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"Special Assignment" : Part 8
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

It was around noon. Petrova just got off the phone with the Elementary School's principal, when Susan and Jason entered the living room.

Susan was leading Jason by his. Jason was wearing a pink blouse and a orange skirt. In addition he had on a pair of tall white sox and cute pink shoes.
Next to Susan's huge body he looked like he was a small child out for a stroll with him mother. His little hand was resting comfortable in Susan's large palm.

Susan looked down at him and said: "Well, Alice, you look great. Now go say hello to aunt Kathy".
Jason looked into Susan's eyes, but all he saw was warm smile and a motherly loving look. She was playing her role perfectly.
"I would rather not", replied he, but Petrova her self now got up from her chair. "Wow, you have done an amazing job with her! Come, Alice, let me take a close look at you", said she and waved for Jason to approach.
Suddenly he felt Susan's strong hand giving him a push toward Petrova. With the hand on his back Susan led him to Petrova.

With a smile Petrova bent down and picked up Jason as if he was a doll or some sort of a puppy. Her large hands easily lifted him hight off the floor until Petrova was looking directly into his eyes with his feet dangling a good three feet in the air.

"Hello Alice", said she.

"Hi", replied Jason. He has never been this humiliated in his life. An attractive young girl was holding him like a little child. A female little child.
"Please put me down", suddenly said he.
"What's wrong Alice?", she was still holding him.
"I am not Alice", Jason was loosing it.
"Oh-ho, I think you little girl is revolting", said Petrova to Susan.

"I think she needs a little discipline". She then extended her hands and took Jason from Petrova.

The two women have passed Jason around with ne effort what so ever, as if he was a little rug doll. His puny little body was floating far off the floor in between two towering amazons.

Susan grabbed Jason and rotate his body around until his entire weight was resting on her gigantic right ram.
She then hiked up Jason's skirt exposing a white pair of panties. Jason did the best he could to try to wiggle himself free, but just squeezed him harder between her right hand and her hip.

She then gave his behind a hard smack with her right left hand.

"From now on you will have to learn to behave, Alice", said Susan, and smacked him two more times.
Jason was not sure what was worse the pain he was feeling or the humiliation of being a grown man being spanked by this woman.

Tears started to roll out of his eyes. He stopped trying to resist.

Susan gave him one more span, and said: "Well, I hope you learned your lesson". She then carefully adjusted his skirt and set him back down onto the floor.
As Jason sat on the floor at the feet of the two amazons he could not stop crying.
He has never felt so small and vulnerable in his entire life. In less than a few hours Susan had reduced him to feeling weak and helpless.

"Ok young lady", said Susan padding his head with her gigantic hand. "We still have a really long day ahead of us, so let's forget this little misunderstanding and move on".
With tears still running down his cheek Jason looked up at her. Her large face had a soft smile on it, and her eyes where looking at him with such love and tenderness.