sit down and I will tell you why are we here". She pointed to a sofa in the middle of the living room.

Jason sat down on the sofa, which turned out to be more comfortable that it looked. Susan had put down his suitcase and joined him.

Petrova sat across from them on the chair. Once again Jason had a perfect view of her large and muscular legs.

Petrova took a deep breath and started the explanation:
"Jason, you are here as a part of a special operation codenamed Schoolfront. For the past year FBI as been tracking a terrorist sleeper cell, that is based right here in Baltimore. We believe that there is more than a dozen of potential terrorist residing in this area, waiting to act against us at any moment. Specifically we have been following one family - the Abbasis, who as we believe are the main point of contact for this cell and the outside world."

Petrova paused for a second and looked directly at Jason. He felt his heart beat very fast. This was a real FBI undercover op that he was going to be part of. His dreams were becoming a reality.

Petrova continued: "Our main goal is to track all of the Abassis' for the next few weeks and try to establish their means of contacts. Specifically we are interested in monitoring Mr. Muhamed Abassis and his son Salim. We do not believe that Mrs. Abassis has any knowledge of the operations."

"Let me give you some background on them. Muhamed Abassis is 34 and his son Salim is 12. Their family moved here from Pakistan a little less than two years ago. Mr. Abassis works at an engineering company in downtown, Salim is a student at local public school. We will be monitoring both of them as much as we can. For that we will need to establish a direct relationship with both of them". Once again she paused and looked at Jason.

Jason was excited. Working under cover was the ultimate assignment, and it looked like that was exactly what this was.
"Jason", she took a deep breath, "do you know why you were picked for this assignment?". Jason thought back to the conversation with Major Swales and the document describing the assignment.
"Because of my appearance?", asked he.
"Yes, exactly. We need someone to get close to Salim Abassis and the only way to do that is to become his friend". Petrova paused again and waited for Jason's reaction.
"You want me to go under cover as a child?", this he was not expecting.
"Yes, we NEED you to go undercover as a child". She stressed the word need.
Jason could see out of the corner of his eye that Susan was looking directly at him as well. Both women were carefully monitoring his reaction.
"Look", Petrova got up from her chair, and Jason had to look directly up to see her face as she continued.
"With your size and build you do not look bigger than a 12 year old child, and that is perfect for us". Jason was not sure how to react. This magnificent woman standing in front of him just told him that he looked like a 12-year old. His ego was hurt. But he also knew that she was probably right. He was only 4 feet and 8 inches tall .

"We have been working on a legend for the past 2 weeks. This house was purchased by the Downs family last week. They are were suppose to move here from Arizona and do not know anyone in the neighborhood. We will replace that family with out agents and through them will try to get close to the Abassis' whose house is just down the block from here. Are you with us so far? We need to know that you are up for this job right now."

Petrova was standing over Jason with the look on her face that required a firm answer form him.

Jason was weighing the pros and cons in his head. On one hand he hated the idea of having to impersonate a child even for a few week, on the other he realized that this was his only chance at real field work. This was his only opportunity to become the secret agent he so badly wanted to be. "Yes", finally replied he, "yes I up for it".

"Are you sure?", asked Petrova again, "because what I will tell you next is private and secret information and once I disclose it there will be no turning back".
"Yes, I am absolutely sure!"
"Good", she took a few steps back and sat back into the chair.

"From now on you name is Jason Downs. You are 12 year old. Susan here will be Mrs. Diane Downs, your mother". Petrova pointed to Susan who was sitting next to Jason on the couch.

She continued: "You will live in this house, and starting next Monday you will be attending the sixth grade of the Seven Oaks Elementary School. We will make sure that you are placed in the same class as Salim Abassis. We will need to work on your appearance and new role. Susan here, or I should say Diane is a trained profiler, she has been with the FBI Crime labs for over 8 years, so she will be helping you with your transformation. I will play the role of Mr. Downs' sister, Diane's sister in-law, this way I could visit the house without raising suspicion".

"There is a Mr.Downes?", asked Jason.
"Yes, of course, however an agent has not been assigned for that position yet.
Also the Downes had a younger girl - Beth. She is 5 years old."
"A child?"
"Yes, we are currently working out the details, but it will most likely be Susan's real daughter. We are still working out the details with the headquarters. Unfortunately the Downses had made some previous arrangements for the 5 year old to attend a local kindergarten, so that is why we will need to have her involved".

"I guess that is it for now. Susan, please take over". Susan got up from the couch next to Jason, and he took a careful look at the woman who was to play his mother for the next two weeks.
Susan looked like she was in her early thirties. She was a large girl. Not fat, but very big boned and tall too. Not as tall as Petrova but very tall. Jason estimated her to be at least 6'-1". But if Petorva at her amazing height was very elegant and almost thin, Diane was the opposite. Her huge torso was sitting atop very large and muscular thighs. Her amazingly wide shoulders slowly turned into non less amazingly large and heavy arms. It was no wonder she carried Jason suitcase with such ease. She looked to be strong enough to carry much more in those gigantic arms.

"Hi Jason. You have a very difficult task ahead of you. In the next few days you will need to become a completely different person. That is not easy, but if you trust me and listen to everything I tell you carefully we can make it happened."

She paused and looked at him with a seriousness in her eyes that could only be matched by the seriousness of her enormous frame.

"From now on I want you to become the 12 year old. Whatever you do, whatever you think about I want you do it the way a 12 year old would. From now on I am Diane - your mother. You are to think of me as your mother and of yourself as my son. I will treat you like my twelve year old and you will respond appropriately."

For a second Jason thought of what it would be like to really have her for a mother. She sounded like a very forceful woman, and her physical appearance only confirmed that.

"Is that clear?", asked she looking directly at him.
"Yes, yes it is"
"How about 'yes mom'" "What?", Jason was not sure what she meant.

"I told you that from now on I am your mother! So say yes mom. Or yes mommy."
Jason would think she was joking, except that she looked completely serious.
He looked at Petrova, she was looking at him with the same look.
"Ye-e-e-s mom", repeated he in a mechanical voice.
"Look, Jason", Susan walked right up to him and bent over so that her face was close to his, "did you not understand me? I am your mother, and you are my son".

Having her huge body hang over him like that actually scared the crap out of Jason. "You mmmean you want me to act like that all the time?" "God damn it!", Susan was getting pissed. "Do you not understand the task ahead of you? You need to become a 12 year old in less than 48 hours. This is the only way!" She was looking directly at him, she was really angry. "Ok". Said Jason. She looked at him with the question in her eyes. "Ok mom", said he again. "Good". She stepped back a little and he felt like a huge plane just passed over him and he could see the sky again.