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"Special Assignment" : Part 7
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

"Ok, Jason, change of plans", said Susan. "I am still your mother - Diane, but you are now my daughter. This will be even more complicated but if we both really want it , I think we can do it". As she said that she looked down at Jason still fully erect penis and lifted his eyes back at Jason with a smirk on her face.

Pterova, added: "Your name is Alice. So get used to that too". "Well Alice, let's go make a girl out of you", Susan extended her hand to Jason with a smile.

He pulled up his boxers and put his tiny hand into Susan's gigantic palm.

"That's my girl", said Susan and led him upstairs.

The next three hours were very strange for Jason. While Petrova was downstairs making arrangement for Alice Downes's arrival at Seven Oaks Elementary School Susan had taken him to an upstairs bathroom in the master bedroom. There she filled in a very hot bath and had him soak in it for a while.

She then removed her own shirt and Jason had a chance to fully admire the large form of her breasts, hugged by a white brassiere.

She also exposed her gigantic hands and biceps that were now not covered by material and looked even bigger and more intimidating than before.

She very methodically washed his entire body.

Jason tried to protest a few times especially when she was washing his privates, but Susan was persistent and the look of her muscular hand did not allow for any contest.
In the same motherly tone she told him that 'SHE was to do as MOMMY said' and not interfere.

Susan then opened up a large bag that was sitting on the floor of the bathroom and took out a tube of something that looked like location. With her massive palms she generously applied the cream almost all over Jason's body. With strong and swift motions she turned him around exposing his tiny by comparison body to the strange cream.
When she was finished almost every area of his skin was covered with gooey substance. She then generously applied it to his face. "This will get rid of the little body hair that you have.

I would not want my girl to be hairy".

Five minutes later warm water from the shower head washed away all the gooey substance. Jason watched his hair came off together with it and flow down the shower drain. After all of it was washed off, including a little facial hair and even tiny sideburns that he was particularly proud of, Susan took out a different bottle from the same bag. This time the small was of sweet strawberry, and just like before Susan generously applied it to Jason's skin.
Just like before Susan easily manipulated Jason's tiny body in her gigantic hands, turning him every which wasy she wanted.

This time however it felt quite good, as his freshly moist skin was absorbing the lotion. As Susan massaged the strawberry cream into Jason's skin he felt a tingly sensation of his now completely hairless body take in the freshness. As Jason looked down onto his 'new' body he was horrified to see that his privates were now completely rid of all the pubic hair.

Just at that moment Susan gigantic arm with some lotion in it grabbed his testicles and his penis and rubbed them in. Instantly Jason got an erection.

Interestingly that up till that point he was not excited at all. He completely accepted Susan as his mother. "Now, that will not do, Alice", said Susan as she examined his erect cock.

Suddenly Jason saw Susan as a woman again, and so did his penis. 'She is my mom' told he himself, but it was no use. "Alice, stop that immediately"

It was easier said than done. 'She is my mother', he was trying to convince himself. 'She is my mother. My mommy.' "I am sorry mommy", said he looking at her. "Please don't be mad".

Susan looked back at him and smiled "I know baby, you are trying".

That warm smile and the way she said it suddenly made Jason feel like very special. As if automatically he extended his hands toward her wide shoulders.

"Come to mommy, baby", said Susan and received Jason's little body into her gigantic arms.

She easily lifteh him up high in the air, and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehad.
Susan held him the way a mother would hold her little child.
Her muscular hands supported Jason's tiny body almost 7 feet up in the air. And by the look in her eyes you could tell that she realyl felt like Jason was now her child.

She then lowered his body his entire frame was resting on top of her enormous bosoms.

Jason suddenly felt safe and secure.
He did not even notice that his little cock went limp.
Holding his naked body like that, Susan smile and imagined how much she will enjoy this assignment.
As she squeezed Jason's tiny hairless behind she felt no resistance or tensison. Jason has given in and accepted his new role.

While still holding him, now with just one hand, Susan picked up the bag off of the floor and carried Jason into the small bedroom. There she set him down on the bed and emptied the content of the bag next to him. It contained skirts, dresses, and other items that would soon belong to the new 12 year old girl - Alice Downes.