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"Special Assignment" : Part 6
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

"Ok, we will need to change you appearance first. Get undressed." She said that in such tone as if she told him to take off his hat.
"What do you mean? Here?"
"Yes of course here, where else. Aunt Kathy will help you if you want"
The idea of Petova helping him undress did not seem appealing to Jason at all. He got up and started to quickly take his clothes off. While he was doing that the phone rang. Petrova went into the kitchen to answer the phone.

Jason was standing in the middle of the living room with nothing but a pair of boxer short on while Susan was made a few circles around him carefully inspecting his body.

Standing there almost naked before this bear of a woman made him feel very small and helpless. He thought to himself that his head was smaller than even of her gigantic biceps.

Susan finally stopped in front of him and looking down at him form atop her tall statue concluded: "God, you are small. Skinny legs, skinny arms, small hands, but a large head, basically no facial or body hair. You should pass for a 12 year old with ease."

Once again Jason's ego took a big hit. Never has he felt so vulnerable and unprotected as he did at that moment. The woman standing in front of him was not much older than him. In a different life they could maybe even be a couple, but instead she was looking at him and seeing a 12 year old.

But Jason was under cover so he swallowed his pride and took it.

Suddenly Petrova walked in form the kitchen. "Susan, we have a problem". Susan turned to Jason and said: "Stay here."

"Ok mom", replied he, trying to play the role. He could read the worried look on Susan's face. Something was up.

The two women had a quick conversation in the hallway between kitchen and living room. Jason could not make out what they were saying, but they were obviously arguing about something. Finally after about 3 minutes they both returned to the living room. Susan walked right up to Jason and took another look at him, she then turned to Petrova and said: "I'm telling you Kathy, we can pull this off!"

Petrova seemed unsure. Jason was trying to figure out what is happening.
Susan looked at him again and then said: "Take those off".

She must have been referring to the Jason's boxers as they were the only thing he was wearing, but just in case he asked again: "You mean these" and then added "mommy".

For a second Susan smiled, the 'mommy' came out in a squeaky, almost a girlish voice.

"Yes, baby, show mommy you wee-wee".
Jason was not sure what was happening and the last thing he wanted to do was to stand there completely nude. He though that maybe this was just another test for him so he replied: "But, mom, I don't wants you to see it". "It is not like I have not seen it before, baby", said Susan so convinced that even Jason almost believed that she has.

Slowly and unwantedly he pulled his boxers down until they were around his ankles and his not very large penis was fully visible.

"Come, look at this", said Susan to Petorva, and the tall giantess walked up to Jason.

He was now stood butt naked with his cock completely exposed to the two huge women who seemed to study it. "We could easily get away with that", continued Susan. "Here, turn around", she took Jason's neck with her amazing palm and rotated him 180 degrees so that he was now facing away form the two women.

She lifted him by his neck just enough to easily rotate him around, so he simply had no choice but
to quickly move his feet to turn together with the rest of his body.

"Look at his built, give me a day with him and no one would ever know".

Jason tried to look back by turning his had by Susan was holding his neck firmly in place with her hand.

"Ok", Petorva said, "if you think it you and he can do that".
"Of course we can", replied Susan and with the same motion turned Jason back.
"Can't we", that was a question clearly directed to Jason who was completely confused and could think of nothing else but his penis slowly getting aroused from the feel of Susan's iron grip on his neck. Somehow being in complete control of this powerful woman was turning him on.

Jason looked at Petrova and saw that she was looking directly at his cock.
She looked down with a smirk on her lips that had Jason ready to disappear into mid air if he only could. "Jason", Petrova started talking, "there was a slight change of plans".
Jason's heart just dropped right through the floor. Only one thought flew through his head - he was going to loose his field assignment. He was going to loose his opportunity for to be in special ops, the opportunity that he was sure to never get again. He was devastated. With a look of complete devastation and all but tears in his eyes he listened as Petrova continued.
"Apparently, the Downes made more than one arrangement regarding their kids. They made a call into the school and signed up their older daughter as well. So the school is now expecting a 12 year old girl, not a boy. Our entire mission is in jeopardy unless we can come up with a 12 year old girl to take your place".

"But", continued Susan, "I believe that with your size and build and some special makeup and clothing we could have you pull it off".

Suddenly Jason realized what he was being asked to do. They wanted him to not just be a 12 year old, they wanted him to be a 12 year old girl!".

For a minute or so could not come up with any words. The two women stood patiently and waited for him to think it through. He was faced with an impossible decisions. On one hand he would loose his only chance at field agent status, on the other... well the alternative seemed even worse.

Seeing his indecisiveness Petrova kneeled down in front of him.
Her beautiful body completely filled all the space in front of Jason. She leaned in to him, so that their faces were very close. She wrapped her gigantic palm around the inside of his thight.
He could feel her thumb touching his cock. As she looked at him with her amazing beautiful eyes she carefully rubbed his penis with her thumb and said: "Jason, I know it is a difficult decision, but if you agree to do it, I can PROMISE you that you will NEVER regret it". As she said each on of those words she kept rubbing his penis. It was now fully erect.
The emotions and feeling overwhelmed Jason. He could not full control what was happening. "Ok", finally breathed out he.
"You will not regret it", said Petrova and stood back up. Jason's eyes were once again at her stomach level. The amazing dream of a woman has disappeared again after giving Jason a preview of what it could be like.