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"Special Assignment" : Part 9
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

Jason spent the rest of his day with his new mother and aunt. And even though he kept telling himself this was all just an undercover operation he could not help but to start thinking of Susan as his mother. Susan of course did everything to make that feeling only stronger.

After all three of them had lunch, Susan turned to Jason and said:
"Why don't you clean the table and do the dishes hun, while I go upstairs and prepare for the next step".
"Ok, mom", replied he, wondering to himself what the next step would involve.
He then collected all the dishes and obediently started washing them.
After Susan went upstair, Petrova made few more phone calls and then told Jason: "Alice, I think you are going to do great!", she then left. Jason heard the car drive off and he was finally alone in the kitchen. This was the first time he was alone in this house all day.

As he was washing the dishes, he was thinking about his situation. What would the next few days bring? Did he really look like a 12 year old girl? What did Petrova truly think of him? Deep inside his heart he was still hoping that after this operation would be over he could become friends with Petrova or maybe even more than just friends. But that was in the future, for now he just needed to play his role.

He finished all the dishes and went upstairs. Susan was sitting on the bed in the master bedroom with a bunch of various packages laying all around her. "All done", said Jason and sat on the edge of the bed next to Susan. "What are you up to?" "Oh, I ma just picking a color for your hair". Only then did Jason notice that all the packages had pictures of women with different color hair on them.
"Because, we are going to color yours". She smiled and picked up one of the packages. "I think this one is the one". She then got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. "Well, common, we don't have all day".
Jason was not thrilled at the idea of having his hair colored, but after what has been done to him already it seemed like it was an easy sacrifice to make. He obediently went to Susan.

Susan told him to strip and he took off all his clothes again. He was now left just in his white panties. Susan herself took of her shirt again, she did not want to accidentally get it dirty.

The coloring took not more than 10 minutes. After washing out the color Susan wrapped Jason's head into a towel and said: "Now, let's see those nails". Jason extended his hands toward her. "Excellent, you have very small hands, this will be perfect. Come with me".

They went back into the bedroom. Susan sat down onto the bad and waved Jason to join her. As he went to sit down next to her, she picked him up and sat him atop her gigantic lap. She then carefully cut and cleaned his nails. After that she applied a clear nail polish to them. Now Jason's hands looked very neat and clean.

"Now let's see how that color took", said Susan. She carried Jason back into the shower and put him down onto the floor in front of a mirror. She then unwrapped the towel off of his head.

"Looks great", concluded Susan.
Jason looked into the mirror and was amazed how his appearance changed with this new hair color. the color of his hair was now bright red, and it seemed like his entire face has changed with it.

She then took a little brush and colored Jason's eyebrows to match the color of his head. Jason could not longer recognized himself in the mirror.
He could not believe that it was his face starring back at him.

What happened next was even more devastating. Susan took produced a pair of ribbons and quickly made two tiny pigtails out of Jason's now bright red hair.
"Now a little lipstick to brighten up those pretty lips yours", Susan applied the lipstick.
Jason was letting her do whatever she wanted, and she was most definitely enjoying the process.

Finally Susan finished applying the lipstick. She took another look at Jason and said: "Well, now I think we have it".
With the two short pig tales around his head he looked just like a little girl. The pink lipstick on his lips made his face look young and girlish. Jason could no longer recognized himself. As he looked in the mirror he no longer saw a young man, he now saw a cute redheaded Alice.