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"Special Assignment" : Part 10
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

Later that day Susan and Jason went to the mall. Before they walked out of the house Susan told Jason:
"Alice, I know you might not be 100% comfortable with your new appearance, but you will be starting school tomorrow, and I need to make sure you will be able to handle your new role around others, so this will be a little test"
"Ok, no problem mom", replied Jason. "I will try my best".
"Good girl", said Susan, and padded his red hair.

On the way out Jason saw himself in the mirror again and again was shocked.
In the mirror he saw a very cute girl. He desperately tried to find at least a trace of himself in his own reflection, but he couldn't.
Instead he saw a pretty young redhead with big blue eyes and pink puffy lips.

As they drove to the mall Jason thought to himself that even if he ran into someone he knew at the mall there was no way they would ever recognize him looking this way. As long as he acted the part no one would know who he really was.

The three hours spent at the mall went very quickly. Jason and Susan did all the things you would expect a mother and a daughter to do. They were shopping. At first Jason was uncomfortable around saleswomen that were helping them, he kept thinking that one of the salespeople might realize that he was a grown man trying little girl's outfits, but no one seemed to notice.

At one store one sales woman even told Susan:
"Your daughter is so polite and obedient, you must be very proud".

"Yes, she is a doll", said Susan proudly.
For some reason that made Jason feel uncomfortable. He looked at the sales woman.
She was an attractive 20-something year, she was actually younger than Jason, yet she thought he was a girl.
Jason wanted to tell her that he was not a little girl, that he was an FBI agent on a secret mission.
Instead Susan continued: "Her name is Alice. She is 12".
The sales woman then said to Jason "Well, very nice to meet you, Alice".
Hearing it from the mouth of this young woman made Jason feel so small and helpless that he was ready to cry.

Susan must have noticed that, because she quickly took him by his hand and rushed him out of the store.

Once they were outside, Susan stopped and looked directly into Jason's eyes: "Listen, you need to learn accept your new situation, otherwise you will never be able to pull it off."
Jason just stood there. He could not bring himself to say anything, the tears where choking him.
Susan put her gigantic hand on his shoulder and said: "I think you have had enough let's go home".